The monkeys were IN the petitions

PetitionBrosLast week Leavenworth St. posted information received that there were irregularities in the signature petition verification process for the expanded gambling initiative.

The thought, by some, was that those verifying signatures — the county Election Commissioner offices — were using a different standard for these petitions, as opposed to those for the recent death penalty petition drive.

As it turns out, no, they weren’t.

The Election Commissioners, such as Douglas County’s Brian Kruse, Sarpy County’s Wayne Bena and Lancaster County’s Dave Shively were simply hard at work doing their jobs.

It turns out that the PETITIONS themselves were a shambles.

The signature petition drive for expanded gambling came up a solid 40,000 signatures short — only getting 66% of what they needed.

That’s the $1.3 Million question that Ho-Chunk Inc. head Lance Morgan is asking, after spending that much to try for a huge new stake in Nebraska.

And the response that is generally understood is that Morgan’s million dollar question should have been more like a $3-4 Million question, if he wanted to guarantee success.

Consider a few things about the process:

First, they did not have an issue that grabbed people’s hearts and minds, that was going to garner volunteers and walk-in signatures. That’s what happened with the death penalty petition. People were asking for petition sheets and driving to get people to sign. Does ANYONE feel that way about expanded gambling? Well, maybe those who DON’T want it.

So if there was no real volunteer effort, it was going to need serious cash behind it. And the million bucks wasn’t going to do it, for more reasons.

Note that they because of various court fights, they did not start getting signatures until late in the fall. This was after the county and state fairs. After the Nebraska football season started. And then into the freezing cold months.

That means a signature gatherer would need to stand out in the cold and hope to get some folks coming into the DMV or where ever.

And then when the warm weather finally came, the sigs had to be in BEFORE all the fairs and parades started.

And speaking of those court cases, if you DID want to sign a petition? You had to sign THREE times. There were three issues being put on the ballot, so imagine signature-getter standing there with the clip board. They have to, by law, read the description, get a signature and address (and date!), read a description, more writing, read a description, finish up the writing.

In the mean time, 10 other potential signers have already walked by. Or gawd forbid there’s a line to sign. (And again, who is that much into it to wait in a line?) So you would need, arguably, three times as many signature-getters to achieve what one would do in a regular initiative process.

And then one can look at the different methods of hiring and training and methods and costs. But the bottom line is, they needed more cash to hire more people to get more GOOD signatures.

And then that they reportedly told the Secretary of State that they had around 130K signatures, when it ended up being 119K didn’t help. And then there is the MAJOR problem of internal verification, before submitting them, that looks to have happened.

People who work these types of campaigns will likely look at this effort for future initiatives. It is unlikely that the casinos will make this type of mistake again.


Not The Onion…

Ah, the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Just after Leavenworth St. was taking the OWH editorial page to task, there was this one in the LJS:

Coby Mach crossed line with Trump

Ohmygosh! What did Mach do? Was he found in a steam bath with Trump and Putin? Did he spit some gold-plated Trump water at a newsman? Did he and Trump LITERALLY split a baby? What???

No, it turns out that the LJS just does NOT like the fact that Mach was a delegate at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

Of course, keep in mind that that means Mach was a delegate in Lancaster County. And then Mach was a delegate at the state GOP convention. And then Mach was one of the many that went to Cleveland.

But because Mach is on the radio, and has been president and CEO of the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) which lobbies the city council, etc…well…being a delegate…who voted for DONALD TRUMP!…well that’s just beyond the pale!

Get a load of this witless palaver:

But when Mach picked up his credentials to walk into the Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland to vote and cheer for Donald Trump, he crossed a line.

Does Mach really have the best interest of the city at heart? Or is he part of a partisan scheme to make Democrats look bad regardless?

OMG LJS your eyes are a creamy brown color.

Please read the comments at the end of the editorial to see how readers immediately called the LJS out for this new ridiculous standard.

Because we of course know that they are simply a water-carrying system for the Democrat party and all that it envisions. Between their writers (not all, mind you) and editorialists, their bent to the side of the “Progressives” is laughable.

But let us just use their own new standard.
Let’s look at one Jane Kleeb, the new CHAIR of the state Democrats.

I guess Leavenworth St. must have missed the LJS’s foreboding editorial about “when Jane Kleeb walked into Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena…” and how they could no longer trust a word she said after endorsing…HILLARY!

Because OF COURSE they didn’t write any such thing!
Instead, they QUOTED Jane in her latest harangue on the Keystone pipeline, hammering TransCanada.

Strangely enough, the LJS did NOT note that she is the head of the state Democrats, was at the Convention, and that anything she says just might — MIGHT — have a political tilt to it.

Strangely enough, not a word!

The lack of self-awareness is not surprising, but it is always a sight to be seen, nonetheless.

Thanks LJS!
You seldom disappoint!


Carl Curtis Open-Comment Friday!

Well, since it is Friday, the Leavenworth St. comments board will open up to all of you dying to talk about whatever you want to talk about. (You know, unlike every other day…)

The saga of Senator Kintner ain’t going away anytime soon.
The DEA still keeps marijuana on the same level as heroin and crank.
And Donald and Hillary keep at it.
She has mounds of evidence against her, FBI investigations, and a history of shady dealing and profiting off of her government jobs.
And he says bad things that causes the media’s dresses to go flying over their heads.

I’ve said to others, and have seen it repeated in the Twitterverse, that you get the feeling that if Trump just said nothing for two weeks other than “I will make America great again and she has said she’ll raise your taxes” that he would jump ahead of her in the polls.

Then again, the press would likely just note that Trump must be off eating babies, hottubbing with Putin and choking down more goldwater — all the while ignoring the thousand dollar bills falling out of Hillary’s speech-coat…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Something other than Kintner and, of course, #NeverSasse. The man who will never be President. Ricketts too, no Oval for him.

    Not too early to think about who to run against Clinton in ’20. Not Trump, of course, he’ll still be on vacation after our current fiasco.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Glad to see Lance Morgan wasted $1.2m. Maybe we will finally be rid of this gambling idiocy.

    Next question for the Omaha Tribe is how much more money is it going to waste persecuting tiny Pender, Nebraska. I have WHITE friends in Pender and even though they now live on the Reservation (per SCOTUS) they can’t vote in tribal elections due to their RACE.

    Hey, Lance. One doesn’t have to be a Harvard Law grad to know that not letting someone vote in an election based on race is unconstitutional. Might want to read that Hawaii case before your friends at the Omaha Tribe spend more money getting revenge on the white people of Pender.

    RL, You know I am right here. I am one of your former students; just like Sweeps. And I would also add that Dem party politics is rapidly bringing us to a race war; be it in Baltimore or Pender. One reason why I switched parties. Add in that high tech lynching of Ginni Lamp’s husband to my list of grievances against the Dems.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bluejay, Not sure about application of Native Hawian case to Indian tribes because of Constitutional Status of tribes. Did not approve of how Thomas was created, neither did current Vice President. Do not agree about race war. Thought everyone had forgotten my former career, then you and Sweeper remind me, keeps my sort of humble.

      • Bluejay says:


        Be happy to know that the intellectual rigor, morality, compassion, fairness and logic I learned at Creighton turned me into a conservative. No lie. You, Shugrue, Volkmer, Mangrum, Anderson and Santoni were all in the mix.

        The trashing of Ginni’s husband was the tipping point. I didn’t want to be associated with the Dems after that. Jane Kleeb’s insanity and the corruption of the Clintons shows I was correct.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bluejay, I am proud that you state your honestly held convictions with great skill. That is the ideal of legal ed, not creation of faculty disciples in politics, but member of Holmes’ cult of the good jobbist.

  3. Theory says:

    I believe Senator Kintner was very active in this drive. Someone should have told him it is very difficult to validate signatures when the pages are all stuck together.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    So, so many gambling petitions fail to make it to the ballot, and after so many years. While I lived in Omaha there was a single woman whose name I can’t recall that stood in the path to expanded gambling in Nebraska. Do y’all recall her name? And did she work against this effort too?

    • The Grundle King says:

      You’re probably thinking of Pat Loontjers, and yes…she worked against it by praying.

      Thank goodness Nebraska has been, once again, saved from gambling…because we all know that NOBODY in Nebraska gambles now.

      Now excuse me while go see if my keno numbers came in. My lotto tickets didn’t hit…so if the keno numbers don’t hit either, I’m off to the pickle card machine. Or maybe I’ll just hit my neighbor’s poker game.

      • The Grundle King says:

        One could hope, TA…but I think it’s more a product of the fact that all they could really do is encourage folks NOT to sign the petition. Based on what Sweeper wrote, it sounds as if Pat’s moral marauders would have had their work cut out just to FIND the petition circulators.

  5. From the site:

    “Our response is simple: We know whence our data emanates as well as the relative levels of precision of that data, thus leading us to the conclusion that there is likely a coordinated effort by some of the world’s most powerful Media and Technology organizations to mislead, and when possible, redirect the thought-patterns of American voters. We stand by our forecast results until proven otherwise, or until our data-inputs change.”

    The fix is in!

    • The Grundle King says:

      “We stand by our forecast results until proven otherwise, or until our data-inputs change.”

      Well, for starters…you might try changing your data-inputs to something fact-based.

      • Anonymous says:

        Another form of conspiracy-driven thought control is to convince people that “the fix is in” by assertion alone. This kind of epistemic doubt is the end of science & reason – its what drives the Taliban & ISIS. Not the best company to keep, 99%.

  6. Ricky says:

    1.4 million dollars was not enough to buy enough signatures? Didn’t Ricketts and his daddy spend about $300k and they got plenty of signatures? Something is fishy here. I think the people of Nebraska are smart enough to know the death penalty system is broken, and even with a pro-death penalty outcome, most people know Nebraska will probably never execute another person.
    So SS’s claim that people were just running out of their homes to sign that petition can not be true. In fact, I predict the retain people will win in November.
    Instead of wondering why this referendum failed, I think we should look at how Ricketts got that many signatures. Something smells in Denmark.
    Anyway I hope the Indian Tribe did not pay Loserbaugh any money. Looks like Loserbaugh should have stayed in the Unicam serving his constituents who elected him, rather that bail on them for this foolish venture.

  7. Kenny Rogers says:

    Bad week for undisciplined, overweight white blowhards.
    Kitner has become the most famous Yankee (I mean yanker) in NE history
    Lautenbaugh has an epic fail – 1.3 M to spend and gets an embarrassingly low # of signatures.
    And Trump’s poll numbers are sliding toward McGovern territory.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Don’t the democrats have some of the biggest losses in recent history? Besides McGovern there’s Carter and Kerry. Hard to believe Hillary, horrible candidate with high unfavorable numbers, will win this. But then it is not easy for a GOP nominee to run when his party establishment comes out early against him.
    I hope people remember Sasse and the other insider elites who live in their own little incestuous world. They have worked in DC, written drivel for years for these conservative publications to impress each other and given speeches as conservatives for their own little think tanks and special meetings at resorts, to impress each other, and now they give us Hillary because we regular people have the audacity to pick someone their special little circle didn’t choose.
    It is a choice people. Hillary or Trump. Get over it and get over yourselves. If you write in Colin Powell or whoever, be honest about what you have done. You have voted for Hillary. But you know that.

    • Sparkles says:

      Never has a presidential nominee from a major party been so ill equipped for role.
      Trump’s nomination is, quite literally, a remarkable event in the history of our nation.
      Historians and scholars will study this period intently, for decades, attempting to unravel how so many could have been so deluded to have elevated this man to the position has attained.

      “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
      Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.

    • Anonymous says:

      FiveThirtyEight’s most pessimistic model – the “Polls-plus forecast” – has Clinton 77.6% chance of winning the presidency to Trump’s 22.4% as of today. The model is rebuilt daily. The election is 11 weeks away and its certainly not a done deal, but it is hard to imagine how Clinton could screw this up. Not impossible for her to lose, certainly, but unlikely.

  9. Midtownguy says:

    Lol is what I’m doing at these Trumpers. You guys are just as lazy as Trump. First rather the then do basic research that a 5th grader could do you say Kerry had a hugh loss. 2004. Bush 50.7% to Kerry 48.3%. Electoral college Bush 286, Kerry 251. Kerry did better then McCain or Romney. Second is cheaply made website that provides no evidence to support it claim. Really Trump is going to when every state. But then you ingore that Trump had 4 bankruptcies, His products are made in 12 different countries not one of which is the USA. He imports his Mar-a-Largo staff from the Caribbean. Refuses to release his tax returns. When Clinton has released 39 years of hers. Have fun in fantasy trump world.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You call others lazy? Midtownguy, do you ever proofread your aphasic writings? No wonder you support the neurologic cripple for POTUS.

    Being a Democrat is a great place for the brain damaged to hide.

  11. Sparkles says:

    National Review’s Jonah Goldberg on Trump:
    “he’s making a fool of himself, daily. It’s as if he lost his car keys in his rectum and he’s looking for them face first.”

    On Trump and his pimp, Sean Hannity:
    “ was batsh*t crazy to nominate this guy in the first place. What’s done is done and Sean Hannity will no doubt one day receive the Golden Hair Helmet for his Stakhanovite effort to get Donald Trump the nomination. Let no one forget his yeoman service in the cause to blow up the Republican party and empty a septic tank into the ground water of the conservative movement.”

    Good times.

    • People from all walks of life, many of whom have never before cast a vote in a national election, will come together in one loud voice this November to anoint TRUMP as our rightful ruler.

      TRUMP will tear down the walls of corruption while building us a massive wall of protection. This is going to be a fun ride.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, and observable, measurable, verifiable & repeatable statistics – otherwise known as “science” – indicates, today, that those people are not voting for Trump. A vast conspiracy you say? It would have to have two sides. One is pretending to want Clinton while actually wanting Trump, and for polling data to reflect such chicanery. Two is, at the last moment, all the way up to the election, to hold this facade and then, instantly, have the polls swap Clinton’s apparent lead for a Trump victory.

        Sorry, but Americans are not smart enough or dumb enough to pull this off.

      • Gerard Harbison says:

        I think I’m going to count on you not being able to find your way to the prolong station.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Senator Sasse was at a Red State event in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, yesterday. Guy Benson tweets about what a wonderful job he did speaking and handling Q and A. Wish Nebraska constituents could see that and have Sasse answer questions here in the state he represents, Nebraska. Why does he feel these guys are more important than us?

    • Anonymous says:

      As another sage said, “The ego has landed.”

      Next election I want an organ grinder’s monkey on a leash for U.S. Senator from Nebraska.

      #NeverSasse, and you can stop those Presidential ambitions right now, Ben. You’re on notice.

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