Taking Ashford to task on TV & Looking at Lathrop’s old report

The NRCC has their first ad out of the fall political season on Brad Ashford.
See it here:

This would be the same Brad Ashford who likes to chant over and over how bipartisan he is — except that he votes with his leader, Nancy Pelosi, 72% of the time.

Seventy-two percent.

So when you’re shocked that Ashford is voting for Sanctuary Cities with Pelosi and the rest of the Dems, think about how Ashford is also voting the rest of the time — and how that comports with the wishes of the 2nd District voters.


Lathrop’s original report

A note from an L. St. reader on the latest round of hearings on the Nebraska Corrections Dept, lead by (Governor candidate?) Steve Lathrop:

For those who have been paying attention, the fact that the special investigative committee is suddenly concerned with staffing issues is a joke. This is the same committee that spent the better part of a year “investigating” corrections failures, issued subpoenas galore (including to a sitting Governor Heineman who was willing to appear voluntarily), delved through thousands of documents, and came up with a report that didn’t mention staffing at all.

So, one wonders whether all that time and resources were expended in a true effort to look into legitimate shortcomings in the department, or instead to try to sniff out a nefarious Heineman-driven conspiracy to save cash by letting out Nikko and his ilk.

God knows corrections has issues that need to be fixed. Staffing and infrastructure/capacity are a huge piece of that puzzle, perhaps the biggest. Accordingly, it seems crazy that this particular group would have any credibility in terms of investigating problems and serving up solutions that their own report MISSED on this major issue — which they’re only now looking into since staffing is in the media/political zeitgeist.

See if this view is anywhere in the media today.


Lawrence TCG

Nebraska’s Dan Whitney was on FOXNews the other day mainly pushing his new special on Netflix, but also talking politics.

(You may also know him as “Larry the Cable Guy“.)

See it here (go to the 2:20 mark to hear the political stuff):

Whitney, a Husker season ticket holder, makes the point:

“So if you say, ‘I kinda like Trump, I kinda like some of the things he says, I think I wanna vote for Trump,’  it’s, ‘You racist!’, you’re always a racist…”

He also concludes by saying, “Hillary will be the end of the country.

Heh. OK, that does play both ways a little. Though you’d be hard-pressed to find a true Hillary fan who would not say “Trump will be the end of the country.” It seems many have a waiting jet to New Zealand with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Whitney used to have on-field access prior to home games. Have to see if he’s making the rounds on Saturday.


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  1. LR 424 says:

    The Department of Correctional Services Special
    Investigative Committee of the Legislature is hereby authorized to study
    the circumstances of Nikko Jenkins’ incarceration and release

    It was not set up as a road map to fix corrections.

  2. Anon says:

    Lathrop is completely setting himself up for a political run with his little political game here. Since when does the Legislature include private attorneys on panels? hasn’t Sen. Chambers said “This is MY legislature”

    And he interrupts Frakes, makes presumptive statements…this is all a political sideshow.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ernie interrupting witnesses is nothing new. The minute he wants to launch into a 45 minute lecture he does it and the poor witness has to sit in the chair and listen to him pontificate, all the while trying not to roll his/her eyes and sigh.

  4. To LR424 says:

    The Committee and report wasn’t limited to Nikko. According to the report, “LR 424 was broad enough to provide the Committee with authority to investigate this and related issues within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.” “The report provides a candid assessment as a starting point for reforms that must be undertaken to restore the public’s confidence in the Nebraska Department of
    Correctional Services.”

  5. Smell My Finger says:

    Trump looked like a BOSS going to Mexico today and telling the Mexican President how things are going to be. LOVE IT!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Narcos run Mexico. Perhaps Trump could try explaining things to them. It’ll be hard for Trump to talk with his balls in his mouth. I won’t tell you how they got there.

  6. Ricky says:

    Larry The Not Funny Tea Party Guy is a total embarrassment to Nebraska. Gosh don’t all of us that live in this state love to be lampooned as hicks thanks to that dumbass.
    And he does it all for money; as does Loserbaugh and Rod Edwards and JSA.
    Those people will do anything to appease the Repubs if they can make a buck on it.
    For goodness sakes Larry the Not Funny Tea Party guy stay out of Omaha we do not want your kind here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did the USPS turn you into misanthrope? Your comments have devolved into a continuous stream of ad hominems (sic), words that say more poor things about you, Ricky, than your targets. At least Sparkles does some research before he posts. Do better please, Ricky.

  7. Sparkles says:

    Pander monkeys. It’s a stupid attack ad on Ashford.
    “Security Voters” my ass. The term ‘sanctuary cities’ has no legal definition or implication. It’s a term fabricated by a fear mongering GOP and popularized by Xenophobe King Tom Tancredo.
    The ad is a 30 second clip that couldn’t more ideally sum up everything that’s a wrong with the solutions free GOP.
    Economy? Screw it.
    Jobs? Who cares.
    Education? Overrated!
    All you simple people need to know is – Be afraid, be very afraid.
    Oh, and Trickle Down.. can’t forget Trickle Down.

    The conservative ‘think’ tank, Center for Immigration Studies, lists Douglas County, Hall County, Lancaster County and Sarpy County all as ‘sanctuary jurisdictions’.
    Therefore, were the rabid, xenophobic faction of the fear mongering GOP successful in passing their bill, defunding ‘sanctuary cities’, it’s likely the cities of Omaha, Papillion, Bellevue, LaVista, Gretna, Lincoln and Grand Island would be summarily stripped of all federal funding.
    Imagine the implications.

    Maybe a reckoning is the answer. Maybe the colossal buffoonery of Donald Trump simply isn’t enough.
    So, bring it on Don Bacon and a contemptible GOP. Fortenberry, Smith, Fischer and Sasse.
    Pass this ignorant, fear mongering concoction of a ‘law’ – shut down your own cities, send the economy of our state into a devastating tailspin, see how that works out for the party.

    • bynd says:

      So Sparkles denounces fear mongering, by????????????? Fear mongering! Not only are there definitions for a sanctuary city/county but believe it or not, laws. And all though you wish to fear monger for counties and cities in Nebraska, none are in violation of the law. Just in the files of The Center for Immigration Studies, based in Washington, D.C., which holds no legal status to do anything about it.

      So, once again you try to pawn off your opinion as fact and as fear mongering.

      You just can’t make this stuff up, fighting fear mongering by fear mongering. Only in the progressive’s world.

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