Convention Overture

Brian Buescher, tweeting from the Platform Committee
Brian Buescher, tweeting from the Platform Committee

Nebraska delegate to the Republican Convention, Brian Buescher, is already in Cleveland meeting with the Platform Committee, which meets today and tomorrow.

You can find Brian Tweeting (here and there) @BrianBuescher1 on the Twitter.

Then on Thursday and Friday this week before the full convention, delegate (and Nebraska Committeeman) J.L. Spray will be meeting on the Rules Committee. That will be the first test of the pro and anti-Trump forces to see if anything will happen regarding the commitment of delegates to Trump.

If you listened to Spray on the most recent edition of The Wheels Down Politics Show podcast, you heard that he is very suspect of the anti-Trumpers’ potential for effectiveness.

The other side of that is whether Rules Committee members may push out a “Minority Report” (which I was watching on cable over the weekend — the future of self-driving cars!) which would allow the body of delegates at the convention to vote on whether delegates should be bound or unbound and be allowed to “vote their conscience”.

However, the delegate counters out there seem to think that it is unlikely that the anti-Trumpers will get the 28 votes they need out of the Rules Committee for such a vote. And then even if it does go to the floor, those such as J.L. Spray find it unlikely that delegates would vote to essentially disenfranchise all of those voters who took part in the state primaries.

To hear the podcast with Spray go here, and follow J.L. on the Twitter at @gopjls.



Of course one of the biggest problems of the #NeverTrumpers is that there is no organized alternative to the presumptive GOP nominee. If they don’t want Trump, who do they want?


Sure they can shout, “Anybody!”, or some such, but that isn’t something — or someone — people can rally around. Essentially they are supporting the smoke-filled-room, and that isn’t exactly in vogue these days.

Which leads us to a recent vote in the Senate. On GMOs (no, follow me here).

The gist of the vote was that there are a patchwork of laws around the country, state-by-state, that require different types of labeling on food products that are or contain “genetically modified organisms”. They have been proved safe for consumption, but there are still many states that require specific labeling at the grocery stores in order to be sold in the state.

So U.S. Senators decided to tackle the issue and make a clear federal law on it. Senator Deb Fischer (a rancher) supported it, as well as Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley (a farmer) and Joni Ernst.

A number of progressives — and a conservative — were against the bill. The libs, lead by Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy think that the labeling standard put through is too weak, and want sellers to have to bow to each state’s commerce rules.

Others, like the Nebraska Farm Bureau, don’t like the idea of labels at all — but like the idea of the patchwork of laws even less — so they supported the bill.

Which leads us to conservative Ben Sasse, who voted against it.  He sees the idea of any GMO labeling to be worse than the patchwork that already exists. He wanted to just get rid of all labeling — but that idea received zero traction.

So he took a principled position.

Which is fine. Unless you want to do something.

In the real world, farmers and ranchers are stuck with the existing circumstances. So the majority voted to make the best of a bad situation. They chose “something” over “nothing”.

And this isn’t meant to hammer Senator Sasse — but to simply disagree with his methods.

For instance, he doesn’t like Donald Trump because, among other things, he doesn’t think Trump is conservative enough. And that’s fine, except the alternative isn’t some super-dude that is going to fall from the sky.

The alternative is Hillary.

For the Nebraska farmers and ranchers, the alternative wasn’t “no-labelling”. It was new, less offensive labelling, or the old method of Vermont and 49 other versions. “#NeverLabels” wasn’t up for a vote.

And by the way, the alternative to #NeverTrump is not #NeverHillary. It’s #Hillary.


The other campaign

The anti-Death Penalty gang has a new TV ad out. See it here:

The spot was done by Ryan Horn of Sandler Innocenzi — and you can see Horn’s style of a “story” that comes through on it.

On the same topic, the JoAnne Young at the LJS wrote about a funder sponsored by two Democrats for “young professionals” (an expanded term these days, apparently) for the “Anti” cause. They state that lots of “young” people are against the death penalty.

Then (to her credit) Young quotes pro-Death Penalty spokesman Chris Peterson, who points out that all of their polling indicates “there is no statistical difference of opinion about the death penalty for 18-34-year-olds versus all voters.”

He notes:

“So whether someone is 25, 45 or 65 years old, they have the same probability of being among the majority of Nebraskans who support repealing LB268 and keeping the death penalty.”


Prime Time

Hey here’s random note:

Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day — sort of the summer version of Cyber Monday. The gist is that there will be lots of different deals on for one day — and they promise they’ll be better than last year (which some people panned).

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  1. Bluejay says:

    Sasse turning into a major disappointment. Might get a primary challenger if he continues like this and Trump wins.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to say the OWH reported that Seth Rich, 27 years old, a DNC staffer, Omaha Central & CU grad, was fatally shot in DC early this morning. Very sad news indeed.

  3. Khan says:

    J.L. Spray has a whopping two tweets on that Twitter account, the last one being an RT in September 2014. That’s a pretty pathetic social media presence for a leader of the NE GOP.

  4. HTH says:

    The real question is why people think Trump is better than HRC. Is it because he just happened to choose to have an (R) next to his name this election cycle? Or maybe Tony will come back and say it’s because of his no-tolerance policy to nonwhites.


    • Sparkles says:

      The GOP is certain to put on quite the show in Cleveland, and the no-tolerance faction will be a big part of it.
      It’s been reported the white nationalist website Eternal Sentry will be kicking off the party by sponsoring a pro-Trump, “America First Unity Rally.” And the Trumpsters are are warmly embracing their presence (after all, much of Trump’s twitter material is lifted directly from the pages of white supremacy outlets)
      Featured guest speakers will include longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, uber inflammatory nutter Alex Jones, some muslim bashing authors and several other Trump surrogates.
      Eternal Sentry features racist and anti-Semitic material, repeatedly warns about “White Genocide,” and is produced by a Trump activist who said whites need to “fight back” against African Americans and “send them back to the mud-huts they so desperately and obviously desire.”

      The Daily Beast described this upcoming “unity rally” as the Woodstock of Wingnuts.

      The ‘Party of Lincoln’ my arse.

      • HTH says:

        Not surprising when you consider we’ve seen white nationalist justifications and arguments used by commenters to this very blog. Imagine, our own neighbors!

        ‘Tis a sad era for the GOP, a party ruled by emotion and fear. Hopefully it wakes up soon and realizes the few like Sasse are its only future.


      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure there will be no black power activists or black panthers at the Dem convention, right?

      • HTH says:

        9:29 – straw men are the easiest to knock down.

        Trump has made race a central theme of his campaign, and not in a good way. He has proposed banning Muslims from entering the country. He has proposed mass, forced deportations. He has proposed surveillance based on religious beliefs. He has proposed targeted slaughter of innocent Muslim civilians. He has attacked a federal judge’s impartiality based on his heritage. He has levied accusations of corruption with the Star of David. He has called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. He led the birther movement. He forgot who the KKK were when it came to their support of him. And these are just off the top of my head.

        I think SS has hit the nail on the head for why people pick Trump – “he’s better than nothing.” But no, he’s not. He is the antithesis to what this country needs. But he is good at invoking tribalism and nationalism, and that seems to be enough for you people.


      • The Grundle King says:


        As much as I hate to find myself even marginally aligned with Trumpkins, I have to point a couple things out.

        Islam is not a race. Judaism is not a race.

        And as far as the whole ‘Star of David’ controversy…are ALL hexagrams considered a ‘Star of David’? I was under the impression that the ‘Star of David’ was a very specific design…all points connected, but open space between the connections. Just doing a Google search for ‘Star of David’, the first several images that come up all show an open star…not the fully filled-in version that Trump used. I think the media way over-blew the connection there. Just me.

      • HTH says:

        GK – your comments are well taken, though Jews are often considered a race separate and distinct from Judaism as a religion. But I will endeavor to be more selective in my terminology when referencing the prejudice against Muslims – though, in my own defense, I think there are clear ethnic undertones when many Trumpsters discuss Islam.

        But I will disagree of your defense of the Star of David. With almost anyone but Trump, I would agree with you – however, in light of the aforementioned statements and positions Trump has promoted, in my mind at least, he has lost the presumption of innocence when it comes to bigotry. Of course, I can respect how you may differ.


      • Sparkles says:


        Your comment re Trump’s Star of David may have merit – were it not for the fact that the Star in question – superimposed over an image of a HRC with money raining down – was lifted directly from an internet message board of the alt-right, a digital movement catering to neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists.

        And, this isn’t the first time team Trump has repeated images and memes from the fetid swamps of the racist movements he inspires.

    • bynd says:


      As I have said I don’t vote any more. But if I were to vote this election it would be for a third party rep. I have done that a lot before.

      But as to HRC, the first major issue, she wants to give more free stuff. College education is a scam. It has been pushed for several decades now, that college is the only to way go. And other options, such as a trade career had been held up as jobs for those who can’t make it in college. Mean while, the price for college has sky rocketed, mainly do to the government not reigning it in by giving more and more to college bound kids. And now HRC will rescue everyone from this unseemly mess by having the government pay for it all. They made the mess and wnat to clean up with every one else money. For someone like me, I paid for my college and both my daughter’s college, it is nothing more than trying to bail out those who do not have the fortitude to support themselves. Mine was paid for by my military service and my daughter’s through a second job. And now WE will pay for everyone else college because it is to tough for today’s offended young adults to pay for.

      The Iranian nuclear treaty. HRC claims she was a big part of it. The problem was not nucs as much as the Iranians now having virtually unlimited funds to spread terrorism whenever and however they wish. They made the problem worse.

      There are enough funds in government welfare to pay each welfare recipient and all those, if we got rid of welfare, government employees who loose their job because of it, a salary of $50,000.00 per year. But yet, all HRC wants to do is keep wanting to raise taxes to help the poor.

      These are just a few examples of what is the worse of our country and HRC. And although her supporters believe she has been attacked without cause relentlessly, she deserves it all. Especially when the latest situation resulted in Comey gaving her a pass she didn’t deserve.

      And I resent her condemning “rich” people when she is one of them. And she doesn’t use her money to fund the family foundation, but those internationals who have the morals of those she condemns in this country, Saudi Arabia for example. In other words, I believe she has no morals. She is like all of the two party candidates, in it for herself and she really doesn’t care about anyone else except what she can get from them.

      Her constant use of the word “we” when she has nothing in common with the rest of the “we”s she is talking about is absurd, but not to her.

      And least some one jumps in to defend poor HRC because I am attacking the poor wench, most of her problems are the same I have with the Donald. They may manifest in a different manner, but they are there.

      Both parties screw you just in different ways. But believe it or not, I am not unhappy nor pessimistic about my future. I do worry for my grand kids and their children. And neither of the two major parties have an answer. But such is life:)

      • bynd says:


        Yeah I’ve seen the improvement in the whole system since I stopped. No really, would I kid about some thing sooooooo important:)

      • HTH says:

        I totally agree with everything you said, bynd (at least in spirit). And well written analysis.

        Here’s my point: I have heard (and agree with) every reason under the sun as to why HRC is the WRONG choice for America. What I have not heard is how Trump is any better. In my estimation, there is no issue that I dislike about HRC that I (a) don’t think Trump has a WORSE stance on or (b) trust Trump on.

        I don’t think I’ll get any respite, though – Trump hasn’t provided a plan for anything, I don’t imagine he’ll start.


  5. Sparkles says:

    It’s always nice to see Republicans quoting polls, especially polls which break out millennial opinions.
    Since a belief in polling and their validity as a tool in governance has therefore been, at the very least – implied, how about we look at a few more recent polls?

    October 2015, CBS News/New York Times –
    92% of Americans — including 87% of Republicans — favor background checks for all gun buyers.

    March 2016, Pew Research Center –
    56% of U.S. adults say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, compared with 41% who say it should be illegal all or most of the time. In both cases, these figures have remained relatively stable for at least two decades.

    Apr 2016, HuffPo/YouGov –
    80% would like to see the minimum wage raised to $12 an hour

    Apr 2016 – LuntzGlobal –
    A survey of 1,000 -business executives- (half were owners) conducted by LuntzGlobal, (run by Republican pollster Frank Luntz) found 79% supported raising their state’s minimum wage, while only 8% percent opposed it.
    By similar margins, they supported expanded parental leave, paid sick days, and paid leave to take care of relatives.

    Sept 2015, Quinnipiac –
    Nearly seven in 10 Americans — 69 percent — oppose shutting down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood.
    Just 23% support closing the government over the dispute. Even among Republicans, a majority of 56% to 36% opposes a shutdown.

    March 2016, Gallup –
    75% polled called for more federal spending to improve infrastructure, including roads, buildings and waterways

    April 21 2016, NBC News –
    “Poll: Trump Poised to Get Lowest Vote Ever Among Latinos”

    April 2016, Gallup –
    67% say corporations pay too little in taxes

    Two quick facts –
    1) Millennials are now the largest voting block in America.
    2) Since 2008, Millennial voter registration has nearly tripled.
    With that in mind. April 2016, Harvard Institute of Politics, poll of Millennials –
    61% prefer a Democrat in the White House to 33% who would favor a Republican
    Clinton holds a 36-point advantage over Trump, 61% to 25%, with 14% undecided.
    Trump’s favorable-unfavorable among millennials is 17 – 74.

    Nov 2015 – ABC News/WaPo –
    76% of 18‐29 year olds say climate change is a serious problem facing America
    (heat that, Don Bacon, you climate change denialist?)

    March 2016, Gallup via WSJ (the GOP is out of step w/even old timers on social issues) –
    53% of Americans 65 and older say same-sex marriages should be recognized by law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages.

    Sept 2015, Zogby Analytics, via Forbes –
    “A new poll of 850 adults 18-34 years old conducted on August 25 reveals that if Millennials turnout to vote, the GOP faces nothing short of a catastrophic election.”

    The party of Grifting Obtuse People is on the wrong side of nearly EVERY issue of importance to Americans.

    It appears as if what J.L. Spray might want to do while in Cleveland, is tear up the GOP’s entire platform, then have a come-to-Jesus meeting their delusional base and start the party anew.

  6. Ricky says:

    Governor Ricketts and his daddy will have blood on their hands if the death penalty comes back and inevitably an innocent person will be put to death by the state. Did Mr Ricketts and his daddy ever hear about the Beatrice 6?
    However it’s a long shot that Nebraska will ever put to death a citizen ever again. There still is no protocol for carrying out the sentence in Nebraska, and next Legislative session the great Ernie Chambers will bring up the issue and pass it again. That will cost Ricketts and his daddy a lot more money to buy more signatures, but they have plenty. They will look like spoiled fools again, bu that did not stop them from buying signatures for this vote.

    • bynd says:

      Hey Ricky,

      Let’s talk about the murder rate and murder by gun rate going down in Omaha. Once again, your unwarranted and partisan caterwauling criticism of the mayor has proven once again to be the kiss of success. Ricky complains, and his complaints help who or whatever he complains about. The biggest blow to Ricky’s over blown ego will be when the death penalty is reinstated. That fact doesn’t matter, just that it will upset you so much you’ll get ulcers and heart palpitations. Go Ricky. The best friend the Repubs have ever had.

  7. Pete says:

    It’s funny how Ricky and other Democrats just HATE petition drives to let the people vote on an issue. Tell me Ricky, isn’t it more democratic for people to vote on the issue? Don’t you like when things are more Democratic?

    • Ricky says:

      Like I said before if you have enough money you can buy signatures to put anything on the ballot. The people have spoken through their representatives to kick out the death penalty. Only a spoiled brat like Ricketts would do such a thing. He is awful and a disgrace to the Westside School District.


        Answer the damn question Ricky. Are you in favor of the people voting on this issue? If not, why do you hate the people?

      • bynd says:

        Ricky, your stupid is shinning like a light house. Obviously you also think Dick Holland ($400,00) and Daniel Conrad are spoiled brats also. Remember, Holland put more into a petition drive to overturn a legislative vote, $400,000, than Ricketts and his father.

        Why do you obsess over the Gov so much? Did he spurn you just like Deena? And we know the shots you sent her way. Do you dream about both of them or are you just down to the Gov. now?

  8. Anonymous says:

    SASSISM: def. Taking a principled position for the purpose of doing nothing instead of something.

    In the real world people are indeed stuck with existing circumstances and do make the best of bad situations. They choose something over nothing. They act. Not theorize.

    The Dallas police didn’t have the luxury of Sasses’ mental choice of a theoretical void that magically remains unfilled by real bullets. I am sure Sasse sees a difference between bullets and warning labels, but the word “warning” is sort of a giveaway. Nothing caused cancer until we knew it caused cancer. And it wasn’t history teachers who discovered it.

  9. Anon says:

    Sasse is exiled himself to the everyman to experience of what it’s like for the voter when no one is listening

  10. The Grundle King says:

    I understand that principle is something that matters little to Trump supporters, as they appear feverishly devoted to a man completely devoid of principle. And I understand that, when someone who has strong, deeply-held principles (Sasse) dares to challenge their new messiah, it irks them…because they can’t attack him based on his principles. All they can attack him for is having the audacity to challenge the messiah’s authority.

    So let’s play a game of 21 questions. These are questions that I’d like the Trump supporters, which appear to include Street Sweeper, to answer. I want to understand why it is they’ve anointed Trump as their messiah, and relegated Sasse to a pariah.

    1. Do you really believe that Trump is going to build a wall along the entire U.S./Mexico border?
    2. If built, how tall will this wall be?
    3. If built, how far underground will it go (to prevent tunneling)?
    4. If built, how far out to sea will the wall stretch (to prevent the use of boats/rafts)?
    5. If built, how many years will it take to build?
    6. If built, how will the wall stop people from over-staying visas?
    7. If built, how much will this wall cost (US Dollars or pesos…your choice)?
    8. If built, how will Trump get Mexico to pay for this wall?
    9. If/When that funding strategy fails, or is inadequate, where will the necessary funding come from?
    10. If/When the Mexico funding strategy fails, will Trump and his supporters accept full responsibility for funding?
    11. How is Trump going to ‘make America great again’?
    12. Is America not already great right now?
    13. What’s the difference between ‘politically correct’ and ‘not being an asshole’?
    14. In light of his history, what makes you trust Trump’s current political affiliation?
    15. In light of his history, what makes you trust Trump’s current position on gun rights?
    16. In light of his history and contradictory statements, what makes you trust Trump’s current position on abortion?
    17. Do you believe it is appropriate for ANY president to use tragedies as political capital?
    18. Do you believe multiple bankruptcies is associated with good money management skills?
    19. Do you believe it is befitting of the office of POTUS to brag about one’s genitals?
    20. Do you believe that bragging about how many wives one has had is the hallmark of someone who understands the importance of a strong family?
    21. Do you honestly believe this man is the best, most qualified Republican presidential candidate?

    Now, before you all get your knickers in a knot, I’m not voting for Hillary…no way, no how. The risks she took with national security should alone be enough to disqualify her from the office…let alone the multiple repeated lies she told to Congress. The good news is that, because of the congressional district I live in, and the state I live in, my vote really won’t matter. I can vote Willy Wonka for Prez and it won’t matter one bit. So before you guys get all huffy about, “Not voting for Trump IS a vote Hillary!”…can it. Only a vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary. The Republican candidate…whoever it may be, will win at least 4 of Nebraska’s EC votes.

    • bynd says:


      From what I see, when it comes to Trump, when you believe the barbarians are knocking down the door, and all is lost, you hire someone who will kick the barbarians as_ and you do not care how it is done. Save your world first, worry about consequences later. Priorities, right or wrong.

      • The Grundle King says:

        And to some extent, I understand that mentality. But to me, the whole situation is more analogous to the Greeks and the Trojans, with Trump being the Trojan horse…sure it looks fine from the outside, but folks like me are more worried about what we can’t see. And by the time we know what’s actually inside, it will probably be too late.

    • Sparkles says:

      The risks she took with national security should alone..


      It’s actually been quite well documented that HRC ’email scandal’ has been wildly exaggerated. A comprehensive investigation by the FBI and the ceaseless ferreting for morsels of damning evidence by every Republican operative on capital hill turned up – nothing.
      A thorough analysis of the handful of emails that Comey noted were later deemed classified, found that they contained information/conversations (drone strikes) that was widely available by simply picking up a newspaper.
      The conclusion of this massive, breathless, prison-surely-awaits-her effort?
      “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

      Statutes and organizational practices that were brand new to the office of Sec Def when HRC arrived. Statutes and practices that were never imposed on Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, both of whom used private emails on which they received classified information.
      Although, those statutes and practices did and do apply to Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been found to use his private email account for the purposes of government business.
      And those statutes did and do apply to Trey Gowdy, chairman of a House Select Committee to investigate Benghazi-Benghazi!!, who has also been found to use his private email account for government business.
      The very same Trey Gowdy who actually breached national security by outing the identity of a CIA operative throughout the machinations of the GOP’s never-ending Benghazi-Benghazi!! political tour de farce. A farce ending – surprise, surprise – with a whimper.

      And let’s not forget the the highly trafficked private email server of Turd Blossom and the millions of emails that the Bush White House deleted. Conveniently, Wikipedia can walk you through the whole sordid scandal, simply google ‘Bush White House email controversy’.

      Americans grow ever more weary of the solutions-free GOP’s wholesale abandonment of the act of governance.
      More and more weary of the kabuki theater that has been the sole modus operandi of the Republican party since Jan 20, 2009.

      Donald J Trump isn’t the sole occupant of that burning dumpster.
      He’s simply the only one you see peeking over the edge and that’s only because he’s standing atop the hollow carcass of once proud party.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong…but weren’t a handful of those e-mails deemed “top secret”? That’s a whole ‘nother step up or two from ‘classified’.

        I don’t care what Comey has to say on the matter. His boss is Loretta Lynch…the same woman whom Bill Clinton SOUGHT OUT at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, for a “primarily” family-oriented conversation (*pfft!*)…and the same woman whose boss (Obama) has so vociferously endorsed Clinton. It’s not that damn hard to connect the dots here. After all, shit rolls downhill. If Trump somehow wins…she knows she’s out of a job. But if Clinton wins, her job security is pretty well guaranteed as long as she wants it. Comey, too, for that matter.

        And it’s not the ‘private e-mail’ thing that most folks have a problem with…it’s the e-mail server, which was undoubtedly far, FAR less secure than any other private e-mail service used by her predecessors.

        But if you still think this is just some sort of ‘kabuki theatre’, then I beg/dare you to honestly answer the following question, since you brought it up…would you have supported charges against ‘Turd Blossom’? (BTW, asking the same question back to me does not count as an answer.)

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d like to sharpen the distinction here:

        – Email sent & received by a duly-appointed member of the Inner Cabinet – Secretary of State – a position steeped in access to the most highly-classified material.

        – Email sent & received by Presidential staff related to the appointment of U.S. District Attorneys. Important? Yes. Content subject to some kind of access control? Yes. “Steeped in access to the most highly-classified material?” This is where the “deleted 5 million emails” blah-blah-blah comparison falls down.

        Much as political flunctionaries imagine themselves to be public servants & defenders of truth, justice & the American way, their position at the utter ass-end of politics defines their real utility. The Bush email scandal is “Three Stooges.” Clinton – The Queen of Knives – is a bonehead, to be sure, but her desire for absolute control took precedence over her oath to our Republic. That is not just a mistake, it is a crime.

  11. Sparkles says:

    The ‘top secret’ emails were the ones I specifically addressed. They’re the ones that contained mundane info about drone strikes. Information that was widely reported in newspapers throughout the nation.

    And who says the private server was more at risk?
    A) Although they searched, exhaustively, the FBI nor anyone else could find any evidence it has ever been compromised.

    B) The Clinton Derangement crowd conveniently ignores THIS – March 10, 2015 –
    “Sources: State Dept. hack the ‘worst ever'”.. Federal law enforcement, intelligence and congressional officials briefed on the investigation say the hack of the State email system is the “worst ever” cyberattack intrusion against a federal agency. The attackers who breached State are also believed to be behind hacks on the White House’s email system, and against several other federal agencies, the officials say.

    C) Which makes that private server in Colorado look pretty f^*&kin’ sweet to anyone paying attention!

    And no, I would not have called for or supported criminal charges against Turd Blossom over their MASSIVE email scandal – many fold larger and much more widely dispersed thananything HRC did.
    Why, you may ask?
    Christ!.. among the seven hundred and thirty thousand ethically-averse things those cretins did, the countless government departments and functions they managed to f^*k up in their eight years at the helm – the EMAIL scandal by comparison was a walk in the park with a delicious hot fudge sundae!
    Using False Information to Purposefully Engage in TWO Wars – on Credit Card
    War Crimes – Black Sites, Abu Ghraib, Ahmed Chalabi..
    The Near Devastation of the American and Global Economy
    Heck-of-A-Job Brownie (symbolizing the wholesale ineptitude of nearly every dept)
    Illegal Wire Taps
    The Worst Record of Job Creation Since Herbert Hoover etc,, etc..

    Worst President, Worst reign of Congress – in History.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re flailing like an angry duck in shallow water, Sparkles, trying to defend the indefensible. Secretary Clinton has apologized for her behavior many times, each apology deeper than the last, for what she herself calls a mistake that she would not choose to repeat.

      FBI Director Comey is no dope. Rather than charge Secretary Clinton he decided to let the Electorate deal with Clinton. Good call, safe call. Clinton will probably win, but only because she is not Trump, not for any positive reason.

      The older I get I find it unimaginable that any politician could be elected on their merits, only that we poor voters make the best of a succession of bad situations. Its our own fault too; as has been pointed out on LW often, the system we have is perfectly designed for the results it delivers. That must be tolerable or we wouldn’t do it.

      It’s been downhill since the Founders and Lincoln. We’re the lesser sons of greater sires.

    • The Grundle King says:

      A) Good hackers probably do their best not to leave a whole lot of evidence.
      B) You’re talking about a hack attempt on an actual government system, not Hillary’s Windoze server.

      The rest of your post is pure diversion. Yeah, we get it…you hate Bush and his cronies…but none of it excuses what Clinton did.

      • Sparkles says:

        I didn’t think it was a difficult concept –

        1) HRC’s private server was NOT hacked.

        2) The State Dept servers on which her emails were supposed to have been maintained WAS hacked.

      • Anonymous says:

        The solution to hacked government servers is NOT outsourcing enterprise functionality to gear I cobbled together in my basement or garage, Sparkles. You’re a hairs breadth away from saying that Secretary Clinton’s sloppy behavior can somehow be interpreted as enhancing the security of the state. Is that what you’re saying?

      • Sparkles says:

        Secretary Clinton’s hubris and sloppy behavior ultimately proved to enhance the security of the state.

        Hair, be gone.

      • Sparkles says:

        One can only assume it was Divine Providence.

        Kind of like…
        And then one day he was shootin’ at some food, and up from the ground came a bubblin’ crude

  12. bynd says:

    I always thought the liberals were against contracting out government services? It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between Sparkles and Rush.

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