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Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, Clint Howard and State Senator Jim Smith of Papillion at the 2016 College World Series

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Jerry Kratochvil sits down in Omaha with actor Clint Howard.

Howard talks about his love of baseball and immediate love for the College World Series in Omaha. As a guest of State Senator Jim Smith of Papillion, Howard is in town cheering on the underdogs and enjoying Nebraska.

Howard originally met Senator Smith through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and he talks about the importance of conservatives in local and state government. He also talks a little about his involvement with other conservatives in Hollywood.

Through the group “Friends of Abe“, Howard joined other conservatives in Hollywood, such as Gary Sinise, Jon Voight and Kelsey Grammer, who work in the entertainment industry and would like to be able to speak their mind. He shares a little bit about what the (somewhat secretive) group talks about when then meet, their goals, and how they got started back in the day when conservatives were publicly hammered on sets around town.

Howard - Kratochvil-02Jerry and Clint finish up talking about Clint’s love of baseball, and Jerry reminds him of his Omaha baseball connection, from way back in the days of “Gentle Ben“.

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  1. TV Land says:

    That’s impressive Sweeper. You’ve interviewed a lot of has-beens in the past. It’s hard to find many that reach has-been status before they reach puberty.

    Congratulations on the catch!

  2. Sparkles says:

    Apparently the alien ‘child’ Balok can inspire only limited repartee.
    And now, for something completely different…

    Fascinating read in the June 17th, uber conservative/libertarian Washington Free Beacon.
    An article titled: “The Self-Immolation of the Republican Party”.
    An article penned by the super bright, albeit far right, Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon, Matthew Continetti. Continetti also happens to be a current contributing editor and the former Opinion Editor for The Weekly Standard. Prodigious conservative cred indeed.

    One of my favorite lines –
    “It’s a joke. All of it: his candidacy, the apparatus of propaganda and grift surrounding it, the failures of governance and education and culture that have brought us to this place.

    • bynd says:

      To be a truth of today’s reality, all you have to do is correct the mistake where he says “his candidacy” and change it to “his and her’s candidacy.” A national circus it is. A two ring extravaganza brought to us by the Repubs. and Dems.

      • Sparkles says:


        Trek trivia –
        The episode where where Clint Howard appeared as Balok (Nov 1966) the first episode filmed in which DeForest Kelley played Dr. McCoy, and Nichelle Nichols played Lt. Uhura.
        (only the third episode filmed in the newly minted Star Trek series)

        And Khan remains one of the greatest screen villains of all time.

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