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imageLet’s hit this first: Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner is in a bad place.

It looks like he was the subject of an extortion attempt — that was the result of his bad choices. If it is found that his video chat was done on a state computer…well…that would be an extremely dumb move, just from a purely “official” standpoint.

But readers, those are all “ifs”.
Here, in America, it doesn’t matter if Jane Kleeb and Vince Powers want to hang Kintner immediately from their perches as the party of Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner. We follow the procedures set out under the law.

But let us talk about “responsibility”.

For some reason, State Senator Bill Krist, Chair of the Legislature’s Executive Committee, and Vince Powers and Jane Kleeb think that Governor Pete Ricketts is in charge of the Unicameral.

Here’s the thing: there are four ways a State Senator can be removed from office:
Voted out on Election Day.
Or be impeached by his or her fellow State Senators.

There is nowhere in the state Constitution that says the Governor has a magic wand over the legislative body to “take care of” issues with the members — even though Bob Krist says that’s what he was hoping would happen.

And not only is Krist a member, he’s the Chairman of the committee that should or could or would address such an issue as Kintner’s.

Sure the NADC is looking at Kintner’s computer to see if it was “misused”.

Big deal.

If Kintner had used his home computer would it make this situation better? We’re not talking about top secret information being at risk (I’m guessing) because of a chat session.

So because we have Separation of Powers, the members of the Unicameral should have been the ones responsible. And, oh by the way, Bob Krist has been sitting on this for…a YEAR? And he thinks the Governor should have done “something”? Was this issue brought up in any of Krist’s committees? Was there an executive session?

Of course, those would have been methods for those who are RESPONSIBLE to take action to do so.

Unless Krist and Powers and Kleeb don’t get their pitchforks out beforehand.


Well, Hillary arrives in Omaha today…and ooh look, there’s Warren Buffett with her!

Whoduh thunk!

Don Walton is on his column this morning tooting that “Hillary would never had come if it weren’t for the blue dot!”

So, again, Nebraska changes its laws from every other state in the union (I’ve given up on Maine) so that there’s some TV coverage of the campaign at North High?

Really? And will there be a million people there? Wait, no? So most people will watch it on TV? Like we did the convention in Philly?

Got it.

No folks, learn it again: The reason Nebraska is not Winner Take All is so that Democrats can have a chance at an EV and the TV stations can make some extra ad money.

But note this as well: Hillary has had speeches for her the last few days that have included, Michael Bloomberg and then Mark Cuban and now Warren Buffett. So they can pump business people who support her.

No one cares about anything else Hillary does in Omaha, except that Warren will be up there with her. And that’s what the newsies will cover.

(And there’s probably a very good argument that she would have done an event with Warren, blue dot or not.)

If it comes down to one electoral vote, feel free to come back and tell me how wrong I was.
Or vice versa.


By the way, there are reports that say Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford will NOT be at the Hillary rally today.
Once again, I’ll believe that when I see it.

There is story after story that one of the reasons Hillary is coming to town is to save Ashford’s seat. Ashford is the Hillary CHAIR in Omaha.

But KMTV reports that Ashford will be “out of town” when Hillary is here!!!

Is he on vacation? Is he donating a kidney?

Because if so, turn the ambulance around and get on the freaking stage with the Presidential nominee of your party!

This is a STRANNNNGE one folks.
Heck, Pete Ricketts’ family is bankrolling the anti-Trump movement, and HE still introduced Trump when he landed in Omaha! Don Bacon was at the Trump rally as well.

If Ashford doesn’t show up when the Democratic nominee for President…whose campaign he CHAIRS…is in HIS district!…. he should be required to wear a chicken suit for the rest of the campaign.

Your move, Colonel Ashford.


Mother Jones is the latest to cover Falls City, Nebraska resident Charles W. Herbster as Donald Trump’s Ag issues Chairman.

They essentially recycle the same issues as Politico (and also leave out that Herbster dropped out of the last Governor’s race because of his wife’s serious medical issues).

But there are a great couple of lines in their article:

On a recent afternoon, I caught up with Herbster by phone on a corn field on his Nebraska farm after calling a number I found on the website of Herbster Angus Farms. I was quite surprised when the man himself answered the phone.

Reporter wants to get ahold of a guy who they keep looking down their noses at as some sort of out-of-touch “kingmaker”.

They find his ACTUAL number on a website.
And he answers his own phone while out in the fields.

The reporter concludes his article…

I pressed him for more policy details, but he politely hustled me off the phone. “I don’t want to be rude, but I’ve got concrete being laid at the farm,” he said.

Sounds like Trump found the right guy.


  1. Bluejay says:

    Bob Krist sat on this issue for a year? That’s the issue. Not Pete. As far as we know, Pete just learned of this issue.

    Nebraska – as a state – looks like a flaky idiot in not having winner take all. Typical Dem move. Divide Omaha from the rest of the state. Create division and play the identity politics card. I thought we were “One Nebraska.” Ben Nelson told us so.

    GOP better fix WTA next term.

    • Dale Gribble says:

      Blue: I attended Nelson’s 1991 inaugural ball. He even smoked a peace pipe to prove he was for “One Nebraska.” Then the Unicam passes the Electoral College gimmick law.

  2. Baloney says:

    Look at how Governor Heineman handled the situation with Sheehy. Sheehy was gone within a few hours of Heineman finding out. That’s how a strong Governor operates. Ricketts searched for a year for a way to sweep this under the rug and now he’s culpable.

    • Yikes says:

      That analogy only works if Kintner was the LT Gov. I’m not sure having the head of state kicking senators out is good policy. I think that’s called a dictatorship.

      • Pete's Mama says:

        How do you feel about the Governor financing smear campaigns against incumbent members of the Legislature?

      • Anonymous says:

        Interesting statement that simply stating a senator’s PUBLC votes cast as PUBLICLY elected REPRESENTATIVES is equated to “smear”. Senators actively deceive their constituents by running as conservatives and then voting at the behest of the lobby, then get butt hurt when people back home are told about how they actually voted.

      • Bynd says:

        Obama’s mama to Petes faux mama,
        How do u feel about your son calling out SCOTUS in front of millions on TV while making a political speech? Your standards are as mushy as your thinking. Or lack there of.

  3. The Grundle King says:

    Herbster’s correct response would have been, “Oh, you’re from Mother Jones? Go sodomize yourself with a sideways 2×4.” Maybe he’s just nicer than I am.

    Outside of encouraging Kintner to resign, I’m not really sure what folks expect Ricketts to do. Now, that said…Kintner should resign, regardless of who owned the laptop. It will hurt both his own legislative efforts, and that of the party, if he continues after this.

    • I think that’s about right. If this is actually an illegality, it’s a very minor one. There is no rationale for prosecuting a video sex chat on a state computer if you allow streaming of PG-rated movies, visits to the app store, etc..

      However, it’s a political disaster. How Kintner gets his jollies is between him and Mrs. Kintner. But clicking on a link in an unsolicited email offering sex — AAARGH! And thinking there are hot young things that just like to go online and videosext with guys who could be their grandfather? NO!!!!

      And while I don’t support violating someone’s privacy because in one’s mind their views are hypocritical, Kintner’s hypocrisy is a legitimate political issue.

      Protip, folks. If someone offers you sex online, it’s either (1) a police sting, if they claim to be underage (2) a blackmail scam like this one appears to be or (3) just a hooker trying to make a living.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even though he will probably dig his heels in, Kintner should resign. That the sex video he made of himself was from an online scam just makes him seem out of touch with common sense.

    But Bluejay is right. For starters, Bob Krist needs to be removed from the executive board and severely reprimanded for his idiotic behavior and role in this. Instead of going to the Gov’s office, go directly to the state patrol or the AG. Hell’s bells, Krist’s office is less that 50 feet from the AG! Then openly talking about the NADC investigation? And bringing up Lauren as justification to go to Rickett’s?!

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Everyone who knew about this should resign immediately!”
    Does that include Adam Morfeld? Because he knew about it long before the gov.

    • Do The Right Thing says:

      From all the reports, the “junior senator” is the only one who handled the situation correctly. He passed the information on to Krist and the State Patrol. He could have called a press conference.

      • Anonymous says:

        Morfeld did not excercise discretion in the matter. He told many people in a gossip fashion at the time he was offered the video by the “woman”. This is no secret. Dems have known about this for 9 months and been sitting on it just waiting to create an issue. Jane Kleeb and Vince Powers are just as responsible for sitting on this is anyone is.

        Why is Don not asking Morfeld why he was the senator offered the video? Was he also “friends” on social media with the “woman”? Did he receive the solicitation on state equipment?

      • Anonymous says:

        So since Morfield gossiped about what he was offered he’s in the wrong too? I don’t think so. He can tell anyone he wants what happened. He did the right thing and told the NSP. He has no requirement to keep his mouth shut OR blab to the press. He can do what he wants with the info he was given.

  6. Ed Stevens says:

    So Morfeld was the “unnamed junior senator” solicited by the Bulgarian (or whatever) internet scamster to buy a video of a “senior senator” whipping his skippy in front of a video cam??

    Just asking …

    • The Grundle King says:

      If they wouldn’t vote to censure Chambers over his comparison of police to ISIS, or his remarks about white people having tainted his blood, or any number of the inflammatory remarks he’s made over the years that serve no purpose in the legislative chamber, then the won’t censure Kintner over this.

    • Sparkles says:

      Not true, the Legislature can do far more than censure him.
      Kintner can be impeached or expelled by his colleagues.
      I can assure you, should Kintner not resign, those actions will be pursued by the legislature.

      Also – if you read the Mother Jones article, Herbster was quite generous with his time on the phone.
      And something Herbster seemed to have gone out of his way to posit –
      He then mentioned reducing the inheritance tax (applied only to estates valued at $5.45 million or higher) as a “big issue,” and said that rolling back regulation would be “at the forefront” of a Trump’s first 100 days as president.

      When the reporter pushed Herbster for something beyond “make trade great again” platitudes, Herbster replied:
      Rather than sweat policy details, “my focus .. is to make sure we get rural America out to vote, that we raise as much money as possible,” he said, adding that “it’s gonna take a lot of money..

      And the clown show rolls on.

      I hear Trump’s next prominent campaign appointments will be Ted Kaczynski as his advisory Chairman for issues related to Housing and Urban Development, and Bernie Madoff as his advisory Chairman for Treasury related issues.

      • Sparkles says:

        I knew someone would catch that.
        I went with ‘cow’, because I thought carried more snark value.

        I grew up in Kintner country, I know the difference between bulls and steers, cows and heifers.
        I’ve taken part in the process that transforms little bulls into little steers, as well as little boars (and a bruising session with some not so little) to barrows.

      • Sparkles says:

        You know of course, trans cows date back to the days of the ancient Egyptians.
        From where else might you imagine the trans fat in milk comes?

      • Bynd says:

        Sparkles, are you a city boy or what. 5 million plus for a farmer is not a great amount when it is tied up in land. But then, common sense and truth are not your strong suits when it comes to partisanship. Plus it can stop a family from taking over a family farm and making a go of it. Why do you hate small family farmers so much?

  7. “Kintner was at his computer… badgering the witness”

    That’s what the kids are calling it these days, is it? Small wonder Urban Dictionary has become my primary reference source.

  8. Tax Payer says:

    How much money has Senator Kintner’s little indiscretion cost the tax payers?

    How many hours did the people doing tech support spend plugging the holes Kintner drilled in the security of the computer system? How much did the investigation by the State Patrol cost? How many hours did they have to spend tracking down all the porn sites where Kintner’s armature porn got posted so they could get it removed?

    How much money would the tax payers have saved if Kintner had done the right thing a year ago and just resigned?

    Kintner manages to stand up at least once a week when the Legislature is in session to tell everyone what he learned when he was going door to door campaigning. Did all those people he talked to express any opinions on how they felt about Senators posting porn on the internet? How welcome would he be standing on their steps if they knew he was a pervert?

    It’s time for Kintner to take responsibility for his own stupid actions. He should resign immediately and save the tax payers the cost of another hearing. He should spare the Legislature the need to debate his censure. He should spare his fellow conservatives the pain of having to decide if they are going to compromise their own values to protect him.

    Kintner has no shame. His ego won’t allow for it.

    • Sparkles says:

      “He should spare his fellow conservatives the pain of having to decide if they are going to compromise their own values..”

      Compromising one’s value is suddenly a concern if you’re a conservative?
      Does the name Donald Trump, ring a bell?

    • Bynd says:

      So, your given last name is Fallwell right? I see a whole lot of posters on here trying to resurrect the Moral (Hypocritical) Majority. Lead by the leftist and libertarians. Those of the we do no evil parties.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one is elected to use state equipment to photograph themselves masturbating. No moralizing, just common sense. Get caught? Find a convincing explanation for that part of the electorate you represent or resign. See? Simple.

      • bynd says:

        For the morally righteous I suppose it is that simple.

        Get caught doing personal business, not authorized on a state computer, there will be consequences. What they specifically were doing, if legal except for using the state computer, is no one’s business.

        But even when known, you folks fry him for being so self righteous and then falling, while it is something that everyone has done. The definition of hypocrites.

      • Tax Payer says:

        You’re wrong again Bynd.

        If Senator Kintner was using a state owned computer, anything he did is the public’s business.

      • bynd says:

        Tax Payer doesn’t do his do diligence,
        Because you have your own world where you are in charge, read the rules. You know, the law written by those you elected to represent you.

    • Sparkles says:

      Kintner was elected to serve a citizenry that takes great pride in their annual fall festival, officially dubbed the Kass Kounty King Korn Karnival.
      Most of the locals have long referred to it simply as the King Korn Karnival.
      Black lights aren’t allowed.

      • bynd says:

        Sparkles, Once again, your ignorance is showing. Or is it just a purposeful lie to enhance your stupid remarks. The name of the King Korn Karnival was changed several years ago. But I have seen that the KKK is an obsession for many like you on the internet. Evidently you like the part where you hide under the sheets.

        However, Plattsabama in Cassisssippi is appropriate. Where senior football players can sodomize younger ones and one can almost be beat to death on their porch by a baseball bat swinging drunk and no consequences.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Omaha is going prime time.

    First it was Bloomberg, then Mark Cuban, now it is the Warren Buffett at the podium, eviscerating Donald Trump.

    Every major network will feature clips, including Warren calling out Trump’s slander of the Khan family, then harkening back to the McCarthy-Welch exchange:
    “I ask you Mr. Trump, have you left no sense of decency

    • Anonymous says:

      Clinton & Trump have honesty problems. Clinton can never be fully truthful, which is her downfall. Trump has always been truthful; we see him for what he is – entirely lacking in decency – which is his downfall. Trump NEVER even pretended to be a decent human being. Too hard. Nothing about his behavior is surprising, it is entirely consistent with the inner man.

  10. Actually, I think Kintner and Trump have a lot of similarities. They started by saying outrageously in-PC things, which was refreshing for a short while but got shopworn quickly. Kintner seems to have taken Trump’s “never apologize” to heart. And they’re both apparently unwilling even to acknowledge their actions.

  11. Wikileaks just dumped 23,000 cables to or from Hillary Clinton on the net. No emails yet. A lot of the stuff is classified. I found one classified ‘secret’.

    Be interesting to cross-correlate the content of these cables with the emails. I’m sure the MSM is right on it /s.

  12. Ricky says:

    Does anybody really think Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the USA? If so I have a Kitner-used computer I can let you have.
    Trump will get destroyed by HRC. I know people will be fired up to not let Trump get elected, and they are taking steps to make sure it is not so.
    It’s pretty obvious that the GOP knew about the Kitner sex video, but they kept it secret as long as they could to save the legislative session for Ricketts.
    And the GOP thought Krist was not one of them? He did the GOP a huge favor last unicam session.

    • Ricky says:

      Ha ha. The Kitner Komputer is now undergoing a return-to-factory-sttings mode now and is being “scrubbed”.
      On top of the huge financial advantage HRC has over Trump, the Dem landscape is daunting to the GOP. The Dems have an electoral college advantage going in, and Trump has to turn the swing states his way to have a chance. And he is not going to do that. People won’t give the keys to the kingdom to a psycho like Trump.
      And for Kitner, I know it’s common to see a bible-thumping homophobe make porn or visit gay bars, but the progressives love seeing Kitner stew in a mess of his own making. Can’t wait for Ernie to get going over this come January. That is one reason I see Krazy Kitner stepping down, Ernie will have legislative hearings and the truth will have to come out then. About who knew what when.
      I doubt the GOP powers that be will let that happen, although they could not get McPherson to step down from the NE Board.

      • Speaking only for myself, even though I’m pretty much libertarian about sex, absent children, I’ve never sexted or videosexted, least of all on a state computer. Maybe, being an atheist, I’m less prone to be repressed and less inclined to break out into reckless sexual behavior.

      • bynd says:

        GH, Reckless sexual behavior? How old fashioned. I would think being around so many young people now days, you would realize there is no such thing. We are indeed a progressive an enlightened people. Whether we want to be or not.

  13. bynd says:

    So the Dems find their perfect surrogate in an immigrant family, whose military son was just killed overseas. The mother still so traumatized that she can’t even speak. The father supports HRC in his speech. No problem. He then attacks her opponent with some BS about the Constitution. The same exact BS the Dems are spouting about everything dealing with immigration and such.

    Trump, being what he is, strikes back in an inappropriate manner, maybe. He was played and screwed up.

    But then, all the Dem sycophants go out and say what a bad thing Trump did. While totally glossing over that the Dems are now no better than the Taliban, IS or any other despicable group who use innocent civilians to provide a shield for them.

    As I said else where. If the folks on the internet are the folks Jane intends to lead some where, the outcome is already sealed. The future will be just like the past. With your internet pervs and pseudo intellectuals who cut and paste like no tomorrow being the face of the Dem party in Nebraska. An impotent party in a fly over state. Forever condemned to be nothing but whiners and criers.

      • Sparkles says:

        The ramblings often bring to mind the scene from a famous card game, blackjack to be specific.

        McMurphy, hair unkempt, cigarette dangling from his mouth, is dealing.
        Martini, standing at the table to his right, “bets a dime”. But it’s no longer a dime, since he’s broken the cigarette in half, ‘it’s sh^&’.
        Then, with 20 showing, Martini repeatedly calls for McMurphy to “hit me”.

    • Trump opened his fat gob and spewed venom one too many times. It’s just a shame that a plurality of Republican primary voters didn’t figure out he’s a schmuck. Blame the MSM all you want; going after a gold star family is imbecilic, particularly if you’ve previously attacked POWs and gotten out of Vietnam because of a phony medical constitution.

      It’s time for Trumpkins to own the fact they lost an unlosable election.

      • Khan says:

        Your ire is better directed at the GOP establishment. It had many, many chances to get behind an actual conservative in Ted Cruz who had a legitimate shot at beating Trump. But they took their ball and went home when Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio fizzled out. Even our “principled” junior senator played coy through the primaries and withheld endorsement. They sat and stared at a wave of populist anger about to come crashing down on them, twiddling their thumbs while Carson and Katshit continued to suicide bomb Cruz’s momentum and capability to compete with Trump. And now here we are.

        I completely agree re: gold star parents, though. A Republican pol’s only strategy in this case is the George W. Bush vs. Cindy Sheehan one, and ignore them. Calling them liars, belittling them, and denying them coverage, such as the Benghazi parents like Patricia Smith, is the exclusive domain of Democrats and their lapdogs in the media.

  14. Drag Queen says:

    Why do they keep reporting that Kintner was conned into producing that porn video by some unnamed woman? Have they actually identified the person/persons who tricked him and posted the video on porn sites?

    I’m willing to bet he was targeted by someone who was offended by his behavior in the Legislature. It’s more than Wankin’ Willie’s ego can contemplate, but he was probably tricked by a man pretending to be a woman. Is it possible that poor Bill was engaging in cyber sex with a gay man?

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