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First, a little Separated at Birth for you here…


Trucker-hat topped, Western Nebraska Jane Kleeb and… City-fied, smart-busy suited Jane Kleeb.! She’ll be whatever she thinks you think that she thinks you want her to be!


Never say #Never again…

The “Free the Delegates” movement at the Republican National Convention was dealt a likely fatal blow yesterday, when the Rules Committee defeated all of the attempts to open up the convention to counter-Trump candidates.

Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh and her backers had bragged that they had at least 28 pro-Conscience-Voters on the Rules Committee to issue a “minority report” for the entire convention to vote on. Instead they only mustered 12 votes out of 112, and seem to be at the end of their rope.

Even National Review, which has been solidly anti-Trump, and has #NeverTrump leader Senator Ben Sasse as their go-to guy, tweeted this morning:

Sort of a strong statement, especially considering that their gang of Jonah Goldberg, Kevin Williamson and others are still probably in that camp, to say nothing of Sasse.

But it is difficult at this time to see what that group does.

It always seemed that #NeverTrump was born out of a desire to see Trump lose the primary, and a hard stance seemed like the only way to really make the point. Once the primaries ended, it seemed like a futile, and nearly pro-Hillary cause, except that some still held out hope for things to change in Cleveland.

But now that it seems Trump will be the official nominee in a week. Where does #NeverTrump go?


Shoe Shine Regulators Nemesis

Speaking of Senator Sasse, he stepped up to the plate with Senator Mike Lee of Utah and pushed a bill to get rid of regulations on shoe-shiners in Washington, D.C.


Come up Pence!

Senator Deb Fischer had her weekly call with the Nebraska media yesterday, and she noted a few things:

1) She disagrees with President Obama on his recent call to push national standards for local police. She reiterated her position that local communities have a better handle on these types of issues than the feds — that New York is different than Omaha, is different than Grand Island, is different than Valentine.

2) As reported by the Nebraska Radio Network, she supports Donald Trump’s pick of Mike Pence for VP. She noted (to a very intelligent, and handsome questioner) that while she had never personally met Pence, “He is looked upon as a very solid man. He has a reputation of being a good governor for his state. I think he would be a very good addition to our ticket.”


Bringing the Bacon

Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon released his fund-raising numbers for the last quarter, and the news is a dramatic uptick.

Bacon has raised over $300,000 since April — great numbers for a Congressional campaign in the 2nd District. (Much less than $200K would have been a poor showing. Anywhere from $2-300K would be good. Over $300K? Excellent.)

As noted in their presser:

As a point of reference, Bacon’s fundraising during this quarter has surpassed the campaign of Brad Ashford this time two years ago. In 2014, Ashford raised $229,421.75 during the second quarter with $195,829.92 being raised following the 2014 pre-primary report.

This race is still Democrat Brad Ashford’s to lose. But all indications are that it is still neck-and-neck. We should expect this race to be hard fought until the end.


Rock and Roll!

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  1. bynd says:

    Even as the Apostle Paul pointed out he had to be all things to all people.

    As a former Air Traffic Controller, every time the FAA got it’s knicker in a bunch, they sent out a rule nation wide to all airports to fix the “problem”. As if Grand Island was anything like O’Hara. And there in lies the fallacy/failing of the Federal Government. One solution can not solve any problem nation wide. Never has, never will. But you will never convince DC of that. They, after all, are the brightest of the brightness. Kind of like Ginsburg. Nothing like an old curmudgeon to speak their mind.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’ve spent weeks worth of hours, seemingly interminable layovers, at the O’Hara airport.

      Often on my way to Seattla, or Charlotta, or San Josa and on occasion Nashvilla.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, Are you suggesting local government won are many wars, built the Interstate, developed the space program and the computer, caused the building of the continual railroad. What about REA. I could go one. Did you want each tater perhaps each city to have its own air traffic control. In any event your data base isa little small, and Justice Ginsberg is not from DC. She taught at Rutgers and Columbia, clerked on the2nd Cir and later served on that Court. In the grumpy oldster department, you and I have her beat.

      • bynd says:

        RL: I have for a long time told others I am a curmudgeon. No one really knows what it means. Richard Dreyfuss played one very well in one of his TV shows. To bad it didn’t last.

        So let’s see. Your examples are good. And government can complete big projects. But, not all wars are fought the same. Not all wars are fought the same way even when in the same theater at the same time. There are differences between the Interstate in the mountains and those on the plains of Nebraska. REA I can’t answer too. I am not that old.

        Do you want O’hare to control planes like Grand Island?

        DC was not a reference to where Ginsburg came from. It was a reference to those who are in charge, or think they are, because they are smarter than anyone else. Especially smarter than those outside the beltway.

        And yes I have spent some time inside as one of the smarter ones.

        Hope all of this eases your mind:)

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, No one would disagree with your more reasonable remarks, Catholics call it the principle of subsidiarity, solve problem at right level, which is a matter of prudence. I actually worked within the Beltway years ago. The Justice is incredibly able.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Trump over-polled in the primary by an average of 8 pts. He likely over-polls by twice that against Hillary. (I can explain why but its technical and not funny so we shall save that for later.)

    However, Trump also over-polled among Ben Sasse’ NeverTrumpers and that is funny. Sasse supposedly had 28 supporters at his back and he didn’t get half that.

    So where indeed does #NeverTrump go now? Maybe a career change. There are some shoe shine jobs that are being deregulated. Then again, if you cannot tell schiess from shinola, doing spit shines is a bad idea.

  3. Anonymous says:

    MY GOD! Jane Kleeb changed her clothes! Oh the humanity! Thanks for keeping us informed Sweeper. We wouldn’t know what to do without such important news. We can only find it here! Keep up the good work.

  4. Ricky says:

    The only question this fall is how far down with Trump drag the GOP. Probably will lose BOTH the House and the Senate in his failed campaign for President.
    Never fear right wingers; usually when that happens in the mid term elections Congress will swing the other way.
    But it’s going to be fun seeing the GOP in the gutter.

    • bynd says:


      So they will be joining you in your world, the gutter. How appropriate, you and the GOP in bed and gutter buddies.

      You’re like the little grade school boy who keeps pulling the pigtails and taunting the girl on the playground who he wants so badly to like him.

    • Quief Mellow says:

      Trump wins by 60+ electoral votes, and the GOP retains BOTH the House and the Senate (and actually adds to their majority).

      You can take that to the bank.

      • Sparkles says:

        To the bank of a river.
        Where it can commiserate for the coming generation, alongside the tattered remnants of of a once proud party which has now taken up residence in a communal van.

    • Tony says:

      Ricky, you should check current events before posting. Trump is leading nationally in the latest polls, and also leads in the swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    • NE Dem says:

      It’s hard telling what Bob is doing. Bud is still trying to figure out what lies he could have told about Ron Kaminski that would have made Bud an acceptable choice for National Committeeman. He will never understand that people who really know Bud can’t stand him.

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    Oh how fools rush to judgement.

    Trump/Pence ticket is virtually a McCain/Palin ticket. It is just a poor attempt to paint over the divisions in the GOP and it won’t work.

    • Seth says:

      Found this on a DC political blog:

      “Ashford (a Democrat) was elected in 2014 due to a Republican electorate in Omaha that was generally fed-up with the GOP incumbent (Lee Terry). It is well known in Eastern Nebraska political circles that Ashford would serve as little more than a two-year placeholder until the GOP could rally around a solid “Constitutional-Conservative” to take back this seat in 2016.

      Fast-forward to today: Don Bacon, a respected military leader and the GOP candidate running against Ashford, has campaign contributions absolutely pouring in (far ahead of goals) and has wrapped up key political endorsements statewide. Bottom line, the deck is seriously stacked against Ashford in this election.

      Also, Ashford hosted both Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn for a dinner meeting at an Omaha restaurant this weekend (Details were reported on local news in Omaha). This highlights how the Democrats recognize just how much trouble the Ashford campaign is in to have their top two Congressional Rep’s fly to Omaha on a Friday in mid-July. Ashford’s campaign is falling apart.

      Prediction: Bacon wins by at least 10-15 points in November.”

      Wow – I guess that about sums it up. LOL!

      • Reformed Libtard says:

        Wow, indeed. Probably the first time either Pelosi or Clyburn had ever been to Omaha. This impromtu meeting reeks of desperation from either the Ashford campaign or the DNC itself as it fears the GOP taking back the 2CD seat.

      • The Truth is True says:

        Anyone who votes for Brad Ashford most likely supports the “Black Lives Matter” terrorist group.

        The Democrat Party has gone rogue and no politician running under their banner can be trusted at this point.

      • Public Safety is Our Number One Priority says:

        Brad will win by about 5 per cent . Only those in Sarpy will vote for Bacon. He is now well known in Omaha. And has never ran or been elected to anything.

      • HTH says:

        Tony freakin’ Oberley, everyone.

        The man who keeps changing his name to support his ludicrous, facially racist viewpoints.

        The man who, in 2016, refers to blacks as “violent negroes.”

        Abhorrent. Disgusting. Foul. You are all these things, Mr. Oberley, and I pity you.


      • Seth says:

        HTH – I read Tony’s last post as a direct reference to the Black Lives Matters members, not the entire ethnic group. You seem very quick to label those who disagree with you on matters of race as “racist” – this is not an positive attribute for you to possess, my friend.

      • HTH says:


        I believe you’re right that the comments were directed to BLM.

        I think you’re wrong to think that somehow alleviates the ignorant nature of Tony’s statement.

        I very, very rarely attack others as racist. Tony just has an ineptitude (one among many, I presume) to cease from making blanket, offensive stereotypes based on ethnicity.


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