Minority Nebraska Democrats outraged by Jane Kleeb’s caucus purge

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.00.46 PMMembers of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s caucuses are outraged after swarming bands of white. male, Jane Kleeb / Bernie Sanders supporters (aka “Bernie Bros”) voted in their own people at the state convention in Kearney over the weekend.

According to those there,

“…the NDP has different caucus groups like the “NDP Latino Caucus” or the “NDP Black Caucus”, etc. and a group of Bernie Sanders supporters,who are also backing Jane Kleeb, went with a block of mostly white Bernie supporters to each caucus and ousted all of the caucus leaders. Latino, Black, Women, LGBT, Veterans, etc.”

While the local newspapers have chosen to ignore the story — after a half dozen or more stories about the arrival of new chair Jane Kleeb — the social media outrage by rank-and-file Democrats has been telling.

On Twitter:

On Facebook:

They came into the Latino caucus and disrespected us and disrespected our extremely dedicated chairwoman, Marta. So disrespectful, and racist. Those Anglos have never, and will never do anything for the benefit of our community.

FYI they also swarmed the Black caucus with at least two members in full support of this but i squashed that ish real quick, I didn’t win any spot I ran for but I don’t need no stinking title to be an activist! They also tried the same thing at the womens and veterans caucus! the disrespect and white privilege on displayed this weekend was unreal!

This is a mess and they wonder why people of color did not vote for Sanders. This type of privileged attitude is not acceptable and not democratic.

Shameful, disrespectful and even racist (ya know that privileged superiority that some of us white folk don’t think we have) but there it lurks. Please reflect on what you’ve done-any of you who participated in “swarming caucuses” that were not your identity.

It was a travesty what happened at state convention this weekend and what is worse is that some people of color were complicit in what went down in the caucuses and the state party leader elections. I helped to create all the caucuses and unless the Latino Caucus changed their bylaws those white folks couldn’t legally vote! I have already called on Black and Brown people to not give a single Dime to the NDP or the DCDP and to give directly to candidates!

And then a direct challenge to Jane Kleeb:

It is a real shame that some party folks and the new chair refuse to admit that Bernie Folks bum rush the caucuses and their reasoning is that all the executive officers all reflect the demographic of the constituency caucuses. They ran slates and they voted where they couldn’t vote! This wasn’t transparent nor democratic !

So how did new Democrat Chair Jane Kleeb respond?
With a denial.

“This is a rumor.”


Jane eliminates a national female, African American spokesperson 

And then another strange development from the NDP Convention:

Symone Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary, Creighton grad and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook’s 2014 press secretary, was scheduled to come to Kearney to speak on behalf of Hassebrook in his campaign to be new chairman — against Jane Kleeb.

Reportedly, Jane Kleeb and national environmental extremist Bill McKibbin pulled all the strings they had in Sanders’ national campaign and stopped Symone Sanders from coming to Kearney.

As one party activist said, “Quite a way to start by silencing a woman of color and ousting all the people who established the minority caucuses.”


More lies?

These reports come on the heels of the breathless stories that Nebraska Democrats are “rejecting” superdelegates to the national convention. Kleeb thumped her chest and cried, “we punched above our weight”

Oh, is that right?

Let’s just read the fine print there, Democrat delegates:

“The nonbinding measure…urges current superdelegates to base their votes at next month’s Democratic National Convention on the results of Nebraska’s March 5 presidential caucus.”

So, in other words, Nebraska superdelegates can continue to do whatever the hell they want, and ignore the Nebraska caucuses or primary or whatever else they’ve got.

So, in summary…

    • Jane Kleeb formed a “unity” ticket to oust all of the sitting Democrat leadership.
    • Jane said she wasn’t ready to be Chair, so she was running as vice-chair.
    • Said “unity” ticket fell apart, and Jane ran for chair.
    • Jane personally prevented a national speaker, on behalf of her opponent, from addressing the convention.
    • Jane was elected with just 55% support of the party delegates.
    • Jane immediately instituted a putsch against her political enemies within the party.
    • Jane announced non-binding resolution as some sort of national victory.

So there you have it state Democrats!
Your new leader!

All this being said, let’s always remember how Jane really feels about the Nebraska online world:


MORE information

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  1. Oracle says:

    Looks like you bought this hook, line and sinker, SS, I was at the convention, and this was completely blown out of proportion. The “establishment” Democrats, all Clinton supporters, are simply pissed that their preferred incumbents received challengers. How dare they upset the natural order!

    • Oracle,
      I don’t doubt that Jane & the Bernie Bros think this is “blown out of proportion”.
      I’m simply quoting the women, African Americans, Latinos, Vets and LGBT caucus members who believe that you and Jane spit in their faces.
      Talk to THEM, not me.

      • Oracle says:

        SS, this explains the demise of the Republican party in a nutshell. You believe the voices that agree with what you want to believe instead of looking for the truth. Remember the “skewed” polls of 2012?

      • Trip Pratt says:

        The establishment democrats were upset all weekend because Bernie supporters were in the majority, and most actions only take a majority vote. Your article is a work of fiction that has been illustrated by emotional people who are used to getting their way and, quite literally, started throwing tantrums.

      • Lisa Jennings says:

        Oracle this is all an outright lie! Absolutely NONE of this happened. I was there at two of those caucus. My husband and I attended 2 of the above caucus events so there is absolutely no way you are getting ANY information to fuel this lie from them. The Veterans and the LGBTQIA. They absolutely changed NO leadership at the Veterans caucus. The Women’s caucus was so impenetrable many of the women present went on to form their own caucus. One crucial point of information you do not know of is that only vetted people who were already in the caucus were allowed to vote for changing any of the positions. None of what is reported above actually happened. The only thing that is even remotely true here is that some people that were involved in the Latino caucus and some new people voted in new positions and then left to go attend other caucuses. They held all of the caucus events at the same time and there are an extremely diverse and supportive group of Democrats that wanted to attend more than 1 event so we had to keep some of our times at the events to a minimum. Over 40 minutes of the 1 hour allotted for the LGBTQIA caucus was wasted by us being forced to listen to candidates speak to promote themselves before the elections. Time was short.
        For the record only Latino people were voted into positions within the Latino caucus. In fact the same gentleman that was voted in as chair of the caucus was voted as a National Delegate by the whole party to represent our whole state. If the gentleman is good enough to represent Nebraska I would only hope that the people (namely the 2 in question I spoke with at length where you obviously got your story) in the Latino caucus would think enough of him to allow him to represent him as well.
        Nobody has even been able to determine if the people who voted them in were actually white. This day and age it is increasingly difficult to guess somebody’s race by simply looking at them. I have 6 half Hispanic Grandchildren, 4 are very light and 2 are dark. Assuming someone is a certain race because of their skin and/or hair color is absolutely ignorant.
        I spoke with the person who is obviously reporting this garbage to you ( I know it to be him because I have screenshots that have the same quotes you have given word for word ) just after I got home to speak to that point and went unheard. I spoke with him and another female for over 2 hours trying to explain that this did not happen and they were misinformed because neither of those people actually attended the caucus event.
        There was ABSOLUTELY NO malicious activity involved here at all. The lack of time allotted for these caucus events have obviously served to fuel conspiracy theories about what happened at the Latino caucus but that was the only event that had anything questionable happen within it. It was not malicious by any means and all other reported activity is absolutely fabricated lies. There were no “Bernie Bro’s” there was not 1 negative incident that happened all weekend involving anyone. This whole story was concocted by you screenshotting a bunch of things posted on Facebook by a bunch of angry Clinton supporters…nothing more. We stayed all 3 days, we saw and heard most every event, we would have seen it. I am getting in touch with a lawyer, you should not be able to report fabricated lies and slander people. Shame on you!!

      • Lol in NE says:

        Uh oh…Lisa is getting a lawyer cause dozens of others saw what she did’t. Be careful of the Bernie Bots wrath, SS! You’re being mean!

      • Lisa Jennings says:

        There was only 1 cacus in question…not any others. And the issue was never a race issue it is more of a Bernie vs Hillary issue. You are obviously not even involved in the party. You are only propagating rumors. There are no “Bernie Bros” here…that in itself was something propagated by Hillary Clinton spending millions of dollars for people to pose as Bernie supporters on the internet and make them look bad. Your level of understanding of what is happening is abhorrent. If you do not know what is going on why even speak to it?

    • DemsGoingDown says:

      Poor Lisa Jennings….nothing happened. Its all bogus. Its all a scam. You’re going to get a lawyer. Oh, and the Latino Caucus just got done meeting and after they voiced their disgust of the racially-tinged actions of the Bernie-Bros this weekend, they got Adrian Sanchez to step down and take the Vice Chair position and Marta Nieves is once again Chair. Now, back to your lies.

      • Lisa Jennings says:

        I am NOT lying! I clearly stated there was 1 caucus that had anything happen that was questionable and that was indeed correct. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Hillary Clinton’s supporters getting pissed off because they do not like change. There are no Bernie Bros here or anywhere. You are nothing but a Hillary supporter hiding behind a clearly Republican page to cause more problems. Go ahead and go it alone, I don’t feed trolls.

      • To Lisa says:

        Oh go hide behind your big meanie attorney LOL. This is a BLOG sweetheart. And SS is simply sharing what has been shared with him by many many dem operatives and shared widely on Twitter. Did he do something illegal? Nope. Slanderous? Nope.

        And YOU going on about how there are no “Bernie Bros,” yet you disparage someone by saying “You are nothing but a Hillary supporter hiding behind a clearly Republican page to cause more problems.” Please….the Bernie supporters of today are much like the Paul Randbots who tried to take over the republican party and all they did was split it. You Berniebots (I’ll admit you’re right, there are no Bernie Bros. But there ARE Berniebots) are going to do the same thing to the democrat party.

        At least we may FINALLy get rid of this antiquated two party system and just have straight up voting, with the top two vote-getters hashing it out in the fall.

        Oh, and pat yourself on the back for figuring out this was a republican blog (SMH…where has she been all this time? Duh)

      • Tony says:

        There was an article out on Drudge today that said most Bernie supporters will not support Clinton, and will go with either Jill Stein or Trump. And if Sanders supporters continue to be attacked as racists, etc. you’re going to just drive more and more of them away.

  2. repenting lawyer says:

    Draged to Democratic Conventions from childhood, stopped going in 1970s. There were alway some group that was angry, nice to know nothing has changed. Just more proof of Will Rogers’ wisdom,” no organized political party>”
    Whiteness of Bernie supporters has been subject of comment, not sure its true, but Sweeper made good use of that criticism. Fine advocacy, and I wreathe policy.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Jane Kleeb alleged to be a racist? There is nothing worse in America. Better to be an impeached President than a racist.

    And typical anti-free speech move to block Symone Sanders from appearing. Silencing your opponents is how the Dems roll.

    Ingrate Jane Kleeb has now committed a cardinal sin in my book. She has dissed a Creighton grad!

  4. Tony says:

    How could a Democrat party chairman, and a woman, ever be considered a racist? That is impossible. But you live by the quotas, you die by the quotas. Jane should claim to be bisexual. That would put all of this to rest.

  5. DJ says:

    I don’t know how the Black Caucus faired but I do know that the LGBT caucus chair retained his position. The Women’s Caucus chair retained her position, the Veteran’s Caucus chair retained his position and the new Working Families Caucus chair was elected unanimously. The only caucus that has had complaints is the Latino Caucus who are upset that people had to get up and leave to attend the LGBT caucus that was happening at the same time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jane craps on so many people there should be a slime trail a mile long out of every meeting she’s in. Watch LJS Don find a way to spin this into yet another nice story promoting Jane as a powerhouse. I can hardly wait for the 24/7 reports from Philadelphia showing her every move.

  7. Old Lefty says:

    I guess what goes around comes around.

    Those of us in the left wing of the party have been hearing for years that we should keep our mouths shut to maintain party unity. We were repeatedly told that if we didn’t like the corporatist positions the establishment (Ben Nelson) was pushing, we should either shut up or recruit enough delegates to the next convention to gain the majority.

    Well… now we’re in the majority.

    The NDP is no longer in the hands of Lincoln and Omaha lawyers who are satisfied with being important Democrats in a Republican state. The NDP now belongs to progressives. If the whiners who lost don’t want to follow their own advice – keep your mouths shut in the name of unity – I’d suggest they start recruiting members to attend the next convention and take it back.

      • Sparkles says:

        It sounds absolutely nothing like the Republican party since ’08.

        The Tea Party was not a movement driven by ideas and ideals – it was a rebranding exercise and new opportunity of exploitation courtesy of the Murdoch/Ailes grifting empire.

        Republicans were so thoroughly humiliated by what GW Bush and 6 out of 8 years of total GOP reign (WH, Senate & House) had done to our nation, by ’08 they were desperate to flee the label ‘Republican’. Desperate to disavow everything they had said and done that has lead to disaster. Every blow of damage they had mindlessly struck to our treasury and our middle class and working poor in the previous eight years.
        In an effort to disassociate themselves from their carnage the GOP manufactured and the right wing media propagated a rebranding effort under the guise: “these new Tea Partiers are the previously silent Amurricans, just plain folks, who have risen spontaneously from the hinterlands to battle an Evil, Big Spending, Oppressive Gummit!”
        An evil, godless government that coincidentally is about to be lead by a democrat and America’s first black President – a man who’ve they’ve been assured is a godless, illegitimate, foreign born muslim sympathizer who is anxious to lead an army of jack-booted thugs in rounding up your guns and indoctrinating your children in the ways of Sharia law.

        Polls consistently proved ‘Tea Party’ supporters to be indistinguishable from the very same base that flocked to the likes of Barry Goldwater, Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich and who lined up – twice – to cast their vote for GW Bush.

        No, the movement Jane Kleeb is leading is a far, far cry from Republicans of ’08 and the madness that has taken hold of the GOP.

      • Tony says:

        So you’re afraid of the Tea Party and have prediciting it’s destruction for the past 7 years. We already know that.
        “An evil, godless government that coincidentally is about to be lead by a democrat and America’s first black President – a man who’ve they’ve been assured is a godless, illegitimate, foreign born muslim sympathizer who is anxious to lead an army of jack-booted thugs in rounding up your guns and indoctrinating your children in the ways of Sharia law.”
        Very well stated. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. And with this weeks utter humiliation of Obama and his lame attempt to “edit out” any muslim references in the terrorist gunman’s 911 calls in Orlando last week, it’s just more proof of where BO’s sympathies really lie.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Old Lefty complaining about lawyers in NDP goes back at least to Arthur Mullen in 1930s, criticism by the New Life in the 50s and early 60s, criticism of Bernie Boyle in 60s, I could go on. On the other hand so called Left lives in a fantasy land in which NE really wants to be Mass. or Calif. No fan of Ben Nelson but he could get elected following the Jim Exon approach. Progressives, so called, may run NDP, but change NE, I doubt it.

      • Old Lefty says:


        The present problems in the NDP aren’t just the creation of lawyers. It’s Omaha and Lincoln lawyers. Steve, Vic and Vince didn’t do a damned thing to help organize the party in the 3rd District and half of the 1st District. On a number of occasions they actually tamped down efforts by others to organize in rural Nebraska because they were paranoid that it would divert resources from Omaha and Lincoln. For all practical purposes they didn’t even acknowledge that the Democratic Party existed outside of Lincoln and Omaha.

        We all understand that the majority of Democrats live in Lincoln and Omaha (their excuse for refusing to do anything outside of the big cities). Unfortunately, Steve, Vic and Vince weren’t smart enough to figure out that the Democrats lose 100% of the state-wide races in rural Nebraska.

        Things at the convention didn’t just boil down to a split between Hillary and Bernie supporters. There were a lot of Hillary supporters from rural Nebraska who voted for Jane. Like everything in Nebraska, the real disagreements aren’t necessarily between the left and the right. A lot of them have to do more with the urban rural split.

    • Lisa Jennings says:

      Exactly right. They dismissed our views and concerns at every turn and told us if we wanted change we would have to do it ourselves. Well we did it and now they are buthurt, this is nothing more than about 5 people’s sour grapes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jane didn’t organize the so called bum rush of the Latino caucus. Organization had nothing to do with it. What happened is owed to the disorganization of the party.
    Some people that didn’t get the elections they felt entitled to so they are blaming their loses on whitey.

  9. Nebraska Democrat says:

    I think it’s a great thing that half of our new NDP executive committee has talked openly about voting for Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton in November.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every candidate was handing out buttons, stickers, tee shirts, and so on. The arm bands came from the Bernie Sanders table. Anyone that wanted one got one.
      So you are butt hurt that your candidate lost. Get over it.

      • Tony says:

        That’s kind of creepy. The Nazis made Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, etc. wear armbands to distinguish them from other people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nazis also wore clothes. Should we run around naked? Good grief! You dingbats will find anything to bitch about!

      • Anonymous says:

        Nazis made Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, etc., wear badges. Can’t even get history right, but here you are, arguing.

      • Tony says:

        Hey idiot, google is your friend. Go and search for “nazi jewish armbands” and you will be presented with numerous photos from WW2 of them AND badges. As someone who had relatives killed by the nazis I think I know what I’m talking about.

  10. Henry Robert says:

    Yeah I was at the State Convention. I went to the caucus meetings. None of this “bum rushing” happened. The Latino Caucus members sorted itself out once the bylaws were read and that only Latinos could vote.

    Also that “riotwomenn” account was the biggest troll account last weekend. Weva Blanket was pretty funny.

    But again, the only chaos was on saturday during the convention itself not during the caucus meetings.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Linda Anderson is a scourge on the Nebraska Democratic Party. She is threatening, abusive, deceitful, power-hungry, and she will turn on Jane Kleeb someday too, mark my words. She is telling everyone in Lincoln she will run against Patty Pansing Brooks in 2018…good luck with that!

    • Gadfly says:

      This is absolutely false. Linda is none of those things and has never expressed interest I running for office in 2018. This blog post is less factual than The Onion. I know it’s fun to spew lies and vitriol on the internet but we have a nation to change for the better grow up and get to work.

    • Lisa Jennings says:

      You are nothing but a liar. Real easy to spew a bunch of filth about a person from your bunker while retaining your anonymity right…gutless is more like it and absolutely uncredible. You are only saying that because you can not be held accountable for your words, if you had a shred of truth and integrity in your statement you would not be “anonymous”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like how Brian Osborn came on here last week saying he was going to run for Chairman too because Jane was evil and once at Convention he endorsed her. Pretty gutless, Brian. Did Jane make a deal with you too?

    • Old Lefty says:

      I think you have it all backwards. Brian made a deal with Jane when he realized that his presence in the race would automatically throw the election to Chuck.

      Jane may be evil, but she gets things done. And no one pisses Nebraska Repugs off more than Jane.

    • Brian T. Osborn says:

      Well, here is Brian Osborn himself to set you straight.

      Yes, Jane did make a deal with me, she accepted the terms I asked of her for my support. I realized that I probably didn’t have enough votes to win, but I did have enough that, had I stayed in, Chuck Hassebrook would have won. Jane and I disagreed on many things, but transforming the Nebraska Democratic Party into an organization that will reflect the values of a wave of Bernie Sanders’ supporters isn’t one of them.

      Here is the explanation I wrote for my supporters after I withdrew from the race and endorsed Jane for the position as Chair of the NDP:

      I promised to share with the world what went into my decision, after a very heated race for the position as Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, to withdraw from the race and endorse Jane Kleeb over Chuck Hassebrook. It wasn’t an easy decision for me, and it was one that I made only minutes before the election was to take place.

      The process that led to my decision was multi-faceted. Jane’s implorations, appealing to party unity, were but a small part of it. The conversations I had with many others held more sway. The best opportunity to effect real change was paramount. I had enough votes to give Chuck the win. I didn’t see that as being in the best interests of the Bernie Revolution.

      I have fought tooth and nail, over the past ten years, to encourage changes within the NDP that would give a greater voice to Nebraska’s Democrats. I have been in a self-imposed hiatus from active participation in the party for a variety of reasons. What brought me back in was Bernie Sanders. I saw that a bright light of hope was on the horizon and I was drawn to it as a moth to the flame. I realized there was an opportunity for my dreams of a populist NDP to be achieved. The legions leading this Revolution, mostly young people, reminded me of my generation, the one that saw our dreams crushed as Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered, as thousands of young lives were extinguished in the meat-grinder of the Vietnam war.

      I can’t explain why my generation, one that was idealistic, one that promised new ideas and ideals, let you down. The world we are leaving you is much more bleak than what we had hoped for. But there is promise. Things can change. It is up to you to be the architects of your future. We old people should do the right thing and stand aside. We will be gone soon enough; why should we be determining your future?

      I need to touch on one facet, an important one, that of Frank LaMere. I would have had to go after Frank, just as I did to Jane, to ensure a victory. I consider Frank to be a friend. His character is beyond reproach. That, and he used to catch softball for my older brother, Dr. Ron Osborn. If I disrespected Frank, Ron would tie me into a pretzel!

      With all that in mind, I saw that my candidacy was threatening to divide the effort to overturn the old ways of thinking and doing politics in our state. I believe Chuck Hassebrook is a good and honest man, but I just couldn’t see him leading the charge to the ramparts. Our Revolution will be won by the participation of young people. We older folks should mentor, and guide, you to realize your own dreams. You should have a youthful leader, and it was apparent that many of you were willing to support Jane Kleeb in that role. I chose not to stand in your way.

      Now I will be honest. I have had some issues with Jane. My support for her came at a price. There were several things that were paramount in my plans as your State Chair, fundamental things, that I still feel are essential to the well being of our party, and our people. Jane gave me her word that she would fight for these things just as hard as I would have. They are:

      1. Get EVERYTHING the party does on-line. Total transparency.
      2. Get our meetings teleconferenced so people don’t have to spend so much to be a part of our democracy.
      3. Actually obey our party’s C&B, every word of it. Publicize every Platform plank and every Resolution passed by the SC, the SCC and the SEC. Put them all on-line where they are readily accessible.
      4. Put a blog, accessible to the public, with no censorship, back on the NDP website and ensure that the website includes useful, up-to-date information, including the contact info for committee members and Affiliated Caucus leadership.
      5. Actually have that “full and complete” audit of the books that was voted on, and approved, so many years ago.

      I’ll give her two years, but I’ll be reminding her, frequently, and very publicly, if she gets off track. My interpretation of her success, or failure, will be determined by the overall effect she has on the democratic process in this state. Whether that includes the fortunes of the NDP? I really don’t care. It is more important what we do for the people than what we do for the party.

      Now go out there and do good!

      Brian Thomas Osborn

      • Nebraska Democrat says:

        I wish BTO would have stayed in the race, it would have been a good contest for 3rd and 4th place between him and Larry Marvin.

      • Anonymous says:

        Worthy goals Brian but I’m afraid you are a poor, gullible little puppy. It’s not in Jane’s best interest to create transparency. Look at Bold Nebraska’s Voter Guide, it’s all about what Jane thinks of people. No one is surveyed, it’s all her opinion. And that’s just one example. Brian, Brian, Brian….

      • Another Nebraska Democrat says:

        Nebraska Democrat,

        Your willingness to dismiss Larry Marvin so easily is part of the reason the Bernie supporters swept most of your friends out of leadership positions.

        You might not remember, but Larry beat Dave Domina in the Senate Primary in most of the rural counties in the state. Larry didn’t even campaign for the most part, and his results didn’t just reflect an anti Domina wave. Larry did some things right, but you’ll never figure out what because you wouldn’t listen to anything he had to say if your (political) life depended on it.

  13. Robin Quarles says:

    all of these folks on this thread capping for Jane are LYING! I am a chair emeritus of the Black Caucus. The caucus was overrun with white folks in fact they outnumbered the actual amount of Black people. I would have never schedule the caucus for the first night of convention because many of our members work. By the time I walked into our conference room the current chair look exasperated. White folks where flabbergasted that they couldn’t exercise their privilege by voting in an affinity caucus that has nothing to do with them! The current chair at the time was gracious enough to all me a chance to speak. I then proceeded to give a brief background of the caucus , things we accomplished like helping with the 1 electoral vote in CD2 in 08 and, I also explained that whites and others are welcomed as allied members but unless they self identified as Black, or Caribbean or from the African Diaspora they could not vote. Not that it matter because they pretty much knew who they wanted to run. Once they were assured that their picks were in they got up in mass and when to the next caucus to conquer. I left after elections to warn other caucuses. This was a power grab plain and simple and disrespectful not just to all the caucuses but to caucuses of people of color in general!

    • Jen Valandra says:

      Robin…Pardon me, but I must comment because you are mistaken about many of the details of what happened at the Black Caucus. I attended the session, as well, on Friday night. I attended as an ally to learn more about how I could get involved, and to support a friend who was interested in running for the position of Chair. Perhaps your memory deceives you, but in no way did the non-voting members outnumber the voting members. There were around 20 or so voting members present and probably less than 10 non-voting allies. As for the voting, Chelsey won fairly. After her nomination was recognized and accepted by the Chair and the voting caucus members that were present, there were questions presented – before the voting took place- regarding who was allowed to vote. If I remember you properly, you were late to the caucus and much discussion had already occurred, although we appreciated the new input that you provided. I think the Chair did a fine job. He may have seemed exasperated because there was a person who wanted to speak on behalf of one of the candidates, but the chair felt that was unfair, which I agree, unless we could have had someone do that for each of the candidates. That person debated with the chair for a brief moment about that and the chair finally told him to just sit down. That moment was a little uncomfortable, but in the end the chair’s decision was respected. After that, referencing the established by-laws, it was clarified for everyone present who was allowed to vote, and the vote took place following that clarification. In fact, the voting took place twice, as another person (I think that was you?) entered their nomination for the chair position after the first round of voting, and it was allowed by the chair to re-vote with the additional candidate included. However, Chelsea won both counts. She qualifies to vote, and run for positions, as she self identifies as Black. Yes, there were questions that were presented about voting, but these were clearly answered by the chair, along with a few of the other voting members of the Caucus, prior to the vote. It made perfect sense why my husband and I could not participate in the vote, as he is Native American and I am white. Therefore, we did not vote, and there was no contest to the established by-laws by the other allies who were present. Even though we could not participate in the vote, we stayed long enough to listen to the campaign speeches, learn more about the Caucus, and watch the voting for the Chair position take place, as a show of support for our friend and the Caucus. Yes, she is a Bernie delegate, and yes, that does mean something to me, but regardless of who she was at the convention to represent, I do feel that she will be a great asset to the Caucus and will do the hard work necessary, and that is the reason why I wanted to support her. She works with my husband and they have been friends for a while. Maurice won his position as Vice-Chair fairly, as well, and I believe they will accomplish a great deal. After the voting for Chair and Vice-chair, my husband and I did leave early. Not really a mass of people, as you said, but I can understand if that was misinterpreted. We left early so that we could learn more about the Women’s Caucus, happening simultaneously with the Black Caucus. We’re both new to the convention and the caucus meetings seemed to be a good entry point on how we could get involved as new people. Unfortunately, it appeared that we had to have registered well in advance to attend the Women’s Caucus session. So, since the hour was almost over, we opted to get dinner instead. There honestly was no nefarious reason intended by us when we left early. We simply wanted to learn more about getting involved in other interest areas. I believe most of the issue on this point for us, was that multiple Caucus areas of interest were hosting sessions at the same time and the scheduling caused some issues, but I also understand, as there is only so much time at the convention to include all the work that needs to be done. We unfortunately didn’t make it to any other caucus sessions that night, as, again, the hour was too late. Respectfully, I would love to support the Black Caucus over the coming years, as an ally, if the Caucus can use my help. I just want to support my neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members. I live and work in North Omaha and have worked on a few advocacy organizational boards in the past that benefit my neighborhood. My advocacy days have been on hold for the last few years, but I would like to jump back in. That is mainly why I attended the Black Caucus session. I feel bad if you felt otherwise and apologize for any misunderstanding. I wish we could have spoken directly face to face at the convention and figured this out.

      • Whitesplain says:

        “Perhaps your memory deceivies you…” – Jen Valandra

        Now put some thought into why Bernie did so poorly amongst people of color.

    • Brian T. Osborn says:

      Robin, I will say that at least you are still consistent. You have always excelled at being a professional victim.

  14. bynd says:

    Well, it seems for our regular uber liberal(s) on here that what goes around comes around. Time to buy more popcorn, this is getting very interesting. But is it a microcosm of the country?

    • Tony says:

      The most remarkable thing I find bynd is that they break themselves up into groups based on race and other traits. Really disgusting.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Self-identify as Black”? Who is the arbiter of that? If the lady whose husband is Native American said she “self-identified as Black” because she wanted to vote, who is to question her? They don’t do it for bathrooms. Sounds as if the voting populace of any given caucus is very fluid, thus allowing coups to take place, a/la Jane.

      • bynd says:

        If your problems and issues are so different than everyone else that you need your own caucus and leadership, how can one just self identify with your group and truly understand the issues? Did they take the gender ID off of all the restrooms in the building also?

  15. NDP Kearney Delegate says:

    By far the best part of the convention was when Bud Pettigrew said he knew what it was like to be a minority, then started trashing his opponent. He was visibly shaken and upset by Jane and Chuck throwing him under the bus.

    • kt says:

      Jane supported Bud since she could not support Pipeline Ron. Then she threw him under the bus. Chuck was with Ron from the git go.

      • Old Lefty says:

        Bud was in over his head from the start.

        There are only two positions that Bud is really qualified for – Village Idiot and/or Chair of the Brownnosers Caucus – the NDP doesn’t have either of them listed on their official list of officers.

        Many of the Berners who refused to vote for Hillary supporters for any other position voted against Bud.

        Jane eventually realized that Ron had a constituency, and all Bud could do was get in the long line of sycophants lining up to kiss her ass.

      • Old Lefty says:

        Jane originally supported Steve Lathrop for National Committeeman. He was more qualified for the position than either Ron or Bud. Steve dropped out as a concession to the Labor Caucus (Ron’s Supporters). Jane only supported Bud because of her long standing disagreement with Ron over the pipeline. When she won the position of State Chair, one of her first moves was to switch her support to Ron to help unify the party. It was the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.

        By this time next year Bud will have his nose so far up Jane’s ass that he won’t even remember that she dumped him once.

  16. SS Was Sharing the truth! says:

    well, well, well…..So the OWH runs a story today on the Latino Caucus and how they held a meeting last night to talk about what happened at the convention. The newly elected chairman has stepped down and the former chair reinstated. At least one “wrong” from that debacle in Kearney was “righted.”

  17. Old Lefty says:

    That would all depend on how you define “right” and “wrong.

    The Caucus Chairs are supposed to be elected by the delegates to the state convention.

    This looks more like Vince Powers and the oligarchs who lost making back room decisions to undo the will of the delegates. Can we expect them to also renegotiate the State Chairmanship? Chuck Hassebrook could be declared the winner in another week, and Bud Pettegrew could be National Committeeman by the Forth of July

  18. Tony says:

    Does Amanda McGill hold any leadership post in the NDP? She was the only Democrat I voted for in the last election. She was more qualified to be Auditor then that guy that won, and it’s good for a Democrat to keep a watch on the state government controlled completely by Republicans. Plus she was a cute redhead.

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