The Wheels Down Politics Show – Sam Fischer, closing the GOP Convention in Cleveland

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Giuliani-FischerJerry Kratochvil interviews Nebraska GOP Convention delegate Sam Fischer, immediately following the close of the Convention.

Sam gives his view of Ivanka and Donald Trump’s closing night speeches, from the perspective of a delegate about 40 yards from the stage. He talks about some of the contrasts that Trump presented and a few of the particular issues, including from the perspective of a law enforcement officer.

Sam talks about some of the VIPs he met along the way at the convention and what it was like to be on the floor for this momentous occasion.

He closes by talking a little about yesterday’s controversy with Ted Cruz, and the perspective of the Nebraska delegation on the Cruz speech.

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  1. Mistake by the Lake says:

    Of all the idiocies of YahooFest2016 — stolen speeches, disappearing petitions, and virtually everything that came out of Paul Manafort’s mouth — far and away the worst was the threat to unilaterally abrogate our article 5 commitments to NATO and to the Blatic states. Article 5 is a solemn, ratified treaty commitment by the UNited States. Abandoning it means breaking our word and the President breaking his oath of office. . It’s now virtually a standing invitation to Putin to take them back if his operative, Cheeto Jesus, wins the election. It’s April Glaspie all over again, except worse. Even Mitch McConnell had to excuse it by saying Trump was still an amateur.

    But speaking of prostitutes, the one group unhappy this depraved spectacle is over is the Cleveland gay prostitute community, which did a thriving business all week. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    No wonder most of the seats were empty most of the time..

    • Cleveland Gay Prostitute says:

      Honey, we’ve had about all of the old white guys we can take for a while. Someone should have put some Chap-Stick in those goodie bags all the delegates got.

    • Cleveland Diaper Dandies says:

      We certainly do miss the that former family values Republican Senator from Louisiana, Mr. Vitter.

    • bynd says:

      Your rant seems somewhat empty when you consider the Crimean peninsula, Eastern Ukraine and Abkhazia and South Ossetia, to name just a few. Our treaty with their countries did them a whole lot of good didn’t it?

      What about our allies in the south China sea. The Philippines sue in International court. They win. And China tells everyone to kiss off. Our response?

      As was stated, has everyone fulfilled their obligation to us? Why are we the only ones required to fulfill our obligations? How many troops etc have the Europeans sent back to the middle east, prior to the terrorists attacks on Europe? Or to the Baltics?

      And just this morning, Russia bombs a US base saying it was gong after Syrian rebels and no the US did not tell us otherwise. And our response, well please don’t do that because we want to work together on this Syria thing. I could have sworn we had an agreement or two with Russia over Syria already.

      Who has consistently violated international sanctions on Iran. Our buddies the Russians and surprise, business’ from Europe. And our response? NATO’s response? The only ones willing and able to take action? Israel. And we castrate them and sell them down the river.

      We lost all respect and fear of our adversaries when BO got caught telling Putin, I’ll stop the missile defense when I get reelected. I can do more then. Like a little kid sucking up to a bully.

      Do I want WWIII? Hardly. But chamberlain didn’t stop WWII with capitulation either.

      • Mistake by the Lake says:

        Georgia and Ukraine are not in NATO, genius. Please identify what treaties we have with those countries.

      • bynd says:

        Georgian–American relations continue to be very close and encompass multiple areas of bilateral cooperation. As a key U.S. ally in the war on terror, Georgia was the third largest troop contributor in the Iraq War and is currently the largest per-capita contributor to the U.S. led mission in Afghanistan. The United States for its part is actively assisting Georgia in strengthening its state institutions in face of increasing pressure from its northern neighbor Russia and has provided the country with financial assistance in excess of 3 billion dollars since 1991.[1] Since 2009, Georgian–American relations are streamlined by the U.S.–Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership,which created four bilateral working groups on priority areas of democracy; defense and security; economic, trade, and energy issues; and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.
        Georgia in 2004-2008 sought to become a member of NATO, but did not succeed in the face of strong Russian opposition.[2] In February 2012, it was agreed that the U.S. and Georgia will start working on a Free Trade Agreement which, if materialized, will make Georgia the only European country to have such treaty with the United States.[3] American citizens visiting Georgia currently do not require a visa for entry. Citizens will receive a 90-day tourist visa at the country’s entry points.

        So in Georgia’s case, the started NATO membership application in 2004. Russia, being the nice guys they are, pressured NATO not to annex them Russia invaded Georgia in 200 annexing the mention provinces.

        Ukraine – United States relations are bilateral relations between Ukraine and the United States.

        The United States officially recognized Ukrainian independence on December 25, 1991. The United States upgraded its consulate in the capital, Kiev, to embassy status on January 21, 1992
        The United States supports Ukraine’s bid to join NATO despite Russia’s objections.[1]

        According to documents uncovered during the United States diplomatic cables leak U.S. diplomats defend Ukrainian sovereignty in meetings with other diplomats.[

        So yeah, your right. Why in the hell would we have any allegiance to Georgia after we turned their application to NATO just to watch Russia invade a few years down the road.

        And the same thing happened to Ukraine. Wow, we didn’t see that one coming did we? We hang them out to dry and run away when the Russians come after them. Weren’t we talking about honor here also?

        Not really, just Russia’s ability to bully the US and NATO into letting them invade former satellites as they begged us to take them in. But that’s alright genius, we didn’t make any formal promises did we? That ought to reassure our current allies.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh hell yeah! Let’s nuke everybody we don’t like. There won’t be any repercussions!

      • HTH says:

        bynd… WHY do you think Russia wanted to keep Georgia out of NATO? Trust me, it’s not because they think it’s ineffective. It’s because they knew that would mean they COULDN’T TOUCH South Ossetia, Abkahzia, without seeing the Kremlin blown halfway to Dallas.

        Deterrence, my friend. Next thing you know, Trump’s going to be saying we should get rid of our nukes.


      • bynd says:

        HTH, In the end, Russia got what it wanted. Not through negotiations but through intimidation. Mutual assured destruction is no longer valid, or at least not as much as it was. IMHO

        But at the end of it all, Russia looked strong and run by one who was egotistical enough to pull any trigger he wanted and NATO looked weak and afraid.

        Had NATO any confidence they could have topped Russia, Ukraine and Georgia would now be NATO members.

        But the bigger point is, who is now rushing in reinforcements to the Baltics, Poland etc.? Mainly the USA. As of Feb. the US has quadrupled it’s spending on US troops in Europe.

        A senior NATO official, also speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss internal alliance deliberations, said the U.S. now hopes its European NATO partners will commit to new investments for deterrence that correspond to the increased funding and troops, equipment and training moves the Pentagon wants.

        If they don’t care enough to spend what it takes to defend themselves, why should we? A moral question with a lot of ramifications. But the idea of carrying your own weight has been an American value since we started. But being an exceptional country now, maybe we no longer believe in that value. We should probably change it to “we will take care of it.”

    • Ricky says:

      Ha ha. Why were the gay prostitutes so busy? Doesn’t the GOP platform call for marriage between a man and a woman? The GOP thinks gay sex is fine but they just can not get married? Why not?

  2. The Eye Ball says:

    Sam Fischer and the Nebraska delegation don’t get it. Conservatives are fed up with the national Republican Party.
    The Republicans keep attacking conservatives so now many conservatives are leaving the GOP. The GOP is no longer a friend of conservatives.

  3. GOP Donor says:

    That speech last night by Donald Trump – Wow…just Wow…what a breath of fresh air. I believe he will get votes from MANY, MANY of those who voted for Obama in the last two elections.

    “President Trump” has a nice ring to it, and who knows, perhaps Ivanka will follow after Donald gets his eight years.

    • Spetsnaz Mobilizing says:

      GOP komrade, your words are like sweet medovukha to my ears.
      Your Mister Trump is the greatest weapon our peoples of Russia could hope for. Within 8 years we will have, with great vigor and ruthless resolve, reclaimed all Baltic states for our great Motherland.
      Should, as your words have given us hope, Miss Ivanka follow, our growing armies aided by our newly acquired resources, have time to continue our march throughout all of the former Ottoman Empire, reclaiming for the peoples of Russia the rich lands it ruled at the peak of it’s glory.

      A toast to you GOP komrade!
      To you and to your new Cheeto Jesus!!
      Long live this new GOP!!

      • большие спасибо!

        By the way, everybody, UNL has a Russian language program. Problem is, Russian is a bear (ha ha). Start now, so you’ll be able to understand and obey your Russian masters!

      • TexasAnnie says:

        Welcome back, RWP. You should know though (if you haven’t been reading/posting privately these past weeks) that Street Sweeper still maintains priority of party stability over conservative principles. As I recall, that’s why you officially left this site.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask about Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. I’m still looking for some clarity there along with the rest of NATO.

    • Bud Valentine says:

      Sometimes Bob Kerrey answers my emails.

      Once, when I was licking the boot on his prosthetic leg I had an orgasm.

    • Mitch McConnell's Malevolent Malaise says:

      She and her staff are bored out their mind.

      Republicans are on pace to work the fewest days that the Senate has worked in more than 60 years.

      Senators have been called to the chamber for roll call votes just 117 times through June, marking the worst start to a second session since 1966.

      163 days remain in the year.
      Of those 163 days, the Republican controlled Senate chambers will be dark for 120.

      But, at least that’s a tad better than the Republican controlled House, scheduled to be out of session for 130 of the 163 days remaining in the year.

  4. Honorable? says:

    Trump supporters, answer me this question. Today, Trump (and several delegates to the convention from Nebraska) have called Cruz dishonorable because he didn’t endorse Trump.

    Let me ask you this…

    Was Trump honorable when he attacked Cruz’s father claiming he was part of the Kennedy assassination, was that honorable?

    Was Trump honorable attacking Heidi Cruz?

    When one defends his or her family isn’t family values a Republican core value?

    Is donating money to Democrats over and over again honorable as a Republican?

    Is being against abortion after he was for it honorable?

    Is calling people names at every turn when not in front of a teleprompter honorable?

    • Honorable? says:

      Forgot to add these…

      Is giving off the appearance as a “non-politician” then planting people around the auditorium…just like old fashioned convention hall politics was/is practiced…to boo at the right moment at the non-endorsement honorable?

      Is allowing a plagiarized speech to be given honorable? It wasn’t for Biden or Obama, why is it ok for Trump’s advocates?

      Is it honorable to step away from certain Republican platform agendas like he did in his speech?

      • GOP Donor says:

        As long as he builds that wall and lowers my taxes, I couldn’t care less about the rest of those things you’re blathering on about.

    • bynd says:

      What does honor have to do with our political system? The only difference between pimps/prostitutes and the political machines, prostitutes get paid.

    • GOP Donor says:

      I personally don’t have a problem with Cruz’s decision not to endorse & I doubt most Trump supporters care one way or the other about this media-created issue.

  5. Sparkles says:

    The New York Herald is reporting that the reason for Trump’s hiccup in naming Pence as V.P., was that he demanded to make a final run at his top pick to join to the ticket.

    To the Donald’s dismay, Gary Busey rebuffed him yet again.

  6. Ricky says:

    Beware as Hal Daub and Aimee Melton and the rest of the Nebraska delegation were radicalized by the nut jobs in Cleveland at the RNC.
    Steeped in bigotry and hatred and paranoia, these people coming back are akin to those leaving the madrassas in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
    Now they come back into Nebraska society tarnished with the vitriol every speaker managed to come up with.
    Keep an eye on those radicalized by the RNC, as policy makers they are far more dangerous to Nebraska then the penniless Syrian refugees the GOP loves to hate.

  7. Jump Forrest Jump says:

    There are suddenly a plethora of twitching Jackass sphincters.

    Nothing confirms your own strength like seeing your opponents loosing their tongues and bowels in abject fear.

    But it isn’t good for Democrats to be crying this early. GOP party bosses are still numb, some in career meltdown, from a steamroller who doesn’t give a shit about GOP bosses’ PC and cares even less for the Democrats who turned America be a chastised pit of miserable apology and shame.

    If Democrats here are already freaking out, they will be jumping off bridges before this is over.

  8. Khan says:

    Honest question: Given that under the Constitution, Congress retains the authority to declare war, and the President is authorized to prosecute the war, does it not follow that the Congress would have suitable grounds for impeachment if the President refused to wage a duly authorized war (e.g. in retaliation to an aggressor against one of our NATO allies)?

    • Dr. Strangelove says:

      I assume when you say president, you’re talking about the hypothetical presidency of her Donald.
      If so, I miss the relevance of your post.

      Because this is the same Golden Tufted Orange Menace that stood in front of a lathered crowd and proclaimed:
      “I would bomb the shit out of them.

      I would just bomb those suckers, and that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, I’d blow up the refineries, I’d blow up ever single inch, there would be nothing left.

      And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there, and in two months, you ever see these guys? How good they are, the great oil companies, they’ll rebuild it brand new… And I’ll take the oil.”

      So was that ‘bomb the shit out of a sovereign nation and steal their oil’ a plan Orange Julius was going to actually run through Congress before instructing his newly appointed Joint Chiefs of Central Command, Penn & Teller, to commence the raining down of death?

      You simply can’t expect a rational person to take your question seriously.

      • Khan says:

        *shrug* OK. I was only asking with regards to the concern a few people upstream have raised about Trump failing to wage war on the behalf of our NATO allies if Russia decides to go all gangsta. Not the other way around.

      • HTH says:

        Art. II, Sec. 4 states President may be impeached for treason, bribery, and “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

        The latter term is operative. It can include whatever Congress wants it to. Impeachment is essentially a discretionary Congressional function, if you want to look at it that way. So, yes, in your hypothetical, Congress could impeach a president for not prosecuting a declaration of war.


  9. bynd says:


    Kind of going off the deep end there. It’s a simple point, mutual defense treaties etc are great until you have to go fight. And the other point would be, just like Chamberlain did, we are a diplomacy of appeasement. And it has cost a lot of people a lot to try and be on our side, while we sit on our hands. You would think NATO would help protect a country who wants to become NATO from another trying to stop it from being in NATO. You know, be a little proactive and show we can be trusted.

    HTH, We can’t even blow Raqqa off the map. Do you really think Putin fears Obama at all? Whether he is crazy or not, he plays BO like a fiddle. And like I pointed out, he doesn’t need to take it all at one time. Just piece by piece. And who else might he consider to be a concern? No one.
    Yet on he other side of the world, we have China, Iran and North Korea to deal with. How’s that working out for us? Although south Korea seems to be good partner. One of but two maybe three.

    As Putin has shown, he will do what he wants, and we will wring our hands in frustration.

    By the way, I hear the sanctions are working and Russia is pulling out of Ukraine and Crimea. Sorry, just another of BO’s dreams.

    • HTH says:

      Two points: Re: Raqqa – not that we can’t, but that we won’t… collateral damage and all. Plenty of good people in that town (and many others) suffering under ISIS rule. No way for us to stop that unilaterally without mass civilian casualties or troops on the ground.

      Re: Obama’s policy – I won’t defend his foreign policy, largely because it’s irrelevant to the question of whether we should leave NATO. We didn’t leave NATO because of Carter, we shouldn’t leave now. Reagan understood that NATO was critical to our defense, and you’re right, Putin is playing us like a fiddle. But, for as long as NATO stands united, he knows we carry the big stick, and he’s limited more than he would be otherwise. He won’t be sticking his nose into Estonia, for example, anytime soon. And that’s good for everyone. He wants to see NATO fail. He wants to see the EU fail. He knows unity limits him – sanctions on Russia have tanked the economy. He’s just ridiculously popular due to a combination of cult of personality, controlled media, and a unified hatred of the West.


  10. bynd says:

    You folks need to make up your mind., On the article before this one, the concern was Trump starting a war every now and then.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That’s funny, Bynd. Because it is so painfully true.

    The Democratic argument is that Trump is a NATO coward and an anti ISIS warmonger.

    This contradiction comes from the same idiots who thought it was a good idea for Bill “I loathe the military” Clinton, to put US troops under the command of foreign generals.

    That’s the nice thing about Democrats. They have so much heart, their brains are pushed out. They stand on intellectual sand, inadvertently propped up by PC butt kissers in the GOP leadership. Once you push them out of the way, voters get a clear view of the idiots being idiots.

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    NOTE TO KAHN @ 2:53pm above:
    No. It does not follow. Declaration of war is not a modus tollens proposition. HTH improperly advised you via reference to Art. II, Sec. 4.

    • HTH says:

      I think you are mistaken as to the level of discretion vested in Congress under “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” But think what you will.


      • TexasAnnie says:

        And then there is the 25th Amendment to consider. So a potential refusal of Prez Trump (ugg!) to wage war could not be so easily dispatched.

  13. try using soap says:

    Kaine, Hillary and Sanders all look like they need a shower. What is that about?

    Hillary oozes buttery cellulite from her pores and these guys could use some shampoo and a comb. I mean, Pence looks well-scrubbed and Trump appears sand blasted clean. His hair dry cleaned. They are suit and tie guys, reminiscent of Reagan who never took off his jacket in the Oval Office. As far as we know, Kaine’s job is to get under the desk with two cigars. But even that doesn’t explain why they all look like they need a shower.

    When I say this, Democrats smile warmly and remember having indiscriminate sex outside the fence at Woodstock with that pot dealer who smelled like fungus. Peace, dude. Damn hippies!

    • SJ says:

      Most pervs exude an unclean vibe…greasy lookin’ hair, untrimmed fingernails, pasty faces…and yeah, most Democrat leaders fit this description. A disgusting lot, most of them are.

    • Sparkles says:

      The New Yorker, Feb 24, 2011 –
      “By early 1987, several top White House advisers were so concerned about Reagan’s mental state that they actually talked among themselves about invoking the Twenty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution, which calls for the Vice-President to take over in the event of the President’s incapacity.. ..he wouldn’t read the papers they gave him—even short position papers and documents. They said he wouldn’t come over to work—all he wanted to do was to watch movies and television at the residence.”

      But whenever photographed, Reagan was always in a suit and tie!!

      It was also rare for Denny Hastert to make an appearance in anything other than suit and tie.

      And of course there are the generations of unconscionable acts committed by Catholic priests, sporting that always snappy pairing of cassock and clerical collar.

      • bynd says:


        And the connection between Catholic Priests and Republicans is?

        Read the letter to the editors in Omaha. The clergy, including priests, always cheer on the government to perform the functions God told them to do. It would seem that most of them would lean Dem but who knows.

        E.J. Dionne is fond of saying that “there is no Catholic vote and it is important.” His point is that Catholics do not vote as a bloc. But they are important because they have voted for the winner of the popular vote in almost every presidential election since Roosevelt (they did not vote for Ike in 1952). We might modify Dionne’s saying to read “there is no Catholic vote and that is why it is important.”

        Today the Catholic vote is divided into two major parts, white Catholics and Hispanic Catholics. Traditionally, white Catholics voted Democratic beginning in 1928 when Al Smith was pilloried by anti-Catholic bigots supporting the Republican candidate. The Great Depression and the New Deal solidified their support for the Democratic Party.

        As a result, when politicians look at the Catholic vote they see two groups: the Hispanics, who are solidly Democratic because of the Republican demonetization of immigrants, and white Catholics, made up of college-educated Catholics and a declining number of alienated blue-collar workers (the so-called Reagan Democrats).

        Ohh, those pesky facts, as you like to say. For more read the National Catholic Reporter.

      • Sparkles says:

        Re your query: “And the connection between Catholic Priests and Republicans is?”

        The topic being discussed is the declaration by try using soap that fastidious attention to appearance and attire on the part of older white males (sans cellulite), makes them far superior in intellect, nobility and morality.
        Anyone even slightly less persnickety (lacking a 24/7 tie and full time hairstylist) is not only intellectually incapacitated and morally bereft, they are no doubt prone to shove cigars into bodily orifices, predisposed to wanton debauchment and universally drug addled.

        Priests are among the general category of those fastidious in their attire and appearance.

        Please try to follow along.

      • bynd says:


        It is hard for me to follow apples when everyone else is talking oranges. Old age you know. Was Weiner wearing a tie?

  14. Lil Mac says:

    If you think the GOP race was odd, keep your eyes on the surreal DNC Convention. — The Party’s Chairwoman is hogtied out of her own convention for having rigged it against Sanders, with a DNC Email scandal as big as Hillary’s own Federal Email scandal, thus causing Leftists to descend on Philadelphia like they haven’t since Chicago in 1968; while Obama’s brother, an odd Maryland voter, is apparently backing Trump. – And thus we ask, really, how odd is Trump?

    Trump is obviously effective. In only 11 months, the politically inexperienced Emmy-winning real estate mogul beat a dozen and a half GOP governors and senators on a self-funding shoestring, and thereby simultaneously reduced the amount of blinding PC within the GOP and put a great big dent in the Election Profiteering Industry’s antiquated strangle-hold on politics.

    And yet Trump’s message is so ordinary that if he didn’t yell it, it would put people to sleep. — Put doors on your house, lock your car, don’t waste your money on nonsense, get out of debt, simplify how you do things, have whomever is best at math balance the family checkbook, defend yourself, well treat those who help defend you, and don’t turn your back on those who threaten to kill you. — It is all common sense anyone can see if they are awake. But only if they are awake. Until Trump, most Americans were asleep. A PC coma.

    Americans are immersed in PC from birth. We numbly acceded to the most obvious hypocrisies and lies as normal; an Orwellian nightmare of illogic which we, a numbed citizenry, see as a happy dream until someone rudely shakes us awake. Trump shakes really hard. And upon awakening we find that his message, which seemed so dark and forbidding when we were comatose, is suddenly so bright with hope and opportunity that we squint, rub our eyes, and feel giddy at the prospect of being able to see and describe real problems with the crystal clarity we need to solve them.

    But make no mistake, being rudely awakened is confusing even agonizing. It takes a moment to get our bearings. That can feel like an eternity. The more deeply we are plugged into this numbing matrix of Political Correctness, the more agonizing it is for us to be wrenched from it into reality.

    Philly may be in for a rough week.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasserman-Smith deserves all the trouble’s she in. She earned it by opening her mouth in favor of the Queen of Knives when she (WS) was supposed to be fair-minded & even-handed. Meanwhile Il Duce leads the Republicans who, by now, are looking for the jackboot catalog. It was a bad week for America last week and we’ll have another one this week. The danger of losing control of the narrative is clear, especially when unauthorized 3rd parties with a conscience have will and means to get the word out. Speaking metaphorically, “Death to Traitors?” Not if the traitors kill you first.

      Pontius Pilate famously asked Jesus “What is Truth?” Wasserman-Smith, Priebus, Trump and Clinton, like Pilate, way “Truth is what I say it is.” Well, the Truth is that Ceasar is a tourist attraction. So much for “power.” I love it. Let’s have more traitors. It forces the Queen of Knives and Il Duce to work harder, question everything, and it raises their cortisol to dangerous levels. I don’t only wish them suffering. I wish them continuing pain.

  15. Anon says:

    Donna Brazile, made by the Clintons and as a commentator for the Obama election tried to soft peddle her bias for Obama while hedging her bets till the nomination. She must have not made the enemies list. But then she is as phony as DWS

  16. Lil Mac says:

    Brazile’s “bias for Obama” isn’t unimportant. Its the point of this well planned coup.

    These WikiLeak’ed DNC Emails are wrecking the DNC at its convention and the timing is impeccable. The clear beneficiary is Obama and his legacy, Biden.

    Keep in mind, Bernie Sanders has never been a Democrat. That Wasserman is being hammered to death by Sanders supporters is the DNC’s own fault for allowing Sanders to run but, tellingly, with Obama’s okay. Now all these DNC Emails add gasoline to Hillary’s own classified Email bonfire. And so I say…


    Last Fall, I predicted “Trump vs Biden”. Trump is here. But so too is Biden. Still in the wings and the cleanest candidate who hasn’t been running.

    Hillary is the same harridan and Bernie the same not-Democrat. More importantly, Obama gets nothing good from Bernie, and kills his own legacy with Hillary as a Clinton Second Edition. The “Clinton/Kaine” signs aren’t even printed yet. Impeccable timing.

    When Biden wouldn’t run, I predicted that something might crop up at the last minute to allow Obama to save the day by appointing Biden the nominee at the convention. This looks like it. There never was any good reason for Biden not to run. And it’s not like Biden suddenly ran out of ambition.

    We shall find out this week if my crystal ball works. If not, it goes back to the bowling alley.

  17. Typical Clinton says:

    Reading a Politico article this morning, it makes it look like the Clintons “had a problem” with good ol’ Debbie and it was ol’ Debbie’s problem of going off the rails and certainly not at the direction of the Clintons. Moreover, Politico believes this actually brings the Sanders and Clinton camps “together” because she is now gone.

    And they thought the Republicans had issues. The spinning out of the media makes me dizzy.

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