Nebraskans on Hillary

For some reason lots and lots of you readers wanted to comment on yesterday’s post.

Oh, wait. Turns out the Hillary non-indictment, indictment came in after yesterday’s post went up. Hmm.

Interesting arguments going on about “grossly negligent” vs “extremely careless” and whether Hillary made an active plan to skirt the law. Seems to me the FBI Director made his own case before he shot it down. But again, others can argue.

And then there’s the question of whether “any prosecutor” wouldn’t pursue a similar case. For instance, there’s the poor sucker who was convicted for leaving confidential info on his computer. But then Hillary isn’t poor.

But whether you are a Republican or Democrat. Trumpian or Johnsonian. Bernier or Hillaryite. We can all agree on one thing:

Hillary is a A1, first class liar. See the following:


Bacon ate her

Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon spoke up on the controversy, first saying yesterday:

I’m disappointed that the FBI did not pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. As a military man, if I were to ever endanger the security of this nation by knowingly bypassing protocol, I would have been court-martialed and face possible jail time. It is clear that the politician class in DC lives by a different set of rules and standards than those who represent our nation in uniform.

But then he took it to another level today, calling out Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford for defending Hillary:

Today in the Omaha World-Herald, liberal career politician Brad Ashford offered mild criticism of Hillary Clinton’s grossly improper mishandling of classified email.

Ashford then reiterated his endorsement of Clinton and praised her leadership.
Ashford’s double-talk is exactly what’s wrong with Washington politicians.

Currently, Ashford serves as chairman of Hillary Clinton’s Nebraska Leadership Team. Because of Clinton’s unacceptable security breaches, Ashford should step down from his position in Hillary Clinton’s leadership team. Should Ashford remain on her leadership team it just reinforces the idea that liberal career politicians have one set of rules that apply to them, and not to the rest of us.

Wait a second?! Brad Ashford straddled the fence and tried to play both sides???

The same Brad Ashford who said he liked Bush, Kasich and Clinton and told you he would be in whatever party you wanted?

Well, at least Ashford thinks someone who showed a “tremendous lack of judgment” and was “extremely careless” — and as we all know, is an unapologetic liar — should still be President.



Headline for the Dems

The LJS’s Don Walton took to the Twitters (which he rarely does) to declare:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.56.28 PM

Read Walton’s actual article on the subject, and you’ll note — at the very end:

“Ricketts, also a Republican, briefly responded to a question at a news conference on a different topic shortly after Comey announced his decision…”

The OWH had a little more detailed response from Ricketts:

“I would have to trust the judgment of the FBI,” Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said. “If they don’t think they have the grounds to pursue charges, then that’s the best course of action.”

One might say that it would have been more appropriate for the Governor to state that he hadn’t heard or read the entire statement from the FBI, and would put out a statement later.

Then again, maybe he did consider it, and is happy with the FBI’s analysis.

If the former, it is unfortunate that the Dems were given support on this from a hasty statement.

If the latter, well…many, many, many, many others would agree to disagree.



In the mean time, Fischer, Sasse, Fort and Smith all made statements that have given a more…robust… criticism of the FBI’s decision (see the articles above).

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  1. Tony says:

    Equality under the law was nullified yesterday. Clinton got away with committing a serious crime because of who she is. Pretty simple really. And all kinds of counter examples are popping up over the internet today of people who “with no bad intent”, or “accidently” released classified information, and they were still prosecuted. And of all ironys, one was prosecuted by the FBI director in his old job in New York.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Tony, prosecuted or had other action taken against them, FBI Director said her case was not comparable to cases prosecuted, but noted action against security clearance or agency discipline, non court martial action in military, were the usual remedy though not within FBI purview. Could you cite a few prosecutions that showed Director lied, particularly given the political damage his statement did to HRC. Press coverage was uniformly savage to Hilary. But for Trump she might not have survived.

  2. HTH says:

    Gov. Ricketts is a truly atrocious politician, which would not, in itself, be bad were it not for him trying so hard to be a politician.


    • HTH says:

      That link is hilarious.

      Reason #138 why I left the GOP:

      -Whites are 10x less likely to prosecuted for drug crimes than Blacks, despite more prevalent usage. Crickets.
      -Nixon gets a free pass for Watergate. Nada.
      -70 years ago, Japanese-Americans forcefully held in internment camps. Nothing.
      -Beatrice Six, right here in Nebraska, vindicated for false prosecution. Silence.
      -7/5/2016 Hillary is not going to prosecuted – THE RULE OF LAW IS NOW GONE FROM THIS COUNTRY PLEASE HAND ME MY RIFLE I FEEL UNSAFE

      Just think about it.


      • It didn't help says:

        You are aware it was a Democrat governor, under a Democrat president, who interned the Japanese-Americans? No, of course you’re not.

      • HTH says:

        @4:48 – Are you so devoid of intelligent thought you don’t understand the illustration? The point is not who did what, but what people choose to make important.


  3. Sparkles says:

    It’s fascinating to watch the stories get spun into an ever greater lather.
    Limbaugh today declared it to be worse than Whitewater, that HRC was purposefully enriching herself by trading in top secret national security documents.

    Although, an objective viewer would have to admit that none of this is nearly as interesting a story as we were treated to in the halcyon days GWB. Days that brought us what is almost certainly the most corrupt and dysfunctional justice department in modern history.

    Remember the pulse pounding race across the city on the night of March 10, 2004 –
    “Comey Breaks Silence: White House Tried To Force Incapacitated Ashcroft To Back Spying Program”

    Or, maybe this one –
    “Rove Erases 22 Million White House Emails on Private Server at Height of U.S. Attorney Scandal – Media Yawns”

    Abject malfeasance that of course lead to this –
    “Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Resigns”

    An excellent overview of the crass political chicanery of Bush/Rove & Co. can be be found in the damning report produced by the O.I.G –
    “Report Shows White House Engineered U.S. Attorney Firings”

    You’re right. None of this excuses HRC’s flaunting of relatively new, but well known policy. But hubris was indeed all it was by team Clinton. Hubris that harmed no one. Hubris that revealed no secrets. Hubris born of a quarter century of single minded harassment by the a grifting right wing entertainment complex and the Grand Old Party.

    • bynd says:


      Ironically, you love to point out how previous Reps, usually presidents, have done such things also. More than once you have done this. Which means, that HRC all on her own, is as bad as all recent previous Repub presidents put together.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    I’d just like to point out in which (inappropriately named) department of the U.S. government the FBI resides. Hint: It’s the same department whose head recently shared a little tarmac time with the spouse of one Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

    Seriously…when the f*** are the people of this country going to say enough is enough when it comes to the Department of “Justice” putting on these little dog and pony shows? Wait…no, ‘donkey shows’ is more like it. Lynch is Comey’s boss…so when she said she’d follow the FBI’s recommendation as to whether or not to prosecute, I’m guessing there was a short phone call thereafter in which Comey asked Lynch, “What should I recommend, boss?”

    Ask any local government employee…city, state, etc….if they believe it’s acceptable to conduct official business through unofficial channels, and almost everyone of them would likely tell you, “No way in hell.”

    Ask Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, or James Comey the same question, and they’ll likely respond, “Who the hell cares?!”

    No one that matters, apparently.

  5. Sparkles says:

    “Ask any local government employee…city, state, etc….if they believe it’s acceptable to conduct official business through unofficial channels,..”

    Do you mean, a local government employee, like Gov. Ricketts?
    Feb 11, 2015, Deena Winter’s now defunct NE Watchdog –
    “Governor’s staff using personal email for official work”

    Then again, there’s the intentional, rampant violation by the GW Bush White House –
    “The administration officials had been using a private Internet domain, called, owned by and hosted on an email server run by the Republican National Committee, for various communications of unknown content or purpose.. ..The server came public when it was discovered that J. Scott Jennings, the White House’s deputy director of political affairs, was using a email address to discuss the firing of the U.S. attorney for Arkansas”

    April 13, 2007 –
    “WASHINGTON (CNN) — Millions of White House e-mails may be missing, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino acknowledged Friday.
    “I wouldn’t rule out that there were a potential 5 million e-mails lost,” Perino told reporters.”


    • The Grundle King says:

      In regard to Gov. Ricketts’ staff using private e-mail, please note that I did say “almost every one”, and also note that Ricketts’ staff did make those official e-mails public at the request of Vince Powers. Funny point in that blog column, “Public business should be done on the public emails,” [Vince] Powers said. “It protects the citizens and frankly it protects the government officials because using private emails — we never know if everything’s been turned over.”

      Indeed…in Clinton’s case, we’ll never know.

      Sparkles, you’re asserting the “two wrongs make a right” defense, and it’s absurd.

      • Sparkles says:

        You’re correct that two wrongs don’t make a right.
        Everyone is indeed justified in being angered by the Clinton’s continued blatant disregard for policy and procedure.
        (I include myself among that ‘everyone’ – fwiw, I’ve never liked Hillary, nor Bill, but I admire their impressive array of knowledge and skill sets)

        I was merely trying to make the point that maybe, just maybe this whole ‘worse than Watergate’ (Limbaugh) and ‘this is the end of America as we know it’ (, might be a tad bit.. overindulgent.

      • anon says:

        Who is going to press charges against the Governor & State Attorney General for their illegal drug purchases and when are they going to pay back the $50,000?

        Ernie must be getting old. In his younger days he’d have already had an impeachment hearing scheduled with criminal prosecution to follow.

      • The Grundle King says:

        FWIW, I think Ricketts should just cut a damn check for $55k to the state of Nebraska…just so people shut up about the attempted lethal injection drug purchase.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK, certainly the worker bees of government would not use private e-mail. At the upper levels, however, the passion to protect image and control history is hard to resist. The FOIA and especially the increasingly intrusive press frighten those at the top. Two wrongs do not make a right, but…
        If the AG told the Director what to do, I doubt HRC will thank her since his statement did her reputation great harm. Fortunately for her Trump will probably retweet something about her getting help from the Elders of Zion. A recommended indictment might well have finished her, but this might have been enough with a non reprehensible R candidate.

      • Sparkles says:

        You’re absolutely right RL.
        The GOP, in it’s current tea-addled state, simply pissed away the Presidency this cycle.
        Had they nominated John Kasich, this email scandal – no matter how harmless it actually proved to be – would likely have been the finishing blow to the Clinton campaign.
        Time and time again Kasich demonstrated the ability to hold a decisive lead in head-to-head polling against Clinton.
        Out of a field of 17, he was the solitary Republican candidate to do so.

        But Kasich refused to light his hair on fire for the pitchfork wielding masses.
        Kasich didn’t hate ‘others’ with great enough intensity for today’s GOP.
        He failed to bring the same sparkle to the eye, or crispness to the goose step of the white supremacist crowd, that Trump inspires.

        No, the GOP, including the NEGOP, eagerly choose the sword by which their party will fall.

      • anon says:

        Are you saying that the Governor should be forgiven for his illegal activities if he cuts the state a check for $55,000?

        Failure to follow proper procedures in carrying out the death penalty is murder. It looks like you support the right of Republicans to skirt the law but favor prosecuting Democrats even when the evidence won’t sustain a conviction.

      • Sparkles says:

        To be clear, I would never vote for John Kasich.
        He’s a vocal proponent of supply side economics, a failed economic ‘experiment’ certain to do to America what Sam Brownback has done to Kansas.
        He’s also quietly shuttered half the women’s clinics throughout Ohio.

        As long as Republicans, in lock-step, refuse to abandon economic policies proven to fail, they remain unfit to lead.
        If your family physician suggested blood-letting as a remedy for strep throat, would you continue to see him/her?

    • bynd says:

      And now, Bill and Hillary are being compared to GWB and Ricketts. Good job Sparkles showing us how the Clintons do all the bad Repub stuff all by themselves. Bonnie and Clyde reborn?

  6. Bluejay says:

    Here’s the real deal. Hillary used her private server to run the details with Bill regarding the BRIBERY scheme they ran with the Foundation.

    Yale classmate and her attorney read the emails, deleted them and then destroyed the evidence of their CRIMINAL enterprise so well that even the FBI couldn’t recover the deleted emails.

    One slight problem. Hillary was too stupid and cheap to get proper security on her server and foreign governments hacked and retrieved her private emails in real time.

    Now Hillary is subject to blackmail. Both by the hackers and – if he was smart -David Kendall.

    Since I am such an idiot, maybe RL could explain to me how Williams & Connolly didn’t obstruct justice here. Or are we just to take Kendall’s word?

    • Tony says:

      This email thing is all child’s play really. Hillary let Americans die in Libya because she didn’t want to offend Muslims. And just as their throats were still being cut, she trotted out Rice with the fake story of some You Tube video with 23 views “incited” the violence in Libya. If she got away with that, what the hell are stupid classified emails?

      • Ricky says:

        Don’t you agree with the many investigations that says this is not true? The Republicans are pretty dim witted are they not?

      • Tony says:

        Nope, I don’t agree with any investigations done by the Obama administration for anything.

    • Repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, where does this story come from. I lack your love of conspiracy theories, though I suspect you do not believe the Jesuits and Mason’s are in collaboration or in the Elders of Zion despite there continuing popularity.

      • Bluejay says:


        Just using deductive reasoning I learned at Creighton and applied common sense and my experience.

        We know the Clintons got rich from corruption. If the quid pro quo evidence is in the emails is just my guess.

        If I was Hillary’s lawyer I would have done exactly as I wrote above and kept my own copy of the deleted emails. And today I would send the bill for $10m. What could she do to me? Not pay?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Be careful with your “deductive reasoning” learned at Creighton, Bluejay. I’m not picking on you, personally, but your assertion here reminds me of a comment Ernie made once on the microphone: “You can’t prove a negative,” (which he said he learned at Creighton)!

  7. bynd says:

    Bottom line, as HRC supporters like to point out, she has a vast experience with the Federal government. But yet, during that vast experience, she never learned how to handle classified information, except relating to Bill’s dalliances.

    No, she is not qualified to be the President.

    But then, she may have the most transparent administration ever. Even if it just hackers who tell us what is going on.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Seems to me the FBI Director made his own case before he shot it down” is obviously correct.

    This isn’t about lying. Hillary lies just as Bill did during blowjobgate. But lying is expected in politics especially about blowjobs. Stupidity isn’t okay, especially with National Security.

    Hillary is stupid and as such threatens more than one Democratic presidential reputation and legacy.

    While many argue law, I was a Top Secret Control Manager. The law is clear. This isn’t blowjobs, or her McDougal partners in prison over Whitewater, or even the Clinton foundation which threatens Bill. This is National Security. This is Hillary’s alone and make her profoundly unfit. Hers alone. The Benghazi deaths were similar but she shares that with Obama, as she shares the Clinton Foundation matter with Bill. Those threaten presidential legacies. Her closet full of State Department secrets is her own. And a perfect focus for keeping her out of jail while making her a hot potato. So hot, they need some unsullied new non-socialist candidate like VP Joe Biden.

    Hillary has more hubris than sense. She told Dem miners that she wants to put them out of work forever. She is the same ungrounded thinker who in college was President Young Republicans and then interned for a law firm whose partners were members of the US Communist Party. She is the most cuckolded wife in human history who yet runs on respecting women. Hillary is a stupid harridan; as unlikable as Bill and Barack are liked. A liability who proved a useful bag to push out in front to catch GOP arrows all last year. All for the good of the party, Obama, Bill, etc. especially this year. Its hard to get any VP elected. This helps Barack. It also helps keep Bill’s foundation out of court.

    President Barack and President Bill will reluctantly agree that for the good of the party the convention needs Biden. It could work.

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    I have been seeing commercials from, a Koch offering.

    They’re saying the right things but retaining their intent to elect Republicans who invariably do the wrong things! What’s up?

    • Sparkles says:

      I saw that ad for the first time just last night. An intriguing maneuver and certainly a step forward for the Koch’s.
      Of course, swaddled in that warm fuzzy new packaging remains a rapacious pack of deregulation wolves for which everyone should remain wary.

      The criminal justice reform piece is especially compelling. The Koch’s have for some time been aligned with the Democratic party, and a handful of reasonable R’s, on that issue.
      As with many pragmatic, long overdue initiatives, it’s the right wing entertainment complex and the goober caucus of the Tricorn cap wearing GOP that is preventing common sense reform.

  10. Sparkles says:

    Not sure why, but I had an unusual craving for breakfast cereal this morning.
    Found myself torn – should I indulge in a big bowl of sugar laden Fruit Loops, or opt for a fiber filled helping of off-brand Nutty Nuggets.

  11. Huzzah says:

    There was an old hermit named Dave, who kept a dead whore in a cave… he mistook the dead whore for a closet full of Top Secret emails. No criminal intent.

    And so we come to a dollop of doggerel for Bill’s old mutt.

    A crooked old cuckold named Hillary
    Who was always one step from the pillory
    Said “It’s only some emails
    I’m all for the females!
    When voters need screwing, its Bill or me”

    Hey, no snark allowed in response unless it is funny. Trump is a walking pot of opportunity for humor. Yet from Berry Obama to Puerile Ryan, the entire Political Class stands out as clueless sourpusses. They not only want quill pen business as usual, but they want that usual business to remain as flat and lifeless as a glass of tepid water. That takes all the fun out of being party people.

    • Tony says:

      At least Trump is a self made billionaire who created businesses and thousands of jobs in his life. The Clintons never created anything. All they have done their whole lives is take from others.

      • Oracle says:

        This idiocy is why Trump is even remotely competitive in the race. There’s a thing called the Internet where this meme about Trump being such a “successful” businessman can easily be debunked. His only success is from screwing other people who trusted him.

        “Self-made”? You’ve got to be kidding.

      • Tony says:

        I guess his billions of dollars materialized out of thin air? Quit reading those far left websites Oracle.

      • Sparkles says:

        July 6, 2016 – “GOP foreign policy elites flock to Clinton”
        “Trump is driving Republican foreign policy elites into the arms of Hillary Clinton, as several more Reagan and Bush administration veterans say they not only oppose Trump but will likely vote for Clinton this fall.”

        Roberts Gates on Donald Trump and GOP field:
        “I think middle school kids would be embarrassed by the level of dialogue”.. ..God forbid they actually believe some of the things that they’re saying.”

        A recent analysis by economists at Moody’s Analytics concluded that Donald Trump’s policies would likely trigger the longest recession since the Great Depression.
        EVERY analysis of Trump’s proposals leads to forecasts of economic devastation.

        It requires the wholesale abandonment of all reason, all rational thought and reality itself to cast a vote for Donald Trump.
        History will not judge the Trumpsters kindly.

      • Tony says:

        That’s right Sparkles, we’re all gonna die if Trump gets elected! The only path forward is the same one we’ve been following. The same kind of juvenile alarmism that comes out of the global warming / climate change people on a daily basis. Your side is great at it.

      • HTH says:

        Tony, if your votes are based on economic impact or wealth aggregation, I trust you support Buffett’s political views over Trump’s then, yeah?


      • Tony says:

        Of course Buffett doesn’t like Trump. Trump wants to raise taxes on Wall Street, something Obama even wouldn’t do.

    • Oracle says:

      I guess his billions of dollars materialized out of thin air?

      No, they came from ripping off people. And his seed money came from his very rich father. Do you even know how to use the Internet other than posting to Leavenworth Street?

      • Tony says:

        “ripping people off” isn’t exactly a detail on anything he did, merely an opinion. And Trump seems to be very popular among the labor unions in New York and New Jersey, the workers in Florida, and the unemployed factory workers and coal miners in Michigan and West Virginia that Obama declared war on.

  12. Not the Lawyer says:

    Lawyers, help me out here. Whereas Military Law convicts on behavior and only later takes into consideration mitigating circumstances in sentencing, civilian courts, with an impossible attempt to mind read, mix the accused’s “intentions”, which we can never know, with what they actually did, so as to make a person not guilty because of some magical assumption of what they intended. That is Orwellian but it is also what is being argued today regarding Hillary’s intentions under US law making her un-indictable.

    Isn’t the FBI doing the court’s job? It boils down to the difference between law enforcement and courts.

    Enforcers are required to assume every citizen is potentially guilty. They do that by seeing the actual physical damage. To deem that damage an accident, it cannot knowingly be planned years ahead of time. In short, the FBI arrests people for what they do. It is the Courts that mix in the extenuating circumstances that may then obviate the action being a crime. As Orwellian as that seems, isn’t it the Courts job to read minds? Not the FBI’s?

    I have friends who are prosecutors. They are part of the government. They often say they value the fact that they can “help” people by not prosecuting them. “Why ruin a person’s future”, they tell me, as they justify the goodness of their job selecting other futures to ruin. They play God with power we hand them not against our enemies but our own citizens. But then who reads their minds? Who prosecutes the crooked prosecutor when he lets a fellow lawyer go? Equality before the law evaporates before that autocratic benevolence.

    The courts may be flawed but isn’t that the place to read Hillary’s mind?

    • Oracle says:

      the accused’s “intentions”, which we can never know…

      No one can know for sure, but isn’t that what prosecutors and the court must determine to the best of their abilities? First degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter all result in the death of someone, but intent determines the punishment.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “…but isn’t that what prosecutors and the court must determine to the best of their abilities?”

        Indeed, it is. The FBI’s refusal to indict means that Comey is playing judge and jury, and shirking his duties as a law enforcement agent. His duty, as head of the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION is to INVESTIGATE the case, gather evidence, and present that evidence to a prosecutor. The prosecutor is left with the discretion to bring charges…not the investigator. This process got hijacked when the head prosecutor (A.G. Lynch) said she’d just do whatever the FBI said she should do. So she shirked her duty as a prosecutor. They both did so because they know that, if the elections were held today, they’d still have jobs tomorrow.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      NOT The Lawyer, UCMJ contains a number of offenses that require a mental element, for example attempt and some forms of disertion, a mental factor mitigates when it does not negate the offense but will mitigate the punishment. If it negates the offense then negating it is part of proof of offense. For example drunkenness usually is not relevant in criminal cases but where purpose is required drunkenness can negate purpose.
      Prosecution proforms a filter function to prevent the courts from being overwhelmed by marginal and unwindable cases.
      Modern criminal codes no longer use intent but UCCMJ and 18USC show there age in using older terminology.

  13. Somebody loan me 90,000 dollars says:

    Hey can somebody get me $90,000 or 90,000 doughnuts?
    I’ll donate 45 K to the Food Bank and with the other 45 K I’ll win a seat in the Nebraska Legislature.
    How hard can that be?

  14. Ricky says:

    Does Don Bacon support Trump? Stothert and RIcketts do, this guy probably does as well.
    However, since Bacon will save us all from ISIS, maybe we should vote for him?
    Or is it true like Ernie says, that OPD is his ISIS?
    I think Ernie has a point: ISIS is not a threat to Nebraska. They have never killed anyone here.
    Lots of Nebraskans kill each other however, mainly do to the NRA having politicians like Bacon in their pockets.
    ricky from omaha

  15. The Grundle King says:

    Hey ricky, maybe try just letting one of your multiple personalities comment.

    Oh, and your callous disregard for ISIS’s many victims worldwide, and indeed nationwide, is duly noted.

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