EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Stothert holds 60% approval rating

Mayor Stothert01In an internal poll conducted by Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s re-election campaign, the Mayor has a 60% approval rating with Omaha voters.

In the poll conducted recently, pollsters asked:

“Do you approve or disapprove of Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s job performance?”

The results were:

Approve ………….60%
Disapprove ……..29%
Unsure ……………11%

These results nearly matched a December 2014 poll conducted by the Omaha World-Herald in December 2014, with the following results:

Approve 61%
Disapprove 28%
Unsure 11%

Leavenworth St. reported last week that State Senator Heath Mello has been polling himself and raising money for a possible challenge to Mayor Stothert. These type of numbers may give him — and any other challenger — pause before taking on a Mayor with this high of an approval rating.


The pants

While regular people were at the College World Series in Omaha on Saturday, Nebraska Democrats went to Kearney and bickered amongst themselves until just a little over half of them decided that Jane Kleeb should officially be in charge of them.

Kleeb then immediately insulted every Democrat party stalwart there by announcing,

“The opposition party is now here.”


Ya got that Brad Ashford? Heath Mello? Ron Kaminski?
Ya got that Scott Kleeb?

Be on your way. Jane’s in charge (of you) now.



With a h/t to the LJS’s Don Walton — who finds that the terrorist attack in Orlando, and apparently Boston too was perpetrated by the NRA — political writer Larry Sabato wrote about his list for possible Vice President nominees.

In his list he included Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer — along with about 20 others.

Sabato notes that while having a woman on the ticket would be a plus, “Nebraska is not a swing state.”

Doesn’t he know about the 2nd District Electoral Vote???
It’s the Omaha battle ground, baby!


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  1. Omaha Democrat says:

    I have to admit Jean is doing a great job. Heath should run for council and run in 4 years for mayor. Jane Kleeb will destroy our party. She is a freeloader and will only use her position for self promotion.

  2. Bluejay says:

    With Ingrate Jane Kleeb in charge the Dems will become completely irrelevant. Ashford loses and Hillary loses by 20 plus points.

    Good. You Dems deserve her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stother appears tolerable, though the search for her replacement should have started already. Why? She’s sitting in our chair, not hers. Nobody in elected office should get comfortable, its not a lifetime appointment. Let’s give somebody else a chance to learn to lead.

    As for Bluejay’s endless jones for Jane Kleeb, maybe there is a space in Linnaean taxonomy for a “Smoldering Kleeb Hater?” Jaysus, buddy, we get it. Your constant griping says more about you than Kleeb. Why not out hustle her for once, how ’bout that?

    • Khan says:

      Nobody in elected office should get comfortable, its not a lifetime appointment. Let’s give somebody else a chance to learn to lead.

      I’m pretty sure Lincoln voters would make Chris Beutler Mayor-For-Life if they could.

  4. anon says:

    Mello, a legend in his own mind, with credentials from a worthless legislature, is too arrogant a politician to let these numbers deter him.

  5. Anonymous says:

    8:51’s “Let’s give somebody else a chance to learn to lead” is dangerously stupid.

    Besides it being asinine to suggest that the will of most voters isn’t what voters really want, which smacks of tyranny, it is downright crazy to suggest that On-The-Job-Training is a reasonable route for executives to learn, or not learn, how to wield power over armed enforcers and bureaus that can create much misery. Its like fighting a war with generals you hire from the soup line, they will learn as they go along.

    People keep trying to elect saviors and saints instead of competent executives.

    OJT is how Obama learned to lead. He skipped the part where he was supposed to first be a CEO or lead a cub scout troop or manage a Kmart. His first ever management job was being the President. Yet it was voters who picked him, or refused to swallow the alternatives McCain and Romney, so maybe you are right. Voters don’t know what they really want, or at east don’t know what they really need. But then we are all screwed, right? Representative Democracy is dead if voters are that blind. Or perhaps eight years of Obama has voters wiser today than before. Voters learn OJT too.

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    “Regular people” at the College World Series??? Oh. You must mean those who have seats at the CWS. NOT those who have been paying for the stadium…

    Do they still operate special camper spaces there for out of town ticket holders??? And do they still harass the not-so-regular people who try to petition there???

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Texas Annie, You are right that CWS is not for regular locals, it seeks tourist dollars and operates accordingly, not sure that is bad, though most stadium deals are no favor to local taxpayers.
      Comment about “regular people” was odd since regulars do not attend political conventions of either party or write or read political blogs. Probably for the best.

  7. Khan says:

    We can now all observe as the Nebraska Democratic Party goes Full Alinsky under the careful tutelage of Jane Kleeb. Until she finds a better gig, anyway.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Is she going to instruct the National Convention delegates to do the “fart in” for Bernie as is being reported now?
      “Cheri Honkala, head of Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, is organizing the world’s largest ‘fart-in’ to be held on July 28 at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center during Hillary Clinton’s anticipated Democratic nomination acceptance speech.”

      • The Grundle King says:

        She’ll probably organize one and tell everyone that she’s going to join them…then at that last moment she’ll scurry off to make travel plans.

      • Khan says:

        Or she’ll go, proclaiming that she’ll participate in the flatulation, locked arm-in-arm with the other Bernie supporters. But then, at the last minute, she’ll decide it’s even more heroic to hang out in her motel until the last of the flatus has passed and then heroically pass out a change of undies to fellow travelers. Of course, a pause for a quick photo-op if one of the flatulators happens to be an elderly chap with a cowboy hat wouldn’t be out of the question, either.

  8. Pete says:

    I’m actually looking forward to NDP having Insane Jane at the helm. Now she can take credit for all of the statewide races they will lose by wide margins. NDP will continue to lose big, she’ll just be a bit more batty than Powers was when she sings the blues to LJS and OWH.

    People give her too much credit on fighting KXL. Obama wasn’t going to approve KXL. No Chance. Zero percent. There’s a better chance of Pete Ricketts growing a full head of luxurious hair than there ever was of Obama approving KXL.

    • Tony Oberley says:

      Didn’t Dave Domina try to run for Senate off of the whole KXL fiasco? Besides, Trump or Hillary, either one, is going to approve it when they get in.

    • History says:

      Pete, your memory is a bit faulty. The KeystoneXL was pretty much a done deal at one point. Hillary Clinton’s State Department had signed off on it and Obama was about to give it the nod. At that point, for pure political reasons, our illustrious governor went on the attack and Obama delayed the decision in deference to Dave.

      The delay that our Republican Governor insisted on provided the opponents with extra ammunition. He’s the one who killed the pipeline.

      • Bluejay says:

        Wrong. NE Supreme Court killed KXL.

        Law written by Heinman and TransCanada was unconstitutional per the Nebraska constitution.

        That was the screwup. The KXL defeat is all on Governor Dave.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jane is just using NE Dems to further her national platform, i.e, getting Jane back on FOX and MSNBC which she loves. She will now be on the floor of the Convention being interviewed as a State Chairman and basking in the limelight. She is a user. However, this is good news for Republicans as she will destroy any good will the Neb Dem Party might have built up with Dem voters. Crazy, uber liberal Democratic Party isn’t going to fly with a lot of Nebraska Democrats. I’ll bet Chuck Hassebrook has plenty of stories about Jane but you know Don and Robynn won’t be writing about them.

    • Anonymous says:

      absolutely correct. There are some uber left moonbats scattered across our glorious state (most college professors are card carrying socialists) but for the most part our democrats are fairly moderate Ben Nelson types.

  10. Tony says:

    The Daily Caller just came out with a big article on Jane Kleeb. It says she’s a big Sanders ally and “won the right for Sanders to have a seat at the table”. They also talk about suspect funding for Bold Nebraska and how she wants the State Attorney General to arrest anyone that doesn’t accept “global warming”. A typical far left fascist in other words.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good, maybe more national conservative media will be interested in the scams that Jane and her hubby have pulled. They leave a path of used people in their wake. Where are all of Scott’s ex-employees? Did they get a severance package to shut up?

  11. Been Sassy says:

    I expect Nebraska Dems will now start organizing dangerous protests against people or organizations they don’t like. Bernie supporters love to assault those with whom they disagree.

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