Ashford a no-show at Buffett…er…Hillary rally

imageDemocrat 2nd District Congressman Brad Ashford was afraid to show up at a rally, in his own district, for the woman whose campaign he Co-Chairs.

That is Brad Ashford, in a nutshell.

First Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi flies in to Omaha for a secret evening of dining out — with no public appearances — with Ashford.

Then when the woman who could become the next President of the United States comes to town, he blows her off.

2nd District voters, Ashford just booted any reason you may have had to vote for him.

He certainly isn’t going to be passing any significant legislation, with Republican control of the House.

He’s going to keep trying to vote like a Republican — when Pelosi lets him — to keep his job.

So the only reason for electing the Democrat is that he could, in theory, have some influence if Hillary wins the White House.

Now? She won’t touch him with a ten foot email.

And by the way, his excuse for not being in town? A long-planned vacation?

Guess what kiddies? When you’re campaigning for your political life, you don’t TAKE a summer vacation. There is plenty of time for vacations after election day.

And frankly, Ashford has been going on and on and on and on about how this is SUCH a long Congressional break, and SHOULDN’T Congress get back to work!

And then the ONE time all summer that he could do his district some good by rubbing elbows with his party leaders, he LEAVES TOWN.

You want to talk about dereliction of duty?

Ashford had ONE job this summer.
And he didn’t show up to work.


Well, I had been harping that the “blue dot” had no real relation to Hillary’s visit to Omaha immediately after the convention, and I was correct.

The only reason Hillary showed up to Omaha was to get Warren Buffett on stage to rail at Donald Trump.

Nothing Hillary said at North High made the press.

Her banal platitudes and pretend smiles didn’t create any news.

What the campaign press is talking about is Buffett going after Trump. And to that extent, mission accomplished.

Though the rest of Buffett’s speech was extremely curious when he kept referring to “they” who had made all the money in the last 40 years, but didn’t “share” it with anyone else. You’d think that Buffett was some middle-manager who was railing at the boss for not giving him a raise.

You know, instead of the (2nd) richest man in America who had 14 friends join him to give Hillary a million and a half bucks at dinner.

Oh, wait, did I forget to mention that OTHER reason for Hillary’s touch-down in Omaha?

Yeah, there’ s that.

Boy, it sure is a good thing the Legislature put the kibosh on Winner Take All!

Otherwise Hillary NEVER would have come to break bread with Warren and Susie and their friends who dropped a $100K each on the rubber chicken lunch.


August Congressional recess is usually constituent forum time for most members.

Deb Fischer is holding a listening session in Lincoln. Jeff Fortenberry had a town hall in Lincoln as well.

Brad Ashford is apparently at…Adventureland? Cabo San Lucas? Linoma? We really don’t know…

And Senator Ben Sasse spoke to a crowd in York for a few minutes, before leaving to chat with the press.

He told the York News-Times (“Prints the fit that’s news to all!”) that he’ll decide who to vote for President…in October!

Sasse told the YNT that they will consider, “in October, as a family, to decide what I will do as far as voting…”

Interesting method, I guess. And if Ben goes for Johnson, the Missus for Stein, the girls for Hillary and little Breck just starts chanting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!”, well one wonders if the Win-a-Ben-Go will ever make it out of the driveway.


  1. Sparkles says:

    “2nd District voters, Ashford just booted any reason you may have had to vote for him.”

    But, it is Republicans who have for months have laid waste to such reasoning.
    The only reason a Democrat need to vote for Ashford:
    He’s not Don Bacon.

    And a blog about Nebraska politics with no comment on a Warren Buffett backed “Drive 2 Vote,” effort?
    “I will take at least 10 people to the polls who would otherwise have difficulty getting there,” said Buffett, adding that he had reserved a 32-seat trolley for the day with a goal of getting the highest-percentage turnout of any congressional district in the country. “Let’s give America a civics lesson.”

    • The Grundle King says:

      I was also surprised that there was no mention of Buffet’s “Drive 2 Vote 4 Clinton” effort. The ‘civics’ lesson will likely go something like this, “Oh, you’re voting Republican? Yeah, your bus if 15 blocks that way…”

  2. Fortenberry was asked at his town hall why he’s voting for Trump. He refused to answer.

    It’s not even clear he IS voting for Trump. All he said, way back before the convention, is that he’d support the Republican nominee.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is what the public exercise of actual power looks like. We all know who Warren Buffet is voting for. He is not voting for Donald Trump, is he voting for Hillary Clinton. Buffet is saying with all clarity “After all is said and done, my fortune is safer with Clinton as President.” Fulminate all you want to. It doesn’t matter. The 1% of the 1% of the 1% has spoken.

    Think about it. Warren Buffet could BUY Donald Trump many times over. Clinton is much cheaper.

    • Bluejay says:

      Considering that only $1.5m was raised, Hillary is a cheap date. Warren stands to make billions with her as President; just like he did with Obama.

      • Sparkles says:

        What are you and your fellow Trumpsters going to do when the Donald backs out of the debates?

        The Trump presidential campaign is all but over.
        Sure, the rallies will continue, but they will continue to evolve into pure exercises in branding.
        Branding for the inevitable, the long planned – TrumpTV.
        Coming to a neighborhood near you in early 2017, courtesy of Donald and kin.
        I’m guessing the launch will be at a low introductory rate of only $6.99/month, if you sign up for 1 year.
        As you know the Donald flogs with great repetition – “We got the highest vote count in the history of the Republican Party,”
        True. That vote count totaling 13.3 Million who voted for Trump in the GOP primary.
        So let’s be conservative and assume only 8 million of those are hardcore Trumpsters.

        $6.99 x 8 Million per month x 12 = $671,040,000 / year.

        Just shy of $700 Million a year, in subscription fees alone, to serve up schlock over your existing internet connection.
        Trump style schlock, certain to be attractive to a Fox News, Limbaugh, Alec Jones nation.
        An audience proven to be among the most gullible on the planet. Ripe picking for a Grifter King like Donald Trump.
        Now add to that $700 Million the profit potential of Trump Tea, Trump Gold Gallery, Trump Apocalypse Insurance, Trump Survival Seeds, Ivanka’s Causal Chic Boutique, Melania’s Mystical MakeUp, Donald Jr.’s Formal Fashions, Barron’s Backup Generators and Bug-Out Bags…

      • Sparkles says:

        You are correct – Deutsch did posit exactly that theory on Morning Joe – to a cast left speechless as the light bulbs collectively came to life.
        And at 5:30am Morning Joe opened their show with a clip of Warren Buffett explaining to the world that Donald Trump is an unprincipled con man and a xenophobe who preys on peoples fears.
        A remarkable thing really – a thoughtful, typically reserved and highly esteemed man such as Warren Buffett, standing on stage throwing punches and landing blows.

        And Deutsch called out Trump not only this morning, but last fall as well. Most of the world knew well in advance exactly what Trump was up to. The only truly shocking development of this election cycle is that the Republican party has been so thoroughly debauched by two decades of Fox News and hate radio, that Trump was able to actually succeed in the role as Carnival Barker in Chief.

    • Anonymous says:

      That appears to be the position of many here, I have got mine and will keep it safe. Buffet was like he was Beavis or butthead, every snark remark was followed by some Heh,heh heh, snort. He had to laugh at his own wit. The good one was the teacher who said Buffet was for the little guy, baaa baaa

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is time to start thinking of how to keep the House and reclaim the Senate, to balance out a one-term Clinton Administration. Stick a fork in Trump – he’s done.

  5. Sparkles says:

    Interesting developments in Kansas, where the Ricketts family, Paul Ryan and the Chamber of Commerce are going toe to toe with the Koch’s, Ted Cruz and Club for Growth.

    Politico – “GOP civil war comes to Kansas”

    National Review – “What’s Going On in Kansas’s Big First?”

    What’s going on is a battle to begin the process of ripping out, root and branch, the Tea addled House Freedom caucus and everything it represents. The very impetus of malevolence and dysfunction in our halls of Congress.

    • Anonymous says:


      This – “The very impetus of malevolence and dysfunction in our halls of Congress.”

      Reads more accurately as – “The latest iteration of malevolence and dysfunction in our halls of Congress, whose authors are forgotten, as most Representatives are and rightfully so.”

      • Sparkles says:

        I’m good with that, with one important caveat:
        For at least the last 30 years, it’s been a largely asymmetric act of malevolence and polarization.
        Although Democrats feed just as heartily from the trough of special interests and are prone to their own flights of ineptitude, the current solutions-averse, policy abortive body is in large part a deliberate act of sustained malfeasance on behalf of Republicans.

        This brief article, by noted political scholars, presents the case much better than I –
        “The Republicans waged a 3-decade war on government. They got Trump.”

      • But seriously, Sparkles, do you know the partisan make up of the average Poli. Sci. Department? UNL has no Republicans, and at least two rabid leftist a$$holes.

        Sorry, when you prostitute your field to politics, you ain’t a ‘noted scholar’ any more.

  6. Ricky says:

    That is a surprise Mr Ashford was not there for the HRC rally . I thought he endorsed her?
    Bad move Brad. I gave money and walked in parades for Ashford two years ago but have not endorsed nor worked for him nor gave him any money.
    Because he has now become just another politician with his finger in the wind see which way the wind is blowing and where the most votes are.
    Obviously he thought being seen with HRC would enable the righty’s across Harrison street to go batty.
    instead of sticking up for principles.
    PS would ANYBODY rather be on the side of Trump and not with Mr Buffett? That would crazy. It’s gonna be a blow out.

    • Khan says:

      It depends on the day, I guess. One would think that the average Occupy-Wall-Street-Down-With-The-One-Percent types might take pause as Wall Street continues to circle wagons around Granny Goodness, but no doubt they’ll wait until she’s safely in office to throw their next tantrum.

  7. Khan says:

    Speaking of malfeasance, the CEO, CFO, and communications director of the DNC all resigned in disgrace today. Further fallout from Putin’s nefarious plot to shart all over the Granny Goodness coronation, I guess.

  8. CBS leads with a list of Trump gaffes; the baby, sexual harassment, Purple Hearts. It’s like watching a bull in a china shop. One watches in fascinated horror for what the next outrage will be.

    Apparently some GOP Congresscritter has endorsed Hillary. Good move, getting in ahead of the rush. And, to reward the GOP for nominating him, Trump refused to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      But Gerard, Street Sweeper said all us conservatives not supporting Trump were fools. That we’re supporting Hillary. Never mind that Trump is a mindless blowhard who is already stabbing those in the GOP who have stuck their necks out for him. He’s chopping off heads now, imagine what type of turncoat lefty idiot he’ll be if he’s ever elected.

  9. curious says:

    I wonder if Pat McPherson will start calling Trump names like he does Senator Sasse now that Trump refused to endorse Republicans. Seems only fair.

  10. Sparkles says:

    And that GOP Civil War in Kansas –
    Koch vs. Ricketts
    Obstructionist Tea Party House Freedom Caucus vs. Relative Sanity

    Politico reports on the loser –
    “Huelskamp loses GOP primary after ideological battle”

    The conclusion to the article –
    “Every member should remember this the next time they see a Club for Growth or Heritage Action vote alert,” said a national Republican strategist. “Never put their interests before your district or the country, or there will be a price to pay.”

    Thank you, Ricketts family.

  11. Lil Mac says:

    Good analysis of why Hillary came to Omaha. Now let’s try a big league analysis.

    Try this hypothesis: Trump is smarter than everybody who attacks him. – That this Pascale-like wager assumes such a strategy-god (lower case) can exist is vital if true yet harmless if false. And since strategy beyond our view can only be seen by how it its gravity influences objects around it, we must observe a wider field of peripheral effects with our keenest side vision.

    Trump touts polls for effect but he puts no credence in them because they measure likability. He draws people to him apart from their own feelings; i.e. to force a Krauthammer who dislikes Trump to admire the “very clever” baiting of Hillary to inadvertently confess she exposed state secrets.

    Currently, all networks (and all party elite on both sides) focus on two matters: First, Trump is slamming GOP leaders who continue to snipe at his back. GOP players like Meg Whitman and Bloomberg and GOP congressmen endorse Hillary Clinton thinking they are hurting Trump. Yet Trump gains votes by their exposure. By inviting Republicans to put up or shut up, he loses few GOP votes compared to Independents gained. – And, secondly, Trump is excoriated for slamming the parents of a dead Iraq veteran. On the surface, Trump seems to have really committed suicide this time… or has he? For those parents chose to haul their dead son’s body up a political flagpole at a Party convention and then demand voters salute it. Feelings wear off, facts don’t.

    Their son didn’t die in Afghanistan where the 911 attacks originated. He died fighting in Iraq that Senator Clinton voted to invade, the Iraq that Secretary of State Clinton left a vacuum, Iraq she caused to be filled with ISIS. An Iraq war Trump said was a mistake. Trump’s point is that all party leaders stumbled into a war and then stupidly put the Islamic State into power; and that Hillary – whose main claim to fame is her foreign policy expertise – was key to that colossal mistake of bad foreign policy, and as a result, the death of Khan was Hillary’s fault. Of course parents using a dead solider to wave a Party flag enflames feelings. But when emotions fade, all that is left are facts.

    Americans are used to seeing victimization used to justify ignoble and misguided causes. Trump challenges people to be smarter than that. He reminds everyone that when Antony held up Caesar’s body to the crowd to gain sympathy, it wasn’t for Antony’s dead friend’s benefit but rather a political outcome Antony wanted. Never-Trumpers say that is Trump. But Islamic State proves it is Hillary.

    Either everyone is vulnerable to Trump’s Machiavellian jujitsu or Trump’s luck is finally running out.

    Or perhaps a third possibility, that Trump is taking giant leaps onto stepping stones made of recalcitrant PC, and each time he lands he shatters chunks of it, opening people’s eyes. And, once awakened to the truth that leadership isn’t being liked but rather being adept, their worldview forever changes from a PC fuzzy picture to a crystal grasp of reality beyond the matrix that most strongly holds those most deeply plugged into politics. November voters, most distant from politics, see this more easily than do parties, pols or press. Then again, maybe Trump is just lucky. Yea, and Hillary came here because she needs Brad Ashford.

    • “Try this hypothesis: Trump is smarter than everybody who attacks him”.

      Ah jeez, please warn us to put down the coffee before you say things like this.

      Most smart people can recognize when they should just STFU.

    • Sparkles says:

      “Trump is taking giant leaps onto stepping stones made of recalcitrant PC, and each time he lands he shatters chunks of it, opening people’s eyes. And, once awakened..

      Or perhaps a fourth possibility –
      Trump is taking giant leaps from one pile of shite into the next, each time he lands reaching down to grab handfuls and ardently rubbing it into his hair. And as more and more Americans eyes are opened, they’ll realize not only does their orange hued emperor have no clothes, he’s covered in shite.

  12. sasse in Papillion says:

    I saw a couple of facebook posts from my friends at Nebraskans Against Gun Violence as they were at a Sasse town hall in Papillion.
    On the inside they report Sasse was on the defensive for not supporting Trump and being evasive.
    On the outside among the people with their signs hostile gun nuts yelled in the protestors faces and Sasse let his henchmen bully the sighholders.
    Also Mayor Black of Papillion gave my friends the evil eye and allowed them to be be bullied.
    Sasse is a major nut-job. Is he really going to ask his kids how to vote come November?

    • The Grundle King says:

      “Also Mayor Black of Papillion gave my friends the evil eye and allowed them to be be bullied.”

      Poor wittle Wicky. Grow up. If your “friends” a) aren’t imaginary, and b) are adults, they they can either learn to handle a little ‘bullying’, or crawl back into the holes from whence they came.

  13. bynd says:

    So the truth comes out about the Khans. Democratic shills who have ties and money to the Clintons for years. A US lawyer who represents Saudi Arabia. One who helps rich people get visas into the US.

    Did their son die in battle? Yes, the one Hillary voted for and Trump criticized. As was pointed out by those without a horse in the race, and therefore able to see what is really going on, Khan was a set up not because their son died for the US, but because they couldn’t get other than a Democratic operative to honestly represent them in the despicable manner Khan did.

    Regardless of what the left lemmings say, if you get in the pigsty with the pigs, you’ll get muddy and rightfully so. Great job by the Dems. However, it stands a great chance of backfiring on them. Although the lemmings on here would say not.

    And I am not even for the guy. Just sick of the self righteous, far left sycophants who can’t see what a loser they have as a presidential candidate.

    3 more months and then we shall see the beginning of the destruction of the US and the world. Yeah, right.

    Republicans and Democrats? The APD folks of this country.

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