Hillary scares away Brad…again

Democrat Brad Ashford was on KMTV, making pizzas at Willie Theisen’s old place.

And the reporter asked him if he, Hillary Clinton’s campaign CHAIRMAN in Nebraska, was going to campaign with Hillary.

His response?

That’s not my role at all.


Really? Because actually, as Hillary’s campaign co-chair, that is EXACTLY HIS ROLE. That is the definition of his role — to campaign for Hillary.

Otherwise, you don’t take the job.

So, let’s just summarize Democrat Brad Ashford:

When asked who he supported for President, he said he liked Bush and Kasich — after he had already signed on to be Hillary’s chairman.

When asked what party he was in, he told a constituent, “whatever you want me to be.”

In the middle of the campaign, he can’t make time to appear at a rally, in his district, with Hillary Clinton…because he’s on vacation.

And now he denies his responsibility as a campaign chair to his Democrat nominee.

And here’s the thing: The Clintons, literally, keep lists on this stuff.

If you think Hillary will win the White House, you can forget about her doing any favors for Brad Ashford. He has essentially denied being a supporter or hers three — now four — times.

And of course Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t going to be doing him any favors.

Ashford as characterized himself as a “man without a party”. And that would be great if Washington was run by a bunch of independents. But it ain’t.

If Brad Ashford is in Washington, forget about the 2nd District having any clout from him.

Thankfully, voters have an excellent alternative, in retired Brigadier General Don Bacon.


#NE02 in top races in the country

Speaking of the 2nd District, The Hill reports that #NE02 is the #7 most expensive House race in the country.

The NRCC is spending almost $2.4 million on Don Bacon, a retired Air Force Brigadier General. The DCCC spent some money trying to meddle in the GOP primary, and they’ve committed a total of $2.4 million to defending Ashford.

The Congressional Leadership Fund is adding another $720,000 in an effort to defeat the freshman Democrat. The House Majority PAC will drop $672,000 on ads in the Omaha market, which Romney won with 53 percent in 2012.

The NRCC is pouring in money.
The DCCC is pouring in money.
Nancy Pelosi has visited.
Paul Ryan has visited.

The only poll that we have seen says the race is neck-and-neck.

They say that the average voter only starts tuning in after Labor Day.

Time for the race to begin.


Deaf ears

After the latest Nebraska prison mini-riot, Governor Pete Ricketts seemed to strike the right tone in suggesting that better pay and retention of guards would and should help ameliorate some of the problems around the issue.

Unfortunately, the guards union chief then spoke up and noted that he has been trying to address this exact issue for months, but that it has “fallen on deaf ears.”

At this point it is…surprising that this is still happening. It has been clear that there are problems in the Corrections Department, and one would have thought that these types of issues would be at the fore of the Governor’s agenda.

No one thinks that this is an easy issue, but it is a bit of a shock to hear that exactly what Ricketts says is at the top of the list, was pushed away over and over.


Open it up

And because it is a beautiful Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday, fee free to dive into the comment section on your favorite political topic — or sound of on something written here. As the great Jim Rome says, Have a Take, Don’t Suck, don’t cut and paste (that’s me, not Rome) and keep away from the personal.

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  1. Hagel was Bush’s Nebraska campaign chair in 2004, and if you’ll recall, spent the entire campaign attacking Bush’s foreign policy on the Sunday shows.

    Seems like Hagel and Ashford are cut from the same cloth.

  2. Bluejay says:

    Deb Fisher gave a very nice talk at Judge Bob Rossiter’s swearing-in today. She hinted that Grassley did her a favor.

    Bob thanked Deb profusely. He also acknowledged Brad in the crowd along with staffers for Sasse. Bob is so gracious. Funny, too.

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    No shock for me to learn of the neglected prison problems up there. Such problems of pay and employee retention in the prisons, group homes, institutions and some classrooms are standard fare for Nebraskans, —governor after governor and decade after decade. Can’t give better pay unless you raise the taxes; can’t raise the taxes because they are already too high (for those who actually pay taxes); can’t lower the taxes (for those who actually pay taxes) because half or more of the tax base has been granted away to corporate and church welfare; can’t do anything about misplaced welfare because it’s a Nebraska Unicameral Ultimatum! Surely y’all haven’t forgotten those deaths at BSDC already!!!
    Remember: That was a case wherein the ‘guards’ killed the ‘inmates.’

    P.S. I signed my name first this time so I would’t forget to identify myself. Why doesn’t the ‘name’ field remain in tact until changed, Street Sweeper, like it had in years past?

  4. Pinko Stinko Ashford says:

    Brad Ashford’s role as a Democrat is to be like Hagel and Nelson, a chameleon. Nebraska voters haven’t the political sense god gave a goat, so they “like the man not the party” to the point of embracing raw hypocrisy as somehow proof of individual honesty. That’s PC brain death.

    Brad is uncomfortable with Hillary. Hillary has her own uncomfortable friends…

    Soak up these chilling words written last year by the Chairman of a US political party.

    “The COMMUNIST PARTY’S tactics for political independence rest within the constraints of the two-party system… Our tactics occur within the framework of our strategic policy of building a broad coalition to defeat the extreme right, which we see embodied within today’s REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    “Without disintegrating REPUBLICAN PARTY support at every level, it’s hard to see winning more radical and advanced programs and policies and waging a fight against the monopoly class as a whole.

    “We envision a prolonged process toward political independence… building the broadest anti-right alliance possible… This necessarily means working with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    “At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY to advance its agenda.” – Jan 2015 by John Bachtell, Chairman, Communist Party USA.

    Of course, the KKK has a few thousand members who support Trump, so assholes crop up anywhere. And of note, the largest US hate group (killing Jews/gays) is black Nation of Islam behind Obama.)

    But nobody does genocide like Communists. Communists worldwide in the 20th Century murdered 200 million innocents. greatly eclipsing all other genocides in human history; including that of German Nazis, Italian fascists and Muslim dictatorships. The KKK, Islamists, and Nation of Islam, etc. are all deadly too but on a smaller scale than bloody Communism. And that same Communist Party has thrown in with Hillary in this election.

    Hell yes, Brad Ashford doesn’t want that stink on him in Nebr.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my 55 years on this planet you’re the only person who cares about what the CPUSA thinks. The company you keep says everything.

      Communism is on the ash-heap of history – the ashes of its millions of victims – and you fan the flames of fear. Why? You are the best friend Mr. Backtell every had.

  5. Ed Stevens says:

    The Sweeper-in-chief says we can talk about anything on CC Friday, so …

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am on record here (and elsewhere) as viewing the Honorable Senator Wm Kintner’s recent internet … uh … phallic frolic as moving him solidly into the upper echelons of dumbassedness. Now I have no particular brief against fellas indulging in a little pickle-pumping (after all, if it was against the law, most of us would have done hard time, at least in our earlier days), but I do have a problem with hurtling stupidity, especially in my public officials, So my condemnation of our Unicameral onanist derives not from what others are pleased to denounce as moral turpitude, but rather from his apparent lack of even a minimum degree of common sense, Every aspect of the mess, from the act itself to his ham-handed attempts to conceal the true nature of his actions, underlines this fact.

    Different folks seem to be bothered by different aspects of Kintner’s shenanigans, but most, when pressed, will admit that his only actionable offense was “inappropriate use of state property”. So I have a couple of questions …

    1. Why in the hairy-legged hell are the taxpayers of Nebraska furnishing computers to state senators? If these mopes want their own Dell or Apple or whatever, then they can damned well whip out their own VISA card. If they can’t afford it, then Ernie would probably be glad to give them a few pointers on how to exist in the Unicameral without a computer.

    2. I think a quick audit of how each senator’s state-owned computer has been used over the last year or two might be instructive. C’mon senators … which of you has not once used the company ‘puter to send an email to the wife, or check your stock portfolio, or pick up a few knick-knacks on Amazon, or even a quick game of solitaire while Senator Boooooring is speechifying? Wouldn’t that count as unauthorized use of state-owned equipment?I ‘m guessing that the most activity seen in the Capitol in a long time was the rush to clear caches and scrub hard drives right after the Kintner saga broke.

    Point is, if we’re going to hang Kintner just for “misuse of state property”, then I would suggest that he might have a lot of company. Kintner’s a moron, but I doubt he is any more LEGALLY/TECHNICALLY culpable than many of his hypocritical colleagues.

    And again, senators -BUY YOUR OWN COMPUTERS – it would not only save the taxpayers money, but you can then flash your junk out there on the information super-highway without offending anyone in the Capitol.

    • Gerard Harbison says:

      Ed: you’re right. I’ve used my own computer for work at UNL for the last 10 years. Part of it is the state procurement process is so awful; and part is if the computer is mine, no one can grouch about my doing my personal stuff on it. Plus, you can deduct it as an employee business expense.

      These days, in most professional jobs, a laptop is as much a necessity as a business suit. Why provide one, and not the other?

  6. Val Budentine says:

    I’m not has god a frends with Brad Asheford has I am Bob Kerrey, Asheford thinks I’m a weirdo, and he may have herd about me from my naybor Deb Fischer.

  7. ricky says:

    Brad is just another politician now figuring where the votes are and acting accordingly.
    District 2 wants somebody to support the great President Obama, not work against him.

    • Anonymous says:

      District 2 didn’t want Lee Terry is all. Just like Clinton’s only real advantage is not being Trump. Not a ringing endorsement, is it?

  8. Suck it up Cupcake says:

    If Hillary wins it is because most Americans are like RWP, Sasse and Obama. Wash water atheists and religio-equivalists who speak in terms of twisted faux-religious morals that center on avoiding pain and acting nice. Rudeness not wrongness is the worst possibility for them and their secular ethic of using government to divide people by Color in order for government to then make people equal, an inanity that rises amid such unreason to appear reasonable. Dr. MLK would kick them all.

    To demand a Colorblind America today is to be roundly deemed “racist”. And to offer Dr. King’s Equal Opportunity apart from race-leveling government profiteering is anathema, as it interferes in the Democrat Party’s and the Bushes’, Romney’s and Ryan’s demand that government punish colorblindness in pursuit of politicians profiting from racial division. – Hillary and Democrats are today mirroring Sasse and Ryan, acting as if the Christ hung himself on bungee cords and forgave the Romans for harsh speech, as if real people weren’t then and aren’t today really suffering injustice. Religious myth or not, they miss the point that reality is real and achieving greatness isn’t pleasurable. Truth hurts. Avoiding discomfort is what children and animals do.

    Our world of real outcomes is harsh. Yet the RNC rightwing is selling sparkly patriotism instead of greatness and the DNC left selling warm altruism instead of greatness, all of which fail to grasp that if the USA isn’t great–i.e. solvent and secure compared to our world competitors for power– then all our RNC patriotism and DNC altruism is so much useless crap. There is no dream about it. It is a matter of facing facts gritty and rude, as the story has Christ doing so in the garden. It’s not pretty, not kind, and absolutely not Politically Correct. Truth hurts.

    There is a real world out there but only Trump is dealing with it today. A sort of PT Barnum character to be sure. Not unlike Teddy Roosevelt was seen to be. Apparently that’s what it takes to connect oceans. Then again, Teddy was so appreciated by his own party that he had to form a new party to fight the GOP and Democrats at the same time.

    Democrat and Republican leaders today all should have had Hillary’s scissors jabbed into their skulls while being born. But since such cosmic justice is only “real” in the minds of such idiots, the only way to just say no to that is by not electing the same old same old. That is Hillary in a nut shell.

    • Anonymous says:

      A post as pansy as your pseudonym. Donald Trump has never truly suffered a day in his miserable life. How could he possibly know what Jesus or MLK were on about?

      The painful truth – which eludes you – is that America’s greatness is in realizing the distance between our lofty rhetoric and our actual accomplishments. We approach the lower bounds of greatness whenever that distance is minimized.

      Both Trump and Clinton deserve to be caned, but in our vicious world I’ll take the junk yard dog with more political scars. Sorry to say that’s Clinton, not a layabout yob like Trump.

    • anon says:

      There can only be two possible explanations for a rant like that. Either the writer is on LSD or he/she is succumbing to the effects of schizophrenia.

  9. Suck it up Cheesecake says:

    9:51, you are lazy. You can’t even dream up a pseudonym for yourself. And speaking of dreaming, you know all about Dr. MLK, do you? His niece, Dr. Alveda King, endorses Trump but you know better.

    What you say about Hillary proves what I said about you is correct. Guess I hit a nerve.

    10:59. There is yet another possibility that you failed to consider as a reason for me suggesting we need Trump’s Colorblind America over Hillary’s Leftwing Race-Misery Profiteering Industry, and that’s the fact that most of my immediate family isn’t white.

    Try to imagine your family idivided by federal law into racial skin color groups which, on the negative side, if you all have a nasty domestic dispute at the kitchen table that spills over into courts causes some of you to get double the time in prison because of skin color. While on the positive side, while all the kids and cousins are pulling A’s by dint of hard work, they find US laws and regulations deny some of our kids scholarships because they are deemed a color smarter than whites, while other kids in our family are handed the same scholarships for less rational reason because government decides their color makes them perpetual victims dumber than whites, leaving the white kids no better off for being divided. And even the kids know this is all false.

    I doubt that Americans who, without realizing it, marry their own color and kind, are capable of grasping this. They have at best a remote idea that PC and the Federal race leveling industry isn’t good. They don’t see it as the cancer on rationality that it indeed is. But its clear to me and mine. We want a free colorblind America and Hillary is selling the opposite.

  10. Gerard Harbison says:

    And by the way, if you haven’t been following Ben Sasse’s tweets from the state fair, you’ve been unnecessarily depriving yourself. Seriously funny. He’s way smarter than most of his detractors, and he has a distinctively Nebraskan sense of humor.

    And if you don’t like him, you’re poopyheads.

  11. Gerard Harbison says:

    “If Hillary wins it is because most Americans are like RWP, Sasse and Obama.”

    I must say I’m flattered. Obama may not be my amour propre (look it up) but he’s smart
    (and clean and articulate), if very wrong-headed. And to tell the truth the better I know
    Sasse, the better I like him.

  12. Gerard Harbison says:

    Just a question: is Sparkles banned? If he/she is gone, then so am I ( for real, this time).

    I agree with Sparkles on practically nothing, but if you can’t handle debate with your most articulate adversaries, then that’s like writing a big L on your forehead with magic marker.

    • Sparkles says:

      No, I’m not banned. Just running perilously short of f^*&s to give.
      Sweep has been an admirably tolerant host, allowing me to ramble sometimes a bit beyond the bounds.

      I appreciate the kind words.
      And for the record, I actually agree, mostly, with a surprising amount of what you posit. Always well reasoned and informed.

  13. First Amendment says:

    Hopefully Sweeper will cover this in the imminent Kintner exec hearing postmortem coming, but per Fred Knapp, is Krist actually ordering reporters to not quote senators from an open hearing, streamed on the *internet*? Putting aside this ongoing garbage notion that somehow precious senators need to be shielded from having any involvement in this fiasco actually attributed to them (looking at you, future failed congressional nominee Adam…), but where tf does Bob Krist get off shredding the First Amendment? Would he “run” the Legislature the same way as clerk??

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