“You really aren’t representative of everybody”

Vehicle in parking lot at Elkhorn Sasse "Town Hall"
Vehicle in parking lot at Elkhorn Sasse “Town Hall”

Before Sunday’s OWH article about Ben Sasse’s “Townhall” in Elkhorn, Leavenworth St. had heard complaints about the event from various attendees.

There was the fact that Sasse himself spoke only briefly to a room full of constituents, then told them his staff was taking over.

There was the refusal by Sasse to talk in the room about the political positions that he has taken over the past year.

And there was the statement by Sasse that the feelings of those in the room, “are not representative of everybody.”

This would be the second time, recently, that Sasse has stated that those people who attend an event, politely listen to the views of a politician, then attempt to let said politician know their own views, are “outside the mainstream”.

This time Sasse spent a little more time fleshing out his views — but would only do so, on the run, outside the auditorium, instead of on the stage where everyone could hear him.

You want to talk about not being part of the majority?

Sasse is waaaaay outside the majority of his Congressional colleagues who are willing to walk into a room, state their views to anyone who will listen, then respectfully listen to the views of others.

The funny thing is, Sasse can and should express to his constituents his political views in public. He is certainly willing to do so to a roomful of the political cognoscenti in Washington, D.C. He has no problem taking to social media to write down his views. And he will go on radio and TV to do so.

So what’t he problem with standing on a stage in Elkhorn and giving it up?

And then there’s that little part of telling his constituents that they aren’t the ones that matter. He did this a few months back after he told the Washington, D.C. reporters that the delegates at the Nebraska GOP convention didn’t represent the views of Nebraskans either.

But aside from the crazy disrespect that Senator Sasse is showing these Nebraskans, it is a curious way to go about doing business. Telling the people who make the effort to take part in the republican form of government that they don’t count? What is that? Who DOES that?

Again, it is clear what Sasse is doing.
He hopes that by denigrating the Republican party’s nominee, he can assist in him losing to Hillary Clinton, and then take the mantle of “party-changer” while she is sitting in the Oval Office.

This great plan for Ben Sasse, however, means that the people of the United States would be subject to the rule of Hillary Clinton.

So, once again, unlike what Sasse told the angry crowd at his Columbus Town Hall, this election is not about “what kind of candidates you want more of in the future.”

This election is about electing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.
Take your pick, because one of them WILL be elected.

The future is NOW.


How do you solve a problem like…

The LJS has a follow-up story with various state Senators about what to do on the Bill Kintner issue.

Pretty much all of them hope that Kintner solves the issue himself by resigning. No one is crazy about the alternatives.

Those would be returning to Lincoln for a Special Session (at the additional cost of approx $65K) to determine whether they should vote to impeach or expel him.

Then the issue comes, if they do vote to impeach, there would have to be a trial in the Supreme Court.

And, as the parties call witnesses, what new information could be released?

And then, what if the SC acquits him?

Then they have to start all over again to expel, but probably would end up waiting until January anyway.

It is a mess.
And it ain’t going away.



And this is going to get rehashed eight ways from Sunday, but one thing to point out…

Here is Governor Ricketts’ statement, in full, regarding Kinter:

“In light of the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission’s decision, Senator Kintner should resign his office immediately. Period.”

That’s it.

And the NADC’s decision consisted of Kintner admitting that he misused public resources.

That’s it.

So…that’s the basis of the Governor’s resignation demand?

Of course we all know the background story, etc., etc. But that’s not what the Governor said.

There are lots of ways to misuse public resources. Not all of them are equal, right? So it is important for the Governor to spell out, just a bit more, WHY Kintner should resign.




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  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    I’m a YUUUGE Sasse supporter. He’s been shining the light on Trump since the beginning and I respect him for that. BUT, I agree with SS here. If you’re going to give all kinds of speeches in front of the National Press Club or any other DC establishment and explain your political positions, then you ought to be able to give the same courtesy and answer questions of those who you represent in Washington.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “But aside from the crazy disrespect that Senator Sasse is showing these Nebraskans, it is a curious way to go about doing business. Telling the people who make the effort to take part in the republican form of government that they don’t count? What is that? Who DOES that?”

    Change “Senator Sasse” to “Senator Kintner” because that is what Kintner does when he says he doesn’t need to apologize to all the people who voted for him.

  3. Bluejay says:

    If Hillary wins, we’re finished. No joke. She’s a CRIMINAL and we don’t even know ten percent of her crimes.

    If Sasse in any way contributes to the election of Hillary, then he’s part of the problem.

    Ben, Wise up. Play team ball. Ask yourself this: What would Dr. Tom do to beat Oklahoma or Miami or Florida State? Yeah, he’d play that guy who as no saint. Like Johnny Rodgers.

      • Bluejay says:

        And Hillary is way worse than the Sooners. That was just a game. Thirty years of libs on the Supreme Court means doom.

      • Millennial voter says:

        OK, just so I understand this scenario you have dreamed up:

        1. Hillary Clinton is a “CRIMINAL,” and although she’s never been indicted or convicted, we’re aware of 90 percent of the crimes she has supposedly committed.

        2. Ben Sasse, a first-term senator who spent a year just hanging out at the U.S. Capitol “listening,” is analogous to Tom Osborne, someone actually responsible for making decisions for a non-democratic football program.

        3. Because Sasse isn’t supporting Trump, he’s just throwing the game for his team.

        4. If Sasse would announce his support Trump, it would be like putting Johnny the Jet (someone actually convicted of a crime) in against Oklahoma to return a punt, or since Johnny the Jet never played Miami or Florida St., presumably Lawrence Phillips (someone else actually convicted of multiple crimes) to carry the team downfield for a scoring opportunity.

        5. What you’re saying, in essence, is we need one criminal to go in there so they can beat a presumed criminal.

        Maybe try a basketball analogy next time, Bluejay.

      • Bluejay says:


        Where did you go to school? Seriously. Can’t you read?

        We only know 10% of Hillary’s crimes. And she can’t be convicted because she is immune. Immune in a political sense. Ask the FBI director. I am also speaking in an informal sense that she is a criminal as obviously she has never been actually convicted.

        Was LP ever convicted of a crime in Lincoln? I think not.

        You Dems can’t defend Hillary as your nominee. She is corrupt beyond words and dumb as a stick. A private server that the whole world hacked? Idiot!

      • Millennial voter says:

        You got me, Bluejay. I didn’t go to Creighton. Admissions rep told me I wasn’t conceited enough.

        I misread your first statement as “we know all but 10 percent of her crimes.” My bad.

        But still. You excusing Johnny Rodgers as “just” robbing a gas station and Lawrence Phillips as never having been convicted of a crime in Lincoln (when there was plenty of corruption going on stemming from someone immune in a political sense) is breathtakingly out of touch with reality.

        I understand you don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president. That’s fine. You trying to put Trump up there as someone who is not “corrupt beyond words and dumb as a stick” is laughable at best.

      • HTH says:

        Bluejay: Look up “Dunning-Kruger effect” – it perfectly describes your every opinion, and may help you in the future.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Ben Sasse is the senator from Nesasseka, population 1 – Ben Sasse. This is why he attends meetings with alleged constituents and can’t listen. Why listen to people who you don’t actually represent? Which explains why Ben Sasse only occupies a chair in the office of Nebraska’s junior member of the United States Senate. He does do those things actually expected of an actual U.S. Senator. He’s as vacuous as Pete Rickets.

    Ben, if you’re reading, quit now. And you’re never going to be president of these United States, not ever. Just setting expectations appropriately. #NeverSasse

  5. Fremont Fred says:

    You can judge a person by their enemies. For Sasse, that’s largely Pat McPherson. Google McPherson and Red Robin and State Board of Education and Mike Johanns.

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Some of the people on this board really need to know where the anti-Sasse people are coming from. Many of them are flat out anti-immigration to the point of being racist. They took issue with him on the Fremont initiative and they have hounded him ever since Osborn lost to him.

      So along comes Trump wanting to build a wall and making outlandish statements on banning Muslims and accusing Mexicans of being rapists. The racists love Trump for it and they hate the #NeverTrump camp. These people are evil. They want outright revenge against anyone associated with the #NeverTrump camp. They are scary people and are pushing conservatives out of the GOP.

  6. Sparkles says:

    “You really aren’t representative of everybody”

    Mr Sasse is, of course, absolutely correct.
    And with each passing day he is found to be ever more correct.

    A new Washington Post/ABC News poll was just released, asking –
    Regardless of whether you would vote for him, do you think Donald Trump is or is not qualified to serve as president?

    Only 38% believe Donald Trump is qualified to serve as president.
    Donald Trump currently fails to clear the most basic bar of the presidency.

    The same question asked re HRC, 60% of respondents believe her to be qualified.

    And it’s not just qualifications.
    When asked if Trump has the personality or temperament to serve as president, 67% said NO.
    When asked if he has a solid understanding of world affairs, 64% said NO.
    When asked if they think he’s honest and trustworthy 62% said NO.

    For comparison, HRC’s scores were –
    Qualified, 60% said YES.
    Personality and temperament, 61% said YES
    A solid knowledge of world affairs, 72% said YES
    Honest and trustworthy, 59% said NO

    Another telling question –
    Thinking about Donald Trump as president – are you comfortable with this, or does it make you anxious?
    Comfortable – 28%
    Anxious – 70%

    Comfortable – 47%
    Anxious – 51%

    And another, which extends beyond D.C. and goes to the legislatures throughout the nation and to the very core of the discredited, anti-government, wingnut movement –
    All else equal, would you like the next president to be someone who has experience in how the political system works, or someone from outside the existing political establishment?
    58% of Americans prefer experience in the political system.

    And finally, re Trump’s criticism of the Khan family, which so many on this board supported –
    Only 12% of Americans agree with you.


    So, it appears as if Mr, Sasse indeed has the facts on his side.

    • And to remind everyone, Sasse got ⅔ of the votes two years ago. That’s how we choose representatives in this country.

      The obsessive attacks on Sasse on this blog seem to get more desperate with every increase in Hillary’s lead in the polls. As of November, Sweeper and the Trump cheering section here will be definitively wrong, and Sasse definitively right.

  7. Sparkles says:

    Trump just suggested at a rally in NC, that if HRC is elected and get’s to (fulfill her constitutional duty) select supreme courts justices, the only solution remaining to Americans will be..
    the second amendment.

    Lock Him Up
    Lock Him Up
    Lock Him Up

    • Sparkles says:

      Der Drumpf is the gift that just keeps giving.

      Keep it up, Cheeto Jesus, the Senate is almost a lock (welcome, Speaker Schumer) and you’ve now got Paul Ryan rummaging frantically through his old CD library, in search of some Talking Heads –

      And you may tell yourself
      This is not my beautiful house!

      Same as it ever was
      Same as it ever was

      • The Senate was going to be tough to hold anyway. What the GOP might be looking at is 2009 redux, with a 60 vote supermajority in the Senate and control of the House.

      • Anonymous says:

        A Republican Congress is almost worth a Clinton Presidency. Plenty of time to deliberately avoid a re-Trump in ’20.

      • The Grundle King says:

        The race for the Presidency is over. OVER. The GOP’s efforts, at this point, should be solely focused on electing GOP congressmen and women. Hell, come right out and say it in the ads…”We never wanted Trump as our candidate, and we sure as hell don’t want him now…but regardless of how you feel about Trump, we need you to vote GOP for Congress! We may not keep Hillary out of the White House…but we CAN limit the damage she does!”

      • Khan says:

        That would be a tough if not impossible sell on the part of the GOP establishment, particularly a Never Trump contingent that has spent months insisting that they bear no responsibility for Hillary’s impending coronation. If there isn’t an imperative to unify against Hillary (neither for Trump nor Cruz) the case to unify to preserve their jobs is rather flimsy in the eyes of many.

    • Khan says:

      “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton defended staying in the Democratic nominating contest on Friday by pointing out that her husband had not wrapped up the nomination until June 1992, adding ‘We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.'” HRC, 2008

      • Sparkles says:

        “Her remarks were met with quick criticism from the campaign of Senator Barack Obama, and within hours of making them Mrs. Clinton expressed regret, saying, “The Kennedys have been much on my mind the last days because of Senator Kennedy,” referring to the recent diagnosis of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s brain tumor. She added, “And I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and in particular the Kennedy family was in any way offensive.”

        That’s how adults handle statements they regret having made.
        Immediately and decisively.

        Trump is a toddler, with a tiny little span of attention, trapped in a Tufted Talking Yam’s… body.
        Trump protesters simply need to start bringing squirrels to his rallies, he would never be able to complete a sentence.

      • Khan says:

        “I’m sorry you were offended” and appealing to sentimentality for a fat, drunk old coward aren’t true apologies, adult or otherwise, unless you put as positive an interpretation on her words as you put a negative one on Trump’s. Who, I might add, didn’t even use the A-word, unlike Hillary.

        Or, maybe you’re prone to hold our becankled, immobile Granny Goodness to another standard. Lord knows you’re not alone in that.

    • He doesn’t seem to understand the consent of the governed, does he? If HRC’s elected, she’ll be President by a democratic process, not a despot. The last time some of us declared war on our own government, it didn’t work out so well.

      I completely agree one purpose of the 2nd amendment is to allow us to overthrow despots, but you can’t reasonably call someone a despot if she just won an election and doesn’t curtail civil liberties.

    • bynd says:


      And Hillary said she would raise taxes on the middle class when in Omaha.

      Let’s see now, you vehemently denied that happened and then turned around and did the same thing above. How original and clever.

  8. Pete says:

    Anytime Ben Sasse talks to a group of his constituents, he tells them all they’re wrong and outside the norm. Please Ben, tell the people who show up more about how they’re wrong. It’s a good thing he never planned on running a second time.

  9. Angie says:

    How much do we know about the “mistress” that Senator Bill was Skyping with? Was she underage? Was this the first time? What other non-business activities has he used state property to conduct? He should go public with all this information so that the Governor and his constituents can make an informed decision.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have it on good authority, i.e. the voices in my head, that there is a 90% chance that Bluejay is not only a serial child molester, but he runs an industrial sized meth lab that would put Walter White to shame. We all know this to be true because I said so.

  11. Train wreck says:

    Trump “jokingly” encouraged his supporters to shoot Hilary Clinton today. Perhaps Pete should ask him to step down as well. The GOP is so entertaining

  12. It's Over Already... says:

    “…he can assist in him losing to Hillary Clinton”
    SS you get so spun up whenever anyone is critical of Trump. BREAKING: he’s losing just fine on his own. It doesn’t matter what what Sasse says about Trump. Or any Republican. He’s going to get trounced. Hillary was helped made President when the party nominated Trump. Where was your outrage then? I don’t recall the scathing posts that Trump should be stopped, for the good of party, in order to defeat Hillary.
    Nope… The dye is cast. The angry click-bait caucus gave Trump the nom, and it was over at that point.

  13. Zero says:

    Have any of you ever actually spoken to Sasse (in-person)? He’s not that smart — based off personal interactions, I’d rank Lee Terry’s IQ as around 20-25 points higher than Sasse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, for all the good that did Lee or us. Terry? Like sending a concrete lawn gnome to the House, and most of dead weight was in the head. If Sasse runs 20-25 points lower then we are well & truly fracked.

    • HTH says:

      The dude’s a Yale PhD. I’m not saying that means he’s a genius, but I think you’re making an uphill argument.


      • Anonymous says:

        Spoken by someone who doesn’t need a PhD. How ’bout you, cowboy? You’re light on common sense for starters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Now who’s speaking out out of ignorance? I have a terminal degree in my field, done research and published in peer-reviewed journals, in addition to a career in industry where (pace Ghostbusters) “they expect results.” Don’t recall seeing you there. For any of it. So, once again, your point? Reflexive defense of a PhD? Disappointing.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “…terminal degree in my field…”

        High school diploma for janitorial work…check.

        “…done research and published in peer-reviewed journals…”

        Scribbling jokes and limericks in the bathroom stalls for your co-workers to laugh at does not count.

        “…a career in industry where “they expect results.””

        No doubt. Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom and find poop on the toilet seat.

        Perhaps you don’t recall seeing any Chemistry PhD’s along the way…but you were most certainly the beneficiary of their work. After all, who do you think devised all those wonderful chemicals you’ve been using?

  14. Ricky says:

    Sasse is one weird person. I am surprised he did not leave the hall and let his children answer the questions.
    He is right about Trump however. A buffoon like Trump will never be President.
    Can the readers of l st and SS REALLY think Hillary is so bad Trump is the better choice?
    HRC is super smart, experienced, and Warren likes her.
    No doubt about it she will be the next President of the USA.
    And she will probably do a very good job.

    • Anonymous says:

      More like Stothert. A tolerable, average performer. She’ll do until something better comes along. I am surprised at how hard that is. The 2-party system is perfectly tuned to float the top turd. Witness the ’16 presidential campaign.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ricketts needs to wake the f**k up and govern like he was elected to do, and not act like some kid on her or his first trip to Boy’s State or Girls State. Is there anyone on Ricketts staff who can pull him aside and box his ears? Jaysus, the Nebraska Way appears to be to elect do-nothings – intellectual sequestration.

    • Ricky says:

      Hmm what does that mean I wonder? When Krazy Kitner said I am not the only bad guy there are fornicators and drunks in the Unicam and etc. Who was he talking about?
      Seems like a lot of news stories can be written if JoAnne Young looks into what Kitner said.
      Perhaps Jim Smith of Papillion has undocumented people mowing his lawn?
      Or Murante provides escorts for Kansas Sec of state Kobach when he comes to town?
      Or Craighead gets take out for Ricketts?
      We want to know!

      • bynd says:

        Ricky is the best example ever of Dunning-Kruger. I just love to be able to use new words and phrases right away. Especially when they are so accurate.

        By the way, Ricky has the Kintner video playing as a loop on his screen saver.

  15. The Eye Ball says:

    You take #NeverTrump and ad
    #NeverSasse and add
    #NeverKintner and you get

    So who all is voting for the Democrats here?

  16. Deb Fischer for Life says:

    So lemme get this straight:

    Ben Sasse thinks that non-partisan folks who show up to TAXPAYER FUNDED TOWN HALLS because they can’t get the VA to help them get their pacemaker funded shouldn’t get shouted down by the same 4 jackasses at every event who want to shout about what happened in the GOP Primary?


    Never mind the fact that Sasse did tons of events all over the state last week and had a hell of a lot bigger crowds at each stop than Deb Fischer did COMBINED for the whole week–nope–WE’VE GOT A DAMN NARRATIVE TO PRESERVE HERE, AIN’T WE, JERRY, I MEAN, SWEEPER?

    BTW, Jerry, your nominee Trump is absolutely crushing it. Super job so far, Pardner. It’s going really well.

    This is why you are read by the most important dozen people in the state, my friend.

    • Anon says:

      bigger crowds, that is your yardstick, people want answers. Loser Trump does that, watch how many people he draws to the debates

      • Sparkles says:

        “people want answers”

        The problem for the the Republican party and the dilemma of R politicos like Ben Sasse, is that the ‘answers’ the GOP base all too frequently wants are to questions like:
        1) Why haven’t you dismantled Obamacare (after years wasted on 50+ separate votes)
        2) Why haven’t you abolished the IRS, the EPA, NPR, PBS and the Dept of Education
        3) Why can’t I pack heat to my kids school play
        4) Why can’t we teach creationism in science class and American Exceptionalism in history class
        5) What about the gays
        6) Why haven’t you locked up Hillary Clinton
        7) Why haven’t you defunded Planned Parenthood
        8) Why haven’t there been any Obama Impeachment proceedings
        9) What are you doing about Agenda 21
        10) Why won’t you support an Article V Convention of the States so we can tell Govt just where they can shove it
        11) What are you gonna do to stop the libtards from confiscating our guns
        12) Why don’t we just ‘bomb the crap of them’

        This, thanks to Fox ‘News’ and hate radio, is the modern Republican party platform.
        And it’s revolting.
        Revolting to an ever growing majority of Americans and to most politicians, of all political stripes.

        Independent Senator Angus King summed up the dilemma Sen Sasse faces as well as anyone. In a Jan 2016 interview he was asked why there is such dysfunction in government. He said the best he we could explain it is by relaying a conversation he recently had with a House Republican colleague, who told him:
        “I spend all my time in Washington trying to convince people I’m not crazy, and all my time in my district trying to convince my constituents I am crazy.”

  17. Anonymous says:

    Racist?. Blacks are conducting genocide on Blacks in a bloodbath and that doesn’t bother Democrats, black or white. But make borders borders and that’s racist? Keep trying, assholes, one of these days there will be a Black President and then your racist industry will close down.

  18. If the Donald would shut up for a minute says:

    So Hillary has the father of the night club terrorists sitting behind her in full camera view and now the wikileaks issue coming forward and nothing…because of Donald Trump and his mouth.

    I give up on both of them.

    • Sikes says:

      From what I’ve read, this Seth Rich/DNC/Wikileaks conspiracy could get some real legs. Quite the discussion going-on over on Reddit

    • Khan says:

      Donald and his mouth…and a media that dutifully ignores the former two stories until they’re absolutely forced not to.

      Not to mention Hillary point blank ignorning a question from a reporter asking about Mateen’s father.

  19. Khan says:

    The child rape victim against whom Hillary successfully represented the defendant has come out after 40 years to tell her story. It’s pretty chilling. Clearly the assault and the aftermath ruined her life. As one might expect, her feelings toward Granny Goodness are pretty raw.

    • Sparkles says:

      Thanks for sharing.

      That 40 year old story has significant bearing on how we here in Nebraska will address the fact that every day, nearly 247,000 Nebraskans don’t know when or where they’ll get their next meal, and more than one-third of them are children.

      Your story is truly meaningful when tackling the dilemma of why Americans at currently killing themselves at the highest rate in 30 years

      Your story is especially helpful in when putting in place policies to will help America climb from it’s ranking as 14th in the world in education, or it’s ranking as 24th, in literacy.

      Yep, when Mom & Pop Lunchpail are sitting at the dinner table trying to decide what they can afford this week – food, medicine or utilities – what they want their representative’s efforts most intensely focused on is a 40 year old story of HRC as a young lawyer being assigned a case she wanted no part of. A story that for political reasons has been spin into a distorted viral meme by malefactors on the right.
      A viral meme Snopes has deemed “Mostly False”.

      But ya’ll stick with that.
      Keep pumping out the Breitbart, Alex Jones and Julian Assange conspiracy theories, the distorted attack ads, the 9th Benghazi!! Benghazi!! investigation, the 58th vote to dismantle ObamaCare, the lies about HRC’s jack booted thugs coming for your guns, the indoctrination of your children into homosexual lifestyle, the invasion of disease carrying Mexican rapists and the fostering of Terrorist babies.
      Ya’ll keep pandering in that ignorance, because it seems to be working pretty for you, don’t ya think?

      • Khan says:

        You forgot to mention Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. You’re slipping.

        You don’t give a damn about the story. That’s hardly unusual for people who are inclined to support the Clintons.

      • Sparkles says:

        I do give a damn about the story, but the story the right wing promulgates is mostly bullshit, as is proven by Snopes and all other reliable accounts.

        But you don’t care that it’s bullshit, because it fits so neatly into your narrative.

    • Farmer L. says:

      Don’t forget:

      Brad Ashford supports Hillary Clinton for President. This endorsement alone makes Ashford unfit to represent Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District in Congress. Today’s Democrat politicians are possibly the biggest threat to National Security and Economic Stability that America has ever experienced.

  20. crusader34 says:

    Someone explain this to me in some other way than “because Hillary is a monster” (which she is): Sasse (among others, most of whom are less vocal) is one of the very few with the guts to stand up to the overwhelming majority of GOP figures (and plurality of GOP primary voters, apparently) who are demanding that he fall in line behind a flaming, greasy dumpster fire of a candidate, and somehow he’s the one that’s “part of the problem,” “out of touch,” a coward, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum.

    A tip regarding representative government: those you elect are not delegates, they are representatives, and as such are not expected to bend to the occasional idiotic mandates of their constituencies.

    Trump is a garbage candidate. Hillary is a garbage candidate. I don’t care which one is elected, because either way we’re in for at least four years of hell. If Sasse doesn’t care to associate with garbage candidates, good on him. If that really grinds your gears then, by all means, find someone to run against him when he’s up for re-election to the Senate. He’ll win again.

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