Bucket List: Run for Mayor!

Omaha Mayor Jean Sothert, over the weekend, “Raising money for research at the JDRF Walk with Sadie’s Superstars and Anna’s Rock Stars.”

So Heath Mello is finally, offically going to run for Mayor of Omaha.


Because he was term-limited and, Hey there’s a gig no one else wants to run for!

Mello is only 37 years old.
He has himself a bachelors degree from UNL as a Poli Sci major.
And he is finishing up serving in the Legislature.

The most recent actions he had there was authoring a budget that apparently causes shortfalls and may be in need of a special session to address it.

The funny thing is, nearly any of the Democrats on the City Council would be more experienced to run for Mayor of Omaha than Mello.

But then, they’re not term limited, like he is.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert had a nice response to Mello running:
She is focused on the budget for Omaha, improving infrastructure, cutting taxes and making the city work.

As opposed to just spit-balling pretend-ideas about nothing.

Not too many months away!


Ring Leader

The Executive Board of the Legislature had a meeting about a meeting on Friday, where they complained about the meeting that they may or may not have.

Well, some of them anyway.

Apparently it was important to get on record the actions of Senator Bill Kintner — though that seems like the sort of thing where a report could be issued and everyone says, “Aye.”

But then there would have been little theater.

Of course at the end, Senator Bob Krist complained that the person who wasn’t invited wasn’t there speaking.

Apparently only those invited would be speaking.
Apparently Bill Kintner was not invited and was told that he did not need to be there.

So of course Bob Krist complained that Kintner wasn’t there speaking.
Uh huh.

Krist also said, “We can’t carry this circus on!
And then told reporters, “Whatever phone number (Kintner is) using to talk to God, I want it.
Ho ho ho! What a card!

Because he doesn’t want it to be a circus…


“State Business”

"State Business"
“State Business”

ICYMI, Andrew Sullivan, a frequent commenter on Leavenworth St., and a Leavenworth St. post contributor, was the one who filed the complaint against Senator Ernie Chambers for mis-use of government property for his “Ernie-grams”.

Chambers does things like drawing caricatures and writing poems to make political points against opponents in Nebraska government, including Governor Ricketts and Senator Kintner.

Chambers defended himself during the Executive Board hearing, saying, “his memos/poems/drawings against Kintner deal with state business.


Sullivan also questions who is running Chambers’ Facebook account.



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  1. politeral says:

    Sex is a problem for Republicans, prudes, people with STDs, and pedophilic priests. Trying to counter that by indicting Ernie Chambers for misusing sheets of government letterhead foolscap is a massively foolish endeavor.

    Kintner misusing a government computer for sex is a problem only because of the sex.

    The problem with Hillary keeping thousands of Top Secrets in her closet isn’t a problem with her closet. It rather was her decision to criminally abuse classified procedures. So too Senators are Senators 24/7, everything they do is as a senator, and as with Bill Clinton’s under desk sex, it’s a matter of unsustainable illogic to suggest knobbers under a desk at work is much different ethically than under a desk at home. Its daring and stupid of Bill but not criminal like Hillary’s bad decisions.

    Kintner’s problem is the sex, and that sex is not Ernie’s problem, nor a problem for Democrats or voters, except for those Nebraska voters who are Republicans, prudes, have STDs or are pedophilic priests.

    Bill Clinton is the posterchild for just saying no to being punished for sex. Anthony Weenie quit. In the end Clinton was Impeached. Not removed but 100% Impeached, for shagging anyone but his creepy brain damaged awful wife, whom no Democrat minds at all.

    Democrats have goat-like morals and rat-like reasoning. Republicans have fat asses full of morals and gnat-sized brains.

    • ” it’s a matter of unsustainable illogic to suggest knobbers under a desk at work is much different ethically than under a desk at home”

      Ethics are personal. What matters is it’s legally different.

  2. Big Eggs! says:

    Americans need a new political party that honestly reflects the political reality of US voters. A party with an ostrich as its symbol.

    • The Grundle King says:

      An ostrich is an appropriate choice. Not because of the whole myth about burying their heads in the stand, but because ostriches are strong, have great vision, and survive in some of the harshest environments. We need a candidate with those types of traits.

      The Bird is the Word in 2016!

  3. bynd says:

    So, does Heath not know that neither the mayor nor the city run Eppley? That neither the airport nor the area around it can support the infrastructure of an international airport? That Denver’s new international airport cost 4.8 billion?

    There is vision which is possible. There is buffoonery which many politicians take part in during campaigns. But if one doesn’t even know the basics of who runs your airport, do you really want that person in charge? And just to point out, Eppley is one of the best run most profitable regional airports in the USA. They are at the top list for, number of different airlines who serve the airport, number of flights, number of direct flights. And all without political intervention.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stothert gets a C-, but it is a SOLID C-. Mello is going to have to demonstrate how he’s going to better that in substantive ways. Mello is starting with a D- so he’s got work to do.

  5. Reality Check says:

    Andrew Sullivan’s complaint against Ernie Chambers to the NADC is going exactly nowhere. Like ’em or not, Ernie’s “communications” have at least some tangential connection to the business of the legislature. It’s not going to take a year to resolve this one. Ernie will be off he hook before the start of the next session in January. There’s not much chance the Governor is going to get them to keep this one going for over a year. When the NADC clears Chambers on the charges he’s going to get bolder and more aggressive. Ernie will get his full pound of flesh in the end, and it’s probably going to come entirely from Kinky Kinkner’s reserves.

  6. Ed Stevens says:

    Living, as I do, out here in 3rd-ville, I have no dog in the Omaha mayoral fight – but, if I did, my thinking would go something like this …

    Lemme see – on one side we have a candidate with significant administrative/executive experience, has served at several levels of public service, has a record of budget-balancing and tax-decreasing, is a proven vote-getter, AND is a bit of a babe.

    On the other side we have a soon to be out-of-work pipsqueak who has consistently demonstrated a disturbing lack of prudence in budgetary matters, the personal demeanor of a third-rate used-car salesman, and a penchant for loud vests. His total pre-Unicameral experience seems to be as a community organizer (sound familiar?)/fundraiser, and erstwhile aide to Ben “Kickback” Nelson.

    What to do, what to do …??

    Really, Omahans? You’re puzzling over this choice?? If you folks don’t see this as a Stothert slam-dunk, then I would suggest you’ve got bigger problems than who’s in the mayor’s office.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mello’s first priority was to introduce a new law that allows bums to panhandle at red lights, to intimidate drivers and, we suppose, to “wash” your windshield with mud for a “donation”. But really, a real state legislative bill… that of course passed… that allows bums to bum at stop lights. What a dick!

    Mello’s greatest contribution to Nebraska history is that Mellow invented Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback”. He’s not mellow. He’s an asshole, normally a plus in politics, but also a stupid asshole. Stupid is bad.

  8. CNN:
    “Two states that the Clinton campaign will not air local ads in through September and October: Virginia and Colorado….The states that are part of Clinton’s ad campaign: Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina and the Omaha market in Nebraska.”

  9. Bye Bye Mean Jean says:

    Mello will clobber Stothert. I can write his first two ads: Con Agra leaves town and big pick up truck falls down a pot hole.
    Here are the next two: Omaha bond ratings fell under Stothert and a record number of homicides took place in the city in 2015.
    I’ll let Mello work on the rest. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Anonymous says:

      All of which were issues when Suttle was mayor. Jim was ineffective, lost the election, and Stothert was elected, so cause & effect are clear.

      • Bye Bye Mean Jean says:

        Con Agra did not leave town under Suttle. The homicide rate did not set a record under Suttle.

      • Anonymous says:

        ConAgra’s corporate decisions are above the paygrade of public officials. The most a mayor can do is a) find a way to be useful or b) not get in the way. Suttle didn’t do either.

        By your logic any gun violence that occurs during a given administration is the administrators responsibility. Way to go, Suttle, for every instance of gun violence in Omaha during your administration, even just one misplaced round. Your fault, your failure.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Don’t stop there, Anonymous.

        Let’s not forget who the POTUS has been during this crime spike in Omaha.

        I would like to know which policies, specifically, has Stothert set that make her responsible for the north Omaha killing fields…that is, according to Ricky.

    • bynd says:

      The best part being when honest sources show that Stothert had nothing to do with Con Agra or HDR. Go for it Ricky. Embarrass the heck out of your candidate.

      Like I keep saying, the best things Repubs have going for them is Ricky.

      • Anonymous says:

        She was willing to give away $10 million of taxpayer’s money as a gift for a few old buildings so the artsy fartsy crowd could be entertained and park at the same time and then….the deal goes south anyway. It’s big government at it’s worst. She’s a puppet for Hal and the good ole boys who tell her when to burp…in chorus of course.

    • Bye Bye Mean Jean says:

      I said they were going to be ads ; I did not say there was any connection between the events and Stothert. That is what I would do if I were Mello. And he will have the money to make all the ads he wants.
      Here are a couple more: Crossroads Mall looks like a dump and Stothert has not got a clue on how to fix it.
      Stothert was willing to give 11 million dollars to a rich group like Performing arts to tear down historic buildings. It was her idea in fact. That turned out to be a disaster and HDR did not move downtown.
      Countless other amateurish acts like that for Stothert.

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