Monkeying with signature petitions?

imageHere’s a strange one which Leavenworth St. was alerted to:

The signature petitions are in for the expanded gambling proposal in Nebraska.

Like the death penalty petition, they had to get X number to put it on the November ballot. You may have seen them in places like around the CWS collecting signatures.

But now that they’ve been turned in, reportedly a LARGE number of signatures are being disqualified.

Why? Because they’re fake? Because they’re not from Nebraska? Because they’re underage?

No, because the signer didn’t add the date.

That is the word on the street, as it were.

Now, in past signature petition efforts, this seemingly innocuous deviation was ignored. Why? Because the signatures still have to have a notary stamp accompanying them. So that shows the signatures were gathered WITHIN the timeframe of the process. Not before and not after.

And the question now is, what was the standard used on previous petitions and what is it for THIS one?

Is a date required for gambling signatures, but not for death penalty signatures?
Is there a different standard?
Have the rules changed?

We will wait to see the results on this issue.


Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon recently responded to Brad Ashford regarding the dustup about the Khizr Khan speech.

He said, in part:

“I have been to 10 homes to inform families of the loss of their loved ones. I have seen the pain, suffering, and cost firsthand. There are few who can truly understand the sacrifice of Gold Star families, for they have given more than most to protect this country. For this, we owe them our heartfelt gratitude and the unconditional support of the nation.

Mr. Trump’s comments were inappropriate and unacceptable.

Mrs. Clinton has habitually lied for sixteen months regarding her classified emails and did so again last Sunday. She lacks integrity and Ashford should step down as her Nebraska Presidential Campaign Co-Chair.”

Trump said that Kahn shouldn’t attack him and tell him that he hasn’t read the Constitution. OK, fine. He could have just stayed out of it, but he was attacked politically, so that’s his deal.

And then he went a step further and said…

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. She probably — maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

On that point, Bacon is correct, “inappropriate and unacceptable.” Trump shouldn’t have questioned whether a Gold Star mother was simply grieving and unable to speak.

But that statement is the totality of what he said “attacking” the Gold Star mother, while he was attacked as well.

Now Hillary has said that the Benghazi Gold Star Mothers are lying when they say she told them the attacks were caused by a video.

She has stood by that, and says the Benghazi mothers “Are wrong. Absolutely wrong.”

Yet that stands.
And you’ll find ZERO outrage by the press (and of course the Democrats) about that statement.

There is an interesting column by Kurt Schlicter that discusses this phenomena.

He calls it the “Liberals’ Fake Outrage Cliches”.

He notes…

“You know, for a conservative there’s not much to like about Trump, there are two things to love. The first is that he’s not Hillary Clinton. The second is that he just doesn’t care what liberals say.”

He goes on…

“The thing is, I’m not voting for Donald Trump to be my pal. I’m voting for him not to be Hillary. I’m going to vote for the imperfect vessel instead of the overflowing chamber pot.

I don’t care if Trump’s mean. I don’t care if he scandalizes the tender sensitivities of the fey and the fainthearted. I don’t care if he sacrifices golden retriever puppies to Baal by moonlight on an altar on the rooftop of his tacky Manhattan high-rise.

I don’t care if Trump’s a bad person because I know that Hillary Clinton is a worse person, and that she would be unrestrained in power and pose a significant chance of plunging this country into violence. Compared to what that malignant Chavez wanna-be has in mind, electing the jerk seems the best way to avoid the kind of civil conflict that would give the fussy Trump foes something to really sob about.

And if you think that makes me “despicable” or lack “honor” or whatever else you want to offer to try to shame me into smoothing the way for Hillary’s coronation, well, I got something that you can repudiate.

The problem with Republicans is that for too long our elite cared what liberals said. “Oh no! They called us sexist! They called us racist!” It’s like at some level they wondered, “Could it be true? Could Mitt Romney actually be the moral equivalent of David Duke? I mean, Democrats certainly wouldn’t imply that with absolutely no basis in fact.” But not Trump and his voters. They see the lies and give precisely zero damns.

The libs called George W. Bush “Chimpy McBu$hiltlerburton” and he took it. McCain felt morally obligated to nod along as they flayed him – hell, just this week he pivoted back to his classic Maverick Blue Falcon mode with his pompous pseudo-outrage at Trump for refusing to bend over, thank the libs, and ask, “May I have another?”

Even Romney refused to go bareknuckle with that lying sack of president of ours. So it’s kind of refreshing when Trump wears the lies and faux outrage of his enemies as proudly as a Latin American generalissimo wears his medals.”

And concluding…

“The voters are done with this hypocritical crap. We’re not voting for Trump to be our buddy. We’re voting for him to deny insider elitist libfascist Hillary the presidency until a conservative can come along who has the ability to connect with normal voters and the stones to fight. We’ve seen their lies and we just don’t care anymore. Our next candidate better understand that the game has changed and that we’re playing by the Dems’ rules now. If he or she does, then maybe this crummy year won’t be a total loss.”


I still remember an Election day about 20 years ago, washing my hands in a public bathroom. Two custodians were in changing the trashcans and one said to the other, “You vote today?” And the other said, “Nah! I say, F**K ‘em!”

And that was an Election Day between what the media today would call two “electable” candidates.

Of course back then, ONE of the candidates was described as an old angry man who would have set the country back generations with his catastrophic Supreme Court nominations and economic plans that would destroy the economy.

The other was the Democrat.

Ah, how times have changed!

But I did think about the angry guy, probably in his 50s, who declared that he would SHOW THEM by just NOT voting! Ha! They want his vote? They can suck it!

And I think the same thing about those who are declaring that they hate BOTH candidates this election. And to show it, they’ll just not vote for either of the top two!

Which is fine.
But one of them is going to win.

ONE OF THEM will be in the White House.

Now you can claim that you’re wiping your hands of the whole thing. But you still have to live here (unless you’re a part of that select group of Supreme Court Justices moving to New Zealand).

If Hillary wins she isn’t going to pay attention to the the “anti-Trump” voters who sat on their hands. She will declare victory, thank her adoring fans, and march forward with her agenda.

This election is not about “telling our children what kind of candidates we want.”

That was for the primaries. And some chose to sit out the primaries.

The November election is between Trump and Hillary.
You can choose to help put one in, or keep one out.

Telling them to “F” themselves, plus $1.75, will get you a small coffee at Starbucks.


  1. The Grundle King says:

    It has to absolutely burn the Trumpkins that the verbal diarrhea that they so eagerly gobble up is what is going to cost Trump the election. Despicable as he is, he could have easily won this election if he’d just kept his trap shut. But he loves to hear himself talk. Sure, half the time, he has no idea what he’s going to say, or trying to say, or even saying at that particular moment…but he’s going to say something, regardless of whether he should say anything.

    Yes, if (read: when) Hillary wins, she’ll put divisive politics on a whole new plane. She’ll take whatever margin of victory she gets…which looks to be substantial at this point…declare it a ‘mandate’ for her agenda, and go straight f***ing scorched earth. Any sort of policy that emits even a whiff of conservative ideology will be set ablaze. All because the Trumpkins wanted to thumb their nose at the liberals and call them mean names…pure schoolyard BS.

    As angry as I am at the people who think Hillary is in the least bit qualified to be president, I’m even more angry at the the people who I once considered ‘fellow’ conservatives. Yeah, we got spanked by Obama a few times…so what? The proper response would have been to nominate someone even more skilled than him…not more verbose and offensive. But hey…I guess if this has let you morons get your pent up disdain off your chest, then great…when can we get back to actual governance?

  2. Say Good Bye To Kintner says:

    I see that the NADC has fined Wankin’ Willie Kintner $1000 for engaging in cyber sex over a state owned computer.

    Is there a chance he’ll now do what he should have done a year ago and just resign?

    $1000 won’t even come close to paying back what the tax payers had to shell out for the investigation.

    What did it cost to get the video removed from porn sites? Did the state shell out some cash to get that done too?

    Creepy Kintner should quietly slip away and take his Ohio values back where they came from.

    • More important, for $1000 he could have had real sex involving actual physical contact with a woman. Or so my friends tell me.

      I ike it where he said ‘as a follower of Christ’ he had to ack ‘quickly and decisively’. ”

      “Verily, thou shalt deal with thy sex scandals expeditiously, for it is the way of the Lord”

      • Loyalty Sucks says:

        Maybe they’ll issue an apology to Senators Hadley and Krist for accusing them of not being Republican enough in the past. They did the Republican thing when they allowed the Governor to take the lead in handling Kintners situation. All they got for that was burned.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Again, what power did the governor have…other than to make it public?

        The number of apologies owed to Hadley and Krist is absolute zero. They ran as Republicans, voted like Democrats, and get portrayed by the media as Independents. If they were an animal they’d be a platypus. Is it a duck? Is it a beaver? Is it a venomous snake? Well gosh, which way is the wind blowin’ and I’ll tell ya!

        The legislature is the only body with the power to act on Kintner’s actions. And they didn’t act. The fact that they even THOUGHT it was a good idea to let Rickett’s office handle it…when Kintner’s wife works for Ricketts…makes them either ignorant, or idiotic. Neither is a good trait in a legislator.

    • bynd says:

      Another Falwell tries to resurrect the Moral Majority.

      Way to go SGBTK @ 11:57. A real religious zealot you must be.

  3. Times Change says:

    I remember the uproar when Jimmy Carter was interviewed and admitting “lusting in my heart.” With modern technology Senator Kintner, lacking a heart, got the job done using a state owned laptop computer.

    If he doesn’t resign maybe he’ll show some sympathy for the less advantaged and introduce a bill to increase the allotment the old goats on Medicaid get.

    • Ewwwww says:

      The dubious honor of chairing the enrollment and review committee has just become a little less attractive. Does the incoming junior senator get last pick of laptops as well as offices?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d boil that laptop in bleach and then send it to electronic recycling, if there’s anything left of it.

      Another solution to this problem is that elected officials simply don’t get State-owned electronics. Staff do but politicians don’t. A simple way of shrinking the security risk surface.

  4. Auction Goer says:

    This could present some of us an opportunity to make some money. I’ve been going to state surplus auctions for years. There are some good buys at times. Right now it looks like the market for state owned laptops is going to be a buyers market.

  5. Sparkles says:

    A revelation – Donald Trump may indeed aid in Making America Great Again.

    You merely have to recognize the Trumpster for the true role he is fulfilling. That being that delightful ‘cleansing’ cocktail you’re required to drink prior to a colonoscopy.
    Kind of like the Colon Blow made famous by SNL, but in liquid form.

    Once Trump’s sacrificial journey through the twists and turns of the primaries and the ensuing voyage through general are complete, he will have swept up with him, for final excretion, all the malefactors that have for far too long preyed on the Grand Old Party. Preyed, like parasite to host, in the process inflicting considerable and lasting harm to our body politic.
    And although the Donald’s efforts are destined to conclude in a counterclockwise swirl. he will have nonetheless helped Make America Great Again.

    Cheers to you Donald, and bottoms up!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kintner is a complete a– for trying to cloak himself in God as justification to stay in office. I am disgusted by his behavior

  7. Ricky says:

    Wouldn’t that be sad if Loserbaugh’s initiative did not qualify for the ballot.
    On the other hand had expanded gambling gone on the ballot, it would have gotten crushed as it has before.
    Now Loserbaugh can claim fraud and then the Indian Tribe can give him more money and he can try it again next year.
    PS Has Omaha Mayor Stothert endorsed Bacon yet? Did Stothert endorse Trump at the state GOP convention?

    • The Grundle King says:

      Two things:

      1. You’re a retired postman who acts like a child. Grow up or shut up.
      2. What gives you the right to decide how and where other people spend their money?

      • Ricky says:

        Don’t get you. Loserbaugh took a ton of money to get expanded gambling on the ballot even though he and everybody else knows it has been shot down every time.
        But people like him will do anything for money.
        Casino gambling makes money from problem gamblers and does nothing but cause trouble.
        That’s why smart Nebraskan’s vote it down.

    • The Grundle King says:

      Oh, and BTW Ricky, they prefer to be called ‘native Americans’ you racist. I guess you’d prefer to keep them quiet on their little reservation, eh?

  8. Buddy Whackit says:

    Kintner is a great rep. He spanked the Dems on taxes, beat off all his primary challengers, He has punched all the clowns in the legislature, has jerked some of the most significant legislature form committees, pulled and yanked on bills to make sure they saw the light of day. He is the only hand for the job!

  9. neu says:

    On August 4, 2016 at 11:12 am, The Grundle King noted that Hillary in Omaha said “’We are going to raise taxes on the middle class’… and Clinton’s supporters cheered!” GK wondered “WTAF is wrong with these people’s brains?!” – The answer is, less than what’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s brain.

    Hillary’s congenital clotting problem and hypothyroidism leads to fatigue and cognitive clouding. Add Traumatic Brain Injury to that and likely Post-Concussion Syndrome and you have a potent problem. Neurological damage isn’t a bad childhood in need of counselling. Once brain cells die, they are gone.

    Hillary’s Dec 2012 TBI would explain her clumsiness as a candidate and apparent stress seizures. Even before her accident, her personality was much like Trump’s. Bill is congenial, she abrasive. Yet she was featured in Life Magazine when graduating college. She’s no political fool. But now under stress she manifests physical neural damage. It is not her personality. But it also won’t improve her personality. But it will and does cloud judgement. It is real brain damage and its effects are stress triggered. She cannot debate without sitting down. When flooded with too many stimuli, such as questions, she manifests a type of transient epileptic localized seizure.

    Her accident was initially called a bump on the head. A “mild concussion” and “not severe”. However, Bill said she spent a half a year struggling with what was later admitted a brain clot that left her a year afterward wearing fresnel lenses for double vision. That is not a mild concussion. It presents as TBI with at least PCS. The extent of her true brain damage is not released, though probably known. If not known, that is worse for her. But in any case, patients with TBI have significantly higher risks of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s within seven years after injury compared to those without TBI.

    • Sparkles says:

      Of course, Hillary in Omaha DID NOT say “’We are going to raise taxes on the middle class’…”

      This is merely another to add to the voluminous reams of PANTS ON FIRE lies that the GOP feeds to it’s reality-averse base.

      24 hours of Fox ‘News’ and Hate Radio condensed into paragraph form –

  10. Both clotting and hypothyroidism are easily managed; coumadin and thyroxine will do the trick.

    Her doctor gave her a clean bill of health in 2015.

    Meanwhile, Trump is on statins. His father also died of Alzheimer’s, which has a significant genetic component.

  11. Politicus Incorrectus says:

    Kurt Schlicter’s argument for Trump is nearly as myopic as Dave Miller’s argument against Trump. They all think he is feeling his way. That’s ironic.

    Trump inoculates himself. A threat presents, he abrades, fever rises, subsides and immunity results. He did that 13 months ago when McCain hammered Trump on the assumption he could have his way with any non-veteran. Trump hit back famously and fever rose. When Trump didn’t apologize, people were forced to ask themselves if being captured is heroic. Hagel called his own Purple Hearts, “points for the enemy.” Voters saw Trump as rude but right. He used McCain’s attack to inoculate himself, so that even Colonel Lindsay Graham never gained a bit of traction thereafter. Jeb, Cruz and Rubio felt immune to non-Hispanics, Fiorina to all males. GOP and Democrat regulars all use PC as if iron sword and shield. The stuff is papier-mâché.

    At the DNC Convention, Trump was poked with a political barb made out of a son’s corpse. That, despite Trump being against invading Iraq, Hilary voting for it, and her then leaving it to Islamic State, making the son’s death a waste. Those facts are horriible, ugly, and Trump pointed it out in technicolor. Yet as emotions fade, it is impossible to conclude the DNC parents weren’t using their dead son’s body like a political attack ad to support Clinton. – Importantly, Democrats countered that Benghazi Gold Star Mothers also politicized their dead sons. But that too points toward Hillary the ex-Senator and ex-Secretary of State. Hillary is squarely on the dead-vets hot seat but her Convention tried to dump that onto Trump. He scratched it, the fever rose, and now will anyone try that again? No matter how this is hammered, or by whom, from any angle, dead veterans all were on her watch. It all ends up in Hillary’s lap.

    While PC is pervasive and blinding, it is made of very thin reason. When a backbone won’t bend to PC pressure, people reexamine what was said. And it if it true, it is true.

    • NotChuck says:

      Capt Khan may be a true American hero who happened to be a Muslim, but that doesn’t give his Gold Star parents political immunity when committing a partisan attack at a party convention. What gives them the right to expect deferential treatment when 23 other families whose deceased veteran children are backhanded as “workplace violence” victims of another Muslim serving in the US Army, Nidal Hassan? The same party that allows Khan’s parents (father) to speak disparagingly of the opposition candidate, would not even accord Hassan’s victims the dignity of military honors, much less a platform at their convention.

  12. Rumor has it says:

    Pat McPherson and John Sieler have a video that’s way worse than Bill Kintner’s video. I heard it involves a lot of guys in red sweater vests.

  13. Go Jane Go says:

    I hope Jane Kleeb shows as much creativity and respect to Creepy Kintner as his good friend and fellow criminal, Julie Schmidt-Albin, would.

    If Kintner refuses to resign, protesters should start showing up in front of his home and church carrying signs in protest. If his pastor supports Kintner’s decision not to resign they should picket his home, too. If he still hasn’t resigned by the time the Legislature goes into session they should picket the Capitol. Kintner’s wife should probably be enjoying the view as she passes protesters on her way to work for the Governor.

    If Kintner’s friends in the Legislature support him staying in office they should be met by protesters on a regular basis at their homes and offices.

    GO JANE GO!!!

    Let’s drive the bum out if we won’t do the right thing and leave willingly.

    • bynd says:

      To the right Rev. go Jane go, @11:51

      Another Moral Majority and Westboro Baptist bully. I thought you folks had learned your lesson and gone on to other pursuits. Do you protest at Leroy’s places also?

    • Anonymous says:

      One hypocrite – Carpetbagger Kleeb – using another hypocrite – Master Debater Kintner – as an object lesson in hypocrisy. Sorry, I don’t care. This doesn’t illustrate anything except, well, hypocrisy.

      Lets see Carpetbagger Kleeb stand before the voters and run for Master Debater Kintner’s Unicameral seat. That would take some actual guts.

      OBTW, Master Debater Kintner has shot his political wad. He is now irrelevant, Reagan pictures and all. Goodbye, goodbye. Goodbye.

      • The Law says:

        If Kintner had resigned a year ago, when he should have, his seat would be up for election right now. The Governor deftly handled the cover up so that if and when Kintner resigns, he, the Governor, will be able to appoint Kintners successor.

        No one, including Jane, can run for Kintners seat because the Governor manipulated the system to prevent the voters in the district from choosing Kintners replacement.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Deft” is not one of the six applicable adjectives one can apply to Pete Rickets. Rickets have never been deft a day in his life.

  14. Impeach Peterson says:

    In an OHW story in todays paper they state, “Attorney General Doug Peterson decided not to charge Kintner. Peterson’s office said Nebraska courts don’t have jurisdiction because the incident occurred while the senator was out of state.”

    Peterson is clearly continuing to cover for Kintner. The law Kintner violated was in relation to misuse of state owned resources. Where Kintner was when he violated the law is totally irrelevant. If a state employee used a state issued credit card in Iowa for personal purchases they would not be exempt from being prosecuted in Nebraska.

    The reports say that Kintner was in Massachusetts for business unrelated to his duties as a state senator. What reason did he have to take the state owned computer to Massachusetts?

    If Kintner can’t be prosecuted because his abuse of state owned resources occurred in another state, why does Nebraska continue to investigate the case in search of the scammers who caught Kintner? What jurisdiction does Peterson have there?

    It looks like the decisions state officials are making in Kintners case have more to do with the fact that his lawyer, J. L. Spray, is a high ranking Republican party operative than they do with Kintner’s own actions.

      • PC says:

        It’s more complex, suppose he was shuckin his cob in the bedroom area, you have to keep out of the bedroom, now if he was in the bathroom, the rules for that area are in dispute, a G for pleasuring misuse? There is no penalty here for being stupid. Being Nebraska maybe the should have to get a permit and/or pay a tax

      • Anonymous says:

        Complexity can be made a little simpler. I accept your examples as-stated with this proviso: even the appearance of misbehavior with government equipment by an elected official should be avoided. That doesn’t necessarily rise to the level of criminality. But even the appearance would probably cost me my job in the private sector. Sorry, no pass for Kinter or anyone in a similar position.

        People do make mistakes. There is life after a mistake. There can also be forgiveness. But not at the expense of the electorate or the dignity – heard that lately? – of elected office. “To whom much is given, from him much is expected.”

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