What are the standards?

QuoteGovernor Pete Ricketts yesterday went from saying state Senator Bill Kintner should resign because of the NADC report (“Period.” said his press release) to Ricketts asking Kintner to resign, “because I don’t think he can be an effective advocate for his constituents.

Is THAT why he should resign?

Why are we dancing around the issue?

It is perfectly legitimate to argue that Kintner should quit because he was grossly negligent in his duties as a state Senator. The argument is that Kintner should quit because of what we KNOW he did — not because we THINK he can or can’t do something in the future.

Ricketts’ argument for Kintner quitting is the same as Kintner’s for staying: about how effective he CAN be in the Legislature.

But the discussion should be about a punishment for his actions. If one does not meet a certain standard, they are kicked out. It is clarity. It is about his actions from a year ago.

And it is first (at this point) up to Kintner to decide if he thinks he met the standard. And if he doesn’t resign, his fellow Legislators must decide if his actions were egregious enough to kick him out.

If it were about what he may or may not be able to do in the future, the voters decide.

But that is not the decision now by Kintner, or the Legislature, or even the Governor.


What they REALLY don’t like

And here’s the thing about demanding Kintner’s resignation, a’la the Omaha World-Herald’s Editorial page.

Are they demanding it because of him using the state computer and letting himself be the subject of an embarrassing and dangerous extortion episode…or is it because they don’t like his politics?

The OWH writes in their editorial:

He has anointed himself the Legislature’s conscience, lectures colleagues who disagree with him on social measures and said fellow senators act like “monkeys” and “prostitutes” — hardly the mark of a mature adult or an effective lawmaker. He once tossed a pen toward a senator who voted against his priority bill.

So, OWH, is it because you don’t like Kintner’s politics, or is it because of his actions a year ago?

Which is it?

Because your use of the word “anointed” and your dimwitted, obtuse and intellectually dishonest recurring argument about “monkeys”, shows that you have a political axe to grind against Kintner, unrelated to what got him in trouble.

Either Kintner’s actions mean that he should resign, or they don’t. This is not some cumulative judgment upon Kintner based upon how much you like him.

But of course, the OWH just can’t help themselves.


8-10-16 ErniegramState resources for political purposes

State Senator Ernie Chambers issued one of his “Erniegrams” today — on official letterhead and, Leavenworth St. is told, making copies of it on the state copying machines and then passing them out to fellow Senators.

This political press release contains a caricature of Senator Bill Kintner and contains “rhymes” from Chambers.

So at some point will this “Ernie being Ernie” be chastised by the Legislature? Are drawings and limericks part of the duty of a Senator? Is the caricature issued on state property “for a purpose in accordance with prescribed constitutional, statutory and regulatory procedures”?

Is there ANY backbone in the leadership?

In 1993 Chambers said of an assistant Attorney General: “She will have to get her ecstasy some other way, maybe with a vibrator. I doubt she can get a man.”

Not an eye batted.


CassBoothThe local Dems

In the mean time, Democrats in Kintner’s district are taking to the County Fair with a “petition” to oust Kintner.

Would it really kill the local press to point out who is putting this stuff together? This isn’t to say that there aren’t Republicans calling for his ouster, but to pretend that there isn’t a partisan aspect to the proceedings is also dishonest.

And oh by the way, interesting that the deadline for a booth at the fair was back in June, but there was time for one last table for the anti-Kintner guy.



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    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous, Interesting question House tried it in Adam Clayton Powell, SCOTUS said they were only judge of qualification and not of conduct. In other words seat and expel. Despite language differences State Con L was has followed Fed, though not as much aswan traditional, though NE maintains elements of substantive economic due process. Nice research question if I still had a library.

  1. Oracle says:

    So, OWH, is it because you don’t like Kintner’s politics, or is it because of his actions a year ago? Which is it?

    Why are you right-wing Republicans so binary? Can’t it be both? This latest escapade combined with past boorish behavior pushed Kintner across the “unacceptable” line.

    • The Grundle King says:

      While I think Kintner should resign, I disagree with your reasoning. Either the laptop-faptrack is, on its own, reason enough for Kintner to resign..or it isn’t. Perhaps this, along with all of his other antics, crosses a line for you…but I think it’s fair to say you probably wanted him to resign since about the time he was elected.

  2. Pete Knows Best says:

    Calm down Sweeper. this will all be over in a few weeks. As soon as the deadline for placing Kintner’s seat on the ballot for the November elections passes Kintner will hand his resignation to the Governor. They’ve already agreed to it. Pete will then appoint someone to “represent” the people of the district.

    It’s not about Kintner anymore. It’s about avoiding an election.

    • Sparkles says:

      If Kintner can hold out for another few weeks, surely Chuck Herbster can find a place for him on the Special Olympics team he’s assembling down there in Falls City.

  3. Cass County Dems says:

    So wait, the Cass County Democrats don’t want no Kintner? That is what their sign is saying when you put a line through no Kintner.

  4. bynd says:


    Although dismissed by some, your point is well taken.

    The line “He has anointed himself the Legislature’s conscience, lectures colleagues who disagree with him on social measures” could just as much pertain to Ernie as Kintner. Not to mention calling fellow Senators and Nebraskans white crackers and worse than monkeys etc. If Uncle Ernie is your conscience, it is pretty obvious, you don’t have one.

    So am I defending Kintner? Hardly. Does it take a one time big mistake to consider the language of a State Senator as supporting them worthy of expulsion? What about Ernies speeding tickets where he declared himself above the law. Suing God? How embarrassing was that to the state. No one outside the state cared about his point, his was the laughing stock of the USA. yada yada yada about Ernie. The Great and powerful Oz of Nebraska.

    But Ernie is black and he runs the legislature. And that is all that matters. A whole state of 1.7 million kowtowing to one person. As the stats show, there are many in the legislature who are into porn but won’t admit it. Will they have enough of a conscience to not vote against Kintner if they do vote. What will all the moralistic people on here think when once the vote is over, and a yes vote gets caught in their own scandal down the road? Will they be branded a hypocrite and unworthy to remain in the legislature.

    The standard to which Senators must conduct themselves has been set. And it has been set at a low standard by actions not taken against others who have brought “disrespect” on the legislature. All this BS about how great and good the Senators are is just that, BS.

    However, I expect we will never see a bad word written about the legislature by the moralist on this site again. How could they in good conscience since they state it is such a holy place now.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd a small objection, Ernie’s argument on tickets was legislative privilege against arrest during the Session. I t was not a bad argument from history though he lost, probably because we are not to worried about James II arresting House of Commons, though if Scalia was right in DC gun case we still think the Catholics might try to put him back in power, small historical joke.

  5. The Eye Ball says:

    Sen. Chambers does not know what he is talking about. Even if Kintner had used his own laptop, the whole extortion matter would come to public view (no pun intended). Chambers is merely harassing Kintner and if Chambers does it three times, Kintner could seek a protection order against Chambers.

    Finally, I doubt the petition will go anywhere.

      • The Eye Ball says:

        Keep in mind. Kintner’s Facebook information was used against him because the extortionist contacted him through Facebook. That is where his error is at and that can happen on any computer.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “Zero chance of that. Please recall that a junior senator was contacted to buy the tape.”

        And yet, we’re only finding out about this a year later…and all indications appear to be that it was not released by said ‘junior senator’.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper I do not remember there being no criticism ofErnie for his remarks about AAG, I thought the response was uniform disgust..However, you are right that being obnoxious or self righteous, or just ineffective as a State Senator is not s grounds for sanctions. Voters get to elect and State is mostly stuck with their choice until the next election.

    • Khan says:

      It’s tangential to the conversation, I know, but does this mean Chamber’s peers have carte blanche to draw caricatures of him and distribute them on Unicam letterhead? How would that be received, I wonder?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This blog is hilarious.

    A Democratic Congressman from liberal NYC puts a photo of his underwear on the Internet and resigns
    A Republican State Senator’s from conservative Nebraska jerks off with a stranger on the Internet and keeps his job. And you defend himself Good job. You must be proud.

  8. cornhuckster says:

    So Sweeper demands Governor Ricketts say Senator Bill Kintner must be removed. Not that he “should” resign but that he must. “Punishment” is called for. But by whom?

    You see, it works this way. Anyone can tell a guy to quit. Not anyone can fire a guy.

    I just read Nebraska State Constitution Article III-17 “Impeachment; procedure” and it doesn’t say “Governor” anywhere.

    Gov. Ricketts apparently has the same legal standing in getting rid of Kintner as the Governor of Iowa removing Kintner. Nada, zip.

    Now, let’s not be too entirely hasty. For all we know, there exists top secret legislation flowing out of Nebraska’s political nuthouse that says in a pinch the Chicago Cub’s second baseman can remove Kintner. This is, after all, the State where political sense comes to die… a combined Elephant and Jackass graveyard. If Nebraskans formed a party, its symbol would be an Ostrich. So nothing ought to surprise us coming out our one-legged, unaccountable bunch of morons in Lincoln. But, unfortunately, I do believe at least half of those morons have to agree to a bill of impeachment to impeach this Bill. All the posturing here is thus is irrelevant.

    You know, divorces don’t require both parties be willing participants. And these marriages of ego with power are hard to break. When removing people from power, crowbars are the order of the day.

  9. Anonymous says:

    RL: If there was “uniform disgust” over Ernie’s nasty comment about the female Assistant AG there was certainly no effort to get him to resign. Just like the police/ISIS comments. Sen. David Schnoor was the only legislator who asked for Ernie to resign. They absolutely have no balls when it comes to Ernie. Pathetic.

      • The Grundle King says:

        No defense…mmmkay.

        Am I not also afforded 1st Amendment freedoms? Ernie has a near-Pavlovian response to just about anything with the scent of white people’s fingerprints, so pardon me if I don’t feel like cutting him any slack.

        You’re right…calls for his resignation are silly and futile. He’s far too ignorant and arrogant to EVER see any error in his ways. Comparing cops to terrorists…just Ernie being Ernie. A little progressive misogyny……just Ernie being Ernie. Near constant use of official letterhead (state property) for personal vendettas…just Ernie being Ernie. I understand that you two are like bosom buddies…but just because he’s unreasonable, that doesn’t mean you have to be.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK, You are free to speak and write about Ernie, no way I could stop you or would want to.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous Given that Ernie will not resign end the 1st Amendment has not been repealed, it is possible to disagree with Chambers without silly and futile calls for resignation.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Goodness…what would poor Ernie do without you constantly coming to his defense? Here I thought you were done lawyering.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        GK, do not see any defense in what I said, explain? Your responses to Chambers seem almost Pavlovian, doubt Ernie is reading this blog seeking advice from either of us.

  10. anon says:

    It’s looking like a special session to get rid of Kintner might be the easy way out.

    Ernie has promised to read the transcript of Kintner’s cyber escapade into the record and deliver a number of his infamous poems if Wankin’ Willie doesn’t resign. One 90 day session may not be enough time for Ernie to get all the work done he has planned.

    Hang on folks! It’s gonna be a very bumpy ride!!

  11. The Numbraska Party says:

    Hooray for above comments! We ostriches always care more about what politicians say than what they do. Punishing “nasty comments” and caring about how politicians “feel” about things is the right way for every Numbraskan to insert head into sand (hills).

    Stop focusing on what people do. Punish what they say. Care only about words and thoughts. For deeds pinch and waking up is overrated.

    Be an Ostrich. Join The Numbraska Party. Proud owner of the Unicameral for over half a century.

    • Sparkles says:

      By all measures Ernie Chambers is one of the most skilled and accomplished Senators ever to serve our state.
      One of Nebraska’s finest sons, future historians will venerate him like few others.

      • Ira says:

        Ernie has done virtually nothing to improve the lot of those whom he supposedly “represents” — his legacy will be one of failure and wasted potential.

      • TexasAnnie says:

        And Ernie did nothing about those disabled children cheated of their public education after Gov. Nelson’s 1995 anti-SPED legislation. I remember Ernie as a man lacking empathy.

      • Ed Stevens says:


        While, as a matter of personal preference, I ordinarily eschew responding to those who post anonymously or under pseudonyms, I have to compliment you on your literary astuteness. Very few likely picked up on the Lewis allusion – kudos.

  12. There was a time, not so long ago, when Kintner would have immediately resigned in disgrace, changed his name, and moved to another state. Just as government official taking the fifth would immediately resign, because, while the courts have ruled you can’t be punished for taking the fifth, it’s still a tacit admission to a crime.

    Several things have changed. Sexual mores have become less constricting, so that we no longer condemn Kintner’s videosex (although personally I find it pretty pathetic). That’s a good thing. What is not such a good thing is the distinctly Evangelical idea of a magic Jesus wand, which you can wave at all sin, making it disappear like coffee stains in bleach. It’s certainly no part of the Catholicism I grew up in.

    Funny thing is, I’m continually berated by Christians who tell me that an atheist can’t determine right from wrong. Au contraire, mes amis, atheists often have a pretty stringent moral code they live by, and shake their heads of the antics of their critics.

  13. Sparkles says:

    If while watching the Donald’s cartoonish, slow motion implosion any of you Republicans are asking yourselves:
    How the …, did this happen to my party?

    Here’s your answer –
    A newly released survey finds that 72 percent of registered Republicans still doubt President Obama’s citizenship.

    p.s. – If you’re not asking the question above, you’re part of the problem.

    • Ira says:

      Most ask “How the …. did this happen to the Democratic Party?”

      The Democratic Party, in its current form, is not the party of FDR and JFK — not even close. If one looks at our nation’s history with an honest eye, one would likely notice an immediate correlation between the rapidly adopted anti-American stance of the Democratic Party and the first term of Clinton’s presidency that began in 1993. Unfortunately, the Anti-American agenda of the Democrats has become seemingly more pronounced with each passing year.

      • Sparkles says:

        You’re part of the problem, Ira.

        Those that are determined to rebuild the Republican party will soon publicly shun you and your “anti-American” pablum.

      • Glitters says:

        Too right, mate. If anyone knows who is in and who is out of the future GOP, it’s those of us who consider Ernie Chambers a great statesman.

      • Sparkles says:

        Your statement only validates my point, as the immediate future of GOP lies in rubble, the Tufted Talking Yam pi$$ing all over it .

        And here at home if it’s not Kintner’s (or McPherson’s) vulgarity splashed across the front pages, it’s the exposure of yet another failure in the evolving clusterf^*& that has been the Rickett’s maladministration. An administration apparently attempting to live up to the anti-darwinian decade of D-D-Dave.

      • Glitters says:

        Righty-right you are, mate. Take note, future Republicans: The only way we’ll like you is if you’re more like Democrats.

  14. Emerging Pattern says:

    The Weird Harold is now reporting that last fall Kintner was caught defrauding a carwash.

    Evidently Kintner doesn’t know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. He just calculates what he thinks he can get by with. Those free lunches the lobbyists provide just aren’t quite enough for Bill. Ripping off small businessmen is an entitlement for Klepto Kintner.

    Wild Bill probably should resign now. If they keep rolling back the carpet to see what kind of dirt he’s hiding under there he might end up sitting in jail instead of the legislature.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This conversation sure beats thinking about how Paul & Mitch are gonna havta plan Hillary’s Inauguration Party at the Capital in January.

    As for the Democrats, they have the simplest national campaign possible. Say nothing. Let Trump simply open his mouth and out comes enough rope to hang the whole Republican Party. It’d be funny if it weren’t sad.

    Keep talking about Kintner, though, that’s harmless fun.

  16. bynd says:

    You got to love it. For all the vitriol on here by the Dems., for all their slamming of Republicans, for all their whining and crying, they still can’t field winners. Domina being one of their best shots didn’t even compete. Frustration, dissatisfaction, a miserable life and being impotent how sad their life manifested on here. And although the Repubs had their best shot at grabbing the presidency in a long time according to at least one on here, the Dems should have their best shot to capitalize on the Repubs national meltdown in this state. But alas, all one has to do is pay attention to the public face of the Dems on here and the LJS/OWH sites to see why they are such a Keystone cop outfit. Out of touch, out of original ideas and only able to attack, weakly and without originality, but provide no answers. But they are very good entertainment.

    • Anonymous says:

      All true. Dems are irrelevant in Nebraska. Clinton will still be President. I don’t like it one bit, but the numbers show the election is done in all but the vote & count part.

      • Sparkles says:

        Not irrelevant at all.
        It may be true that Democrats underperform at the ballot box in Nebraska. but you can’t judge that performance without also qualifying it.
        Qualifiers such as previously noted; 72 percent of registered Republicans still doubt President Obama’s citizenship.
        Or, something that should be a matter of statewide shame – the fact the our two state Senators, Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse, each sought out and embraced the endorsement of both Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express. Pete Ricketts also basked in the glow of a Palin endorsement.
        Those endorsements are actually beneficial to a political candidate in Nebraska.
        It’s quite clear that throughout our Big Red state, there is a large constituency for whom their driveway doesn’t quite reach the road.

        An objective observer would find it hard to not to concur, that the most effective, most accomplished politician serving in Nebraska today, is a Democrat.
        Mayor Chris Beutler.
        Lincoln’s remarkable progress under nearly a decade of leadership from Mayor Beutler, 7 of those years with a Democratically controlled city council, is the envy of the nation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Define “progress” please.

        Lincoln owes its existence the vomitous excresence called Nebraska Football. This Libertarian curmudgeon would get out of the entertainment business and to teaching, research & service. Land grant universities have a job to do – let them do it. You like sports? Great, its a business, so let the professionals run their own farm clubs at their own expense, not the taxpayers.

        State government? Keep it on a short leash, starting with the Unicameral. The barely do 4 months work in 24. Let them meet every other year. Otherwise they should be at work like the rest of us.

        That’s progress to me.

      • Khan says:

        Lincoln residents are evidently hell-bent on electing Chris Beutler Mayor For Life. One should of course attribute that to his effectiveness as a Democrat and not the fact that the University and government (typically more sympathetic to Dems than the GOP) make up a quarter of the city’s economy.

      • Sparkles says:

        Lincoln owes its existence the vomitous excresence called Nebraska Football.

        Nebraska Football has existed in Lincoln for 126 years.
        They’ve sold out the stadium, every game, every year, dating back to Nov 3, 1962.
        Yet Lincoln has remained a sleepy, nondescript cowtown until at least the mid 90’s.
        No rational person that lives in or frequents Lincoln can reasonably refute that the city has been wholly transformed in the last decade.

        And, your definition of progress – biennial Unicam – is.. unusual.
        Number one, State Senators make a whopping $12,000 per year.
        The majority are successful, well informed, thoughtful people who are actually trying to make our state a better place to do business and a better place for their children and grandchildren.
        Exactly how does less oversight, less scrutiny and less dedicated thought to the complicated business of effectively managing and growing a state, benefit us?

      • Sparkles says:

        the University and government (typically more sympathetic to Dems than the GOP) make up a quarter of the city’s economy.

        Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and home to it’s state government.
        Government makes up 24.3% of it’s economy, Education and Health Services another 10.0%.
        The city of Montgomery hosts 4 public colleges and several private colleges, with a combined student population exceeding 18,000. (UNL hosts @25,000)
        In 1990 Montgomery AL had a population of 191,000. Today that number is 201.000.
        In 1990 Lincoln had a population of 193,000. Today that number is 280,000.

        Montgomery has had a Republican Mayor since 2009 – the same year Chris Beutler became Mayor.

        Nov 9, 2011 –
        “MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama’s most populous county filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history Wednesday”

        Oct 2013 –
        “MONTGOMERY, Alabama – Citing the city’s “continued structural fiscal imbalance,” Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded the city of Montgomery’s crediting rating”

      • bynd says:


        Great post. You point out even more that demonstrates the Repub’s problems but the facts remain. Dems can’t make a difference. By the way, if the liberal UNL wasn’t located in Lincoln, would a dictator Dem like Beutler stand a chance? Beutler hasn’t seen a tax increase that he doesn’t like. Let’s say Suttle on steroids. Sparkles stretched for a life preserver and got another anchor. I would say the Dems need a life preserver but they are already at the bottom. Good news is, the only way is up, unless they just stay their less than mediocre selves.

        And what’s this. Hillary under email investigation again but not by the Repubs. Poor liar just can’t catch a break. Any odds the Obama administration will not find anything again?

      • bynd says:


        “The majority are successful, well informed, thoughtful people who are actually trying to make our state a better place to do business and a better place for their children and grandchildren.”

        Will that still be true if they don’t take any effective action against Kintner?

      • Khan says:

        Thanks for the irrelevant info about Montgomery, Alabama. There are a good many cities, larger than Lincoln, that have languished under Democrat control for decades. Equally irrelevant.

        Beutler’s two predecessors were Dems, as well, the last one a sleepy old lady who was better suited toward being a greeter at Walmart. There is a low bar for Dems to hurdle to get elected in Lincoln.

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