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stothert-roadsBREAKING: Trump will pick Pence for VP.


Straight outta Omaha

A couple of stories of interest outta the OWH today.

First, there is Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s announcement of a plan for street repair. This was a contentious issue, it seemed, for at least a few days.

Omaha Steaks’ Bruce Simon had filed a lawsuit. The OWH reported that he was hopping mad about the plan for resurfacing side streets, or the cost thereof. It seemed to be a big deal.

As a matter of fact, it was SUCH a big deal that State Senator — and much-rumored Mayoral candidate to-be — Heath Mello took to The Facebook to declare that HE had taken “responsibility” (he even looked the word up in the dictionary, to make it official) for fixing roads.

He cited a bill that he pushed through the legislature to help roads, and THAT was his clear marker that HE was going to be the road-fixing Mayor.

Then a funny thing happened.

Mayor Stothert made the announcement about the street repair plan that she’s been working on for months.

And she called Bruce Simon to explain it to him.

And, (whoops Senator Mello!) Simon dropped his lawsuit!
And said “he’s happy with the new plan.”

Here, let him tell it:

“What Mayor Stothert has done is taken a very fair, measured approach to getting this done and doing it in a way that won’t bankrupt the city and still is a really, really fair approach.”

So there ya go.

While Senator Mello was demagoguing the issue to help his nascent Mayoral campaign, the Mayor let him and everyone else in on her PLAN.

Maybe the “responsible” thing for Senator Mello would have been to ask around first.


Harshing your mellow

It is certainly interesting that the 36 year old Mello thinks he has the breadth of experience and knowledge to be the Mayor of Omaha.

His current gig is “Community Affairs and Development Specialist at Metropolitan Community College”. He has been a staffer for elected officials. And he has been in the Legislature.

Not bad experience mind you, but not exactly the level of past Mayors. Mayor Stothert was on the City Council and local school board before being elected. So was Jim Suttle, who was also an engineer. Mike Fahey had years in business. Hal Daub has seemingly done everything. P.J. Morgan was in real estate.

Maybe Mello is still planning on a City Council run to help him make that leap to Mayor. But a jump right to the Mayor’s office for the the 36 year old certainly seems…interesting. (If not hasty.)


Base HIT

Another interesting article on the home page of the OWH is the meeting that took place about the increasing costs of ObamaCare.

The Nebraska Healthcare Alliance’s National Healthcare and Insurance Reform summit at UNO focused on the Health Insurance Tax or HIT that will be re-implemented (it has been delayed by Congressional action) in 2017 if Congress doesn’t take new action.

HIT is a multi-billion dollar tax imposed on health insurance premiums for low and middle class workers, seniors, businesses, as well as Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. HIT hammers those who can least afford it. The $100 Billion tax will be assessed on insurance companies, who will then be forced to pass it along to consumers.

Just another hidden feature of ObamaCare that needs to be eliminated. (And you wonder how many more of those there are…)


New rules?

The GOP Convention Rules Committee meets in Cleveland today, with Nebraska delegates Joyce Simmons and J.L. Spray representing Nebraska.

The letters are still flying with the Kendal Unruh “unbinding” plan to free all delegates to “vote their conscience”. There was word a few days ago that they had 28 delegates on the Rules Committee to submit a “minority report” to the full body for a vote, but that waits to be seen.

And if you’ve listened to The Wheels Down Politics Show podcasts with both J. L. Spray and Platform Committee member Brian Buescher, you’ll know that their views on the success of such a vote are low. (You’ll have to listen to the pods for their reasoning.)

FWIW, #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson today released HIS idea for who the convention should pick after they dump Trump: President Scott Walker and Vice President Ted Cruz. The first guy and the last guy out of the Primaries.

Ya gotta have a dream, I guess.

Tweeting the Convention

Keep updated on ALL the machinations of the GOP Convention by following @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter! And I have created a Twitter List, for Nebraska delegates who will be Tweeting during the convention.

It’s still in build stage (with only has the committee members now), but the link will stay the same as more are added for next week: Nebraska GOP in Cleveland.

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  1. Tony says:

    Latest poll just out from Rassmussen shows Trump 44-37 over Clinton. Even CBS has it at 40-40. When Hillary sided with BLM terrorists and blamed the cops for being killed, it didn’t exactly help her did it? And this doesn’t even take into account the illegal alien violent criminals flooding across the border.

    • HTH says:

      So, to clarify, you do or don’t think apartheid was a good thing? Or that minorities are inherently more violent? Is that why you call BLM terrorists?

      I just want readers to know the ideas Tony supports before they think of giving you any credence.


      • Tony says:

        Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization, built on hatred of the police and non white people. That’s why they flooded social media with posts celebrating the death of the cops in Dallas, and repeatendly march calling for the death of cops. Trump was forced to cancel an event in Miami because of death threats received from Black Lives Matter members.

      • Tony says:

        “Trump was scheduled to hold a rally at the Royal Poinciana Ballroom in Miami Florida, at 2:30PM EST today. A decision to cancel the event was made late yesterday evening due to information given to the Oakland California police by a BLM advocate who was arrested for disturbing the peace during a protest yesterday evening.,

        According to a source working in the San Francisco Secret Service office, a woman who asked to be referred to as Black Mamba, was one of 25 people detained Thursday evening for disturbing the peace at the 900 block of the Mandela Pkwy in Oakland. At the time of her arrest, Mamba informed her arresting officer that she had information concerning a planned assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Miami. “

      • HTH says:

        So, just to keep the record straight, do you think ALL blacks are terrorists/criminals/violent, or just most? Between your defense of apartheid, your sweeping statements calling blacks and Hispanics criminals and violent, and now labeling all BLMers terrorists, you can see where the confusion as to how racist you are exactly has arisen.

        And if it makes you feel better, you can answer as Tony Oberley, Fudge, Been Sassy, Oh Sammy, or whoever your heart desires to be.



      • Tony says:

        Like most liberals, you make up information that I never said, then label me a racist, in order to intimidate and silence me. You think after a few decades, you would know we figured that out already. Well I’m not going anywhere. You can of course, do the courageous thing, and have me “banned” for “hate speech”. Best of luck!

      • HTH says:

        Ok, Tony Oberley, set the record straight. Do you or do you not believe South African blacks were ‘better off’ under apartheid? Do you or do you not think that blacks and Hispanics have a higher propensity for crime and violence than whites? Do you or do you not think Muslims are terrorists?

        Honestly, Tony, I expected you early on to try to disassociate yourself from your initial comments about blacks and Hispanics populating so much of our prisons because they’re more violent/criminal/whatever, because I thought you just didn’t think it through like you usually don’t. But then came the phony statistics supporting ‘whiter cities are safer,’ and suggesting apartheid was a good thing for South Africa. You’ve had every chance in the world to set the record straight on your beliefs, but you’ve dug in your heels and revealed your true nature.

        If you ever wonder why people turn out to be like Ernie Chambers, or join BLM, look in the mirror. You’re what they’re fighting against. You’re why people like Sen. Tim Scott get pulled over for DWB. It’s sickening to see.


      • Tony says:

        There are tons and tons of hard working, law abiding blacks, hispanics, and muslims supporting Donald Trump for President.

      • Fudge says:


        Your straw-man arguments and baseless assertions are weak. Go comb your beard, girlie-man.

        (I’m Fudge, not Tony)

      • Queif Pillow says:


        You remind me of a nerdy debater…sitting in the front of the class…hand raised as high as it will go…”Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I know! Pick me!”

      • Tony says:

        Please check out “Hispanics for Trump” on Facebook. It’s a great page with thousands of members!

      • Tony says:

        Another filthy terrorist murderer kills 70+ people in France. And these are the people that HTH and sparkles want to come into the country, no questions asked. Question that and you are a raaaaaacist.

      • Tony says:

        Who will HTH / Sparkles blame for the radical Islamic terror attack in France? 1. Systematic racism 2. Assault trucks. 3. Trump 4. Bush. 5. Republicans 6. The NRA. 7. All of the above.

      • HTH says:

        You’re sick, Tony. Try not to be so gleeful about an attack to validate your blindness.

        The only cause of terrorism is terrorists, end of story. Your attempt to equate immigrants or Muslims with terrorists, just like your attempt to equate blacks and Hispanics with criminals, misses the mark.


      • Wake Up says:


        Are you serious, dude? Radical Muslim Terrorism is real. The attack in France last night was real. Orlando was real. San Bernardino was real. 9/11 was real.

        Please get your head out of the sand (or outta’ your arse), and stand with those of us who love Freedom and Peace.

      • Tony says:

        Nice – 84 dead – Muslim terrorist
        Dallas – 5 Policeman dead – Black Lives Matter terrorist
        Orlando – 49 dead – Muslim terrorist
        Brussels – 35 dead – Muslim terrorists
        Instanbul – 45 dead – Muslim terrorists
        San Bernardino – 14 dead – Muslim terrorist
        Paris – 130 dead – Muslim terrorists

      • Sparkles says:

        San Bernardino shooter – American citizen, born in Chicago, IL
        Orlando shooter – American citizen, born in New Hyde Park, NY
        Dallas shooter – American citizen, born in Mesquite, TX

      • HTH says:

        If you read someone who writes ‘not all Muslims/immigrants are terrorists’ as ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism does not exist,’ I cannot help you.


  2. Ron says:

    Screw Mello. Big talk, big government, liberal. He is on the wrong side of most every issue and cannot be trusted. He is all about himself.

  3. bynd says:

    Heath Mello and Ricky Fulton, two rings of a three ring circus. Maybe Ricky should pay more attention to his Dems friends. His attempt at degrading the Repubs has backfired on him and made those he attacks even more electable. Keep up the good work Ricky, you are the best thing for the GOP in Nebraska.

  4. Sparkles says:

    So.. an uber wealthy Omahan throws a tantrum and sues the city, and the city caves.

    The city’s Mayor revises her plan, then calls to make a personal plea to the uber wealthy Omahan.
    (quoting uber wealthy Omahan from the article – “he’s happy with the new plan.” – emphasis mine)

    And Stothert’s capitulation, her appeasement, is lauded as a.. good thing?

    The whole thing sounds a lot like something you might read about Putin, and the powerful Russian oligarchy.

    Imagine if that lawsuit were filled by Joe Jimenez, who lives in the area of South 20th and W.
    Is Mayor Stothert revisiting her plan and making concessions, or she calling Joe to make a personal plea?

    Better yet – Imagine if Health Mello were the Mayor, and it was Dick Holland who filed that lawsuit, and Mello who capitulated.
    Does anybody imagine Mello would be lauded?

    • Bynd says:

      Sparkles, are you purposely ignoring the part of the article that states the mayor has been working on her plan for months? Or did you just miss it. Are you against political leaders being responsive to their constituents? Here’s a what if, what if you used real world what ifs? Even if that is an oxymoron.

    • Ricky says:

      We live on the opposite side of Pacific streets from Simon. Our roads are (were) in the same condition as on the other side on Loveland Drive. Under Mayor Daub, many streets were improved and the homeowners coughed up some money. It turned out pretty good. Our street was one of those that was paved already so we did not have to pay to have it fixed.
      By the way, under Mayor Fahey, we created a mini-park at the North end of Beverly Drive, We put a cul de sac by where Beverly Drive caught up with Farnam st. Now a new Rainbow house is built along with the neuro science center.
      I wrote the grant that created what we call “Love Park”.

  5. Khan says:

    I remember Erick Erickson being dead certain in 2012 that Don Stenberg was Nebraska’s last great hope to take the Nelson senate seat. The guy has a thing for lost causes.

  6. Sparkles says:


    A response – carrying over from the previous thread – where you refuted that Trump called for banning all from muslims entering America.
    Here’s the quote – straight from the Tufted Talking Yam’s mouth – Dec 7, 2015 –
    “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,”

    Then again, maybe it’s an honest mistake on your part. Maybe you missed what all of America seems to have heard.
    Maybe you were out, oh I don’t know, burning crosses or something that day.
    Or maybe attending a meeting of any one of the sundry groups you associate with, like ‘Stop Islamization of America’, or ‘The South Carolina for Secessionist Party’, or ‘We Support the Confederate Flag’.

    • Tony says:

      Did you not see this part of the quote? “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”

      • HTH says:

        Sparkles, your fancy “facts” and “reasoning” have no place with Tony and other Trumpsters. They’re an emotional bunch, driven only by rage, doncha think?


      • Sparkles says:


        I’m guilty of sometimes painting with too broad a brush, so I’ll stipulate that there is a contingency among the right that has for more than two decades now, demonstrated an abject disregard for even the most basic. most universally acknowledged facts and the most rudimentary tenets of reasoning.

        Being a reformed Limbaugh listener, for longer than I’d ever publicly admit, I have an opinion of what turns otherwise intelligent people away from obvious truths. It’s because they have too much invested in their alternate reality, their world of deliberate and manipulative misinformation, to allow even a single ray of light to penetrate, lest that light burn through the tenuous threads that stitch together the amalgam of right wing tropes that feed their rage. A rage to which they are addicted.
        A rage birthed and carefully nurtured courtesy of the wildly successful fear-for-profit business model of ‘Fox News’ (Roger Ailes). A business model quickly adopted the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Alex Jones and Breitbart among others, as well as the newly emerged, racist, alt-right movement.
        A business model that has made countless of these profiteers in hate, rich beyond their wildest dreams.

        All catering to an audience who in their shared rage, find comfort and comradery.
        And anything that threatens that comfort, or stands in the way of their next ‘fix’, must be summarily rejected.

      • HTH says:

        Sparkles, you and I disagree on a lot, but I think you come from a good place (unlike some here). Disclosure: I haven’t seen it (yet), but there’s a documentary you might enjoy called the “Brainwashing of my Dad.” It’s my understanding it speaks to the confirmation bias that’s bred the likes of Limbaugh, Trump, etc.


      • Tony says:

        “A petition created just a week ago on the White House’s official online petition system requesting the federal government to “formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization” already has over 125,000 signatures. This petition was created the day after the Dallas police officer massacre by black supremacist Micah Xavier Johnson.”

      • Sparkles says:


        Thanks for reference to the documentary, I’ll check it out.

        And yes, I’m familiar with confirmation bias.
        Also, Andrew Sullivan (The Dish – now, sadly defunct) used to have a fascinating, ongoing thread on epistemic closure.

        Speaking of gifted intellects and exceptional writers, Charles P. Pierce knocks one out of the park today with a post titled:
        “This Isn’t Funny Anymore. American Democracy Is at Stake.”
        One line form the post, referring to the evolution of the Trump candidacy –
        “Not until Wednesday did we hear clearly the echoes of shiny black boots on German cobblestones.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sparkles, which liberal, left-wing group pays you to sit around all day, read this blog, and make far-left comments?

      • Tony says:

        Your country? You sound like one of those criminal illegals waving a Mexican flag at a Trump rally.

      • GOP Donor says:

        Since I most likely pay more taxes in a year than is your gross annual income, I would like to know why dumb-fuc*ers like you think you have a right to mess up MY country.

        (see – two can play at this game, dipsh*t)

      • HTH says:

        Twist ending: GOP Donor is a pauper masquerading as an influential deep pocket in a desperate attempt to garner respect.

        Heard it here first, folks.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking about voting for Trump. But if Pence is his pick tomorrow, I’m going Libertarian this time around.

  9. HTH says:

    Is this post (rather, comments to) not a perfect example of the deleterious effects Trumpism is having on America? Here we are, with presumably full grown adults posting as “Quief Pillow” (sic), calling others ‘turd’ or ‘retardo,’ and attacking others based on superficial grounds (race, age, politics, money). Honestly, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    I will be praying for you all. Truly.


  10. Tony says:

    (RNN) – Reports of multiple people dead and injured after a truck crashed into a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France. CNN is reporting that their news partner says occupants of the truck exchanged gunfire with police, but no officials have established a terrorism link. Witnesses have reported a single driver who intentionally accelerated into the crowd and mowed people down.

  11. To Sweeper says:

    To Sweeper: I am not sure who should get credit for the roads. You say Stothert and I think Mello. Tell you what, I will wrestle you for it.


    Dennis Hastert

      • Off the Grid in Idaho says:

        And if your luck seems to have ‘stalled’ with the young ones – you can always ‘tap one out’ at the local airport.


        Larry ‘Wide Stance’ Craig

  12. Sparkles says:

    Newt “Pander Monkey” Gingrich regurgitates on Hannity:
    “We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.”

    Someone please make sure Newt’s signature is prominently featured – right next to The Donald’s – on that letter of surrender to ISIS.

    • Khan says:

      Nah, we need to go the way the French PM suggests. Get used to acts of terrorism as “the new normal,” and make nice to the Islamists so that they won’t kill us. Besides, according to Ricky Fulton and Ernie Effing Chambers, it’s the OPD who is out to get us, anyway.

      Hopefully the Granny Goodness Administration will do its part to implement sensible bans on guns, knives, pressure cookers, and trucks to keep this from happening again. And maybe find a way to circumvent the First Amendment and send people to the gulags for thought crime, like Der Merkel.

      Because this is our chance to really stick it to the white cis-het patriarchal western civilization. Nothing good ever came out of it, anyway.

      • Tony says:

        Liberals like Sparkles are huge fans of Sharia Law, never quite understood why. But eventually, after several more hundred people are killed in France for simply being there, a brave French leader will rise up and send troops into the Muslim only no go zones in France and crack down.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Granny Goodness.. ..find a way to circumvent the First Amendment and send people to the gulags”

        So it’s the ‘Granny Goodness Administration’ (HRC is 68, the Tufted Yam – 70) that you imagine would imperil First Amendment rights?

        One can only guess you forgot the post to which you were replying?
        In case further clarification is necessary, that 1st amendment you cite, reads a lot like this;
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

      • Sparkles says:

        “a brave French leader will rise up and send troops into the Muslim only no go zones in France and crack down.”

        Poor Tony, desperately longing to hear the crack of the hardened leather soles on the cold pavement, as Trump’s Wehrmacht goose steps down a street near you, seeking the branded ‘other’ du jour.

      • Tony says:

        Sparkles, HTH, Black Lives Matter leaders were on FOX a couple days ago and also put out several statements with the following demands. I wondered if you agree with them.
        – The police should be defunded and abolished nationwide.
        – White people owe blacks reparations for slavery.
        – Anyone who says anything hurtful about Black Lives Matter should be charged with a hate crime.
        – White people who support Black Lives Matter should not be allowed in any public meetings, marches or protests of Black Lives Matter, but should instead act as a “buffer” between them and the police.

      • Quief Mellow says:

        BLM is a racist terrorist organization — only a brainwashed fool can’t (or won’t) recognize this truth.

  13. NE Voter says:

    As to Heath Mello’s age, please recall that Gene Leahy was 37 when he was elected Mayor in 1969. Vigor, vision and a can-do attitude mean a helluva lot more than the amount of gray in a candidate’s hair.

    • Harshing Your Mello says:

      Gene had vigor and vision for sure. What does Heath have other than ambition?

      If that string of present but not voting non-votes in the Legislature is any indication of Mello’s talents, every time he’s faced with a tough decision as mayor he’ll just hope it goes away and someone else will solve the problem. There are a whole lot of better people than Jean who could be running Omaha, but Mello isn’t one of them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mello running for Mayor at 36 is no loonier than Ben Sasse at 44 thinking he has the “breadth of experience and knowledge” to be President.

  15. Public Safety is Our Number One Priority says:

    How many times is Stothert going to use that phrase? Good thing though because if it were not think of how many homicides Omaha would have more than the record number we had last year.
    Stothert has been one terrible Mayor, but the thing I like least about her is she puts being a loyal member of the GOP ahead of her job of being Mayor of Omaha.
    She how she (and Aimee Melton) obediently signed on to Icky Ricketts bring the death penalty back to Nebraska. Disgusting.
    ricky from Omaha in Old Loveland

    • Quief Mellow says:

      I think Stothert has done a great job as Mayor; however, even as a staunch Conservative I do not support the “death penalty” due to the margin of error in sentencing (anything more that zero is too much IMHO).

    • Bynd says:

      Ricky, to show how challenged to tell the truth you are, 166000 Nebraskans signed a petition to allow Nebraskans to vote on whether or not the death penalty repel should be retained. You, being the mentally challenged person you are, would rather take that right away from the people. You don’t realize, with a one house legislature, the people are the second house, that is how it is set up to be. How can one so ignorant of how things work in this state be taken as other than a clown. You really have no clue do you!

      If it were your way, we would still have a minimum wage of 7.25,

  16. Quief Mellow says:

    meant “convictions”, not “sentencing”.

    Bottom line, sometimes innocent people are found guilty and with that irrefutable truth there should be no death penalty anywhere in America.

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