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Nebraskans have taken over Cleveland!

Well…along with the rest of the GOP around the country.

And you’re going to hear lots and lots about what’s happening — and not happening. But your best source is always Leavenworth St.

But I awoke to one of my favorite writers already kvetching about the proceedings in Ohio.

I disagree with Jonah Goldberg that the Convention is supposed to be some lineup of every House and Senate member trotting out a prepared speech to the teleprompters — or that the party’s not unified enough.

That is not the modern show, and that’s not what the viewers are looking for.

The angry right keeps chuckling at themselves that Melania Trump and the Duck Dynasty guy are speaking. (Let’s see, candidate’s wife and very popular conservative TV guy. Oh the horror!)

But then here are some other featured speakers tonight:

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)
U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.)
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

And those are just the top political names. There are a half dozen others who are speaking on a certain theme.

Note they are survivors — and loved ones of those who didn’t survive — from Benghazi and Afghanistan. My guess is they will be a solid speaking group tonight — and through the rest of the week.

So no, this is not going to be a convention about Ben Sasse and Trey Gowdy. And the Bushes and Romneys won’t be there.

But Cruz, Carson, Rubio, Christie, Ryan, McConnell, Gingrich and Pence will be.

I have a feeling that Republicans will get enough of the stalwarts to satisfy them.



The red pantsuit was a dead giveaway…

Hey look who snuck into and out of Omaha on Friday evening!

Democrat House of Representatives Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi! The country’s top liberal!

She swept into Eppley Airfield, unannounced, motorcaded over to midtown and got out of her fleet of black SUVs at the Grey Plume.

And who was there to meet her?

Democrat Brad Ashford.

Now Pelosi and Ashford both say they weren’t raising money.

(And Democrats in town are saying, “They sure as hell have BETTER been raising money!“)

She just jetted directly into town to try the Grey Plume’s $27 Chicken Roulade (with pear, turnip, shallot, feta and english pea). Or possibly the $37 Alaskan Day Boat Halibut (with breakfast radish, ramp, orange, farro tabbouleh and fava bean).

Because she certainly didn’t bring her Secret Service detail into the Big O to meet with the Democrat Union Bosses and their members at a union hall. And she didn’t venture into South O to try the Carne Asada at La Choza and rub elbows with some of her constituency.

Maybe she was just in town to thank Brad Ashford for repeatedly voting for her for Speaker of the House, and for voting WITH her 78% of the time.

You know, just an atta-boy and a pat on the head.

Because it sure as heck wasn’t a visit for everyday voters in the 2nd District.
Who Ashford claims to represent.


No Mistake

Leavenworth St. will (likely) be posting at various irregular times this week with shorter posts coming out of the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

For instance, you may see posts about Sarpy County Election Commissioner Wayne Bena being interviewed by Stephen Colbert…


Or the Fischers of Valentine, Nebraska taking in the events (notably, Senator Deb and her nephew Sam)…


Or just the regular goings-on of the delegates rummaging through their boxes of swag.


And, Leavenworth St. will do its best to keep you — and the delegates — abreast of all that is happening in the Home of Rock and Roll!

To follow them yourself, click on @LeavenworthSt’s list of Nebraska GOP in Cleveland, to see Tweets they put out themselves.

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  1. Ashford Loses to Bacon in November? says:

    Found this on a DC political blog:

    “Ashford (a Democrat) was elected in 2014 due to a Republican electorate in Omaha that was generally fed-up with the GOP incumbent (Lee Terry). It is well known in Eastern Nebraska political circles that Ashford would serve as little more than a two-year placeholder until the GOP could rally around a solid “Constitutional-Conservative” to take back this seat in 2016.

    Fast-forward to today: Don Bacon, a respected military leader and the GOP candidate running against Ashford, has campaign contributions absolutely pouring in (far ahead of goals) and has wrapped up key political endorsements statewide. Bottom line, the deck is seriously stacked against Ashford in this election.

    Also, Ashford hosted both Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn for a dinner meeting at an Omaha restaurant this weekend (Details were reported on local news in Omaha). This highlights how the Democrats recognize just how much trouble the Ashford campaign is in to have their top two Congressional Rep’s fly to Omaha on a Friday in mid-July. Ashford’s campaign is falling apart.

    Prediction: Bacon wins by at least 10-15 points in November.”

    Wow – I guess that about sums it up. LOL!

  2. Randall says:

    I think I missed something… Why is it some slight that Nancy Pelosi didn’t meet with Ashford’s constituents? Isn’t that more his job?

    • DC Insider says:

      The topic of the meeting was rumored to be about Ashford’s perceived weakness this election and how that is likely to negatively affect Clinton’s chances at winning Omaha’s one electoral vote. For you see, the latest math has Omaha’s one electoral vote literally being the deciding vote for who becomes our nation’s next president.

      Watch for unprecedented ad-money to be spent in Omaha between now and November, along with multiple visits by both presidential candidates. Should be entertaining.

      • Randall says:

        I’m not arguing with any of that. I just don’t see why Street Sweeper acts like Nancy Pelosi and Brad Ashford eating at the Grey Plume rather than in South Omaha makes the visit somehow sinister and Brad Ashford somehow disloyal to his constituents.

      • The Truth is True says:

        For me it show the ongoing hypocrisy of the “left” – Ashford and Pelosi (along with most Democratic leaders) say they support Blacks and Latinos while supporting legislation that does nothing but hurt those same people. So sad to watch.

        Donald Trump or Mayor Stothert would be more likely to eat in a South Omaha restaurant that would either Ashford or Pelosi.

        Democratic politicians despise people of color – except when they need their votes.

      • GOP Donor says:

        I heard the same “rumor” at a Saturday night dinner party. Ashford’s weakness this election and the DNC’s concerns with his weakness are not well-kept secrets.

        Also heard he’s having trouble getting local donations this time around, hence the speculation that most of his campaign is going to be funded with Big Money from outside Nebraska.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        DC Insider, Predict is easily gamed in any race without much interest, what money has been invested in 2nd NE C D.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay , I am beginning to understand why Joe Alioto said “it just seems like it.” Maybe you should have recommended Johny’s a favorite of Jack Kennedy’s.

      • GOP Donor says:

        Sinatra playing in the background, pics of Marilyn Monroe in the men’s room – what’s not to love? Unfortunately, their food has gone downhill the past few years – quality is very inconsistent.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Here’s an update from Cleveland:

    The Cleveland police union is calling for the suspension of Ohio’s open carry law.
    The President of the police union is quoted:
    “I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point.”

    Imagine that.
    The force tasked with insuring the safety of our communities is crying out that a weaponized citizenry roaming our streets, attending our schools, churches and political gatherings – is an asinine idea and a sure fire recipe for danger.

    Also making news – the man who wrote every word of Donald Trump’s best selling book ‘The Art of the Deal’, went on national television today to warn that the prospect of a Trump presidency is “terrifying”.
    The author, Tony Schwartz, who’s had a notable career providing guidance and council to many of our nation’s largest businesses and most prominent business leaders, went on to say:
    “This is a man who has more sociopathic tendencies than any candidate in my adult life that I’ve observed.”


    My two-year-old grandson has a longer attention span than Donald Trump.”

    • Anonymous says:

      “I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point.”

      Exactly how we ought to decide laws. Let some union boss decide what is best for the people.

  4. Fudge says:


    No, it’s not “the force tasked with insuring safety of our communities” that is “crying out” against the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution; it is one person who happens to be President of one city’s police union.

    And Tony Schwartz is a well-known Democratic supporter (Google is your friend).

    Try again, dipsh*t.

    • Sparkles says:

      Every>/b> police union in the nation and the overwhelming majority of our nation’s Police Chiefs have publicly gone on the record in opposition to open carry laws.

      Damn, those pesky facts.

  5. repenting lawyer says:

    Fudge The only 2nd Amendment being cried out against is the imaginary one that requires open carry. Open carry is a matter of legislative policy for which the Founding Generation should not be blamed.

  6. Public Safety is Our Number One Priority says:

    Pretty good coup getting Ms Pelosi and Clyborn to come to omaha. Bacon could only dream of having enough clout to get Paul Ryan or somebody to visit. Brad is going to steam roll Can Bacon.
    I have a feeling the only thing Bacon will say is ISIS ISIS ISIS. And by the way ISIS has never harmed anybody in Nebraska. But Bacon will imagine them with tanks on the Iowa border.
    And the Grey Plume is a great place run by a Westside grad and a friend of ours.
    The great Dems probably had the best food you could get in Omaha.

    • GOP Donor says:

      Grey Plume is decent, but not in the top 5 in Omaha – definitely overrated.

      Ashford’s campaign is looking very shaky at present. Why else would Pelosi and Clyburn make the trip? They’re probably afraid of Ashford’s weakness being a drag on Clinton’s numbers for Omaha’s electoral vote.

      • GOP Donor says:

        Since he’s severely under-performing in attracting in-state political donations, Ashford’s only hope at being competitive is to bring loads of out-of-state money to fund his campaign. Once this fact becomes common-knowledge locally, Ashford’s campaign will effectively be over.

        Hey, at least he got a decent salary for two years. LOL!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is the Cleveland thing over yet? The sooner it’s done, the sooner we can get the Philly thing over with too. Then only 3 1/2 months to Nov. 5 and relief that we can get on with something remotely approximating normality. Though that is unlikely, given our paucity of real choices. Who will it be, the Queen of Knives or Il Duce? Either will get along with Erdoğan, oh yay.

  8. The Mistake by the Lake says:

    Street Sweeper is right; this is an impressive speaker list. I’ve heard of, ooh, a good third of the speakers. It even contains Scott Baio! (If you’re under 35, you’ll have to google him, but then you won’t be voting for him anyway). Plus a lady golfer and the president of UFC! Clearly, the celebs and pols are really turning out for this one!

  9. The Mistake by the Lake says:

    By the way, the ever-classy Mr. Baio just retweeted a picture of Hillary in front of a word that can’t be used here (but it rhymes with ‘punt’). Remember when RNCs weren’t crassly vulgar?

    • Sparkles says:

      For the frothy base, Donald Trump has made crassly vulgar, newly chic.
      They tell themselves their ebullient exercise in vulgarity and embrace of white nationalism is merely casting off the bonds of political correctness.

      They fool only themselves.

      The world is watching, as is a generation of American youth who share none of their ‘values.’
      History will indeed judge them most harshly.

    • Fudge says:

      The Ashford campaign is a steaming pile of dog-squeeze, and everyone in Omaha knows it.

      Bacon: 62%
      Ashford: 38%

  10. Ricky says:

    What are the numbers again as far as cash on hand between Brad and Bacon?
    Doesn’t Ashford have about 4 times the amount Bacon does?
    And Brad is the incumbent and Trump will be a terrible drag at the top of the ticket.
    Ashford will win easily; Bacon never won a campaign before. Nobody knows who he is.
    ricky from omaha

    • Master and Commander says:

      Since the one electoral vote in 2CD is up for grabs and evidently could be impactful on the overall election, Trump voters are expected to pull Bacon to victory.

    • Bynd says:

      But they know who Ashford is and that Ricky supports him. The last being the kiss of death for Ashford, and the only fact that needs to be known to help Bacon win. Go Ricky, the best thing that the GOP has going.

  11. A Million Reasons Ashford will win says:

    Everyone see the World Herald article today, Ashford has a million dollars more in the bank than Bacon right now, Bacon is a dud fundraising.

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