Write-in campaigns?

Write-inHere’s a twist for you on the whole Senator Bill Kintner saga:

As you may know, many have suggested to Kintner that he not only resign, but resign BEFORE September 1st. Why? Because if he is out by September 1, the ballot would be opened up for a vote, and anyone who wants to get their name on would have “time” to collect signatures to have that done.

(Of course, note that the deadline for 1,300 signatures is September 1st, no matter what — and one can’t start collecting until the seat is offically open. So good luck with that…)

But here’s a quirk:

Let’s say Kintner resigns AFTER September 1st, but BEFORE September 9th. Then, the open seat would be on the ballot, but without any candidates listed. So a candidate could then only win by write-in vote.

Think what kind of chaos that could potentially be. Sure a well known person could step up and get their name on the airwaves and internets. But equally, a simply ORGANIZED person could potentially do the same, and get in by whatever plurality could win it.

Of course, the Legislature or Governor could take the issue out of Kintner’s hands if they could call a special session and expel Kintner within the next 7 (to 14) days.

A week’s pretty tight though, eh?

If only they had seen this coming.
By, say, a year.
If only…


Independents Day

If you’re not a Lincolnite, you probably haven’t been following the budget standoff in the Star City between the Republican controlled City Council and the Democrat Mayor.

Much of it comes down to whether the Council has “the right to pass a tax rate lower than required by the mayor’s budget.

There are legal implications for that, and possibly a court fight.

So in the middle of all this, the LJS editorializes on who is really at fault. The clear answer?

KLIN’s Coby Mach.

The LJS describes Mach as a “Republican Party operative” who is stirring up his listeners to “egg on” the Council in their fight. Wow, the power that Mach has during his Drive Time radio show!

And he must REALLY be making the big bucks being employed by the Nebraska GOP!
(Oh, he’s not?)
(Them neither?)
Uh…well…he was a Republican delegate, so he MUST be controlled by the GOP, yeah?


But here’s how the LJS concludes their editorial:

In the city of Lincoln, a fast-growing political affiliation is nonpartisan. Last we checked on active voters in the Capital City, there were 64,646 Republicans, 60,942 Democrats, 1,254 Libertarians and 34,228 nonpartisans.

In other words, about one in five active voters in Lincoln is registered nonpartisan.

When the conversation turns to government, those are the folks we want to sit with at Saturday morning coffee, see on the next bar stool and chat with on the church steps after services. May their numbers continue to grow.

So instead of the 80% of voters who have core beliefs and the backbone to actually choose their party, the LSJ pretends to waiver with the 20% who can’t make a decision (and oh by the way, don’t get to vote in the partisan primaries).

And of course, the hilarious part is the LJS trying to pretend that THEY’RE independent, when they’ve been rock-solid SHILLS for the Democrats for years.

Rock. Solid.

So, nonpartisans, know that when the LJS sidles up net to you at the bar for that chat their dying to have, there’s a great chance they’re going to suggest that YOU pay the bill.


Interview prospects

Oh, and hey, speaking of the LJS, funny that they haven’t come forward on this story:

Of course, in order to successfully cover this story they’d have to…

1) Waive their Democrat bias towards Hillary
2) Pretend that Hillary wasn’t pro-Pipeline before getting hammered on it
3) Waive their declaration against political party leadership and interview Democrat Chair, Jane Kleeb, while she pretends to be an “independent” observer

And then, Jane is in an conflicted place herself.

On the one hand, she hates pipelines. And she was a Bernie Bro during the election — going so far as to have her people flex their muscles, (it’s been said) at the convention to get her spot as chair.

But on the other she IS trying to get Hillary into the White House (in theory, anyway).

What are the LJS and Jane to do???

Maybe they can call into Coby Mach’s show and plead their case…



Sidewalk-less debates

Leavenworth St. has received word from the Don Bacon for Congress campaign that retired Brigadier General Bacon has accepted offers to two debate — one from KMTV and the OWH and the other from 1290 KKAR.

No word yet on whether Democrat Brad Ashford has or will accept these offers to talk directly to the voters of the 2nd District.

We know Brad likes to show up unannounced on sidewalks to deny he is a Democrat who votes for Nancy Pelosi and Co-Chairs Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hopefully he will show up on the air to smooth through all of his positions.


That’s how

Tweetin’ @LeavenworthSt

Likin’ Leavenworth St.

Because THAT’s how you keep up with the talk of Nebraska politics.



  1. Fudge says:

    I’d rather have Lee Terry as our Congressman and am writing his name on my ballot (given our current choices of Bacon and Ashford).

  2. Bluejay says:

    Who is funding the Kleeb family now that Scott’s business failed and Dick Holland is deceased? Is it OPEC or just the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Is Jane paid in hundreds or gold?

    • Bluejay says:

      Donor list for Bold Nebraska or Clinton Foundation?

      • The Nation of Brunei donated $1,000,000 to $5,000,000

      • Kuwait donated $5,000,000 to $10,000,000

      • Sultanate of Oman donated $1,000,000 to $5,000,000

      • Qatar donated $5.8 million

      • Saudi Arabia donated up to $50 million

      • United Arab Emirates donated up to $11.5 million

  3. Khan says:

    The budget situation in Lincoln has been ridiculous, between the City Attorney threatening to sue the City Council if they don’t give the Mayor what he wants and n the $1.5M federal grant for hiring new fire fighters that the Mayor’s office conveniently left for the City Council to uncover on its own.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper: I have held my opinion for days because I think the Kintner saga is much less important than whether or not children with disability are treated justly in Nebraska. But you got under my skin with this post! You wrote about voters “who have core beliefs and the backbone to actually choose their party,” and credited such voters with the power of voting in primary elections. This opinion is grossly misleading. Nonpartisan or Independent voters undoubtedly have stronger core beliefs PLUS freedom to choose BECAUSE they are not bound by party authority. And as for primary voting, well, change election laws to let Independent voters vote in any primary (but only one) as we do in TEXAS!!!

    Sometimes it takes more backbone to walk away from a political party than to stay and pretend it’s the right course. When Hillary wins this election it won’t be because I voted independently; it will be because the Republicans picked the one primary candidate who deviated most from their core beliefs…

    P.S. Where is Sparkles? I miss the posts.

    • anon says:

      It takes as much backbone to vote for Hillary or Trump, so call yourself a hero. It comes off a lot of you are bummed you picked the wrong horse, so you have gone all Hope Solo.

    • Sparkles says:

      I’m going to guess that’s you Annie. I hope you and yours are well.

      I’m here – a place where any action, inaction or obstruction of action is defensible in fealty to the R.
      A place where Bill Kintner is “a very good legislator” and simply a victim of online extortion.
      A place where an incurious grifter like Donald Trump is qualified to be POTUS, but a politically seasoned and engaged Omaha native, an admired and accomplished state legislator like Heath Mello isn’t qualified to be Mayor of Omaha.

      A place free from reason – the alt-right, alt-reality that is the new party of Breitbart.

      I’m resigning to the futility.
      I’m content to watch from the sidelines the dissolution of what’s left of the party of Lincoln, TR and Eisenhower.
      The whole thing has become such a contemptible clown show. Bannon & Trump don’t give a shit about our nation, they’re simply angling on how to most lucratively monetize the base for the pending arrival of Trump TeeVee. A quest to out-Ailes, Ailes, while in the process continuing to shred-for-profit the fabric of our society.
      It was 2011, in Rupert Murdoch’s Carmel, California ranch that Murdoch’s dinner guest, Steve Jobs warned:
      “You’re blowing it with Fox News,” Jobs told him over dinner. “The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is conservative-destructive, and you’ve cast your lot with the destructive people. Fox has become a destructive force in our society. You can be better, and this is going to be your legacy if you’re not careful.”

      Legacy attained.

      But of course with Trump’s tiny little span of attention it’s possible he hasn’t yet figured out Bannon is there to take over his nascent media empire. Bannon could very well be playing the Orange Apocalypse just as Manafort and Putin have.

      Although, being the eternal optimist, I remain hopeful for my old party. Hopeful that after the November humiliation a collective of the party’s bright young pragmatists will pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding. Our nation would be much better served by two (or more) thoughtful parties engaged in enlightened, purposeful debate.
      Imagine the possibilities.

  5. ricky says:

    Looking more and more like Sen Kinter will be at his legislative seat come January. He is waiting it out. Worked for McPherson, another GOP stalwart.
    Why not? If the Senators say it will be a distraction, at least it will be entertaining. And if they can not get anything done so what? Won’t pass the Ricketts tax cuts or charter school legislation or any other stupid GOP items on the agenda.
    Anyway, most of the session will be spent on Ernie’s getting another repeal on the death penalty going.
    Should the unlikely happen and the vote goes against the good guys.
    PS I heard that Sen Mello announced early for Mayor because a LOT of people wanted to give him money.

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