#DemsinPhilly always silly!

Love-trumps-hate-DNC02Brent Martin of Nebraska Radio Network reports that “Clinton for America” “will not concede” Nebraska’s Electoral Votes to Donald Trump.

They state that they will spend at least a million dollars — coordinating with Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford’s campaign — in Nebraska’s 2nd District to “register Democrats and for get-out-the-vote efforts“.

They also note that “…television ads for Hillary Clinton are scheduled for Omaha, reaching not just Nebraskans, but western Iowans as well.”

Which is convenient.

But if they couldn’t win the 2nd in 2012 with Obama, they’re not going to do much better with Hillary — even WITH “hate the Donald” factor. Again, chocking this up to trying to hammer as many votes as possible in western Iowa, while pretending to work Nebraska.


Bernie! Bernie!

My thoughts on the #DemsinPhilly last night…

• Wow is Paul Simon old, and can’t hit the notes

• Sarah Silverman has probably worked rooms with tons of hecklers before, yet the best she could come up with is, “You guys are being ridiculous“? Oh, and THAT really shut them down…

• And then the Bernie Bros booed…Eva Longoria? It’s a good thing Santa didn’t show up.

• Oh wait, that’s the role Bernie was playing…

• Everyone seemed to really like Michelle Obama’s speech. Call me old fashioned I guess, but I prefer a First Lady (or Gentleman) who doesn’t try to hammer the political opposition in a convention speech. I just don’t think it’s their role. But everyone seems down with it with Michelle.

• Oh, and nice that now she’s proud of America.
Unlike prior to 2008.


You didn’t build that!!!

And if you LIKED Michelle how could you STAND Elizabeth Warren???

Michelle spent 20 minutes telling you how great she finds America now, and Warren spent the next 15 telling you how awful it is.

As I noted on the Twitter… Elizabeth Warren is the lady up the street who keeps your ball when it lands in her yard.

And if you tried to sneak in to get it she’d yell, “Uh, EXCUSE you!



And then Bernie?

Hey Bernie Bots, it’s nice that you’re so enthusiastic about your candidate and all that. I mean, thanks for providing some entertainment by chanting over all of the other speakers.

But the weeping? The sobbing?

If anything actually bad happens in your life you’re going to need hospitalization.

And to summarize Bernie’s speech…

And if you get around to it, vote for whats-her-nose, not-Trump.


I did NOT have…

Slick Willy — and the vision of him as First Gentleman — tonight.


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  1. jmurra says:

    Go back and re-read what you posted today. Pretty silly, isn’t it. Might have just been better to skip today and see if something sounds more mature and reasonable to write about tomorrow.

  2. OmahaHuskerThomas says:

    I thought it was ironic on a night when Democrats criticize Trump for insulting people have Sarah Silverman get headlines. Insult is a big part of Silverman’s comedy act, maybe the Democrats will have Bill Maher speak during their “Democrats for Religion” night.

    But, to summarize what this election is all about go to Erin Grace’s twitter page and see her views “Democrats are peddling love, Republicans are peddling fear, who will win?”

    I hope her political feelings don’t influence her choice of columns…

  3. Ricky says:

    This might be off-topic, but when will Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert endorse Don Bacon for Congress? Her fellow metro GOP mayors have already endorsed Bacon.
    But Stothert might not because there is a pretty good chance Ashford will be re elected.
    And it would not look very good if an Omahan (I know Stothert really came from the mean streets of St Louis), endorsed a guy from Sarpy County over a guy that lives in Omaha.
    However, since Stothert puts her loyalty to the Republican Party above her job as Mayor, I predict Stothert will soon endorse Bacon.
    And once again she will have egg on her face.

    • Pete says:

      How in tarnation do you figure Stothert puts the party above being Mayor? Please give me one example.

      Remember the last time you doubted Jean? The time she beat Suttle like a red headed step child?(sorry sweeper, it’s a figure of speech)

      Don’t doubt Bacon. He is going to beat Ashford by 10+, and he’ll do it with or without Stothert’s endorsement.

      • Ricky says:

        When she endorsed Mr Ricketts death penalty push by being on the board. When she endorsed Jon Bruning for Governor.
        Mr Ashford has one million dollars more than Mr Bacon. He is the incumbent. Do you want to revise your guess that Bacon will win by 10 points. That is ridiculous.
        Doesn’t the race “lean democrat”?

      • bynd says:


        There is no such thing as a death penalty push. Your dishonest spin is like a petulant child. The push was to allow Nebraskans to vote on the topic. The fact that you continually push to take the rights of the second house of Nebraskans, it’s citizens, away shows what a nitwit you are. Democracy paid your wages and your retirement but yet you want to do away with it. Go get some more baby wings from your friends in the abortion clinic and have a good dinner. You are one sic puppy. I hope your children have enough morals they don’t approve. And before you whine again, remember, it is you who keeps bringing up Sasse’s children.

      • Pete says:

        1) The death penalty campaign is not “for” the death penalty. It is a campaign to let the citizens vote on the issue
        2) Big whoop, she endorsed in the primary. Her candidate of choice was a very close second, and nobody GAF about it anymore.
        3) Yep. Bacon by 10. You heard it here, folks! Ricky, I’ll bet you $100.

  4. bynd says:

    We can only imagine Sparkles tipping a glass of champagne to the incident near Rouen. Just another pedophile brought to justice, right? Your hate of the Christians helps you fit right in.

      • bynd says:


        Not at all, I would Google your moniker and the word Christian but we already know what the answer would be. Why not embrace what you constantly spout off about. Or stop spouting off about it.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd that is disgusting and offensive, you have lost all sense of decency because of your non partisan partisanship. Death of a priest while celebrating mass is not an occasion for politics, it is a time for prayer.

      • bynd says:

        RL: Disgusting and offensive are those who consistently lump all of a group together to denigrate, and falsely stereotype them. It was meant to be disgusting, offensive and make a point. Just like most of Sparkles posts involving Christians. Try applying your standards in a more consistent manner. And hold accountable those who constantly push a bigoted position against those they don’t agree with.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, Sparkles original remark about priests was a response to suggestions most Democrats are perverts. Your moral outrage was limited to Sparkles remark about pedophile priests being well dressed, not an attack on all priests. You apparently did not object to lumping all Democrats into the pervert class. You are a hypocrite who uses Christianity as a selective club against those whose politics you do not like.

      • bynd says:


        No doubt. I am no different than them. Just as everyone on here is like everyone else. But, I will no doubt pay a price for what I wrote. But not from you or the others on here, I’m prepared for their rightful shots. But it is between Him and me that counts.

        And by the way, that is not the only posting by Sparkles on Christians I had an issue with.

        But such is life especially when your having a particularity shitt_ day.

        And my understanding is that it is to late for prayers for the Priests. His time is over. That is the one peculiarity of the Catholics I could never quite grasp. Maybe someday you will explain it to me.

        PS. Sparkles. it wasn’t a drive by, I’m still here.

  5. Bluejay says:

    The Dems are simply unhinged.

    Looking forward to Michael Brown’s mother perpetuating the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie tonight. Hey, lady. Your son was killed in self-defense. He tried to take that cop’s gun. And Travyon Martin has Zimmerman on the ground and was beating the hell out of him.

    • Sparkles says:

      From the July 25, 2016 article – ‘A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die’
      “It’s a common observation on the left, but it’s an observation that a lot of us on the right genuinely believed wasn’t true — which is that conservatism has become, and has been for some time, much more about white identity politics than it has been about conservative political philosophy. I think today, even now, a lot of conservatives have not come to terms with that problem.”
      – Avik Roy

      • Bluejay says:

        That’s his opinion. And Avik needs to do a better job in getting the conservative word out to people of color. I’d start with the massive failure of Dem policies in Chicago and Detroit.

  6. Mizzou Matt says:

    Wowza – I know he’s a pinko, but don’t you dare say a bad word about Paul Simon. You just crossed a line Street Sweeper.

    That man is a national treasure and deserves nothing but admiration.

    • Bluejay says:

      Paul Simon is well past his prime. Just like the Clintons. It’s over for the Children of the 60s. Get over it. Move on.

    • I admire The Concert in the Park.
      I even saw the Rhythm of the Saints tour in ’91.
      But it’s 2016 and Paul Simon is apparently 114 years old and was a poor reflection of himself.
      We don’t ask Ahmad Rashad to PLAY in the Pro Bowl game. We let him flip the coin.

      They should have had him play guitar while someone else sang the “Look for America” song with the Bernie montage.
      Instead Paul couldn’t hit the notes, they re-ran the Bernie ad we’ve seen a million times, and they had JJ Abrams make a power point deck on Hillary.

      Oh, and the Bernie Bros forced poor Cory Booker to yell his whole speech.


      • Mizzou Matt says:

        I concur, Onward!

        But it would be fun to watch Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk, and Ahmad Rashad play one last time. So maybe you’re on to something. 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    The only thing the Democrats have going for them is that Trump is the Republican candidate. There is nothing attractive about another Clinton in the White House. Hillary is as useful as one old boot.

    Every Republican advantage is annulled by Trump’s presence.

    Another indicator of who’ll be president is which way the House & Senate will go. A Republican president has, the last 50+ years, given us a Democratic Congress. A Democratic president yields a Republican Congress. Divided government. Any early polling data about which way Congress is going to go?

  8. Mistake by the Lake says:

    According to the Daily Beast today, ThreatConnect traced the DNC hack to a cluster of servers in Russia known to be linked to the Russian government.

    There’s an excellent piece by Anne Appelbaum in the Spectator a while back noting that Russia has intervened in many Central European countries’ domestic politics, ranging from trolling and harassment of Russia critics, to actually bankrolling election campaigns.

    Given all that, why WOULD’T you conclude Putin is interfering with the US elections, and given their campaign manager’s past history doing Russian dirty work, colluding with the Trump campaign.

    I call that treason, though it probably doesn’t pass the constitutional test.

    • Game Over. says:

      If the Russians hacked the DNC servers, I wonder what the odds are that they previously had access to Hillary’s private email server. Wow, I’m really surprised she wasn’t held legally accountable for her poor choices regarding “ServerGate”

      • Mistake by the Lake says:

        Well, exactly. We have two major party candidates, and we don’t know exactly how compromised either is. One is bankrolled by oligarchs from a hostile power, and the other created an open door to America’s secrets.

    • Anon says:

      Maybe Comey will say they found a link to Trump, as corrupt as the administration and party is they could with of the media and a couple of hollywood celebrities to get many of you to buy it

    • deflect says:

      If it was the Russians, hell, they do that all the time. We do it as well to foreign powers. That being said, does it change the fact that the DNC was in the bag for Hillary? Nope.

  9. Khan says:

    As seen on the Twitters…

    Bernie promised his supporters a cheap education.

    The average donation to his campaign was $27.

    Mission accomplished: That $27 got you schooled on the reality of Dem politics.

      • Mistake by the Lake says:

        Bynd: you sound like those who defend Clinton by endlessly repeating that she wasn’t indicted, and that we can’t prove her server was hacked. Just as you can’t prove that a turtle crossing I 80 will get flattened like a pancake. But it sure as heck is the way to bet.

        “You have no proof”. This is not a court of law. There is probable cause to believe the Russians hacked the DNC, and every reason to believe Hillary’s email server was hacked.

  10. Sparkles says:

    7 hours ago –
    “George Will: Trump won’t release tax returns because they show his ties to Russian oligarchs”

  11. Lil Mac says:

    Paranoia is the last anchor of the drowned. If any holdfast is to be had in reason seek it…

    Whew! It is Billary not Joe Plugs. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Hillary is best for Trump. But we may well ask which, Biden or Hillary, is better for Obama’s legacy? Answer: Donald Trump.

    Obama never pulled the trigger on Hillary. He had his FBI catch and release her with a “criminal” tag. And it turns out that Obama hired Plugs as a chia pet. Everything is secondary to Barack’s all-important First Black President legacy. Good. Let him keep it.

    Trump is still breaking GOP boss elephants’ balls. Yet with typical voyeurism are in ecstasy watching what promises to be a “snuff film” with Billary as the star. What they don’t see is that Trump under polls huge.

    — My fellow pundits, we must guess the strategies of people like Obama and Trump, but we don’t have to guess measurable capacities and limitations of functions like polling. Obama knows Trump under-polled avg 8 in the primary and likely double that as the DNC convention began, because unlike data mining, polling is unable to measure asymmetry and threat.

    As it becomes less likely that putting a Trump sign in your yard gets your house Molotov’d, Trump’s poll anomaly will reduce and his lead over Hillary appear to jump dramatically upwards, and we already see some of that. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Gays will vote Trump to stay alive against Muslims and that women who seek Gender Respect are horrified by Mrs. Clinton being the poster child for abetting rapists. And Blacks who turned out for Obama, with only Ferguson to show for it, don’t give a fig about Kaine and Unable. It was difficult for Republicans to admit they were for Trump and damn near impossible for Democrats to admit it to a pollster.

    So barring the random meteor impact, Trump gets the biggest landslide in history. But by all means, blame it on Trotsky. Grab that concrete life preserver.

    • Sparkles says:

      “This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you’re on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. . .
      Next stop The Twilight Zone.”

    • LSD says:

      It looks like you’re still on an acid trip.

      Unfortunately it’s not expanding your mind. It just seems to be collapsing your already narrow mind.

  12. Mistake by the Lake says:

    See “Trump’s Curious Habit of Denigrating Fellow Republicans” in the Weekly Standard.

    A question to Republicans: isn’t supporting a man who has repeatedly abused you a sure sign you’re a beta male? Or a beta human being?

  13. Sparkles says:

    Because of Russia, we are about to witness a persistent, overwhelming call from every corner of the media (sans Breitbart & WolrdNutDaily) for Trump to finally release his tax returns.

    Trump will refuse.
    He’ll refuse because the information contained in those returns will incinerate any hopes of holding political office beyond, Village Council.

    But, his continuing refusal will be the cudgel from which he will take repeated, uncontested blows for the next 100 days.
    It will be an ominous black cloud that will hover over him at every public event. Only the most fervent hat donned fans will be blind to it’s presence.

    Assuming this doesn’t eventually lead to serial Trump Tantrums and his eventual withdrawal from the race, this election is shaping up to be the blowout of the century.

    Good times.

  14. Bluejay says:

    From Jane Kleeb’s Twitter feed, “Jane Fleming Kleeb ‏@janekleeb
    Big sky meets cornhusker 🙂 thanks @SenatorTester for being the tractor caucus of one, we need more farmers elected ”

    Tester is the ONLY farmer? Did Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst sell their farms?

    The Dems can’t even tell the truth about simple matters.

  15. Bluejay says:

    But according to radical Jane and the looney Left aren’t farmers poisoning us with non-organic food? We can only eat the food approved by the Left and no meat.

  16. Sparkles says:

    It’s been announced that John Hinckley Jr. is soon to be released from a mental hospital and allowed to move in with his mother.
    The judge determined all evidence points to Hinckley no longer posing a danger to himself or others.

    Just in time to free up a much needed bed for The Donald.

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