Ryan stumps for Bacon, Bacon stumps Ashford

Ryan-Bacon-081716Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan was in Omaha yesterday, raising money and stumping for Republican 2nd District Congressional candidate, retired Brigadier General Don Bacon.

Reportedly, the event brought in $150K for the Bacon campaign against Democrat Brad Ashford.

But Ashford wasn’t content with reading about the event afterwards. He thrust himself right into the thick of it…and came out flustered.

After the Ashford campaign was reportedly calling around furiously to find out details about the impending visit by Ryan — the details of which were withheld on the direction of the Secret Service — a “surprise” occurred.

Ashford magically appeared at the exit of the event, and right into the arms of the local media.

And Ashford took the opportunity to challenge Bacon on his plans in Congress. As it would happen, Bacon was more than prepared.

Reportedly, Ashford first denied voting for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, twice. This would be surprising were it not for the fact that Ashford has recently…

Denied being a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s…

Denied being a member of the Democrat Party…

And being a no-show at the Omaha rally for the candidate for which he is a co-chair…


But Ashford also wanted to brag that he has “only” voted with Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 72% of the time. “Only”!

Bacon quickly responded that 72% would be a low in someplace like Madison, Wisconsin or San Francisco…but not in Nebraska.

And then this exchange occurred:

It’s no wonder that Ashford wanted to high-tail it outta there.

KMTV reported that the Cook Political Report has the 2nd District race as a “Toss-Up”.

Don Bacon said on The Wheels Down Politics Show podcast that those polled, who knew both Bacon and Ashford, give Bacon a double-digit lead. And Bacon is not even on TV right now.

In the mean time, since Brad Ashford is clearly so fond of debating, Don Bacon has proposed 9 debates to Ashford between now and Election Day. While a week has passed, Ashford has yet to respond. (Must still be at the gym swimming laps.)

This is going to be a much more interesting race than many had figured. Both sides are putting an emphasis on it — with both Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan making visits to the district to give their support.

Hear the entire podcast interview with Don Bacon on The Wheels Down Politics Show here:


Unfit, or not?

An interesting development in the saga of state Senator Bill Kintner:

Governor Pete Ricketts and Speaker Galen Hadley sent Kintner a public letter yesterday asking him to resign again.

But that wasn’t all.

They also proposed that Kintner resign immediately, and then run for his seat again in the fall. They propose that if he resigns now, he can get signatures to place his name on the ballot to then be re-elected, if the people choose. State Senator Bob Krist made the same suggestion.

But that suggestion strays from a point that many had made at the outset of this scandal: That, because of the scandal, Kintner is unfit to serve in the legislature.

That’s unfit, “period”, as the Governor would say. Not unfit because his constituents don’t think he can serve. Unfit because he embarrassed and endangered the legislature by allowing himself to be an extortion victim while using government property.

That is the reason for either expelling or impeaching him. By the suggestion from the Ricketts, Hadley and Krist that he should be able to run — AND SERVE — if the voters decide, they cede any suggestion that he should NOT serve, and therefore be expelled or impeached.

Once again, the whole business of suggesting that he run again, or that he should serve — but without a staff or an office or a parking place — puts all of this opposition in a murky place.

Either Kintner should resign (“period” as it were), or he should be expelled or impeached. Any other suggestion muddies the discussion so it is not clear what it is about Kintner’s actions that they are objecting to.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Period (def) – a round, terminal, punctuation mark approximately the same shape, composition & size as Pete Ricketts’ head.

    2018 can’t come soon enough.

  2. Sparkles says:

    The Ashford / Bacon video on KMTV is tagged: “Promoted Stories”
    (aka – paid advertising)

    Pretty simple to look up Cook Political Report, who has NE-02 – Lean Democratic

    It’s hard to watch Bacon’s retort in that exchange without thinking; Eddie Haskell.
    Ashford asks a legitimate question relating the most basic act of effective governance – the act of compromise. Of reaching across the aisle in an effort to forge solutions to the important issues affecting Joe & Jane Lunchpail. You know, the job of an elected official.
    Bacon’s response was; Nancy Pelosi. ??

    Is this a race for United States Congress, or is this a run at Jr High Class President?

    I would have walked away exactly as did Brad Ashford.

    • A 3 Act play.

      Q: Hey Brad, who you voting for for President?
      A: Uh, well I like Bush and Kasich.
      Q: Gee Brad, didn’t you endorse Hillary last year?
      A: (crickets)

      Q: Hey Brad, are you a Republican or a Democrat?
      A: Uh, I dunno. What do you want me to be?
      Q: A vertebrate?
      A: (crickets)

      Q: Hey Brad, didn’t you vote for Pelosi for Speaker, twice?
      A: No I didn’t.
      Q: Yes you did, twice, right?
      A: (crickets)


      • Sparkles says:

        Ashford stated, unequivocally, that he supports and endorses HRC immediately prior to admitting he “likes” Kasich. The video of his remarks is super easy to find. He also reiterates that support and endorsement immediately after admitting he “likes” Kasich.
        I like Kasich too, won’t vote for him, but I like him. Same is true of Jeb and his pop, 41.

        Thankfully, you’ve provided the video for the ‘I’m whatever you want me to be’ line.
        I’m guessing the overwhelming majority will see the video just as I do, a flippant remark – a joke – in passing.

        Don’t know about the Pelosi thing. I’ll take your word for it.
        Nancy Pelosi in arguably the most effective House Speaker in modern history.
        I realize there are about 40% of Americans for whom Pelosi is a dirty word (thanks to the incessant wailing of Fox ‘News’, hate radio and Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO).
        But that 40% and $2.95 will get you an iced coffee at Starbucks.
        It won’t win you NE 02. Mr. Bacon is getting bad advise. His political advisors are simply making him look small.
        The folks for whom the word Pelosi rankles their feathers, are not a threat of ever straying from a straight ticket ballot.
        Conversely, Ashford’s people are giving him good advise – reaching across the aisle, compromise leading to solutions is in fact what the majority of the electorate wants from their representatives.

    • The Grundle King says:

      “… the act of compromise. Of reaching across the aisle in an effort to forge solutions to the important issues affecting Joe & Jane Lunchpail. You know, the job of an elected official.
      Bacon’s response was; Nancy Pelosi. ??”

      And an appropriate response, at that…especially given that Nancy Pelosi has just about zero history of compromise. Brad wants to hit Don on compromising, while supporting a woman who refuses to do so? Sure, whatevs.

  3. bynd says:

    They sent a public letter. Not a private letter. Absolutely no class with the moral majority here in Nebraska.

    Ironic, can one Democrat on here say honestly he/she are happy with Ashford when he crossed over? KXL etc?

  4. Curious Scenario says:

    That’s an interesting idea to have Knitner run for his own seat to have the voters decide whether he’s fit to serve his Legislative District.

    I’m curious if the Republican Liberty Caucus would be again be Kintner’s campaign muscle and work the ground game like they always have.

  5. Gerard Harbison says:

    AP is reporting that the US handover of $400 m to Iran was explicitly contingent on the release of the for Americans. For the simple minded and liberals*, that is what we call ‘ransom’. Obama paid ransom, and then lied about it.

    * but I repeat myself.

  6. Gerard Harbison says:

    …and the Nebraska angle…

    “If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If a cash payment is contingent on a hostage release, it’s a ransom. The truth matters and the president owes the American people an explanation,” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said Thursday.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, “compromise” is felt by voters this year to be the political establishment pulling Uncle Sam’s pants down, bending him over, and inviting disaster. That is why Bernie was winning and why Trump won. The GOP establishment also is hated, but those running the executive are Democrats. And that advantages Republicans. And yet those running the House are Republicans, so why send a “Democrat” or whatever Brad is, back to a GOP House to have him have to “compromise” because the dummy is there in the disempowered party.

    Mostly, what voters want this year is any NOT POLITICIAN. That at least is clear. And that is Bacon and Trump. Its not Ryan the prick, its not Hillary the harridan, its sure as hell is not Brad who has been running for office since he was born.

    Brad Ashford is a watery enema who says he will be “anything you want me to be”. Douche bag.

    • Anon says:

      How do the voters feel about Kintner the Ohio Onanist? You know, the Republican State Senatar who pulls his own pants down and wanks his stuff for the amusement of the public.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The “Murky Place” where the Kintner case leads us is the Unicameral itself as a unicameral. None but the Senate can impeach, it is the only body, and it won’t impeach its own for the same reason Eliz I hesitated so long to dehead Mary. Unicameral Senators are a personality cult, anointed to lead, and there is no full time second house to push them from inside the legislative branch. One Unicameral that won’t impeach its own, is deeply invested in keeping things murky. That’s why bicamerals exist.

    • Just Asking says:

      Speaking of “murky,” as an advocate for transparency will Kintner insist that all members of the Executive Board publicly proclaim what their positions on forcing him out of the Legislature are?

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