The Pelosi Shutdown

european-union-eu-flag-missing-star-brexitYesterday Brad Ashford told the LJS that he didn’t join the Democrats’ House of Reps “Sit-In” because he “does not support shutting down Congress on any issue.”


So now Brad Ashford doesn’t support Speaker Pelosi’s “Congressional Shutdown”. But he does support Pelosi’s shutdown of due process and the 2nd, 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution (which the ACLU is even against).

Then again, this is the guy who said he would be whatever party you want him to be, and would support either Hillary, Jeb or Kasich.

He’ll get back to you.


Wayne’s World?

I feel like there’s a new version of the GOP Rules that come down every other day that absolutely make it clear that Wayne Bena will be the Presidential nominee in Cleveland.

That being said, the latest from National Review is that 28 members of the Rules Committee could make things interesting…

RNC rules require the support of just a quarter of Rules Committee members — 28 of them — to issue what’s known as a “minority report,” which would throw the matter of unbinding delegates to the convention floor for an up-or-down vote. That in and of itself would cause a stir on the first day of the convention.

Of course, then you’d have to convince a majority of the delegates to jump on. And then there’s the fact that Trump has had…well a decent past few days. Throw a few more of these together and this kind of talk will continue to wane.

Then again just about anything else could happen as well.

Stay tuned for a clear declaration from Mr. Bena one way or the other…


The British are leaving! The British are leaving!

In light of the Brexit vote, and the fact that you’re not allowed to NOT have an opinion about it today…an interesting analysis of the E.U. by National Review‘s Jim Geraghty:

The European Commission, which has a virtual monopoly on proposing European legislation, never submits itself to elections. It is an appointed body of unknown bureaucrats and failed national politicians. Nor can British, French, or German parliaments reject or amend the Commission’s laws and regulations or the European court’s decisions. Nor can their voters repeal them. European law is superior to what are still quaintly called “national laws.” And if a national referendum (one of the few escape hatches in this panopticon) rejects a European decision, the voters are asked to vote again until they get it right. In short the EU’s defenses against democratic accountability are pretty watertight.

Just yesterday we saw where the U.S. Supreme Court decided to let a lower court ruling stand which said the U.S. President was trying to suck up too much power.

There comes a point where the actual people yell, Halt!

The Brits did it yesterday.
We’ll see what the Americans do in a few months.


Just north of Mo-zuree

Just a minor, dumb thing, but this always cracks me up.

Local radio station in California, citing Senator Deb Fischer’s pipeline safety bill which was recently signed into law by the President…

… a bill by Senator Deb Fischer of New England that would reauthorize national pipeline safety programs.” (Emphasis added)

Sometimes that NE just confuses you.
(Has Tom Brady ever been accused of playing for the Nebraska Patriots?)


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  1. Tony says:

    The Democrat “sit in” made the unhinged far left fascists look like pouting 2 year olds. Even with wall to wall coverage and support from media liberals, they had to call it quits yesterday.

  2. Keep the Money with Loserbaugh says:

    Obviously by now everybody knows that if you have enough money you can get however many signatures you need for a referendum.
    Remember Loserbaugh and his fellow buffett-lover Becka got enough signatures to put the recall of Mr Suttle on the ballot, but nobody wanted that vote. We are still waiting for those guys to pay Omaha back the 350.000 dollars it cost.
    So it is no surprise that signatures were gathered to put expanded gambling on the ballot. It will go down in flames obviously, but my point is some people will do anything for money.
    How much do you think Loserbaugh is getting paid by the Indian tribe to get more gambling there so they can exploit the people out of their money? Can Loserbaugh look in the mirror after he quit his legislative seat early to start cashing in with the unethical crowd?
    His fellow South Omaha buddy also quit on his constituents, as Jeremy let his seat to the awful Nicole Fox so he could cash in with Brad.
    Let’s have some ethics people!

    • Tony says:

      Native Americans have had to endure a lot of criminal persecution at the hands of the U.S. government for decades. If they want to have gambling on their land to support their people, many of whom live in poverty, then they should be allowed to.

      • Bluejay says:


        Got any evidence of that decades long criminal persecution? The Indian Wars ended over a century ago. Move on.

        If it wasn’t for identity politics the Dems wouldn’t have any politics.

        Back to Blood.

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, Ironic last line from a guy who can not demonstrate any intellectual honest when posting. Cue circus music!

  3. repenting lawyer says:

    The Supreme Court was unable to decide yesterday. You total misrepresentation of what SCOTUS did is silly. Particularly after you jumped on POTUS for being non lawyer like.
    ACLU really objects to the operation of the no fly lists, maybe right on that, but not unfixable. You Constitutional problems beyond that are currently nonsense. Even before Scalia died a majority of the Court seemed unwilling to upset the emerging pattern of Circuit cases. Rational of band here not different from undermining of statutes in NY and Conn cases in which cert was denied this week

    • anon says:

      Spoken like a true lawyer, with my wallet or a bottle, I could get a handful of your ilk a for a contrary opinion on the same thing and you would all be right

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Anon at 4:28, since the Sweeper is also a lawyer, we probably already proved your point.

  4. HTH says:

    Brexit is and will be a disaster for decades to come. I am in complete shock over the general populace’s ignorance on issues of trade, promulgated by the like of Trump and Sanders. Alas, it seems that this is yet another example of older generations voting based on emotion and baseless immigration fears, and leaving younger generations to pick up the pieces. Hopefully the US does not choose to do the same in four months.



    • Tony says:

      I’ve seen this argument being pushed by liberals all day. That the voters were stupid, the old voters are stupid and ignorant and shouldn’t be allowed to vote because it affects young people, and that “Brexit will be a disaster”. Voting for freedom from tyranny is never stupid.

      • HTH says:

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t have voted (and I have not heard of anyone who has made that argument). I’m saying their vote has moral (and economic, and political, and social…) consequences, and that younger generations will be the ones to suffer.

        But you’re clearly in your own lala land if you think this vote had anything to do with tyranny or freedom (ignoring the obvious argument that leaving the EU substantially inhibits economic freedoms and freedom of movement in many ways). This had to do with unfounded fears of immigration, just like the unfounded fears right here, stoked by Trump and his followers.


      • Tony says:

        They’ve been suggesting that old people shouldn’t vote on Twitter all day long. As an example of what I’m talking about, they were reporting last night that some unelected EU bureaucrats, made some edict that the British people could not use a certain type of tea kettle, to fight “global warming”. Multiply that type of nonsense by 1,000 times, and you will understand what I mean by tyranny. As far as immigration goes, most of them are fine when they come here, but there are also a lot of criminals and terrorists among them, numerous Americans have been killed by them, and all Trump is saying we need to control our borders and check these people that habitually violate our immigration laws.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m new to Brexit, but isn’t this a vote for sovereignty rather than being forced by Brussels to do what they thought best for Britain?

      • Tony says:

        That’s exactly it. There was a lot of resentment that these unelected people in Brussels were telling Brits what to do. They were also sending 350 million pounds a week to the EU and didn’t see what they got for that.

      • HTH says:

        The 350m figure has been debunked six ways to Sunday.

        Who are the unelected people you’re talking about, Tony? The EU Commission, which consists of members appointed by duly elected heads of state? Under that logic, the US Cabinet is similarly invalid.

        Also, please provide support to your contention that a lot of immigrants are criminals and terrorists. Spoiler: there is none.

        But you’re in good company. Putin understands that Brexit is bad for the west – and he loves it. So keep on keepin’ on, comrade.


      • Tony says:

        There are none? Are you just trying to be funny? There are thousands of criminal aliens, but just google “Kathryn Steinle” for a real good example. Also check out “Boston Marathon bombers”.

        And Rachel Maddow proclaiming it on MSNBC doesn’t mean something is “debunked”.

        Oh yes, “Brexit is bad for the west” . The only possible solution to any problem is a big governement one right? The only way we can live our lives and be safe is to let liberals in a bloated unelected bureacracy control every aspect of our lives.

      • HTH says:

        Tony, Tony, Tony… Of course there are criminal immigrants. You implied that there was, at the very least, a higher propensity of crime and terrorism in immigrants. I asked for support for that contention (which you have not given), to which I said there was none.

        While I’m at it, I would truly be thrilled to see what your unbiased news sources are that makes you so sure that the 350m figure is accurate. Let me guess . . . The Blaze, Fox News, and Infowars? Whatever yours ‘sources’ are, they do not account for the UK’s rebate and EU spending in the UK, which significantly reduces the figure. That’s before you consider the economic benefits that come with being a member of the EU.

        I am not a liberal. Until last month, I was a Republican, and had been since I was old enough to register. But the idea that free and open trade is somehow a liberal construct boggles the mind, and is reinforced by blowhards like Trump and his ilk. Free and open trade is capitalism. Pure and simple – even if it means some additional regulation.


      • HTH says:

        Also, Tony, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a US citizen. Come on, now . . . at least try to hide your true motives here.


      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony, The English and Welsh voted to leave, NI and Scotland to stay, so Brits is over broad. Do Gaelic folk have an affinity for big government?

    • bynd says:

      HTH, I do believe the same was said or thought when America started the fight to win freedom from England. Before you worry about the younger generations, see how they vote and voted. 75% of the younger voters voted to stay and 61% of those over age 65 voted to leave. So how is it 61% beats 75% of two generations so closely made up of the same number of people? Many of the youngsters didn’t vote. So, although it may appear the old folks forced the split on the younger, it is more the younger let themselves be steamrolled. That would be age = wisdom = winners. And the youngsters gained a lot of wisdom by loosing. Which I believe supports the saying about learning more from failure and loosing than success.

      The sun will come up tomorrow just as it does after every Nebraska loss in football:)

      • HTH says:

        Bynd, I wouldn’t know! After Nebraska loses, I hole myself up with the blinds closed the next day in mourning. 😉

        But I’ll surprise you and say that I mostly agree with you. There are way, way too many apathetic millennials. And for as long as we younger generations stay that way, we are letting our futures be dictated to us by you old folk.


      • bynd says:

        HTH, there is a theory that Sunday church attendance drops off after a Nebraska loss. However, the counter to that was most loss’ happened on the road and most of those gone from church went to the away game. As we now see, many loss’ do not happen on the road. I haven’t seen any current numbers to support either proposal.

  5. jmurra says:

    Reference you Ashford/Pelosi shutdown comments, can you better explain that. I guess I thought the GOP had the majority in Congress.

  6. Sparkles says:

    June 20, 2016
    WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin – as steeped in conservative cred as any journalist on planet – pens a “Six Weeks To Sanity” article.
    A savage indictment of the party for which she has served as chief promoter and apologist for decades.

    A snippet –
    “One, therefore, is left with an unpleasant reality: A plurality of GOP voters wanted Trump. They did not care or may have actively embraced his lunacy, bigotry and ignorance. His rotten character and abject honesty elicited shrugs. They wore his “pants on fire” fact checks like badges of honor. A significant segment of the GOP primary electorate itself lacked common sense, standards of decency, and intolerance of bigotry and cruelty. No group was worse than the evangelical “leaders” who cheered him along the way…
    ..In the 2016 postmortem, it will be worth examining the extent to which the GOP has promoted crackpots, become ghettoized in distorted right-wing media and lost track of what 21st-century America believes and looks like..
    ..It’s time to stop reveling in ignorance and celebrating lost causes.”

    • bynd says:

      I’m pretty sure that those who were supporters of the status quo in Republican circles are also the biggest distractors of Trump. The sky probably is falling in on them. I don’t particularly like or dislike Trump, but then I don’t vote. By the same vein, what status quo folks have to say is largely irrelevant, just like they have become irrelevant. The problem, as you have pointed out long before Trump came along, was the party leadership. So all these quotes from all the stalwarts of what use to be, mean little except they are acting like sore losers and petulant little children. Much like the violent left who when they don’t get their way, destroy the property of the least able to afford it, or systems, think MU, of those who taught them to be such children. Doesn’t matter which party, but they really are reaping what they have sown.

    • anon says:

      A savage indictment to the party. WaPO, the establishment fantasyland rag has always been a big Trump hater, as he is a threat to the status-quo. Conservative cred, to you maybe, she’s knocked the previous republican contenders. What you have repeated from her above could have been a column about Hillary mixed in the papers on her desk. Why didn’t you do George Will, Rubin is as about as conservative as Susan Collins, at least try to be objective enough not to involve RINO lites.

      • Sparkles says:

        Just reported –
        Longtime conservative columnist George Will is wiping his hands clean of the Republican Party.

        “This is not my party,” Will told PJ Media on Saturday. The Washington Post writer said a Democratic presidency would be better than the alternative offered by Donald Trump.

        His voter registration in Maryland has now changed from Republican to “unaffiliated.”

  7. bynd says:


    If the Dem is better than Trump, why did Will not have the conviction of his words and register as a Dem.? Ever notice, that even such a supposedly intelligent man as Will, he never ever mentions any third parties? How intelligent can one be if his only world is Dems and Repubs? He could lead into the future, but he is too old and stuck in his ways. The world is changing and those who screwed it up and then refused to change with it are, as I said, no longer relevant. And as the millennials vote more and more, HRC and her group will become irrelevant. The Dem future appears to be with the Bernie side. Or the best alternative, the Repubs and Dems both become irrelevant. What a wonderful world it would be. To borrow from the song.

    Could you quote some one who is fresh and relevant?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tony says “far left fascists”, That is not understood by leftists yet it is insightful, correct and we may continue to listen to Tony. Leftists coopt things like healthcare, which is fascism. Nazis were, after all, National Socialists Big government, right or left, is always foisted by leaders who say its For The People. So Tony is generally right.

    HTH, on the other hand, thinks open borders make sense and illegal invaders have rights. If HTH leaves his own front door open at night and welcomes intruders, HTH belongs in a straightjacket. If not, then it is hypocrisy. Anything said by such a person should be disregarded as rubbish.

    • The Lord says:

      Then again, it all seems to be consistent with Christian values. Feed the hungry, nurture the sick, welcome the stranger…

      Why is it that people on the right claim we are a Christian nation, but don’t seem to possess any Christian values?

      • bynd says:

        The Lord also says, Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Your looking in the wrong places and at the wrong people. They are doing much, much more than anyone realizes. They just don’t publicize it.

      • Khan says:

        Why is it that people on the right claim we are a Christian nation, but don’t seem to possess any Christian values?

        Because to those on the myopic Left, Ricky, the only measure of Christian charity is evidently forced wealth redistribution and social engineering as executed by secular government. For everyone else that recognizes your absolute horse shit accusation against conservative Christians for what it is, there is a thing called “individual charity.”

      • The Lord says:

        Is there someplace in the Bible that “individual charity” is mentioned?

        How can anyone who claims to be a Christian and believes this is a Christian nation oppose Christian values as part of our national policy?

      • The Grundle King says:

        I didn’t realize the government robbing Peter to pay Paul was considered “charity”.

    • HTH says:

      @7:33am – clearly the family brain cell is being used by Aunt Betsy this morning. Please ask her if you can borrow it before you make such a cockamamie post again.

      If you read my posts above, you’ll find they’re filled with letters. When you put those letters together, they form words. And when you put the words together, they form sentences with thoughts. I explain this, because you’re clearly having a hard time grasping it – what I said above regarding immigration was that your xenophobic anti-immigration beliefs are baseless, unfounded, without merit. That means that the arguments you and your ilk keep peddling (immigrants cause crime, they take our jobs, they feed off our taxes and slaughter babies) are nonsense. There is no support for these contentions (and numerous indicators to the contrary!), but like a brainless lemming you keep sharing your ignorance like a disease, regardless of the consequences.

      What I did not say is anything about open borders, deportations, or really anything regarding immigration policy at all. Only that the basis for people’s decisions with long-lasting consequences (to vote for Trump, to leave the EU) are severed from reality. The fact you read what I said to be advocating for open borders says much more about your argument than mine.


  9. Khan says:

    LEAVE: I lived through life before and after the EU. Having evaluated both, I chose LEAVE.



  10. bynd says:

    @ 3:45,

    Obviously we are not a Christian nation. All the bad you see is secular in origin.

    By the way, God didn’t say go and make Christian nations. So if you have been buffaloed by those who say so, then the fool is you. However, I will also point out that the Bible says the government is to reward good and punish bad. But they wield a terrible sword towards the bad. Still want Christian values?

      • bynd says:

        Fred, Warren, and Jim, You have demonstrated well how you folks and Sparkles are so much alike. Not sure who I insulted there though.

      • Fred, Warren & Jim says:

        We just love people who say things like; “All the bad you see is secular in origin.”

        As leaders of Christian cults we gladly receive your absolution for anything we do.

        Of course we hope your blanket statement doesn’t apply to non secular cults that originate from other than Christian sources.

  11. Sparkles says:

    What a timely coincidence that the conversation turned to religion, for it was just this weekend that Pope Francis declared:
    Christians should apologize to gay people and ask for forgiveness.

    “I think that the Church not only should apologize … to a gay person whom it offended but it must also apologize to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by (being forced to) work. It must apologize for having blessed so many weapons,”

    • Khan says:

      Seeking and granting forgiveness aren’t anything new within Christianity, for goodness sake. If the head of the One Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic wants to single out this group or that, *shrug*. Personally, I think the good Bishop of Rome should apologize to people in places like Venezuela languishing in the left-wing sorts of states he seems to admire.

      • Sparkles says:

        I’ll then eagerly await the scheduling of Pete Ricketts public apology for his lead role in killing the bill aimed at protecting Nebraska’s LGBT from discrimination.
        Apparently in 2016 Nebraska, basic human rights is too much to ask, because, Jeebus.

        He’ll need a big room for his announcement.
        Not only will he have to share the stage with Bloomfield, Brasch, Craighead, Davis, Ebke, Friesen, Garrett, Groene, Hilkemann, Hughes, Johnson, Kintner, Kolterman, Krist, Kuehn, McCoy, Murante, Riepe, Scheer, Schnoor, Seiler, Smith, Stinner, Sullivan, Watermeier and Williams, he’ll have to find room to squeeze in the Lincoln Catholic Diocese and the Nebraska Catholic Conference.

    • bynd says:

      Sparkles, and his victims of the hour as declared by one of their enslavers. The fact this is such a big deal to you says more about you than those you post about. Even though a cliche, it is so true. It’s about time you apologized to the really Christians if you believe the Pope’s actions are so normal. Or can’t you measure up to the Pope’s actions?

      Pretty sad though you have to sting the religious right by killing babies.

  12. Sparkles says:

    And yet another stinging rebuke of the religious right –
    Court rules 5-3 against Texas’s unconstitutional abortion law.

    • Khan says:

      But there is no reason to believe that an extra layer of regulation would have affected that behavior. Determined wrongdoers, already ignoring existing statutes and safety measures, are unlikely to be convinced to adopt safe practices by a new overlay of regulations. –Stephen Breyer

      Who is going to hold their breath in anticipation over Breyer being similarly principled on gun control?

      • Sparkles says:

        What a coincidence –

        Also announced today, in a 6-2 decision the Supreme Court determined:
        Gun ban extends to domestic abusers.

        ‘Oh lordy, we’s sure ‘nough headin’ down that slippery slope.
        First they come for the guns of the wife beaters, and afor ya knowit, they’re knockin’ down your door!’

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