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OmahaOmaha01Hillary’s on her way to Omaha.

Yes, “Omaha is in play.” I believe that they believe that.

But a stop in Omaha RIGHT after the convention?
Something else is up. Yes, I’m sure Team Hillary wants that one, single electoral vote in Nebraska’s second district. Yes it would be great to get ONE VOTE.

But you know what’s more important to her campaign?
Ohio’s 20.
Pennsylvania’s 21.
Florida’s 27.

Now I still contend that Iowa’s 7 Winner-Take-All votes are also more important — and I won’t be surprised if Monday’s landing in Omaha ends up with a rally in Iowa.

But this whole 1 EV business is more likely a genuflect to Warren (maybe a promise) — or a cash roundup with the other area Dem funders.

And I’ve heard from others who think Trumps negatives are so high in the 2nd that Hillary can win it. I’d counter that while Trump’s negatives may be high, I’m willing to bet he fares much, much better in a head-to-head with Hillary.

But hey, at least it may keep things interesting in Nebraska — exactly what the anti-Winner Take All state Senators wanted. (Right?)


Talkin’ ’bout Last Nite…

After a very slow start, great speech by the President last night. Very ringing endorsement for the candidate, Barack Obama.

Oh, wait. He’s not running?
Well, then, not so much.

This was Obama’s swan-song to the most adoring crowd he could find. Hillary’s entrance at the end was more like your friend’s Mom showing up in the basement to spoil the impromptu party while they were out.

And even though Obama can still give the soaring rhetoric, it still ignores reality.

Trump: “Day after day after day after day of terror attacks.
Obama: “That Donald Trump! He’s just trying to scare you!

And like it or not, giddy speech or not, a big chunk of Obama’s legacy is going to be the hyper-increased racial division over the past 8 years — which he was supposed to solve with his Hope & Change.


The Heat is On

So Michelle gave a nice speech.
Bill gave a weird speech.
Biden gave a Biden speech.
Tim Kaine (a KC’s Rockhurst Prep boy, btw) gave a dud.
Obama gave a nice speech.

So now…Hillary.
Pressure’s on for someone who isn’t known for her oratory skills.

(Decent chance she just walks out an yelps, “I’m not Donald Trump!” and then hopes for the best.)


And then he ORDERED us all to ‘have a good day’!

And I’m sure the commenters will want to hack it to pieces, so here is my 2¢:

The Washington Post’s super dramatic headline (exact headline also by Politico and Chicago Tribune) is, “Trump urges Russia to hack Clinton’s emails“.

Really? Is that what he did?
Because last I heard, Hillary’s private server is off-line.
So there’s no “hacking” to be done.
And then, what if Russia did hack her deleted emails?
The 30,000 that she deleted (that we know of) were all just about yoga and baking and grandkids. So no harm, no foul, RIGHT?
But the Justice Dept would like those 30K emails that Hillary deleted, so near as I can tell, Russia would be doing the USA a favor.

In the mean time, let’s stop the “ohmygosh listen to what he said!!!” BS. He was being sarcastic. Because you don’t think Russia isn’t already trying to dive into every loosely guarded secret the US has? You don’t think they didn’t try — and likely succeed — to get into Hillary’s bathroom server?

So maybe, JUST MAYBE, the Democrats and the press (whoops, I’m being redundant) should consider what a grossly negligent move it was for Hillary to put confidential info on her homebrew setup.

Because if HILLARY hadn’t done that, there’d be nothing for Russia to hack, would there?


Tweedily deedily dee

Some favorite Tweets from last night…

And this little nugget from the OWH’s Joe Morton:


Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying

Ah, the BIG speech is tonight!
The BIG one!
The ONE we’ve all been WAITING for!


I for one can’t wait for Hillary’s dulcet tones to come floating onto my eardrums.
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  1. Bluejay says:

    Hillary just coming to collect checks from Warren, Susie and friends. And I have it on good authority that she will be eating at Bronco’s on Leavenworth Street. She has that common touch.

    Kaine is a puzzle to me. He is either the best product of Jesuit high school education or he has figured out how to turn the “men for others” narrative into a cynical way to advance himself; all to dupe the gullible and virtue signal to the electorate.

    My bottom-line with the Dems is that high taxes, cronism, identity politics, lack of toughness on terror, lawlessness on the border and the CAGW scam just results in a less free and poorer American people. And I still resent what the Dems did to Ginni Lamp’s husband. Mean and nasty people.

  2. Ricky says:

    Street Sweeper is whistling past the graveyard. Trump is such a sociopath and a carnival barker/freak show only the 40 per cent of his fellow nut jobs want him elected President.
    He will get crushed by HRC and is going to take down the GOP in the House and in the Senate.

  3. seven angelic TRUMPeters says:

    1 EV up for one side is one EV down for the other, so one EV counts as a two point swing.

    “Big chunk of Obama’s legacy is going to be the hyper-increased racial division” is a Base Rate fallacy.

    I watched Trump’s full press conference and his Russia hacking statement seemed just a genuine (not sarcastic) as when he talks about building the wall and other ideas.

    SS focus more on the topics within Nebraska Politics and not national. There is already enough hot air covering national issues, but not enough hot air covering Nebraska.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey dummy, Hillary is bringing the national DNC convention dregs to Omaha. That’s her national news she is dragging to Leavenworth Street.

    Why? $60 billion Buffetts in her Tuffit.

    That hot air you fee; is coming out of your pie hole.

  5. bynd says:

    I do believe the most absurd statement in politics is that the President is the leader of the free world. We have certainly elected less leaders than we have elected true leaders. What makes it even more absurd are the two who are left standing this time around. Let’s go past the President thing and try to imagine either as the leader of the free world.

    And when you read the rabid partisans on here, you realize, it is not the low information voter who is scary, it is the APD voter who is. And read the whole description. APD isn’t just about children. Although one could successfully argue that partisans are just adults in chronological age only.

    The second most absurd saying in politics, my candidate is qualified to be president.

  6. Anonymous says:

    WP summed up the final night of DNC’s convention “winners” as a lackluster speech by Hillary as a plodding character who never stops plodding, Chelsea who “didn’t wow anyone”, Khan’s “stagecraft” and Cleaver who with linguistic ignorance lauded Clinton for being “throwed” down by failures and getting back up. And that was the “winners” on a night when Democrats interrupted and booed their own nominee.

    The fact that turds float doesn’t make them winners. Makes ’em floaters.

    BTW, Hillary is coming to Omaha right after her nomination. Trump came to Omaha right after he won Indiana. Omaha is a navel of the political universe. Contemplate it.

  7. CD 2 says:

    You can thank Tommy “Chong” Garrett and his pot fueled temper tantrum for Hillary coming to Omaha and all the dollars that are going to be spent against Don Bacon and Ian Swanson. Thanks Senator Chong!

  8. Mistake by the Lake says:

    The New York Times just reported the FBI are investigating yet another hack, this time of the DCCC. The hack, inter alia, seems to have channeled donations to the DNCC to an IP address associated with the Russian government.

    It’s clear that Russia is interfering in a US election, trying to elect their candidate, Donald Tumpski. I don’t easily bandy about the word ‘treason’, but you Trumpkins need to step back and take a good, hard look at what you’re trying to accomplish. Because it’s also what Vladimir Putin is trying to accomplish.

    • bynd says:

      Since it appears that those who have bought this line of reasoning, hook, line and sinker, and are using it against Trump, it would make better sense that the Ruskis are trying to elect Hillary. Remember it was Obama whispering into Vlad’s ear in public, and HRC who made our secrets available to them in the first place.

      In either case, it appears the Ruskis are playing Americans like a fiddle and some are happy to go along with it:)

    • Sparkles says:

      Trumpsters don’t care that the Donald poses a real and significant danger to the security and welfare of our nation.
      All that matters is he’s promised them he’ll deport from our lands millions of rapists and drug dealers, many carrying disease, all of them sharing the same, criminalizing trait – brown skin.
      In addition, in defiance of our Founding Fathers and a central tenants of America’s true exceptionalism – Trump has promised to bar millions more with brown skin from the opportunity to even enter our country because of their faith.
      Although there’s been no net in-migration from Mexico for a decade, and more recently the trend is negative, with more leaving our country than entering, Trump has promised his fervent base he’ll build for them a wall.
      A HUGE, glorious wall, likely with a giant, lighted, golden T emblazoned on it every few miles. Maybe he’ll even adorn it with some posters of the First Lady. America’s first First Lady for whom we can all enjoy in seductive nude poses.
      Then there are those with brown skin who have no intention of coming to our country, but who he imagines pose a threat anyway. Ya see.. The Donald has publicly stated he doesn’t need to consult with or rely on the advise of military experts. When asked about who he turns to for military advise Trump replied; “Well, I watch the shows..”. And when asked where he turns and who he speaks to for foreign policy advise he declared; “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.”.
      So for those with brown skin who live in foreign lands, and The Donald imagines are a threat – he’ll bomb the crap of them. Not only them, but their entire families.
      He’ll bomb them, bomb everything around them then he’ll steal their resources.
      This is a promise he has repeatedly made. A promise that never fails to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

      So Trumpsters reject your facts, your ‘news’ stories, your science and your reason.
      Their minds are closed, tight as a drum and starved for sustenance, the blood and oxygen impeded by their Make America Great Again caps, the straps of which must be incredibly tight if the cap is to remain affixed to their heads over top that layer of slick, shiny tin foil.
      (fortunately for some, their white hood atop all that helps keep the cap secured)

      • Umm hey Sparkles says:

        HRC actually did pose a threat to national security via the unsecure server. I’m yet to understand how a non-elected official can have that much impact on the world power when the actual appointed official lied and exposed gigabytes of classified material to enemies foreign and domestic.

      • YES HE CAN! says:


        Why do you hate America so much? Are you infected with an unusually strong strain of brain-crippling White Guilt (typically brought on by the unrelenting media bombardment of “White Privilege” upon our nation’s masses).

  9. Sparkles says:

    And the award for Best Opening Line to a speech, goes to –

    “I’m Michael Jordan, and I’m here with Hillary.
    I said that because I know that Donald Trump couldn’t tell the difference,”
    – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    • YES HE CAN! says:

      No, not really. Kareem’s race-baiting opening line was little more than childish and divisive.

      I hope Trump outlaws Libtarded-Thinking once he becomes our ruler.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Ah yes, Lew Alcindor…the guy whose conversion to Islam also came with some super-enlightened views on women. Pam Grier had some wonderful insight in that subject. But when you consider that Hillary helped silence or marginalize all those women who came forward to speak out against her hubby’s predatory sexual nature, it’s not at all surprising she would share the stage with someone who also has a history of oppressing women.

    • Umm hey Sparkles says:

      Maybe, unlike you and Kareem, some people don’t look or judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

  10. bynd says:

    And they call the Republicans with all their investigations the conspiracy party.

    Invest in tin foil. They are the new “watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”, hat.

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