I’m not the problem, by Dave Miller

imageDave Miller is a contributing writer on Leavenworth St. He is a former talk show host and has done every media job in-between. He is perfectly aware his personality and opinions are keeping him out of the Nebraska Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

He can be found on Twitter @DaveMedia_LNK

It’s so disheartening. In fact, it’s beyond that, it’s infuriating! It’s hard to believe the American primary process, hell politics everywhere, is just a giant dirt clod fight. Even in Nebraska, Ben Sasse having to stand up to the Republican party and explain why he is #nevertrump seems other worldly. Seriously? You have to explain why? I find myself aligned with Ben Sasse mostly out of sheer principle, and I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing when it’s time to vote. But why in the world do I need to explain myself, or Ben to his party, at all?!

Let me explain why I can’t see the path to Trump, then maybe someone can explain why he should be considered. Here is a man with NO political experience or foreign policy experience, who has wanted for nothing in life, ever, and Donald Trump wants to fight for me in Washington? Now, given the fact he is a misogynist on a nuclear level, can’t hold his tongue, treats competitors like he is in a grade school booger flicking fight, and thinks any criticism is “unfair”, I am less than likely to vote him into anything. He reminds me of a Batman villain that should be locked up in Arkham Asylum. Now I have laid out why I can’t stand th e name calling, petulant, side show of a nominee. What I don’t have is a good reason to vote for him.

I have friends that give me the argument, “well you can’t vote for Hillary, and a vote against him is a vote for Hillary”. Is it now? Well if you believe there is a one for one equivalent we can have that conversation. If you believe that your single vote matters, we can have that conversation, and I’ll invite the electoral college in to explain why the conversation didn’t have to happen. Here is the problem with that argument: Voting for Donald Trump doesn’t let the GOP know I hate what they are doing. It’s hard to believe 2 years ago the GOP let the media get away with burying the biggest lead of all American voting history. In 2014 the sentiment in the country, and the votes that were cast in November, were the referendum on Washington that the GOP had been crowing about for 6 years. GOP turn out and taking the house and the Senate was a YUGE deal. And what did they do with that victory? They squandered it. Left out in the sun to rot, it withered and spoiled, showing the American people when you vote, we don’t care what the message is. Dems didn’t flinch, and the GOP laughed and ordered another drink, drunk in the celebration of hollow victory for those trying to change the status quo.

I’m tired of the elected officials, all of them, including at the local city and state levels telling US what they think we voted them in to do, after they have voted the way we didn’t want. I’m tired of the same people acting like we are so lucky to have them around to do what’s best for us, when they should listen and work FOR us. Lastly, I’m tired of leadership within any party scrapping like it’s a Michael Vick dog fight, only to keep doing the same thing they’ve done for 30 years, not fix things.

If we the people, really are so disenfranchised that we think a former Presidents liar wife, and P.T. Barnum’s side show monster are the best hope for the republic, then all IS lost. But not if I get to vote, and not waste it. Men and women have died to give me the right to do that. I don’t take this lightly, never have. I take all of this deadly seriously. I will write in a vote. It’s mine after all, to do with what I will. A write in vote is legal, and to me in this election year very necessary. No, Trump won’t get my vote, but Hillary and Johnson didn’t convince me otherwise either. This isn’t a protest, it is a message, that I personally will be sending to Washington. You’re all doing it wrong…deal with it, or I’ll do it for every election. For years you had my money, my attention and my trust. Now you get my scorn. By the way, I know I’m not alone. Let’s wait and see how many like me also refuse to get in line and shut up. The kind of revolution that Bernie Sanders calls for is not reasonable. Yet, he was given more than a pass by the media, because it was cute that he sounded like Larry David’s impression of George Steinbrenner. If that is something that passes for “fun”, American socialism, then no one dare say boo to me about MY vote. If Hillary gets a pass from an FBI deal, then I should be ok writing in a vote without destroying the country. Trump supporters that want to badger me into choosing lamb vs goat feces cologne, don’t get to smell test my motives. I don’t care to debate you or shame you on Twitter, so consider me alone on an island with a volleyball. I’m not voting for you, any candidate, and it’s your fault, whoever you are. Two years from now, will you be able to look at the American flag and say, ”I made the right decision for America”? I great with where my heart is right now.



  1. bynd says:

    An informed voter with a logical stance. Except for the part where people have voted and sent a message to DC many times and the politicians ignored it. Just as they will Dave’s message. But I bet he sleeps better at night than most voters.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, it is possible to sleep well without agreeing with you and Mr. Miller. I simply assume people disagree, voters send mixed messages, the Constitution created a slow and change resistant political process, and person cane a decent human being without agreeing with me. The good Sisters use to tell me I was vain in grade school, they should have met you two.

      • bynd says:


        I should probably be grateful that I never met the sisters. But my point is, if you are not voting for one but against the other, or you are holding your nose when you vote, I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I was electing the leader of the free world under those conditions. President is one thing but only a step below the leader of the free world. And I guess if one can cast their vote under such circumstances, maybe they sleep just fine since principles would appear to not matter. It is not up to me to determine, I just pay attention to reasons expressed.

        In any case, as Eric Burdon sang, applying it to current political times, the fate of your country (world) is in your young hands. The youngsters will decide by participating or not. It isn’t just up to old, bald, white guys any more. They’ve had their shot and have screwed it up enough.

        I’m not so sure low information voters are not preferable to the old voters. At least they will pay for their own mistakes, plus ours.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, doubt old are better informed than young, though unmanageable amount of information on net may create a kind of Gresham’s Law. The purity of refusal to choose , if there is a better, because better is not good enough is a renunciation of choice in appearance only. You are really with the winner. The much misunderstood saying about no free lunch applies to all choices. Life can not be lived without cost or guilt.

      • bynd says:

        RL: Do I shoot myself or take poison. Either way, you end up dead.

        Or you can choose to live. Two are obviously stupid, one offers hope and change.

        A vote for stupid changes nothing. And you can’t fix stupid. All you can do is change the system and start again.

        And to those who wish to pay attention, we have been eating horseshi_ for our free lunch for years.

        But your solution sounds negative. Consequences and the price to pay are not always bad. They can be good. Depends on whether or not you want to keep eating horseshi_ but with a garnish.

        The final irony before we leave this world we have screwed up so badly, we have convinced the youngsters there are only two valid choices. Every great change has started with one person. Until the youngsters learn that, their decision to follow our system will keep feeding them more horseshi_. But maybe it will be a different color.

        But right now there are no winners. Nor will there be under Trump or Clinton. It is the proverbial rock and hard place or pick your poison. But there will be a whole lot of losers.

        As the captain said to Gilligan, this is another fine mess you have gotten me into. And we have a country full of voting Gilligans.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, it must be nice to feel superior to so many. Lacking your superior intellect I assume most people are trying their best. I prefer Maynard Krebs to Gilligan, and Eric Burden sang of warm SanFrancisco nights, which I never experienced when I was there.

  2. Jmurra says:

    Wow, thank you for your thoughts, concerns and hopes. This should be required reading by all politicians, aspiring politicians, the media and voters. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Grundle King says:

    Okay, this is a lot more related to the post on Hillary’s visit to Omaha…and I only stumbled across it this morning, but apparently Clinton stated that, “We are going to raise taxes on the middle class,” and people cheered! Clinton supporters heard that…and cheered! I mean, WTAF is wrong with these people’s brains?!

  4. Sparkles says:

    Of course the 2014 elections achieved nothing.
    It was a referendum for governing demanding the dissolution of governance.

    Successful legislation requires reasoned compromise and two thoughtfully engaged parties working toward a common goal.

    Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes will permit no such cooperation.
    Any hand stretched across the aisle will be the subject of immediate retribution and the assurance of a well funded primary challenger.

    The Freedom Caucus in the House along with the assistance of deviants like Ted Cruz in the Senate were a guarantee that no governance on behalf of the common good would be undertaken.

    • bynd says:

      Sparkles, I don’t ever remember the Democrats ever negotiating over the reduction of government. So what was there ever to negotiate from the view from the other side?

      And I really could care less about the red herring tax cuts. Tax cuts without government reduction won’t last and as you have pointed out so often, cost us more in the long run.

      • Sparkles says:

        “I don’t ever remember the Democrats ever negotiating over the reduction of government.”

        You haven’t been paying attention.

        April 2012 –
        The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Government
        “Since the recession officially ended in January 2009, the economy has bid goodbye to 584,000 government jobs (private sector employment is up by 2.8 million). That’s a roughly a 2 percent drop. Though the federal workforce actually grew between 2009 and 2011, it’s now shrinking at the fastest rate since the 1950s..”

        Through the end of 2015, 7 years of the Obama Presidency, 9.843,000 Private Sector jobs were created while public sector (government) employment remained diminished, having shrunk by 578,000.
        (“Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama”)

        President Obama has consistently fought Republicans, tooth and nail, to cut 10’s of billions in poorly directed defense spending. Money even the Pentagon pointedly told a Republican controlled congress was wasteful. Spending on equipment designed and best suited to fight a ground war in 1946. Spending on planes that didn’t fly and ships that were of limited use before their native voyage.
        Dec 2014 –
        “Congress Again Buys Abrams Tanks the Army Doesn’t Want”
        Jan 2015 –
        “Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Buying Equipment it Doesn’t Need”

        Dec 11, 1012 –
        “President Obama’s Record and Proposals for Cutting Spending”

        Aug 2012 –
        “Romney’s right: Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 billion.”

        Jan 2014 –
        How spending has fallen under Obama
        It’s unlikely that President Obama will ever shake his reputation among Republicans as a big spender. But a key fact counters that rap. As a share of the economy, spending on domestic and defense programs has been on the decline since 2010, and is on track to reach the lowest level in more than 50 years by 2023.

        Feb 2015 –
        “President Barack Obama’s budget proposal would slash more than $415 billion in Medicare funding over the next 10 years—largely echoing previous editions—and he inserted several provisions that would advance the administration’s effort to move Medicare to value-based payments..
        ..Obama’s budget is expected to go nowhere in the Republican-led Congress”

        Feb 2016 –
        “Obama Administration proposes smaller 2017 NASA budget of $19 Billion with big exploration cuts”

        Feb 2016 –
        “Obama budget cuts port funding by $269M”

        Feb 2016 –
        “Obama Budget Cuts Crop Insurance..”

        Of course, virtually all of Obama’s proposals were thrown in the trash by House Republicans. The President of the United States wasn’t even granted an audience to discuss his proposals.
        Republicans offered no chance at a conversation because there was never going to be an opportunity for cooperation.
        Mom & Pop Taxpayer be damned.

        Lot’s more out there should you choose to take the blinders off.

  5. Ed Stevens says:

    Mr. Miller:

    I am largely in sympathy with your views about politics in general, and this election in particular. Let me share my decision-making paradigm for this election with you – it is quite simple:

    I am marginally less frightened by the possibility of a Trump presidency than I am of a potential Hillary administration. HRC has repeatedly and emphatically manifested her proclivity for intentional evil (lying, conniving, shirking responsibility, industrial-strength hypocrisy, etc) over the last many years. In other words she has a record that can be examined and, to me, demonstrates the unplumbed depths of her ethical turpitude. Trump is merely bumptious, arrogant, often silly, nearly always offensive at a personal level, and generally qualifies as a guy we’d least like to hang out with.

    To me, its an easy choice – Hillary might very well destroy this republic; Trump will likely only embarrass us.

    Not my favorite way to pick a candidate, but we gotta play the hand we’re dealt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Polls a fivethirtyeight tell me “To me, its an easy choice – Trump might very well destroy this republic; Hillary will likely only embarrass us.” We will soon see if the polls turn into corresponding votes. I’m voting for Johnson.

    • Sparkles says:

      No one lies like the Donald.

      NO ONE lies to the extent and with the veracity of Donald J Trump.

      69% of what comes out The Donalds mouth ranks anywhere from Mostly False to Pants On Fire.
      Donald Trump has more statements rated Pants on Fire than the 21 other candidates for president, combined.
      Ben Carson comes in a distant 2nd.

      Read it and weep –
      “The truth (so far) behind the 2016 campaign”

      Even uber conservative George Will penned an editorial, appearing in today’s LJS, pointing out that it’s almost pointless to even track the lies of Donald Trump anymore. By the time you have an opportunity to point out to somebody the fallaciousness of his latest bloviation, he’s told 7 more lies, each more egregious.
      The nut of the article being this:
      “The nation, however, is not immune to the lasting damage that is being done to it by Trump’s success in normalizing post-factual politics. It is being poisoned by the injection into its bloodstream of the cynicism required of those Republicans who persist in pretending that although Trump lies constantly and knows nothing, these blemishes do not disqualify him from being president.”

      But that’s fine, ya’ll cast your ballot for the Donald.
      And please, call all your family members and ask them all to do the same. Share with them how Donald Trump is going to Make American Great Again.
      Then, at future family gatherings, after most here are long gone, your descendents can sit around and share a laugh about their Crazy Uncle Liberty, who was so deranged as to have actually cast a ballot for the man historians universally view as least qualified, the most stupefyingly ridiculous candidate to ever run for POTUS.

  6. bynd says:


    The lower budget deficits under Obama will not last, even if we were to continue his policies unchanged. CBO numbers. The deficit will not go down. The debt of government held by private individuals will rise.

    Deficits would total $6.9 trillion over the next decade under the President’s budget, $2.4 trillion below current law (but $776 billion above OMB estimates)

    Net savings in the President’s budget are entirely attributable to $2.7 trillion of gross tax increases, partially spent on new spending and tax breaks.

    Annual deficits under the President’s budget would fall from $529 billion (2.9 percent of GDP) in 2016 to a low of $383 billion (1.9 percent of GDP) by 2018, before rising nearly continuously to $972 billion (3.5 percent of GDP) by 2026.

    Under the President’s budget, trillion-dollar deficits would likely return by 2027, five years later than under current law.

    Both revenue and spending under the President’s budget would be above ten-year current law and historical averages. Revenue would average 19.3 percent of GDP, compared to 18.1 percent under current law, while spending would average 22.3 percent of GDP, compared to 22.1 percent under current law. Over the last half-century, revenue and spending have averaged 17.4 and 20.2 percent of GDP, respectively.

    Ultimately, CBO shows that while the President’s budget responsibly offsets new spending and produces additional deficit reduction to put the debt on a better path, it does not go far enough to reduce debt from its current post-war record-high level as a share of GDP. The budget needs to go further, particularly by slowing the growth of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, to ensure a sustainable fiscal future.

    CBO estimates that under the President’s budget, debt would fall modestly from 75.4 percent of GDP in 2016 to 74.1 percent by 2018 before rising to 77.4 percent by 2026. In dollar terms, debt would rise from $13.9 trillion today to $21.4 trillion by 2026, a $7.5 trillion increase. CBO’s estimates are somewhat worse than OMB’s, which project debt levels of 75.3 percent of GDP by 2026, but CBO’s projections represent a significant improvement over CBO’s current law baseline, which estimates debt levels of 85.6 percent of GDP by 2026.

    CBO’s projection of a rising debt path occurs because deficits would widen in the later years of the ten-year window, while they estimate economic growth would fall short of OMB’s projections. After declining to a low of 1.9 percent of GDP in 2018, deficits would rise to 2.5 percent of GDP just one year later and 3.5 percent by 2026. These deficits are an improvement over CBO’s current law deficit in 2026 of 4.9 percent by 2026 but higher than OMB’s estimated deficit of 2.8 percent of GDP in 2026.

    Rising deficits in the President’s budget are the result of both spending and revenue growth over time. Spending would grow from 21.1 percent of GDP in 2016 to 23.0 percent of GDP by 2026, while revenue would rise from 18.2 percent in 2016 to 19.5 percent by 2026. Spending increases are driven by built-in growth under current law (mainly due to population aging and rising interest rates), while revenue increases are the result of policies put forward in the budget.

    Tell Alice sitting next to you, you like the pills, but sooner or later, they run out and you need to come back to reality.

    Oh, and by the way, 279,000 of those lost government employees come from the Army alone.

    And since when has the president had the unilateral authority to cut spending authorized by congress? Never.

    • Anonymous says:

      Saving come from Sequestration, and that only reduces increases in spending. There are no permanent, substantive reductions in spending. Tim Huelskamp just learned the voters who elected him want Federal gravy as much as the Bluest congressional districts in the nation.

      Neither Sequestration or the House Freedom Caucus address our outstanding $100 trillion in unfunded obligations through 2100. Perhaps we’ll do better as a Chinese vassal state by that time? We don’t have Republican vs Democrat problems any more. People joked about Sanders and “Where’s my free stuff?” We are Sanders Suckers.

      • Sparkles says:

        Yeah, right – Congress ‘forced a restraint in spending’.

        The blunt hammer and blind ignorance of sequestration.
        The fall back position for lack of principles, dereliction of duty and a disdain for those whom you are elected to represent.

  7. anon says:

    A lot of words to say nothing. This line of thought is typical of the “established” white old man being righteous, justifying to who, the the crowd that agree with them. no one knows what box you check. many probably intended to vote Hillary from the beginning

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’m voting for my Johnson too.

    How many voters are there? A zillion? Divide that by your one lousy vote and you have less chance of mattering than if you actually write in the name of your own genitals.

  9. Sparkles says:

    How rich.

    We were treated to the Leavenworth Street outrage (the horror!) a few days ago about Brad Ashford not appearing on stage with Buffett and HRC.

    Guess what – Toxic Don and his trusty sidekick Mike Pence are both going to make an appearance in Green Bay, Wisconsin tomorrow night! And, guess who will be conspicuously absent from the rally – nowhere to be found – sequestered away far from the microphones and far out of camera range –
    Paul Ryan – the highest ranking Republican in government
    Scott Walker – the GOP’s fav-or-ite Governor and the Koch’s most useful and obedient tool
    Reince Priebus – RNC Chair, Wisconsin’s very own
    WI Sen Ron Johnson – Tea Party Ron, who R’s desperately need to win his WI Senate race if they have any hope of preventing the phrase -Majority Leader Chuck Schumer- but who now appears certain to lose his Senate race to Russ Feingold (D)

    I’m looking forward to reading how outrageous their absence and how cowardly their silence.


  10. Trump For The WIN! says:

    Paul Ryan is likely to lose his primary on Tuesday. Latest poll has Ryan and Nehlen 2 points apart (mainstream media will never admit this).

    Let the games begin!

  11. bynd says:


    “Bynd, it must be nice to feel superior to so many.” That one must have hurt from where you pulled it out from.

    Stick to law, your perceptions of others is way off.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I wish it was wrong since I do like and rather admire you, but you do not seem to see the possibility of sincere and informed disagreement with your position. American politics has never been strong on civility but the net has totally banished it. Politics should not be a blood sport and common citizenship should be the base of disagreement.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, I wish it was wrong since I do like and rather admire you, but you do not seem to see the possibility of sincere and informed disagreement with your position. American politics has never been strong on civility but the net has totally banished it. Politics should not be a blood sport and common citizenship should be the base of disagreement.

  12. Great Grate says:

    Dave Miller sums up with the nonsensical sentence, “I great with where my heart is right now.”

    Perhaps he meant “grate” as in making small bits of cheese by being scrapingly irritating to the whole.

    I AM NOT VOTING is not an argument that has anything to do with voting or civic duty. And like Mitt and Sasse, Bloomberg and Ryan, Miller too, if he is a Republican, exemplifies the rotten core of GOP Establishment that Trump predicted. Even after the bastards promise in writing to support the winner, and force Trump to so promise, they don’t. All the “principled” GOP Never Trumpers are sprung from Koch fabric. If they cannot own a bastard, they disown even their own bastard.

    Hillary’s opponent was beating her among Democrat voters like no Republican was beating Trump among Republicans. And Sanders’ voters were throwing rocks and vitriol when Sanders endorsed Hillary like Cruz and Kasich didn’t endorse Trump. Wasserman ruined her career for her Hillary, compared to Priebus dragging his feet toward his leader candidate and Paul Ryan acting like a total Sassehole.

    Democrats today display more integrity of their own party. That party lacks the policy sense god gave a goat, but the Dems pull behind a woman they rejected for Obama. That is a form of integrity, misplaced as it may be, which Republicans like Dave Millar lack. Every time Trump is backstabbed by these guys and mentions it, they whine in the “victim mode” of politically correct self-deception which obviously as a cancer isn’t limited only to the Left. When you ask how Trump is wrong, they tell you how he’s not nice. PC is a blinding cancer and Never Trump Republicans enjoy being tumors.

    • Grate says:

      So, to be clear, it’s ok for Trump not to endorse GOP candidates but if they don’t line up behind him they are traitors. So, to help me understand, it’s ok for a person to insult another candidates wife and family and expect, in return, to be endorsed. And help me out here, it’s ok for that same candidate to have donated significant amounts of money to his opponent previously?

      • Sir Derpalot says:

        That was actually a very enlightening article linked above. I wasn’t aware how far South Africa had fallen since the natives took over government.

  13. BK says:

    The Republican base is slowly rejecting the rich white guy conservative model that was being shoved down their throat by the RNC. That’s why Trump was nominated.

  14. Am I correct to deduce that the publication of a #nevertrump viewpoint indicates, in the context of Trump’s rapid plummet toward 0 electoral votes, the site regrets its previous Trump boosterism?

    Latest poll have him 15 points down; forget Florida or Ohio; he’s going to lose Georgia and Arizona. And God help the others on the GOP ticket.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder, facetiously, if this is all a plot by Clinton & Trump to get Clinton elected by a landslide. Watch Trump be rewarded by President Clinton for his expert execution of their nefarious plot,

      • State Department says:

        I hear that the next ambassador to Monaco has extensive experience in owning and operating casinos… It’s going to make a great reality TV series.

      • NE Voter says:

        I love this canard. Probably went down something like this:

        A Short Play

        [Setting — Somewhere in New York City, 2015]

        BILL CLINTON [On Phone]: Hiya, Donald. Say, do you mind if I ask you a big favor . . .?

        TRUMP [On Phone]. Anything, Baby, you know that.

        CLINTON: Don, you know how we need to get that Oval Office back for Hillary in 2016. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind running for president as a Republican, defeat the nine Republican Governors ; five Senators; the neurosurgeon and that successful business woman who are likely to be in the primaries. Win the Republican nomination. Then take a dive in the general election. And utterly destroy your brand and business before it’s all said and done.

        TRUMP: Would I have to humiliate my wife Melania in the process?

        CLINTON: ‘Fraid so, ol’ buddy.

        TRUMP: When do we start?

        The End.

        TRUMP: Would

    • Sir Derpalot says:

      Three months is alot of time in these crazy times — I wouldn’t count Trump completely out yet. Who knows what Wikileaks has yet to release.

    • Sparkles says:

      Polling experts say a HRC margin of victory in the national popular vote of of 7-8% or more, will put Republican control of the House in jeopardy.
      A clean sweep.

      Add to that –
      “data from 1952 to 2008 clearly shows, according to Princeton election expert Sam Wang, that head-to-head polls after the conventions are actually great predictors of who will win the race. In fact, the candidate ahead in polls two weeks after the conventions has gone on to win the popular vote in all 16 elections the political scientists studied..
      ..”The polling averages just don’t move much more than 2 or 3 percentage points after the conventions,” says Georgetown political scientist Jonathan Ladd”

      Do the math.

      • bynd says:


        Polling experts said it was impossible for Trump to be the nominee. Funny how you folks keep commenting how off the wall Trump is but you keep treating this election like it is the same old same old.

        Could you make up your mind please. All your spin is making me dizzy(ier).

  15. Coyote says:

    Trump will end up like Sara Palin. Both have been closing time hook ups. In dim light and after several cocktails look pretty hot.. Then once the lights are on and while trying to hold an intelligent conversation over breakfast discover what a terrible mistake you have made. It is breakfast time for the GOP. Trying like heck to figure out the next move and hoping you don’t have VD.

  16. NE Voter says:

    It must be exhausting for the Republicans here to constantly denigrate the historic successes of the Obama presidency, the most successful presidential enterprise since Bill Clinton’s two terms in the office.

    • Sir Derpalot says:

      Successful at increasing government debt — YES HE DID.

      Successful at ruining the health insurance sector by making it more expensive for poor people (all people, really) — YES HE DID.

      Successful at fostering the necessary environment in the Middle East for ISIS to thrive — YES HE DID.

      I could go on, and on, and on…but I’d likely get finger cramps from typing so I’ll leave it at three (but rest assured, there are MANY more points that could be added to this list).

      • Sir Derpalot says:

        NE Voter,

        Nope, doesn’t make me feel good at all. That fool has damaged this nation even more than did George W. — this is nothing to celebrate.

    • bynd says:

      NE VOTER, Wait until you see how successful he was in upgrading the Iranians ability to fund terrorism throughout the world! A true capitalistic success story.

      And it really would be divine poetic justice for Hillary to have to deal with that mess that she is so proud of making.

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