Special Session on Kintner has around 20 votes, needs 33 (or just Ricketts)

Nebraska state Senators Heath Mello & Bob Krist. (AP / Nati Harnik).

The word ’round the Capitol in Lincoln is that there are approximately 20 or so state Senators so far who would vote in favor of holding a Special Session of the Legislature to address the Senator Bill Kintner cybersex extortion scandal.

They need 33 to call the session.

Apparently state Senator Bob Krist and his bud Senator — nay, Mayoral candidate! — Heath Mello are itching to jump into the mosh pit.

Or, Governor Pete Ricketts could convene the Legislature by proclamation. And the word is that he is inclined to do that — though he may wait for Senators to decide on their own.

But this is a risky venue for Ricketts. Because at this point, we pretty much know everything about the scandal…involving Kintner. The State Patrol has reported times and dates and emails and threats and confessions and pretty much all of your scandal info short of a car chase.

But one issue is still out there:
What did Pete Ricketts know and when did he know it?

All indications are that Governor Ricketts had all of the pertinent info — offically or not — less than a week after the dirty deeds were done. That was August of 2015.

And after that, with Ricketts having — at minimum — a very good idea of what took place in the Boston hotel room and afterwards, he still kept dates with Kintner. He still showed Kintner his support. And Ricketts even put Kintner on his slate of delegates for the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland.

This is a hairy situation for all involved.

Many in the Unicameral — not just the Governor — will be asked what they knew and when they knew it. And then they will be sitting there while their fellow Senators cluck their tongues at them.

There is only one real answer to all of this.
It is unclear however if all of the parties know how to get there.


Forever young

Speaking of Heath Mello, he was on KFAB yesterday with Gary Sadlemyer.

He had a few interesting lines…and Sadlemyer didn’t really let him get away with much.

Mello said he wants Omaha to be a “city of the future”.
And Sadlemyer drolly responded that he didn’t know what that meant.

Mello scrambled a bit and talked about biomedical research and technical education. And Sadlemyer immediately shifted to the issue of how Futurama would get built: raising taxes.

And here is where Mello’s experience in politics helped him: he wouldn’t answer the question.

But Mello did note that he is “a young father” and that he is in office “at a VERY young age”.

Yet, it isn’t exactly clear why Mello wants to emphasize his relative youth and inexperience for the job of the City’s top executive.


Sarpy County Election Commissioner Wayne Bena and Douglas County Election Commissioner Brian Kruse talk early voting.
Sarpy County Election Commissioner Wayne Bena and Douglas County Election Commissioner Brian Kruse talk early voting.

Wayne Bena: anagram for “Ya, new bean!”

Douglas and Sarpy County Election Commissioners Brian Kruse and Wayne Bena held a presser earlier today, noting an information card they are sending out, as well as some pertinent upcoming dates:

September 1, 2016: Deadline to file for office by petition.

That means that, per the above conversation, if Bill Kintner resigns before 9/1, applicants could still file to get on the November ballot. After that, too late.

But Kruse and Bena also hit a few other notes:

They’re sending a mailing to all registered voters in Douglas and Sarpy, which includes an early-voting ballot application. They’ve made it pretty easy — including taking a photo of the application and emailing it back to the election office. (Saves you for whatever a stamp costs these days.)

And to cut any confusion, while Kruse suggested a “selfie” of the ballot application, one does not actually have to include their face in the photo back to the commissioners.

Vote early, vote often!


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  1. Know-it-all says:

    If Rickett’s does not call a special session, it shows he is greedily using his power to appoint someone after the September 8th deadline instead of being a supporter of free elections. Ricketts has known about this for more than a year, yet failed to act, and even supported Kintner during the last year (because Kintner was supporting his legislation).
    The attempt at the McPhearson resignation was a complete disaster for Ricketts. It’s starting to look like the attempt at a Kintner resignation will be the same.
    Pete’s got one choice and one choice only: Call a special session.

    • bynd says:

      Ricky, And then being the Troll you are, you’ll go after Ricketts for spending the money when you see how much it is.

      If you’re not going to use your name, which you accuse others of not doing, you’re going to have to change your juvenile writing style. It sticks out like Kintner on Skype. I hear.

      • ricky fulton says:

        Ha wrong AC; (Which stands for Anonymous Coward); I did not write this one.
        By the way; I hope in your next life AC that you get the opportunity to go to college and get a degree and learn how to write. Pretending to be a smart righty is not going too well for you.

      • bynd says:


        You are so clever. Another life? So you believe in the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. And this time you came back as in ignorant as_ hole. Good for you!

  2. Bluejay says:

    “Mello scrambled a bit and talked about biomedical research and technical education.”

    Other than raising taxes, how can the Mayor do that? Is the Mayor in charge of OPS? Is the Mayor the Dean of the Creighton Medical School? UNMC?

    What an idiot. Now below 40%.

    Heath, because you are a Dem, young father and have all your hair it doesn’t mean you will get ANY votes.

    • ricky fulton says:

      Mello only has to be better then his opponent. And that is not hard to do considering Stotherts record and how dim witted she is.

      • bynd says:

        Dear Ricky,

        Several facts of life. 166,000 Nebraskans disagree with your stance that they should not be able to vote on the death penalty. 60% of Omaha believes Stothert is doing a good job.

        Ricky’s fan club, 0. Those who agree with Ricky, -10%.
        Figure that one out. Pretty sad, a graduate of ASU and the best you could do is a mailman in Nebraska. All that money and time wasted going to college.

        Go get em tiger. Every time you post, a Republican gets another vote.

  3. Snip snip says:

    Boston Corbett was a loyal Republican. He is famous for shooting John Wilkes Booth, a loyal Democrat who liked Black misery. But being a moral man, Corbett also found sex nasty, which is perhaps why he cut off his own testicles with a scissors. Typical Republican of the Bush, Romney, Ryan ilk. Not a Trump. More like a Pete Ricketts.

    For an entire year Rickett obstructed the implied justice that he now demands by asking Kintner to resign and for why? Cyber sex, getting blackmailed, using a government laptop to lap dance, foolishly complaining about the blackmail? None of which is reason enough to remove Kintner, certainly not in the eyes of the balance of 20 minus 33 who Ricketts knows isn’t enough to call a special session. Either way, the Dems would be stupid to want this resolved. Sort of like Hillary not being indicted for her criminal Emails. Its a gift pf pus that keeps on oozing.

    To be fair, Democrats worry more about dividing Americans into racial categories. (Dems call colorblindness “racism”, go figure). Black on black urban genocide is the result of professional leftists profiteering from what amounts to a industry of perpetuating race misery. Same goes for most left forms of forced social leveling. Making misery and getting paid to relieve it is the natural gold mine of most politics.

    Racial misery, especially black misery, profits Democrats. Sexual misery profits Republicans. Frankly, there is a lot of stupid going on here on all sides. Policy? What’s that?

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    9 LCC staff members were assaulted by inmates tonight. How about instead of a special session for Kintner we have one to try and fix the Correctikns Department?

    • Smell My Finger says:

      Empty promises of skittle-shitting unicorns is the swan-song of most libtarded politicians, and is music to the ears of their constiutards.

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