Brad Ashford, Republican? “Whatever you want me to be.”

At the Papillion Days parade over the weekend, a citizen by the side of the road asked hand-shaking Congressman Brad Ashford if he was a Republican.

His response:

“Aw, I don’t know. Whatever you want me to be.”

Don’t believe it?
Here it is:

You thought Ashford — who is a card-carrying, Nancy Pelosi-voting Democrat — was trying to be all things to all people? (Even HE knew what he’d just stepped in as he sheepishly grins and the video tracker.)

Heck, here he is lying to his constituent about what party he’s in!

I don’t know“???

Well sure, Ashford has run for Legislature as a Republican, Mayor as an Independent and Congress as a Democrat, so one could understand that he has to check his wallet to see what party he is in today.

Except that lying to the people of the 2nd District is just a bit unseemly.
And then publicly declaring that you’ll just stick your finger in the air and see what the masses are expecting is another pathetic move by this elected official.

We all have known that Brad Ashford will do anything to get elected.
And now he has officially confirmed it.


Broken fingers and bloody nipples: The Ben Sasse Story

The Washington Post is the most recent to do a complete bio on the #NeverTrump leader in the Senate clubhouse, Nebraska’s Ben Sasse. (Both the OWH and LJS have reprinted it.)

If you’ve read Politco’s version or USAToday’s version or many others, you get the gist: won’t vote for Trump; won’t say who he wants; won’t run himself; frustrating local voters.

But give it to the Post for coming up with the most interesting lines to drag you in:

Sasse stood in a middle school parking lot rubbing Vaseline on his nipples.


“He’s got a need for competition,” (his wife) said recently. “Also he’s an idiot.”


Sasse told him he dislikes both candidates equally and hopes to send a signal that Americans are not okay with these kinds of options.

“I don’t care about any of that shit,” the man snarled.

(And don’t miss the quote from the Cornhusker Kickbacker himself!)

The piece ended with a story of Sasse trying to fix a fuse in his truck:

Unfortunately, no amount of futzing with the pin would make the fuse budge. Somebody would soon come by with pliers, and Sasse would just have to wait.

And apparently this was a metaphor for Sasse’s current political stance…maybe?

Dive in and report back to your H.S. English teacher.


Don’t shoot the fundraisers!

Donald Trump’s latest financial woes were the talk of the Twitters today, and likely the rest of the week (at least).

While some have expressed…surprise?…at Trump raising money as if he were running for a County Board seat, others didn’t see it as that much of a shock.

Political fundraisers contacted my Leavenworth St. pointed out that he has bragged over and over about self-funding, so he wasn’t about to become some cash-raising juggernaut in a month. You don’t give your campaign $35M, then expect small dollar donors to come seek you out. (Just ask Senate candidate Pete Ricketts in 2006.)

If you’re going to self-fund, the candidate needs to be the LAST one in, not the first.

Along with that, because he has been self-funding, he has no donor base to go to. He needs to buy lists from other candidates, such as Ben Carson, in order to have somewhere to reach.

All that considered, raising $4M (counting the joint RNC money) isn’t bad.

Now, that’s from a fund-raiser angle. In other words, don’t blame the fundraisers for the dismal numbers.

Blame Trump.

Then again, it won’t be too surprising if his June numbers are a little better — but those will come smack in the middle of the GOP Convention. And those numbers could either soothe delegates, or could be a stick to the hornet’s nest.

The open convention argument is still very much out there. Considering it would be TV gold, look for it to continue to pick up steam.


What’d you miss???

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And don’t miss Monday’s fun podcast of The Wheels Down Politics Show with actor, political “activist” and college baseball fan, Clint Howard.

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  1. Sparkles says:

    It’s a bit surprising to see people are still buying any of the bullsh^& emitted by the Tufted Talking Yam. In this case I’m specifically referring to your statement:
    “..because he has been self-funding, he has no donor base to go to.”

    It’s been widely reported, by nearly every major media outlet, that Trump’s claim of self-funding is a lie. Politico’s exposed the lie back in March:
    “Trump’s Week of Errors, Exaggerations and Flat-out Falsehoods”

    And FactCheck called out the lie.. last December:
    “The ‘King of Whoppers’: Donald Trump”

    And it’s also been widely reported that Trump’s personal expenditures are designated as “loans” to his campaign. Loans he no doubt plans to fully recoup. Loans of which significant sums are documented to be going directly into the coffers of Trump owned enterprises.

    And, thank you for the video evidence that Brad Ashford made an awkward joke, in a quick, press-the-flesh passing fashion.
    It was clearly a joke, and of course awkward, because Ashford tends to be a bit socially awkward.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read the latest fawning article over Sasse’s NeverTrump antics. His wife says she wishes people didn’t know where they live because they get nasty things in their mailbox. No one should be threatening any elected official, that’s just stupid. The flip side of that is when one runs for public office the Secretary of State must have the registered address of the candidate and that is a public list. So which is it? Do you want your husband to be a U.S. Senator but not have to follow the rules that are out there for every other elected official? State Legislators, County Board and City Council members get their share of hate mail too but they just accept that it comes with the territory. If you;’re going to run for “public” office you can’t change the rules because you don’t like some aspect of what comes with being an elected official.

    • HTH says:

      I think it’s a stretch to suggest that she was saying she/her husband should be exempt from a requirement to publish their address. I think the more reasonable interpretation is that there are collateral consequences to being an elected official that affect more than just the elected official, even though I’m sure she understands that they come with the territory.


  3. Ricky says:

    Don Bacon’s one note we must defeat ISIS campaign will fail miserably. You can’t win be relying on fear, although you would think so since that is basically the GOP handbook. Like the great Ernie Chambers has said, nobody in Nebraska has been killed by ISIS, and in fact they are a rag-tag bunch of losers who have little power. More toddlers with handguns have killed people in America than ISIS.
    Oh, and did you know Ben Sasse was a family man? He has never mentioned that before. Weird guy.


    • The Eyeball says:

      “Oh, and did you know Ben Sasse was a family man? He has never mentioned that before. Weird guy.” Gees, I guess you were born after the last election.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are our politics so jaded and petty that we have to nitpick about every little thing that these guys say? SS did you really have to write about a dumb 1-second clip and try to make it into some huge deal? Is that really that important? I mean seriously Jerry. WTF?

        When you first started in politics did you do it because you thought you had better ideas and had a greater vision for the country than the other side? That you would work in the political arena and help the republican party change America for the better. Were you brought here by Reagan and his “shining city on a hill” rhetoric and feeling like America can always be better but we’re still the greatest country on earth, like I was? Or did you think that “man if I can only have some politician be tracked and filmed 24 hours a day, and in some 3 second clip he’ll make a dumb comment. That’s how we’ll win” That’s why things suck so bad. We don’t try to beat people with ideas we just hope that the second they have some stupid gaffe that we’re there to record it. You’re a disappointment Jerry Kratochvil. You used to be above that, but you’re no better than any other trashy media.

      • HTH says:

        @ 5:13 – Ok, to be fair, to some it’s direct evidence of Brad Ashford, who has a long history of switching sides as a matter of convenience, being duplicitous DIRECTLY to voters.

        I tend to agree with RL that he was making a bad joke, and I don’t really like either party’s practices of sending out trackers, but I think this is far from being devoid of merit on a political blog.


      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sweeper, maybe Brad was scarred by the Socratic Method. I remember answers like that.

    • Pat Borchers says:

      I think it’s more a product of Ashford’s lack of a few filters between his brain and his mouth. We both know him — he just says stuff. Sometimes really surprising stuff. Obviously a better answer from his standpoint would have been “I’m an independent minded Democrat.” I doubt that this, or his I like “Hillary and Kasich and Jeb” comments will be major factors. There isn’t really much use you can make out of them from the right. Saying that he really wants to be a Republican doesn’t really help. I guess you could make something out of the “whatever you want me to be” comment. Attacking him really comes down to him voting twice for Pelosi as Speaker. On the KISS principle, you need to drive home that voting for him is voting for Pelosi as Speaker.

      • Sparkles says:

        The KISS principle.
        As I recall, you hinted in your guest post here last week that you were caught a bit off guard by the discomforting ‘id’ you encountered on your meet and greet with the base.
        It must be disheartening to acknowledge that all outreach to your deviously deluded base is wholly governed by the KISS principle:
        ‘DemocRAT.. BAD / Reagan.. GOOD.’
        Consumer Protection Financial Bureau.. BAD / ALEC.. GOOD’

        Nancy Pelosi is widely regarded to be one of the most effective speakers in modern history and she remains a remarkably talented, respected and powerful leader among Congress.

        But, I suppose in bizarro world, where the likes of Donald Trump (Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann et al.) are elevated to the status of party champion, someone like Nancy Pelosi – a true exemplar of determined leadership, integrity and accomplishment – would necessarily be cast as villainous.

        Let’s revisit the recent succession of Speakers, shall we?
        Newt ‘The Grifter Prince’ Gingrich
        Dennis ‘I like young boys’ Hastert
        John ‘Pass out Tobacco Lobby Checks on the House Floor’ Boehner
        And the accomplishment-free Paul ‘Ayn’ Ryan – who is soon to be deposed by the Wild Eyed caucus, assuming the D’s don’t take the House.
        (June 17 – Ramesh Ponnuru – ‘Republicans Should Worry About Losing the House’


        Nancy Pelosi – whose tenure we’ll let Ben Sasse’s favorite scholarly think tank sum up:
        “We’re looking at an extraordinary set of accomplishments over a brief period of time,” said Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “She ranks with the most consequential speakers, certainly in the last 75 years.”


      • To Sparkles: says:

        Pelosi was an effective speaker??? Miss “We have to pass it to read it?” That’s not leadership. That’s laziness and a superiority complex. “We know better than you. Just believe us.”

      • Pat Borchers says:

        Sparkles I can tell you that the KISS principle is equally applicable regardless of ideology.

      • Sparkles says:


        “equally applicable”.

        An objective observer would concur, only to an ever lessening degree.
        There is a whole world of whackdom fervently embraced by large swaths of the right that is simply not entertained by the left.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sparkles, I admire Pelosi but that is not a common view in NE. As political advice the exBoy Dean was right. Certainly more effective than film clip. Sweeper probably would agree but he enjoys taking Brad more seriously than he should be taken.ExBoy Dean is an inside joke and not criticism, he was a very good boss.

      • Sparkles says:


        I’m aware Pelosi has been methodically demonized and is hated by the right in NE.. and OK, MO, TX, LA, AR, AL, MS, AK, GA, WY, ND, ID et al.

        But that in no way detracts from her legitimate record of accomplishment and her remarkable tenure as leader.

        The reality is that it’s no longer even KISS. It’s much more… Pavlovian.
        ‘San Francisco’. That’s all a GOP leader wannabe needs to utter to a crowd in order to elicit howls of derision and angry cries from the base.
        To continue to pander in this fashion to an audience for purpose of political gain should be widely acknowledged by all to be the antithesis of leadership. A disqualifier for the office, not a right of passage.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sparkles, You rather made my point, may not like it but it works in NE. Doubt either party gets much guidance from Aristotle on strategy. Rum,, romanism and rebellion or ma. ma were’s my pa are examples of the long tradition of finding demons in American politics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    SS why is there so much hate from you that Sasse gets articles in national publications? I think it’s good that a Cornhusker gets some ink. It’s about time we had somebody in DC who shakes things up a bit and actually stands for something. Should he be somebody who we never hear from like Adrian Smith? A person who will try to serve as a lifetime member of congress without accomplishing one single thing or taking one principled stand. Come out of the closet Adrian, we want to hear what you have to say.

  5. bynd says:

    I’m pretty sure things would be much better if we had more Brad Ashfords. People that are willing to see both sides of a disagreement and not always vote the party line. That is why he won’t be around very long.

    And for Ricky the ignorant. Read today’s headline in the OWH Money section. Omaha is doing just fine under Stothert. And not long ago, Werner park and the area around it landed a luxury apartment development, the latest and greatest in land development because the area is doing so well. Beating out numerous other Midwest city. Point is, everyone should be clamoring for bad reviews from Ricky, because such reviews are the kiss of success no matter what the issue. Thanks again Ricky for being such a willing buffoon to help those you hate the most to succeed. And I’m sure Ernie will protect all residents from evil assault style weapons, a misnomer, as well as he has protected his constituents from gangs.

  6. Keep the Money with Loserbaugh says:

    Does anybody wonder why the GOP is so despised by so many people? Just look at Loserbaugh’s fellow Republicans Senators Sasse and Fischer. They would rather kiss the ass of the NRA than keep assault weapons out of the hands of people on the terrorist watch list.
    And anybody else out there.
    Loserbaugh and Rod Edwards and Beau McCoy sell themselves to the highest bidder, as do Sasse and Fischer when they sell their souls to the NRA.

    • bynd says:

      KTMWL: Much like Hillary kissing the ass of other countries that persecute, jail and murder their LGBT citizens? Or to the clean energy, that’s an oxymoron, folks. Or homophobic radical Islamist. Or yada yada yada. Hey Ricky, we know it is you. That is why the word moron is in this post.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Well…if unhinged individuals like Ricky are on the terror watch list, then I might have to change my tune on that whole pesky ‘due process’ bit, because folks like him certainly shouldn’t have a firearm.

      Hey Ricky, could you please explain for the class what “due process” means? Bonus points if you can tell us if and/or how the terrorist screening database provides those on this list with ‘due process’. Mega bonus points if you can admit to the rest of us that you’re just fine with depriving people of any, nay, ALL of their constitutional rights on the sole basis that they’re suspected of maybe having done something a little terroristy.

  7. bynd says:

    If HRC is elected, will all other countries in the world have to stop donating to the Clinton foundation? And when they don’t, then what?

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