Day 1 at the #RNCinCLE!

To start your Cleveland-centered morning, here are a couple of Separated at Births for you!

First, Nebraska National GOP Committeeman, J.L. Spray… and Morning Joe Scarborough!


And second, Douglas County Republican Party Chair, Jon Tucker…and Wally from Dilbert!



Rod pod

To start you off, here is a very quick edition of The Wheels Down Politics Show podcast from yesterday with Nebraska alternate delegate and political consultant Rod Edwards!

This was recorded between Day 1’s morning and evening session, and it focuses on the controversy (remember that?) about the lack of a roll call vote on the convention rules. Looking back on it now, I’m starting to feel it was a smart move.

In any case, it’s a quick 10 minute interview with Rod to give you an immediate taste of the convention floor itself.


Tweeting LIVE

If you want to follow the convention in real time, you can not only follow MY tweets, but the tweets of almost all of the Nebraska convention delegates via my Twitter List of “Nebraskans at the GOP Convention“. It just puts all of their tweets in one spot, so you don’t have to try to follow an additional 40 people on your regular timeline.

I use it myself. Very handy.


Views from the floor

Senator Deb Fischer on the floor

Some other highlights from last night:

I heard from many of the delegates, and on the Twitter, national pollster Frank Luntz noted that during the “minor” speeches from early last night, delegates were seated, listening to ALL of the speeches.

These were mainly those from Gold Star Mothers (who lost children in combat) and Marines relaying their experiences in Benghazi. But they were followed by others such as Sheriff David Clarke and Senator Tom Cotton.

Senator Deb Fischer also joined the delegation on the floor — though not a delegate herself.

And then there was the over-the-top entrance by the candidate himself, and the fantastic speech delivered by Melania.

Which got rave reviews by everyone, even the most cynical commentators…and then the news broke after the speech.



Picture this…

Here’s the thing about “plagiarism”: It’s only really bad when you’re trying to take a shortcut and not get caught. Say you’re a student, and you’re trying to write an idea about why the Treaty of Ghent was a bad idea. You read an original idea about it in a book, even copy a passage from the author, then claim to your teacher that it was your own: bad.

Joe Biden has pretty much gotten a pass on all of the plagiarism that he did on Nile Kinnock’s speeches, because many people figure he didn’t mean to try to trick anyone. He had cited Kinnock in the past, but then when giving speeches in Iowa during the Presidential campaign, omitted Kinnock’s name. But then, “Biden’s use came under more scrutiny because he fabricated aspects of his own family’s background in order to match Kinnock’s.

Courtesy of Wayne Bena

I have a feeling we are never going to get a straight answer out of the Trump campaign about how Melania’s speech is so strikingly similar to one given by Michelle Obama. But here’s what I imagine happened (or something like it):

Melania wanted, and needed, to write some of her own speech, seeing as it’s her life story. But she has never done anything like this before. So someone said, “Here’s an example of a good speech, I’ve put it through the Google translator into Slovenian so it’s easier for you to read. You put some ideas together, and then someone will help you craft your speech.

And then Melania looked at what was Michelle’s speech, and thought something like, “I like this idea right here. Sounds exactly like something my father would say.” And then she cut and pasted it into her rough draft, along with other ideas. She didn’t think much of it, as the nerd with the bad haircut and no fashion sense TOLD her it was from a “good speech”.

So then speechwriter guy — probably different from the original guy — gets Melania’s notes. He puts them back through Google translator, bucks up the speech trying to use as many of Melania’s ideas as possible, and returns the whole thing to Paul Manafort, who has final say on everything. Speech looks good, and off to put in the teleprompter.

Now this is, at least, political negligence. But it ain’t malicious. In the Biden situation above, he may have at least figured that no one was going to know about a speech from a British politician. But here, it would be (and was) obvious! You could never hide it.

So, even if the above explanation is completely off, there is no way there was any malicious intent.

Just disappointment …that it is now a giant distraction (Manafort is claiming that it wasn’t copied from Michelle’s speech…) from what was otherwise a very well written and delivered speech.


Courtesy of Jon Tucker
Courtesy of Jon Tucker


Well anyway. Considering that the early session on Monday now feels like it was a a year ago, by Thursday, Day 1 will likely feel like 10 years ago.

That being said, there better be some major efforts to end the thing by 10pm CT each night. It was awful that the speakers in the end, like Joni Ernst, were talking to an empty room.

You can’t exactly blame organizers for putting in a speaker after Melania, since who knew she would kill? But three or four (I lost count) more? And it should have been clear to give retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn the hook after five minutes, tops. Did anyone think he’d be a riveting convention speaker?


The ONLY way!

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    • Anon says:

      A non vote for Melania is a vote for Bill. (disclaimer: this is a satirical comment to those of you who do not know how to have fun around here)

  1. Headed over to and discovered that BIG MONEY Brad Ashford has raised only $143,700 from individual donors this election cycle (the remaining $533,000 is all from BIG MONEY PAC’s – mostly out-of-state). Typical “Big Government” Democrat.

    Name Organization PAC
    Brad Ashford (D) New Democrat Coalition 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Tenaska Energy 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) Blue Cross/Blue Shield 9000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Education Assn 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Honeywell International 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Border Health 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Crystal Sugar 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Badger PAC 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) PAC to the Future 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Union Pacific Corp 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Laborers Union 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Credit Union National Assn 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Democrats Win Seats PAC 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) NelNet Inc 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) Blue Dog PAC 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) New York Life Insurance 10000
    Brad Ashford (D) End Citizens United 9500
    Brad Ashford (D) Jobs & Innovation Matter PAC 9000
    Brad Ashford (D) Kutak Rock LLP 2500
    Brad Ashford (D) Jobs, Opportunities & Education PAC 8500
    Brad Ashford (D) Mutual of Omaha 6500
    Brad Ashford (D) Cox Enterprises 7500
    Brad Ashford (D) International Franchise Assn 7500
    Brad Ashford (D) Exxon Mobil 7500
    Brad Ashford (D) National Beer Wholesalers Assn 7500
    Brad Ashford (D) BRIDGE PAC 7500
    Brad Ashford (D) GOALPAC 7000
    Brad Ashford (D) Leadership of Today & Tomorrow 7000
    Brad Ashford (D) ConAgra Foods 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) Investment Co Institute 6500
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Insurance & Financial Advisors 6500
    Brad Ashford (D) Shore PAC 6500
    Brad Ashford (D) Hoyer for Congress 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) Turquoise PAC 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) Wal-Mart Stores 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Assn for Justice 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) Nancy Pelosi for Congress 6000
    Brad Ashford (D) International Paper 5500
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Convenience Stores 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Home Builders 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) AG Processing 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Gene PAC 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Deere & Co 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Human Rights Campaign 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) To Protect Our Heritage Pac 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Husch Blackwell LLP 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Cable & Telecommunications Assn 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) UnitedHealth Group 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Broadcasters 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Corn Growers Assn 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) UBS AG 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Planned Parenthood 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) International Assn of Fire Fighters 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) AFLAC Inc 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Operating Engineers Union 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) AT&T Inc 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Comcast Corp 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Academy of Family Physicians 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Farm Credit Council 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 5000
    Brad Ashford (D) Berkshire Hathaway 2000
    Brad Ashford (D) Independent Community Bankers of America 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) Western Sugar Cooperative 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Medical Assn 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) Northrop Grumman 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) Adam Smith for Congress 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Health Care Assn 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) American Hospital Assn 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) General Electric 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Health Underwriters 4000
    Brad Ashford (D) Werner Enterprises 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) Ernst & Young 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) Chevron Corp 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) Committee for a Livable Future 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) American Physical Therapy Assn 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) National Air Traffic Controllers Assn 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) National Community Pharmacists Assn 3500
    Brad Ashford (D) American Defense & Military PAC 3001
    Brad Ashford (D) Michigan’s Future PAC 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) Boeing Co 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) FedEx Corp 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) Mike Thompson for Congress 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) KidsPAC 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) Three Rivers PAC 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) National Assn of Realtors 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) Coca-Cola Co 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) Dutch PAC 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) New York Jobs PAC 3000
    Brad Ashford (D) People for Derek Kilmer 3000

    • Nick says:

      Uncle Warren must not like Brad much; looks like Berkshire PAC only gave him $2,000 (ha ha!)

      Interesting stuff…

      • The Grundle King says:

        Hey, Warren is the consummate investor…he knows a bad investment when he sees it.

    • Sid2001 says:

      I see “Nancy Pelosi for Congress” gave a nice chunk of cash. I guess that was one expensive dinner Friday night!

    • Tony says:

      Planned Parenthood is on the list? Someone ask Ashford how he feels about killing babies and then selling their body parts for cash.

      • #NeverAshford says:

        In September of 2015 Brash Ashford voted AGAINST the following three bills while REPRESENTING the 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska in the U.S. House of Representatives:

        1. Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 (HR 3134)
        2. Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (HR 3504)
        3. Women’s Public Health and Safety Act (HR 3495)

        This is the real Brad Ashford– A partisan hack who refuses to recognize and protect the sanctity of life of the unborn; BUT while serving in Nebraska’s Unicameral he and Ernie Chambers supported and promoted the “Good Time” laws which lets violent criminals out of prison early (Anyone remember Nikko Jenkins?).


      • bynd says:

        Bacon has raised $658,000 so far. Add it up Ricky, Ashford $676,700. Obviously you are a public school graduate with your lack of math skills. Not to mention, a sad sack hack. Simple math, and Ricky can’t handle it. There is little that he can handle. That is why he was a mail person.

  2. Mistake by the Lake says:

    Balderdash, Sweeper. Biden’s Neil Kinnock (sp!) plagiarism, and his earlier plagiarism in law school, caused him to drop out of the 1988 presidential race. So it’s nonsense to say he ‘pretty much got a pass’.

    When a campaign says it is going to be a complete change from the Obama administration, it doesn’t help when your proposed First Lady cut and paste from Michelle Obama’s speeches.

    And the lying and denialism from the Trump campaign…well, it’s like all his previous lying and denialism.

      • Khan says:

        If someone doesn’t suffer the consequences for all eternity, they got a pass?

        No, I wouldn’t say that. Now, if someone spent three and a half decades in the world’s most exclusive country club followed by 8 years only a heartbeat away from the most powerful elected office in the world… well, yeah, I’d call that a pass.

      • Mistake by the Lake says:

        Biden had to drop out of the presidential race; Melania gets a day of ridicule. Yeah, those are comparable.

      • Khan says:

        So? That’s really not a big deal. Most people who run for president end up withdrawing. Biden was one of 13 also-rans in that primary. His senate career didn’t even register a blip.

    • How Can You Support Hillary? says:

      Why don’t you ask these ladies who they’d rather see in the White House:

      Juanita Broaddrick
      Kathleen Willey
      Paula Jones
      Eileen Wellstone
      Sandra Allen James
      Christy Zercher
      Carolyn Moffet
      Helen Dowdy
      Becky Brown
      Regina Blakely Hopper
      Monica Lewinsky
      Elizabeth Ward Gracen
      Connie Hamzy
      Gennifer Flowers
      Dolly Kyle Browning
      Sally Miller (Perdue)
      Lencola Sullivan

  3. Lil Mac says:

    So Melania’s speech was like Michelle’s speech. And that’s bad?

    Attorney Michelle hired Barack, she was his boss and later his wife. She helped Obama beat the crap out of Hillary and then beat the two GOP losers whom the Bush family favored. So now Trump does the same, aiming to beat the crap out of Hillary, whom the Bush family apparently favors, with a good speech by Donald’s wife. — And the Democrat response has been, here in this blog, to revoke the citizenship of the legally immigrated Melania. Scratch a Democrat an you find a bloody bigot.

    The nice thing about irrationals (Americans who apologize for success, find victimization heroic, and generally Blame America First) is that when they feel they are drowning, they cling to anchors.

  4. repenting lawyer says:

    Trump tried remake Triumph of the Will but only parodied Spring Time for Hitler.Biden did not get a pass, he was caught and embarrassed, small scale plagiarism is not a crime, thank God or we would have to have closed the law schools. What MrsTrump did is funny, but she will always have the GQ cover to look back on, unless it is denounced by the Republican Platform, or is soft core exempt.

    • Sparkles says:

      That’s a perfect analogy RL.!

      But it’s certain you just gave away the closing ceremony, the grand finale to this year’s Republican National Convention.

      It’s quite clear that Trump is running on Nixon’s 1968 strategy of playing to primal American fears, (Make America Safe Again), so how better to close out a week of fear mongering, then to wow the tea addled attendees with a rousing rendition of The Producers (1968, Mel Brooks) “Springtime for Hitler”

      Germany was having trouble
      What a sad, sad story
      Needed a new leader to restore
      Its former glory
      Where, oh, where was he?
      Where could that man be?
      We looked around and then we found
      The man for you and me
      And now it’s…
      Springtime for Hitler and Germany
      Deutschland is happy and gay!
      We’re marching to a faster pace
      Look out, here comes the master race!

      • Tony says:

        Sparkels, just so you know, 8 policemen were gunned down by Nation of Islam terrorists in the past 10 days. That does scare people. Thanks.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony, no evidence of IS connection, both used assault weapons that were once banned and should be again.

      • Tony says:

        I didn’t say ISIS, I said the U.S. based terrorist group Nation of Islam, lead by Farakhan. And as far as assault weapon ban goes, that ban did a lot of good recently in France.

      • Khan says:

        Oh, yes, as President Obama is so fond of saying lately, it is so difficult to ascertain the motives of these killers here and abroad, lately. *snort*

      • Khan says:

        We need to common sensibly expand the definition of “assault weapons” to include trucks, pressure cookers, detergents, knives, and axes.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Tony,Nation of Islam is a terrorist group given how long it has been around, it is remarkably unsuccessful, when I worked for the Bureau of Prisons 50 years ago they were already around demanding appropriate diet. Compared to White Supremacists groups they seem almost tame. I am sorry I misread your remark, though I think the misreading made more sense.

      • Sparkles says:

        “Nation of Islam terrorists”

        Dallas killer – 25 year old U.S. citizen, military veteran Micah Johnson, born in Mesquite, TX. Member of the United States Army, serving in Afghanistan at the age of 22. No ties to terror groups and no known criminal history.

        Baron Rouge killer – 29 year old U.S. citizen, military veteran Gavin Long, born in Kansas City, MO. Former Marine Sergeant, medal recipient, honorably discharged Iraq War veteran.

        Republicans for years have block funding for long needed mental health initiatives –
        Sept 20, 2013 –
        “The Great GOP Mental-Health Hypocrisy”

        Jan 5, 2016 –
        “Obama dares GOP for mental health reforms”

        Jan 6, 2016
        “Obama Challenges the GOP to Keep Its Word on Mental Health Care Funding”

        And only only days ago, Republicans were finally shamed into support:-
        July 6, 2016 –
        “House passes mental health bill”

        Of course, funding for mental health too late for military veterans Micah Johnson and Gavin Long.
        Too late to save the immense grief of those eight families.

      • Tony says:

        You must have missed their You Tube videos where they themselves said they were part of the Nation of Islam terrorist group. But let’s take the opportunity to bash Republicans for not funding a government program where 5% of the funds actually go to help anyone. Idiot. “Save us! Save us! We’re all gonna die if there aren’t government programs to take care of us!”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The reason Trump under polled in the primary is that from Priebus to Pope, he was condemned and voters had hard real reason, to not divulge to pollsters their support. They risked careers. But not their lives.

    Now Trump under polls by perhaps 15 points in this general election because Democrats draw real blood.

    Obama encourages all manner of bloodletting by the left.

    Democrats are killing people.

    Its not Republican throwing rocks and drawing blood. And what are the chances of all these Muslim American killers and Black American killers, Police killers, are registered Republicans? You know that all these murderous bloodletting assholes are ALL DEMOCRATS. All of them voted for Obama.

  6. NE Voter says:

    The real pity here is that the plagiarism scandal has completely overshadowed Scott Baio’s address to the nation.

    • Sparkles says:

      That, and yet even more hate mongering invested in Benghazi-Benghazi!!, accompanied by an attempt to resurrect Fast & Furious. (“Eric Holder Cleared in Fast and Furious” – Sept 20, 2012)

      Nov. 22, 2014 – “Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations”
      The final report, from Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Michigan concludes there was no intelligence failure prior to the attack and no stand-down order.
      Eight separate committees have now investigated Benghazi-Benghazi!!.
      Benghazi-Benghazi!! has been the longest and most thorough investigation EVER conducted of ANY event in the HISTORY of our nation.

      Every investigative committee coming the same conclusion – there was NO stand down order.

      Yet the hate-for-profit GOP, including last night’s RNC, continues to trot a select few – now, remarkably well paid people – to tell frothing audiences of the nefarious ‘stand down order’ that surely was issued by no other than evil Hillary Rodham Clinton herself!

      Robert Gates – Republican stalwart and former US Defence Secretary, discussing Benghazi in 2013, telling a national audience, via Face The Nation:
      “some critics of the administration have a “cartoonish impression of military capabilities and military forces.”
      “Frankly, had I been in the job at the time, I think my decisions would have been just as theirs were,” said Gates

      Robert Gates in 2016 speaking of the GOP line up of POTUS contenders:
      “The level of dialogue on national security issues would embarrass a middle schooler,.. God forbid they actually believe some of the things that they’re saying.”

      But of course none of this matters. The Republican party is now a party totally divorced from the truth and without tether to reality.
      It’s all pandering all the time, always keenly focused on service to self and political gain.
      A party deserving of a buffoon leader the likes of Donald Trump.

      • Tony says:

        Pretty sick to mock the mother of a dead American killed by Hillary negligence over Benghazi, Sparkles. But hey, I understand, Trump is ahead of Clinton now, so you’re scared, and need to what you have to do to win at any cost.

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Perhaps the Republican delegates will abstain from the first vote, thereby freeing themselves to vote their consciences should Trump not prevail. The roll call vote would have been the better choice for expediently dispatching the disgruntled. And by the way, I saw an entrance like Trump’s once at a Michael Jackson concert. Like husband, like wife?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        It’s unsettled. Google: ‘What If Delegates Simply Abstain FromVoting for Trump’ and ‘Delegates May Not Have To Vote For Trump On The First Ballot.’

      • The Grundle King says:

        FWIW, state laws compelling/requiring delegates to vote for the majority vote-getter in that state’s primary have been found to be unconstitutional, I believe. It has something to do with the idea that state government’s are not authorized to tell political parties how they’re required to operate.

  8. Pat Borchers says:

    Fwiw Biden claimed to have have graduated in the top half of his law class (at I think Syracuse) which wasn’t true. I don’t think he was accused of plagiarism in law school. Obama lifted part of a speech in 2008, and Clinton mocked him calling it “Change you can Xerox.” Biden definitely suffered as it derailed his 1988 aspirations. When he came back in 2008 it was basically forgotten. Mrs. Trump isn’t running for anything. Given everything else in this presidential race from Mars I can’t see this changing many votes.

    • Sparkles says:

      May 29, 1989 New York Times
      WILMINGTON, Del., May 28— Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. was cleared of allegations that he committed plagiarism in law school by a panel under the authority of the Delaware Supreme Court, The News Journal reported today.

      Biden paid dearly and for a significant period of time for his plagiarism.

      This story isn’t an indictment of Melania Trump (although Manafort seemed to have thrown her under the bus this morning). No one (other than Manafort) blames Melania Trump.
      The story is yet another in a growing litany of indictments of a man who is now being proven incapable of managing a campaign.
      The very same man who with no experience at all in government is seeking the top management position of the most powerful and complex government the world has ever known, in a time of great global instability.

      • Tony says:

        “in a time of great global instability” created by the inexperience and incompetence of Obama.

      • Pat Borchers says:

        I guess I’d forgotten that, though he was cleared. There was the speech that pulled from the Labor Party speech. And I remember something about his misrepresenting his law school class standing, but I’m not sufficiently motivated to look it up.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Pat, I once quoted myself in an article, was that plagiarism or vanity?
      The real answer to Mrs. Trump is Everett Dirksen’s spoonerism about Clare Booth Luce, though Mrs Trump is better looking. Who was it who said if you saw Clare you could believe in the brother-sister privilege? I think it was Fulton Sheehan but I am probably wrong.

      • Pat Borchers says:

        In your case vanity. Some author once said something along the lines of “when you start stealing from yourself you know it’s time to quit.”

  9. Trolling Trump says:

    My God GOP wake up! Can’t you see Trump is trolling you! Speeches like that don’t just happen, they are crafted and if you believe for one second she wrote it herself, you are sincerely stupid. Either the campaign purposely placed that language in the speech just to see if people were paying attention or they were stupid enough to put it in the speech because they thought it sounded good and heard it from somewhere. One is dumb and incompetent but the other shows that everything that Trump has done is just to see how far he can push the party to look dumb. I mean, he is the ultimate political insider by virtue of his money. He isn’t really pro-life until he was, he wasn’t religious until it suited him. Heck, the immigration issue is just another red herring because he used illegal immigrants himself.

    Now, the ultimate “slap” at Republicans….making them go crazy over a speech given by Mrs. Obama. The same speech.

    • anon says:

      I’m anxiously waiting to see how the delegates react when Mr. & Mrs. trump do that fist bump thingy Thursday night.

      • Sparkles says:

        “that fist bump thingy”

        Ronald Reagan’s, while serving as POTUS, was a loyal fan and avid reader of the right wing conspiracy rag called ‘Human Events.’ (his own staff tried to hide it from him, because even they knew it catered to the nuttiest of the nuts – Reagan simply had even more copies shipped)
        It was another loyal reader of this same Human Events whose paranoia would lead to labeling the ubiquitous fist bump shared by the Obama’s as a “Hezbollah-style fist jab”.

        Fox News anchor E.D. Hill, catering the even less informed winger faction unaware who Hezbollah was, and therefore not adequately angered and made fearful, re-labeled it a “terrorist fist jab.”

        If it weren’t do destructive to the most basic functioning of our democracy and well-being of our nation, winger lunacy would be funny as hell!

      • Khan says:

        Sparkles, just as amusing as the gymnastics and contortions you performed earlier in trying to cast Micah Johnson and Gavin Long’s atrocities as the result of insufficient government mental health care rather than radicalization by militant black and radical Islamic elements.

      • Tony says:

        It is kind of weird how people like Sparkles think. A radical Islamic killer that guns down multiple people needs to be excused, understood, helped, forgiven, etc. but a Christian who doesn’t want to make a gay wedding cake needs to be thrown in prison.

    • Mistake by the Lake says:

      The New York Times names the two original speech writers, who say the draft they gave Melania a month before the convention was entirely different. They also say that the Trump campaign does not do what every other modern major campaign does; run all speeches by a panel of fact checkers, and then through plagiarism detection software, which is easily available and sometimes free.

      Funny to see this blog, allegedly written by a political insider, boosting a campaign that’s run like a Chinese fire drill.

  10. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Why aren’t the Delegates and Alternates in their seats gavel to gavel? I’ve been to two of these things, the first time with a four month old nursing baby in tow, and I don’t recall ever leaving until adjournment. It’s dog eat dog to run for these positions at State Convention and there are probably plenty who didn’t win either Delegate or Alternate who would have been happy to be in their seats all night. Yes, it went long last night but it’s just plain courtesy and part of doing the job you were elected to by your peers. Maybe the next time National Convention elections roll around the question should be asked of all, will you remain in your seats for the entire sessions or run off to parties? If they are catching a bus back to the hotel why aren’t the buses scheduled to pick them up at the end of the session? Or to bus them to their parties (late) AFTER the session ends?

    • Sparkles says:


      Did you watch any of the convention last night?

      Clearly the bed time for the vast majority of these most fervent GOPers is no later than 8:30pm.
      They’re accustomed to the Nursing Home staff bringing them their nightly snack around 7pm (since they eat supper at 4:30), then’s it a Matlock re-run before being given their rheumatize pills and tucked in for the evening.

      6 hours ago, The Hill:
      “Pollster Frank Luntz: GOP has ‘lost’ the millennial generation”

      • Tony says:

        Most of the millennial generation doesn’t work for a living, and they vote in low numbers. Funny that Sparkles attacks all the people that work and pay for his government assistance.

      • anon says:

        Why the stupid crap, stick to your cherry picked facts and figures . There have been 3 or 4 stories and polls about the millennials vote, yet you reference Luntz who is bogus

      • Sparkles says:

        Of course Luntz is a tool, but the Trump crowd loves them some slovenly Luntz and so do Nebraskans.
        I offered up Luntz because it was Luntz who played to a sold out crowd to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce in 2012 (Lincoln’s business “leaders”)
        And it was Luntz again who was paid to return to Lincoln for a rollicking appearance before the Nebraska Chapter of Associated General Contractors just this last spring.

        Luntz is performance art, just like Limbaugh, Beck.. and Donald Trump.
        Each of them carving out their own lucrative niche in the giant grift – an Ailes inspired fleecing of the American populace by a party now stitched together and propelled by Grifting Obtuse People.

  11. Ricky says:

    That’s too bad some HAVE to attend this shit-show in Cleveland. I’d rather have a root canal or be a rag picker at a garbage dump that be a delegate at this convention.
    I wonder if Hal Daub and Aimee Melton are having a good time, or are they holding their noses and gagging like the rest of America?
    ricky from omaha

  12. Tony says:

    Has everyone noticed that the protests turned out to be well, invisible? All these months and months of threats to “shut it down”, “1968 repeat”, etc. and nothing happens. Funny how a couple thousand private citizens with open carry around the convention changes things doesn’t it? The only thing I’ve seen so far is a pink haired lesbian shouting “shut it down” on a megaphone with about 3 other people.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Yeah, and I’m disappointed that nothing happened. I wanted to see Ohio and Colorado protesting. Now it’s boring…

  13. Mistake by the Lake says:

    Hot plagiarism updates:
    (1) The Washingtonian ran the two offending paragraphs by Melania through a widely used plagiarism detection program, and found the chance of the similarities were accidental are less than one in a trillion.
    (2) MSNBC is reporting the offending sections were added after the speechwriters were finished with the speech.

  14. Mistake by the Lake says:

    This will scroll off after the next YahooFest2016 update, but in any case…

    According to a Kasich advisor, Donald Jr. told Kasich Daddy Trump could make Kasich the ‘most powerful Veep in history’

    When he was asked what Kasich would be in charge of , the answer was ‘domestic and foreign policy’

    “Well then, what would Trump do?”

    “Make America great again!”

  15. Paul Ryan now projected to LOSE his primary on August 9 says:

    Ryan is down by 2 points and dropping (latest polls).

    Next Speaker of the House projected to be Cathy McMorris Rodgers (TRUMP SUPPORTER!)

  16. Let Go The Anchor says:

    Democrats are stuck with Hillary who Obama proved unelectable. Sanders was proving that too before he was forced to bend over and be donkey hosed, for which Trump says, “Thanks Bernie for the voters”.

    We know you are drowning. We also know you’d prefer a blue life preserver. However, your choice is either a red one marked “Trump” or the blue anchor that is “Hillary”.

    Its your choice. But others have made that choice before you.

    Reagan was a 33 year Democrat who dragged myopic GOP leaders behind him, Trump too was a Democrat. Pence was a Democrat. They are dragging the GOP. The Democratic Party, full of its own myopic elite, are dragging Hillary. She is an anchor. Bill was a float. Both blue.

    Many good citizens naturally start out as altruistic only to grow realistic. That’s natural. However, hard headedness is as stupid as soft headedness and we find stupidity in both parties.

    So if you feel like floating, grab on. Otherwise, hang tight to Hillary and take a deep breath.

    • Mistake by the Lake says:

      Hmm, cyanide or strychnine? They’re both lethal, so why dignify the result by pretending it’s a choice?

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