The Wheels Down Politics Show – Don Bacon and the Brad Ashford sidewalk debate

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Ashford-Bacon-sidewalk-debate-081716Jerry Kratochvil talks with retired Brigadier General Don Bacon about the recent visit to Omaha by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, and the subsequent sidewalk debate with Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

Bacon starts off by talking about the event with Speaker Ryan, when it was set up and about some of the security requirements they had with the Secret Service.

He then gets into the topics Speaker Ryan hit at the event itself and the issues he has discussed with the Speaker, and where he comes down for his legislative priorities.

Jerry and Don then get into some of the nitty-gritty of the campaign, what polling shows and where each of the candidates stand in terms of the 2nd District.

Don then gives some detail into the impromptu debate that he had with Ashford, after Brad crashed the party outside the event at Midtown. Bacon relays the shocking statement that Ashford made about Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as Ashford’s being dumbfounded by Bacon’s question before hustling away.

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  1. vet says:

    Good interview.

    Brad Ashford and Ben Nelson both played NE voters for suckers with their middle road fake nonpartisanship, which just doesn’t work in DC. In DC, these guy cannot play their old games on NE voters. A bit of justice in that. But Ben Nelson, at least, was an insurance executive and a state executive. Brad Ashford has never managed anything. He isn’t a leader. He hasn’t been in charge. He shows up to vote, sometimes. He has zero executive experience. No management either that we know of. He is an empty vessel. He is, as a Republican or as a Democrat, the exact sort of vacant person that makes US lawmaking stink.

    I was a military enlisted man and later an officer. I think Sweeper has an excellent point regarding Bacon’s executive military experience.

    Hagel was a sergeant, twice wounded, and that didn’t make him a fit Secretary of Defense. Indeed, he was in over his head and he said so. — Bacon is right. Being an executive in any area is more applicable to success in elective office than anyone who was just a manager in any area, and certainly more so than anyone whose “experience” is just being a worker in any profession. That much experience we can find by looking at the dumbest persons we work with.

    Being a private doesn’t make one a military expert, and being a lawyer doesn’t make one an able law maker, and having a vagina doesn’t make Hillary an Ob Gyn doctor. — Hillary’s only executive experience was as the Secretary of State, and as that she left a trail of dead bodies, violated secrets, and treaties that amount to US national suicide. She never was in charge of anything else.

    So yes, executive experience and success in that executive role is critically important to any elective candidate. Brad Ashford apparently has never been an executive leader. But by all means, do offer his resume to the contrary.

  2. Oracle says:

    Bluejay, I again have doubts about your claim to be a Creighton grad. Or their standards have really dropped. Trump started with gobs of seed money from his father. I read somewhere that if he had invested that sum in an index fund instead of companies that he eventually bankrupted, he would have come out much wealthier. This information isn’t that hard to find. Use the google!

  3. bynd says:

    People who went bankrupt. Walt Disney, Milton Hersey twice, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Ulysses S. Grant, Thomas Jefferson more than once, H J Heinz, P T Barnum. Did any go under 6 times? Doesn’t seem so but coming back from 6 bankruptcies is no easy feat. Business 101, many successful business people went bankrupt before success. And I would say Mr. Buffett, he did nothing to elevate Hillary. He just let himself be dragged into the pig pen. Much like Billy Graham who later lamented that he got involved in politics.

    Also, why does it matter where he gets his money? So much class envy here especially for conservatives. Whether from a bank, daddy or investors who cares. And even if given gobs of money, that does not insure success as we see in Trump the first 5 times. In the 18 years I lived with my dad I borrowed exactly $5 once. He wasn’t the type you walk up to and say, hey dad old buddy, lend me a few for a date will ya?

    I’m not defending the guy but some of the issues raised seem petty and irrelevant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trump touts his business acumen without the benefit of being a Disney, etc. He’s losing on both counts – not a successful business man and has no other useful qualities or talents. Straight out of failing majority of The Gilded Age.

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