ISIS, Commies and the Left

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.38.41 PMIt has happened at nearly every terrorist attack lately.

There is this vast search for the “real” reason the radical Muslim(s) killed a mass of innocent people. They yell, “Allah Akbar!”, express their loyalty to ISIS, murder …and then a certain segment of America rings their hands and tries to find the REAL reason these people killed.

Then we fail to hear the words “radical Muslim” or jihad. Instead there’s workplace violence, the NRA and how we need to defeat this enemy with “love”.

And while all of this seems so ridiculous to Republicans and others on the right, I’ve had this feeling that I’ve heard all of this before.

Ah yes.
The 80’s.

Now for you kiddos who either weren’t alive back then or were still playing with Cabbage Patch Kids, sit down and let Uncle Sweeper give you a little history lesson.

See, these days, you’d think that EVERYONE hated Communism. Everyone MUST have hated Brezhnev and the Berlin Wall and those dirty Ruskies, right?

Oh, no no no no no no.

See, back in those days, if you agreed with the Reagans and others of the day that we needed to abolish Communism, you were a knuckle dragging Neanderthal who just wanted to see the world wiped out by nuclear war.

And besides, The Russians Love Their Children Too! Why do you keep poking the Bear? They have their own way of life! Let them have it! Who’s to say our way of life is better? Let them be!

Let them BE!

Now to be sure, youngins, this was not ALL Democrats. This was, mainly, your hard-core Leftists. You know, like the type who sought a fellowship with the Nicaraguan Sandinistas (cough Bernie Sanders! cough).

And why? Maybe because they saw a little of themselves in the committed Commies. Atheists. Socialists. PLANNERS! (Oh, if we could just all get on the same page, what a workers paradise we would have!)

There was a feeling that after the failure in Vietnam, there must be a better path than battling it out with your enemy. More hand holding! More love!

We didn’t need this war mongering!

But Reagan and the Republicans never let up on the Commies. They continually hammered them, and didn’t try to apologize for them. Reagan and his crew also knew that they needed to persuade the people who were governed by — and were ultimately responsible for — the Communists. Reagan spoke in Moscow’s Red Square with the knowledge that he had to hammer the leaders, yet bring the people to his side.

But he never let up on the leaders.

Which brings us to today.

Since things didn’t go the way we’d hoped in Iraq, the Left tells you, “there must be a better way!” We have to show how much we love! How our culture doesn’t hate theirs! We need to show them that we can all Coexist! (See, here’s the bumper sticker!)

If Sting were alive today (what?) he’d be telling us that ISIS loves their children too. (Right before strapping the suicide belts on them.)

And the hard-core Leftists likely see just a twinkle of something in the radical jihadists. Of course they’re not in favor of killing innocents. But that anti-American part…mmmm…maybe there’s something there. And there is this sort of feeling that if they could just get the “radical” part out of their religion, all would be cool.

There also needs to come a point where we tell the Saudis and others that their version of religion sucks. That the religious police shouldn’t be running the show. That women can do things like drive cars and show their heads. That there are people who are gay, and imprisoning them is wrong. (And yes, both Republicans and Democrats have been weak on some of our “allies” on this.)

Now Lefties don’t go getting your genuine hemp undies in a bunch. I’m not saying you’re ISIS lovers.

But I am letting the younger generation know that this sort of group-think, let’s-all-get-along, don’t-be-so-mean-to-our-enemies scene has been on the American stage before.

It was weird and unsuccessful then.
And it is a weird déjà vu now.


Ginger vacancy

Word outta Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford’s office:

Former State Senator Amanda McGill, Ashford’s District Director, is leaving to become “Community Impact and Strategic Initiatives Director” for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society.

McGill will be replaced by…Communications Director, Joe Jordan.

No word on who is replacing Jordan.


Pound for Pound…

Hey, look at that, the British markets rebounded.
Must be racists.


Always rebounding

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  1. repenting lawyer says:

    I have a little trouble squaring you description of RWR with his diary entry on Able Archer and subsequent dealings with Gorbachov.

  2. Sparkles says:

    And how did Ronnie Raygun and the Republicans ‘hammer the commies’, without apology?
    How did they fund their noble war against America’s DF Hippies and those atheist, commie lovin’ Sandinistas?
    Why, with proceeds from CIA cocaine trafficking of course. With payments to drug traffickers courtesy of the U.S. State Department from funds authorized by the Congress for humanitarian assistance.
    And for all you doubters – to be quite clear – In 1986, the Reagan administration acknowledged that proceeds from cocaine smuggling helped fund the Contra rebels.

    In addition to cocaine trafficking, an exceptional America and their exceptional leaders fully engaged in a little mideastern dalliance called Iran-Contra.
    A secret plot in which the Reagan administration utilized henchman Ollie North (a Fox ‘News’ favorite) to secretly (they thought) traffic in American weapons of war with Iran. (seems they loved them some Ayatollah in the day) The trafficking in weapons serving two goals –
    1) appeasing Iran (a designated State sponsor of Terrorism at the time therefore subject to embargo) in hopes they would release American hostages.
    2) proceeds from the arms sales were to be clandestinely shuffled to the fund Nicaragua’s Contra rebels in their battle against the Sandinistas,

    Yep, those were indeed proud days to be a patriot and rock ribbed, no excuses Republican.
    Smells like Freedom.

    • Tony says:

      I think you missed the point Sparkles. He was talking about the fall of the Soviet Union. Not some communist dictatorship in South America the Democrats tried to protect.

  3. Tony says:

    It has always been hard for me to understand why the leftists support radical Islam, the most oppresive religion on the planet towards women, gays, etc. Many liberal spokespersons applauded 9/11 and said we deserved it. I think it’s being led by the Muslim in the White House. He’s a terrorist sympathizer, so the left falls in line crying “Islamaphobia!” and “ban guns!”, even when gays and minorities are blown away by these ISIS followers. Did you see Obama? Airport gets attacked by ISIS in Turkey and all he does is shrug his shoulders. At least he didn’t blame the Turkish government of Islamaphobia and refusing to pass a law banning suicide vests. Maybe John Lewis can do another sit in?

    • HTH says:

      I think everyone is in accord that radical Islam is bad. The issue is when people try to lump all Islamic practices and beliefs into ‘radical Islam.’

      But if you want to see how radical Islam has been able to be so mainstream, look no further than the foreign policy promulgated by conservatives and liberals alike for the past 60 years. Case in point: US support for Wahhabist House of Saud. The truth is, our foreign policy has directly enabled fundamentalist Islamic sects while oppressing more moderate Islam.


      • Khan says:

        “Moderate Islam” is generally moderate insofar as its adherents are unlikely to go saw off your hand for shoplifting, send their daughters to the local clitorectomist, or throw gay people off of rooftops. But studies have shown that they broader Muslim population philosophically are supportive of radical Islamic terrorists even if they disapprove of their methods. That noted cold, stone-hearted conservative, Bill Maher, has showcased this on his show several times.

      • Millennial voter says:

        Yeah, all those moderate Muslims killed in Istanbul this week were philosophically supportive of being blown to pieces by the terrorists — you can tell by seeing how fast they were running away from the blasts in the video.

      • Sparkles says:

        Nov 17, 2015 – Pew Research
        “In nations with significant Muslim populations, much disdain for ISIS”

        Lots of numbers, all refuting a broad muslim embrace of radical terrorist methods.
        Just one quote:
        “In no country surveyed did more than 15% of the population show favorable attitudes toward Islamic State.”

        For comparison, recent polls found 63% of Americans support torture. It doesn’t matter that torture doesn’t work, or is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, or goes against everything America values and stands for.
        And of course the mere mention of of torture, as demonstrated only yesterday, brings Trumpsters to their feet in frenzied applause.
        And you can be certain far more than 15%, of Trumpsters eagerly support ‘bombing the shit of them’ and ‘killing their families’ and ‘making the sand glow’.

        You can also be quite certain those very quotes by America’s supposed ‘leaders’ are prominently featured in every ISIS recruitment video.

      • Tony says:

        Quit being a terror apologist Sparkles. I don’t care if we say something that hurts the terrorists feelings. Nor do I believe what some media liberal funded “study” came up with.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Tony, Since Turkey is a Muslim Country with a government that adopts a form of Islamic politics against traditional secular state in Turkey, if POTUS was a Muslim being indifferent makes no sense. What makes since is that given Turkey among many Islamic nations,declaring what could be perceived as an attack on Islam makes no strategic sense. Most of the casualties at the airport were Muslims. Guess they do not cover such obvious facts at the State Home for the Bewildered.

  4. Sparkles says:

    Brexit cost investors $2 trillion, the worst one day drop – ever; the biggest 2-day global stock rout in history.

    Financial market volatility will persist, while uncertainty over the future of the UK’s relationship with EU will feed into real economy.

    Washington Post –
    Britain confronts a wave of racist incidents after the Brexit vote

    Time –
    Surge in Hate Crimes in the U.K. Following U.K.’s Brexit Vote

  5. repenting lawyer says:

    Children Uncle Sweeper apparently read some history text approved by the Texas Board of Education. Next he will tell us who lost China.

    • Sparkles says:

      “The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.”
      ― H.L. Mencken

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