Kass Kounty Kicks Kintner?


Ricketts-Kintner-Chair02The LJS and the OWH write today about state Senator Bill Kintner’s continuing problems. They note the county Democrats and old political rivals who are calling for him to resign.

But they aren’t the only ones.

The Cass County GOP has apparently asked Kintner specifically to NOT come to their booth at the Cass County Fair.

Leavenworth St. has heard that the party will not be officially taking a position about Kintner resigning until after an executive board meeting.

But that they don’t want him anywhere near their booth at the fair is…unprecedented?

Kintner is in a bad spot these days, but it does not seem that walking around a county fair would be the greatest idea anyway. Not a lot of upside.


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And on the Kintner front, Governor Ricketts, and those in his office who read Leavenworth St. , apparently appreciated yesterday’s note that the Governor gave no real reason for Kintner to resign, other than the NADC rule-breaking.

OWH’s Joe Duggan tweeted out recently that Ricketts thinks Kintner should resign, “because he can no longer be effective as a lawmaker.”

Again, does that hit all the notes?

Or is that just supposed to encompass everything he’s done, without getting into the details — gory and not.

In any case, funny that Duggan has created the hashtag, “#cybersexscandal”. One click for all of your breaking cybersexscandal news!


Not part of his Opus?

Nebraska mourns the death of longtime philanthropist Dick Holland.

Curious, that the Omaha World-Herald chose to completely ignore Holland’s penchant for contributing to Democrat candidates and causes — pretty much up until his death at 95 years of age.

Holland is of course free to do what he wants with his money. But one would think that the local fishwrap would at least acknowledge, in a sentence or two, Holland’s very public involvement in Democrat politics, as well as the arts, education, etc.

Sort of funny that OWH reporter Joe Duggan felt it necessary to tweet his own edit to the article, since the writers and editors chose to ignore this facet of Holland’s life.

Thanks for the Twitter, I guess.



Bizarre stuff with the latest rumors swirling around the death of Nebraskan and DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange essentially gave a big wink that Rich was the one who sent the damning DNC emails to Wikileaks — the basis for the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz right before the start of the Democrat convention.

That Rich was murdered without being robbed isn’t helping the speculation.

Considering his family is still mourning, any of the speculation, especially locally, would hopefully be kept reasonable.




And Leavenworth St. also sends its condolences to the family and friends of longtime OWH sports writer Steve Pivovar who passed away last night as well.

Always enjoyed reading him. He will be missed.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jesus didn’t die on the cross so Bill Kintner could masturbate on a state computer and still be a state senator.

  2. Sparkles says:

    “..it does not seem that walking around a county fair would be the greatest idea anyway. Not a lot of upside.”

    The lengths you’ll all go to in defense of the indefensible.
    Kintner is shunned by the very people he is elected to represent, because he’s embarrassment to the people and the party, so you feel the need to denigrate the people who took the principled stand?
    Cass County Fair attendance is expected to be @ 34,000. Most of them, Kintner’s constituents.
    No where throughout the year will there be a larger, more ideally targeted audience if your Bill Kintner.

    And who do you imagine you’re kidding?
    We’ve all seen the photos of the political gatherings sponsored by, I don’t know, pick your cause.. Sheep Diddlers Anonymous. A political event turning out a grand total of six people, all of them over the age of 70. The setting is always some bland, non-descript room with an American flag propped up somewhere in the frame. The pol standing at the front, gesticulating for the camera and faking enthusiasm to the stilted gathering who are clearly uncomfortable in the beat up folding chair provided.
    One of them on oxygen, one appears to be sleeping, one has his face buried in the free box of donuts in the back of the room another.. another appears to be dead – maybe a remnant from a previous gathering.
    I saw almost exactly that photo posted on Kintner’s Facebook page. And Kintner was addressing the attendees with a pistol strapped to his hip.

    Plus, having grown up on Cass County, I know exactly how rewarding that fair can be. Who doesn’t love a good Mutton Busting competition! And this years schedule allows you to follow that up with the thrills of the Open Class Rabbit Show and – if yer ticker can still take it – a ‘Best Decorated Basket’ throwdown.
    How do you spell Freedum!!

    • bynd says:


      You grew up in Cass county. That explains so much. You can take the boy out of the county but you can’t take the county out of the boy.

      Man almost beat to death on his own porch in Plattsabama. Consequences none. Except for the man still probably going through rehab.

      Senior on the football team sodomizes freshman during hazing. Consequences? Boys will be boys.

      I suppose you know a lot about diddling a lot of different animals though growing up there. What else is there to do, as you have pointed out, on a weekend night in Cass county.

      • bynd says:

        When Nebraska loses, the sun comes up the next day.

        Who ever gets elected, the sun will come up the next.

        I will be happier when the sun stops coming up.

    • Uh, jackass, thanks for missing the point, but instead doing what Kintner was doing, with your keyboard.

      The point being, there is no reason for KINTNER to be walking around the fair, what with the recent news about him.
      There is no POLITICAL upside FOR KINTNER.

      Now that your refractory period is over, feel free to get back on your keyboard and copy and paste something.


    • Anonymous says:

      Sparkles, when you denigrate County Fairs in Nebraska you’re really stepping into it. Lay off. Many a young Nebraskan has come of age at the County Fair amidst the tractor pulls, free barbeques, 4-H and FFA competitions. You’re almost as bad as Jane.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Top-ranking Illinois State Rep Sandack recently resigned after a cyber-attack (which is what Kintner “self-reported”- NOT that he masturbated with state property). So he apparently also thought the “smokin hot” extorted actually wanted to get naked on Skype. Nothing about if it was state property- he just has some decency and respect for his wife, constituents and colleagues.

    • Peas in a pod. says:

      I never saw Sandack ranting on the floor of the Illinois Legislature. I did watch Kintner spend his first two years in the Nebraska Legislature lecturing everyone on “Nebraska Values.” I’m sure that Kintner’s lack of shame and unwillingness to do the right thing is just a manifestation of his deep Nebraska values.

      It’s getting more and more obvious that the Governor doesn’t really want Kintner to resign. He’s just trying to give himself a little distance from Kreepy Kinter, aka Wankin’ Willie. Pandering Pete covered up for Wankin’ Willie for a year. He promoted him openly for delegate to the Republican National Convention with full knowledge of the situation… Maybe Daddy Joe should increase Pete’s allowance. Then Pete could afford to buy a better class of friends to hang around with.

      Pete doesn’t seem to be spending a lot of time on the county fair circuit either. He’s avoiding the voters because he doesn’t have any good answers for his corrupt cover-up.

      • No. He wants him to resign, just after the filing deadline for a November 2016 election. If he misses that deadline, Ricketts gets to appoint the successor.

        The fix is in.

      • Sparkles says:

        The fix is in indeed.

        I can understand the complicity of the NEGOP, remaining silent all this time and now slow walking the process in order to allow Pete to hand select his next toady.

        What I can’t understand is why Democrats in the legislature, or among the poorly organized NDP, aren’t at least attempting to make transparent the chicanery.

      • Circle the Wagons says:

        The NDP probably hasn’t even noticed what’s going on with Kintner yet.

        They’re too busy preparing for Senator Mello’s announcement that he’s going to run for mayor of Omaha. Word is they may even cancel the next SCC meeting and the booth at the state fair because they need the time and resources for Senator Mello’s campaign.

      • Sparkles says:

        It’s amazing how inept the NDP has been, and for how long.

        Gotta give credit to the bare knuckle brawlers that are the NEGOP.
        It may not be pretty, but it’s certainly been effective.

        I’m hopeful that Ms. Kleeb will shake things up a bit. I’ve got little hope that the Dems will make any significant progress in deep red NE, but at least maybe they can force the NEGOP to backbench their flat earth society in favor of the forward thinkers.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    So Bill Kintner…a man who apparently abandons such a deeply held conservative principle as remaining devoted and faithfully committed to your family…THAT’S the guy that deserves a defense around here.

    But Ben Sasse…a man who has held steadfast to his conservative principles in the face of a party that has completely abandoned them in favor of a caucasian version of Kim Jong-Un…THAT’S the guy that deserves condemnation around here.

    I guess when you consider the moral vacuum that is Donald Trump, and the Trump boosterism that’s taken root as of late, a person shouldn’t be surprised that Kintner gets treated with kid gloves, while Sasse receives a regular dose of scorn.

    I know, I know…Hillary or Trump…who do you support…blah, blah-blah, blah-freaking-blah.

    Guess what…no Nebraskan’s vote is going to matter. Even if Clinton does happen to win one of Nebraska’s electoral votes…it’s not going to be a 1-vote race in the electoral college. It’s not even going to be a 10-vote race. The way things are going, a 100-vote margin seems far more likely. Which is truly pathetic, because there’s simply no reason why Hillary should be President.

    Look. To some extent, I understand the support of Trump. He’s not Hillary, which is a redeeming quality…but that’s about his only redeeming quality. What I absolutely DON’T get is why so many ‘conservatives’/Republicans are willing to burn bridges with the few people who remain principled…people like Ben Sasse. Folks like him are the type of people that we’re going to need to revive the GOP after November…unless you think replacing the ‘best and brightest’ with the ‘loud and dumbest’ is the recipe to a successful political party.

    • Anonymous says:

      GH: We know you’re a big Sasse supporter but maybe, just maybe, voters feel betrayed by him. It’s not bad enough that he wants to use one of our TWO Senate seats to thrust himself on the national stage, he also puts down the people who voted for him in a condescending manner. A lot of voters wish they could take that vote back. Oh if only he were running this year I think he would get the come-uppance he deserves. However, he appears to be a master at directing his own personal timeline for power. Checked off already: used Nebraskans to attain Senate seat: 2014.

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Sweeper, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Donald J. Trump’s 2nd Amendment comments concerning Hillary Clinton and her Supreme Court picks. Do you think he was suggesting that one of his gun crazy supporters should just shoot her, was he exhibiting more of his world class humor, or is he just being “misunderstood” again? Any other possibilities?

  6. Anonymous says:

    BTO: A bunch of us voted for someone other than Sasse in the Primary. There were like 5 candidates weren’t there? Only forced to vote for him in the General when it was him or Domina.

      • The Grundle King says:

        I hate to admit, but on some level, Brian is probably right.

        I mean, I disagree with nearly every single one of Domina’s political views…but at least with Domina in the senate, he’d have much less time available to engage in his favorite hobby…suing Nebraska.

  7. Pat McFearson says:

    Bill Kintner will be dead weight down at the legislature if he does not resign. You can kiss 2017 goodbye if the Republicans want to move its agenda.

  8. Sex sells says:

    May 28, 2013, Senator Bill Kintner Press interview…

    “My parents taught me the moral absolutes of Christianity and I just applied those to everything.” — Republicans love to apply morality to politics. Frankly, that’s like putting a halo on a turd.

    “Cigars… that’s my only vice. I don’t drink. I don’t cuss. All I do is smoke a cigar or two a week.” — Funny that Kintner should mention cigars, because Democrat President Clinton stuck cigars into vaginas inside the Oval Office while making troop movements on the phone.

    It seems a double standard to let Democrat Bill remain President while demanding Republican Bill not be a state senator. But is it a double standard? Whose standard is it exactly? Not Democrats.

    I’d argue that Hillary Clinton abetting her husband’s use of woman as dehumanized sperm receptacles proves Democrats have zero moral standards, regarding sex at least. The leftist LGBT acronym soup adds new letters every day and soon perhaps “CZN” added; consanguinity, zoophelicism and necro-romance as norms. Fine with me. Hump your pup for all I care. Point is, the “moral absolutes” Kintner speaks of, among Democrats, is a bottomless moral abyss. – When a Seattle Boeing employee was killed having sex with a horse, some Democrats there voiced concern about the horse. No kidding.

    Republicans keep trying to shame Democrats, who have no sexual morals, by the Republican punishing their own who are forced to deny human libido.

    Yea, I get it. Having sex with your stuffed dead schnauzer is weird. But when you catch Bill with his schnauzer (that mutt Monica), or catch Hillary helping hold the mutt for him, they just stare at you and say “So what?” Democrats find shame in other areas, equally stupid, things they demand apologies for, but not sex.

  9. Senator Spanky says:

    The act is not as bothersome as his lack of judgement. You are a tubby old man and you really think a smoking hot chick picks you out to get nasty with randomly on the Goreweb? Really? The hot girl tells you to put the camera on your junk and her camera is not on. Really? Actually I would be more at peace with your judgement if you were a heavy drinker.

    All this happened stone sober.

  10. Fremont Fred says:

    For those making the “We need Donald Because of SCOTUS” argument, keep in mind the 60 vote rule in the Senate. If a President Trump goes through the motions to appease us peasants by nominating someone off one of his lists, and the Senate Dems say no, is there any reasonable person who doubts that Trump makes a deal with his New York buddy Schumer and just appoints his sister?

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