Convention bouncing

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.06.42 PMWell, it looks like Hillary and company will be at North High in Omaha on Monday.

And if I were a Hillary supporter in another state, I would be saying “what the hell??“.

There are only a few equations that make sense for why she is coming to Omaha right off the convention bounce, and all of them include the word “Buffett.”

Look, if Hillary wins the election by a single electoral vote, the trip will be seen as pure genius. If she loses, it will be blasted.  And if she wins by much more it will still be seen as goofy.

Of course, at some point it will probably be leaked that it is for a personal favor, or to pick up a major check or somesuch.

Anything else and I — and many others — just don’t get it.


And I’ll jam a pencil in my ear if I hear “Fight Song” again…

I can appreciate the excitement by some that a woman is a party nominee for President. But I would argue that most people still hate Hillary for who she is and what she has done, as opposed to because she is a woman. And that is also a great achievement. That would be, people judging her by the content of her character.

FWIW, I asked my 12 year old daughter last night what she thought of a woman getting the nomination. She shrugged and said it was essentially a zero to her. She has grown up with her mother always holding a job outside of “homemaker.” Her principal is a woman.  All of her coaches are women. Heck, her dentist is a woman.

She doesn’t care about politics, but if she did, at least half of the speakers at the conventions were women. So the idea of a woman being President for her is neither here nor there. Of course this is much much different, particularly, for my parents’ generation. But the fact that it doesn’t really impress my daughter seems to me like a good thing.



Hillary’s speech was fine. Wasn’t as good as the Obamas’. Wasn’t as bad as Kaine’s.

On the whole not sure that her speech was better or worse than Trump’s.

While U.S. and world events are certain to come into play, and matter…boy is the first debate going to be Must See T.V.

September 26th.


If not now, then when?

On the homier front, there had been an expectation that State Senator Heath Mello was going to announce for…something…by now. Either Mayor or maybe City Council.

After the Mayor’s budget speech and the glowing stories and editorials, maybe that held him back.

We’ll wait and watch.


Whoa boy…

And for those of you “in the know” the rumors are FLYING around the state capitol right about now, with the state’s two major newspapers calling all they can about a crazy story of the day.

Sorry no hints here, and I may have to patrol the comments section.

But there could be a story hitting the internets at any moment…



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  1. Hate to disrupt your Trump-boosting efforts, Sweeper, but even before the DNC, in swing states, Clinton was out-polling Trump. Look at the Suffolk PA poll today. Polls conducted during the convention seem to indicate a pretty large convention bump. I expect she’ll be 5 – 10 points up in the first post-convention polls, and that 5 points will be her smallest lead from here on in. It’s going to be a pretty decisive result, and possibly a landslide. That’s what happens when you nominate a loon.

    This election will be fought in North Carolina and Georgia, not Ohio and Florida. And you know what that means. It also means the GOP will lose the Senate and struggle to hang on to the House.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Hillary is just marking time until the deleted emails are leaked. She knows what they contain. Evidence of the bribery scheme between Hill and Bill. She is ruined.

    And the hacker is not Russia. It is Israel disguised as Russia. Why Israel? Because the Muslims own the Clintons. Just look where the Clintons get their money.

    I will be interested to see if Hillary can fill a HS gym.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Professor, nice to see you back. Coincidentally, earlier today I told someone that I wondered about you. You had been silent for so long on this blog. But suddenly you are here quite excited and speaking about polls, which don’t well measure asymmetry or threat. It takes a different sifting of data to get around asking questions people mayn’t answer. Any math we do off of the alchemy of polling in anomalous conditions gives doubtful results. But you may be correct. Trump can easily lose. But I don’t see how Hillary is a shoe-in. Most models show a fairly even race. We shall see.

    Shifting gears, we noticed “Black Lives Matter” shirts at the Convention being worn by lily white screaming Democrats. We wonder if that hypocritically anarchistic mentality is shared by all Leftists. How else can a “Black” president have 100% slave-owner ancestry? How else a “woman” nominee be a rapist defender? And Bernie getting as close as he did to the DNC nod when he has never in his life been a Democrat? I know hypocrisy is universal but geez.

    They pretend this is about love. But if Hillary and Obama were in the audience they’d be booing prayers, police, and military too. They salute a flag they’d rather burn and for all we know likely have. These old hippies still see policemen as “pigs” and our soldiers as crazed “baby killers”. They love their SDS days and like Peter Pan hope to never grow up. That’s okay for wine and cheese merchants.

  4. Sparkles says:

    A Leavenworth St favorite no less – the wingiest of the Wingers –

    “Sen. Bill Kintner suspected of having sexually explicit video of himself on state computer”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ewwwwwww, Bill Kintner having sex. Now, was it with himself, a woman, a MAN?? Lol. This is going to be sweet to watch unfold. (The story, NOT the video!)

  6. Ricky says:

    Oh but Krazy Kitner is a Christian! Let’s go to bible study and forgive him. God just gave him a little moral lapse that is all.
    What a hypocrite and a puke. And it took this long for the information to come to light and his wife works for the Governor?
    One would think it would have come out long ago.
    Check off one more GOP loyalist from the Unicam.

    • Bynd says:

      Nothing like the moral left to leave their principles behind when they smell blood. What happened to what happens behind closed doors is not your business. The issue is the state computers. Hypocrites condemning hypocracy. RFLMBO

  7. Bluejay says:

    I’m hearing some young Republicans are going to express their First Amendment rights on Monday. The word is they will chant, “deleted emails.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t I get an invitation to one of Senator Sasse’s NE town halls? Guess I’m not on his big GOP donor mailing list.

  9. Lisa Lindquist says:

    I received an invite to the Sasse town hall in Lincoln and am unaffiliated voter. Plan to attend and thank him for having the courage to stand up to the misogynist Trump and dishonest Clinton.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So the Democrat strategy is that Hillary and Democrats are ignorant victims. We pity Hillary as the Affirmative Action Retarded Female candidate version of the ridiculous race card playing Obama?

    Russian spys supposedly want to know that DNC workers call Bernie a Jew and want to prove a woman who swallows Monica Lewinsky’s leftovers is stupid. However, the same Russians were not at all interested in the zillion Top Secrets this shit for brains Hillary kept in her closet. That’s the narrative?

    JAKE BLUES: “Honest… I ran out of gas! I–I had a flat tire! I didn’t have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!

    It’s like the entire Democratic machine is one big hire the mentally deficient program.

  11. Sassewhole says:

    Sasse has earned many a voter’s undying enmity. All his taxpayer funded trips to local libraries to invite people to show up and punch him in the face, will result in only simpering snits like Lisa Lindquist showing up to kiss his ass. Sasse will conclude he is loved by the masses.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sasse will stay a few minutes at each town hall to lecture us and then run out the door without answering a question. Just like last year. Leaves some staff behind for cleanup. Welll he can’t run forever.

  13. Coincidentally, the London Times this morning has a major exposé of Russian attempts to interfere in British politics. Among other things, they’re peddling (mostly to the Scots) conspiracy theories about Brexit, the ultimate goal being to break up the United Kingdom. Putin loves devising conspiracy theories.

    He’s doing this all over the world, folks. One would have to be incredibly naive to think he’s not doing it here.

    The Times also has extensive details of the DNC hack, which apparently was two hacks, one by the GRU and one by rival spy agency FSU.

  14. bynd says:

    So the FBI warns the Clinton folks that some one is trying to hack their servers. The Clinton folk allow it to happen. The FBI comes in, after Comey has protected, and ask for info to see if the servers were hacked. But the Clinton folks say the data is to sensitive to give to the FBI. But it is only analytical software.

    And you HRC supporters are going to trust this bunch with all our state secrets.

    And what does Ricky worry about, a sex tape on Kintner! I’ll bet that gave the little perv Ricky a spikester. You are a sic individual Ricky. And what you think is important is hilarious. You judge from what you believe is a moral high ground but you are deeper in the bile than the rest. Do you peek in Kintner’s widow at night also?

  15. Krazy Kitners sex tape says:

    Everybody knew Kinter was one weird guy, but I doubt anybody would think he’d be dumb enough to have self-porn on his state computer.
    This story has a lot of unanswered questions; like why did Mr Ricketts wait so long to tell Kitner to resign?
    State Patrol’s Rice badgered an IT worker when Kitner claimed his computer was hacked?
    Kitner’s fellow GOP senators knew what was going on and said nothing?
    What was the discussion in Kitner’s Bible Study class? Business as usual ?
    The NADC is investigating? Why that group they have no power. It took a year for an investigation to get underway?
    What a mess. Nice going Republicans.

    • Sparkles says:

      You forgot the participation of State AG’s office, who was handed the results of the State Patrol investigation last October and apparently just quietly shuffled the paperwork and video to the NADC. (of course in his defense, Doug Peterson has been busy either launching or joining in guaranteed-to-fail lawsuits against the Obama Administration)
      Since receiving the video and State Patrol report in a referral by the State AG’s office, the NADC has held meetings in Oct ’15, Dec ’15, Jan ’16, April ’16 and June ’16.
      Yet, not a peep.

      This is clearly an account of a deliberate cover up.
      Furthermore an account incompetence and abdication of leadership by EVERY department of the Rickett’s administration.
      (of course – incompetence has been Standard Operating Procedure for the hand selected members of Team Rickett’s)

      As Sen Krist is quoted –
      “I would’ve hoped (the executive branch) would’ve handled it,” Krist said of the matter.

      Would Have.
      Past Tense.
      As in – a simple meeting, last July, between Rickett’s and Kintner, something to the effect –
      ‘Hi Bill, have seat, I’d like to share a video with you… what’s that, you don’t need to see it. Okay then, here, I’ve prepared a sample of a letter of resignation..’

      For Christ’s sake – on top of Kintner’s public admission to the debauchery – it’s a pornographic VIDEO folks!
      Exactly WHAT is there to ‘investigate’?
      Have Team Rickett’s spent more than a year ruling out the possibility that maybe it’s a Kintner doppleganger debauching himself on the video??!!

      Who could have imagined someone could fail more consistently and at greater scale than the hapless Heineman clown show our state was forced to endure for a decade?

      Although, I gotta say, my heart goes out to Lauren Kintner.

      • Callculating Pete says:

        Pete was just covering his bases. If Kintner had resigned a year ago the Governor would have been faced with the task of finding a replacement that probably wouldn’t have voted as reliably for his agenda as Kintner does. His replacement appointee would have had to run for the office in the May primary and the November general elections. That ran the risk of electing someone who wouldn’t support the Governors agenda at all.

        Now Kintner can resign and Pete gets to pick someone who will hold the seat until 2018. It was a win-win situation for Pete. The Governor just screwed the voters in the district out of their right to elect their own representative.

      • Sparkles says:

        Calculating Pete,

        Well done.

        The level of collusion is remarkable.
        All of it to hold on to the seat of one toady, one empty vessel they could manipulate as they pleased.
        Of course unless, long time insider Lauren has the goods on a few people of prominence.

      • You’re such a prude, Sparkles. I don’t have the least problem with consenting adults watching each other fap nekkid over a poor-quality videolink. Whatever gets you though the night, I say. But I am appalled by him
        (1) clicking on a link in an unsolicited email offering free sex with an unknown person
        (2) actually getting his head around the idea some hot young thang gets her jollies from watching a sixty-ish man gratifying himself
        (3) Doing it all on a state computer.

        I expect his legal liability is actually rather minimal. He used a state computer for personal ‘business’, but I expect that that happens about seven times a week. The content of his, ahem, interactions is likely protected by the first amendment, so in principle it wouldn’t matter if he was videosexting, or buying an app from the Apple Store.

        Politically it’s deadly, of course, particular when the perp. is a social conservative warrior who’s made a career of reviling teh gey and teh tranny.

    • Bynd says:

      Read the story Ricky. Or is that to hard to do. Nothing was said because an investigation was on going. Once again your ignorant is showing. Duh

      • I don’t buy this for a second. It’s a straightforward case. The evidence was clear, and on a state computer, he had no reasonable expectation of privacy.

  16. Ed Stevens says:

    I continue to be astonished at the sheer untrammeled arrogance of power in our elected officials (though one would think by now I’d be used to it). What is also troubling (along with perv-ness run amok) is the breeziness with which these folks publicly indulge their weird fantasies – put a video of yourself doing Gawd knows what to Gawd knows whom on a statehouse computer??!!? You know – the computer that your colleagues, co-workers, friends, enemies and, very likely, constituents, have access to ferChrissake??!!? I mean we all have a libido (with the possible exception of my high school English teacher), and most of us are willing to overlook minor transgressions, but putting one’s junk “in action” on any computer system sorta pegs my “Ewww-meter”.

    If it is true, he should be gone. If it isn’t true, then whoever started it should be gone. In either case, someone should be looking into whoever it was that tried to sell the video to an unnamed “junior senator”.

    …and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

  17. Midtownguy says:

    I feel really bad for any person that had to view this video. Can you imagine having to carry that image in your brain.

  18. What does JSA think? says:

    Krazy Kitner’s was JSA’s most reliable vote in the Unicam for anti-choice legislation.
    Birds of a feather ….


  19. Callculating Pete says:

    That fig leaf the Governor is flaunting – that he couldn’t comment because there was an ongoing investigation is ridiculous. They mounted a deliberate, calculated and secret plan to drag the investigation out for months to provide cover to the Governor. Not only should Kintner resign, so should the people who covered for him. There is no plausible excuse for this to have taken a year to investigate.

    Those doing the “investigating” should resign. If they weren’t actively participating in a cover up, their inability to get the job done in a timely manner is proof that they’re totally incompetent.

    Which is it? Are they incompetent or just corrupt?

    This is just one more in a long string of situations that prove that Pete Ricketts isn’t fit to be Governor of Nebraska. For all of his flaws, Dave Heineman would have recognized the toxic nature of Kintner’s actions and ushered him out of the Capitol immediately. In spite of what Rick Sheehy and Lavon Heidemann might have wished for, the Governor,s loyalty properly belongs to the people of Nebraska and not the politicians they work with.

  20. In the know says:

    In the Kintner video, apparently the back of Ricky’s head makes a cameo. It is really blurry as the head is moving up and down so fast but it sure is Ricky.

  21. Perverts on Parade says:

    It’s a real shame that the Governor decided it was to his advantage to cover up for Creepy Kintner, the Pervert from Papillion. Parents will now have second thoughts about signing those permission slips for their children to go on a field trip to see the Capitol. The kids that do get to go will all be asking the tour guides to point out Senator Pervert.

  22. Where's Vince? says:

    If a Democratic Governor had so obviously participated in this kind of cover up the Republicans would have a recall petition on the streets already. Pete probably doesn’t have much to worry about. Vince Powers will do what he always does – run his mouth for three or four minutes and walk away without ever doing a damned thing.

  23. ANON says:

    Al Gore invented the internet so politicians could carry out being pervs and criminals on the governments teat, a democratic dark net, with Hillary setting the bar. The hits keep on coming for the governor. If Kitner is that stupid he should resolve it now.

  24. Khan says:

    All the usual suspects are wetting themselves with glee over a unicam member they don’t like getting caught filming himself jerking off on a state computer. Meanwhile, they prepare to vote for the wife and enabler of Bill Clinton.

    Irony Level: High
    Shock Level: Zero

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ironic that Khizr Khan single-handedly brought the necessity of a moral compass back in to national politics. There is nothing he says about Trump that doesn’t apply to Clinton twice, certainly both deserve scorn and remonstration. #Kahn4POTUS.

  26. Calculating Pete says:

    It’s clear that the Governor has been actively involved in a cover up of Kintner’s reckless and illegal activity for over a year. The State Patrol participated in the cover up, undoubtedly because of pressure from the Governor. One has to wonder if Kintner’s voting record reflects his own judgment or if the Governor “persuaded” Kintner to support his own agenda.

    Perhaps it’s time to call in the FBI to investigate both the Governor and the State Patrol.

    It’s ironic that Speaker Hadley and Senator Krist are both tainted by this scandal. They have both been repeatedly attacked by the Governor and Senator Kintner for not being Republican enough. They both just got burned for doing the Republican thing. The Governor never had any integrity. Now Hadley and Krist’s integrity has been damaged by deferring to the Governor.

    • What does JSA think? says:

      good points. How many votes in the Unicam were Kinters and how many were Pete’s while holding the porn tape up against the senator?

  27. Get a Brain! - Morans!! says:

    So what, maybe all that’s true, but you libtards always forget about Benghazi!!-Benghazi!!, Hillary’s pant suits and Jane Kleeb’s boots!!
    Huh!! What about those, tinfoil commie lover!!
    San Francisco Nancy Pelosi!!
    Then there’s dummycrat Vince Powers and ISIS loving Ernie Chambers! Black Panthers!!



  28. bynd says:

    The best part is, first they accuse so many of a cover up for over a year, and then portray them as stupid. Which is it?

    • Calculating Pete says:

      The cover up was stupid! Cover ups are always stupid.

      Watergate – It wasn’t the burglary, it was the cover up.

      Iran-Contra – It was the cover up.

      There is NO plausible reason that it took over a year to investigate Kintner’s stupidity.

      Everyone involved seems to have willingly deferred to the Governor on the matter. The Governor decided it was to his advantage to keep the matter covered up for as long as possible. He has demonstrated very bad judgment in the matter and a total lack of respect for the people of Nebraska.

      For all of his faults, Dave Heineman recognized that his loyalty belonged to the people of Nebraska and not to any Politician. It didn’t take Heineman a year to decide what to do with Rick Sheehy or Lavon Heideman when they got stupid. He ran them off immediately.

      Ricketts just keeps proving that he isn’t able to do the job his daddy bought for him.

  29. Chair says:

    Kintner has a sign on his chair in his office letting people not to sit on it. Now I know the reason. He is looking out for everyone and does not want anyone sticking to the chair.

  30. curious says:

    I see Vince Powers wants the Governor to resign along with Kintner for abusing government equipment. Did Vince call for President Clinton to resign for abusing government equipment while he was in office?

    • Uncle Liberty says:

      Vince FOSTER!!
      The moon landing was a FALSE FLAG!
      Terror babies, Jade Helm 16, Agenda 21, Gay indoctrination, Odumma Brownshirts, RUBY RIDGE!!
      Missing cattle, crop circles, fluoride toothpaste, Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!



  31. Meanwhile, over the weekend, Robert Mugabe, thuggish kleptocratic dictator of Zimbabwe, endorsed Donald Trump, saying that once Trump is President “you’ll wish you’d been friendlier to me.” What’s truly ironic is that Mugabe, in addition to torturing and killing political opponents, has driven thousands of white farmers off their land and handed them to his cronies. I wonder how that will play with the white-supremacist alt.right crowd?

    Donald Trump; the clear choice of vicious third-world dictators worldwide!

      • Sparkles says:

        Of the choices allowed by the double entendre, I’m sticking with premature character evacuation.
        A malady that will hopefully soon lead to his electile dysfunction.

        But, speaking of short comings, I just figured out what Hillary is laughing at in the pic that accompanies this post. It’s the Donald’s tiny, baby-like hand. Check it out.

  32. The Grundle King says:

    I was enjoying my weekend, so I missed out on all this Kintner business. What an idiot.

    Still, I’m amused by the Democrats who are more concerned about a State Senator doing a little personal ‘business’ (vvrrrpp) on his work computer, than they are about a Secretary of State doing national security business on her personal devices.

    Pervy abuse of a $500 laptop vs. ‘extremely careless’ handling of national security.

    Talk about your f***ed up priorities.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Same here. I’m not even going to try to defend Kintner on this one. Just plain dumb.

        But stupidity with national security is far and away a more serious issue than this…and yet, Hillary’s political career seems relatively unscathed. Kintner’s is probably over.

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