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**UPDATE at 4:30pm**

Kintner STILL won’t resign.

Read his letter to the Executive Board, here:

Kintner Letter 090216 2


Well…this will be loads of fun to watch.

Man Cave-gate

The ultimate in Man Caves
The ultimate in Man Caves

Both the OWH and the LJS reported on the story of former state Senator LeRoy Louden ratting out Legislative candidate, retired Col. Tom Brewer, for living in a converted machine shed in Gordon, Nebraska.

Problem is, apparently Brewer listed a home in Murdock, Nebraska as his residence on the candidate filing.

But this is a rich story. So let’s dig deeper.

First of all, the LJS reported —  though the OWH did not —  that “a section of state law states that challenges or objections need to be made within seven days after the candidate filing deadline.” However, the State Constitution “requires that a candidate for the Legislature must reside within the district for at least one year prior to election.”

The OWH goes on to list various litigation over the issue in past years that seem to indicate that if a candidate’s intention or actions indicate they live in the district, then that works.

But…those aren’t even the most interesting details!

First: Brewer’s machine shed contains — contains! — a “log home”, with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. THREE bathrooms! And he calls it his “man-cave!”

(The mind boggles! Full bathrooms? Half-baths? Tubs? Urinals?)

In any case, Brewer noted that the Lincoln home that he had was what he owned while on active duty in the military. Voters in the district probably consider this pretty reasonable. Oh, and probably not intentional by Brewer’s opponents to point out that Brewer was on ACTIVE military duty.

Did we mention that Brewer beat state Senator Al Davis in the primary 54-45%?

Now on to Senator Davis’s abode.

In Lincoln. (Which isn’t out in the Sandhills district, mind you.)

Ah, but Senator Davis claims it is just his Legislative home! While he is in the Unicameral! Lots of Senators do this!

And the assessed value of Davis’s little Lincoln chateau?


Half a million bucks! In Lincoln! For his “other” house!

Well, the LJS noted last year that “Davis and his wife, Dottie, bought a house outside Lincoln in 2012 and spend most of their days there.


Davis, who used to be a Democrat, now considers himself a “moderate Republican.” He voted for the death-penalty repeal, for the increase in the gas tax and for drivers licenses for DREAMers.

It is almost as if he should be fundraising in Omaha…


Hurting the environment

A few weeks back the Lincoln Journal-Star wrote a feisty editorial about how Coby Mach, longtime leader of the Lincoln Independent Business Association and host of KLIN’s Drive Time Lincoln could not be a reasonable or unbiased thought-holder on things about Lincoln, because he was simply a stooge of the Republican Party!


Well, because Mach was a delegate to the Republican convention in Cleveland! Sure most people consider that simply an extension of one’s own political views. You’re a member of the party, and by being a delegate you get to promote your views up to the local, state and national levels.

But the LJS feels that no, that pretty much makes you Karl Rove! Nay, Donald Trump!

OK, noted LJS.

So then we mosey on over to the article they printed about Jane Kleeb.

You know Jane, of the Hastings Kleebs. Midwest prairie woman. Member of FFA. All of her clothes are pretty much either denim or gingham.

(Wait, not so much? Oh well, whatever…)

Well the story goes on and on about the “Woman who killed Keystone XL“. And they talk about how her new group is guns a’blazin’ after the latest pipeline coming from the North Dakota (which, by the way, is in America) and going across the great plains to Illinois.

And she is against it, and fighting it, and blocking things — and jobs and natural resources.

(See, Energy Secretary Moniz — the guy who looks like a cross between Ernest Borgnine and George Washingtonrecently said that fracking has been great for the environment.)

But no where in this story does it mention that Mrs. Kleeb is also the CHAIR OF THE NEBRASKA DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Not a delegate, mind you. The CHAIR. The person in charge. The person whose duty it is to further the goals of the party and espouse them to all — policy be damned.

The LJS, after excoriating Mach for being a delegate, can’t find it on their keyboard to maybe add an update using the works “Top State Democrat” in reference to Jane Kleeb.

Well, keep on keepin’ on there, LJS.
Don’t change.
Because we would all get whiplash if you started being balanced and reasonable on these types of issues…


Calling Carl Curtis

And after the previous Friday Links, and a week of 20,000 more emails, Mexican vacations, great walls and footballs, we will call this a Carl Curtis Open-Comment Friday, and open it up to the commenters.

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Have a great weekend, be safe on the carnival rides and…finallly!…GO HUSKERS!



  1. Oracle says:

    Chair-elect is NOT Chair. Can’t you get that? This is about the third time you’ve printed this fallacy. Guess the truth is not your strong point.

      • Oracle says:

        Jane Kleeb is not yet the Chair. This is an irrefutable fact. She has no power in the Nebraska Democratic Party until she is Chair. Vince Powers may be a “lame duck”, but he still runs the NDP. For an analogy, Hillary will not be president until 2017 even when she wins the election in November 2016.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Alright Oracle…chair-elect. Does that, in ANY meaningful way, change the fact that it is extremely difficulty…nay, impossible for her to be as objective as Coby Mach?

  2. Bluejay says:

    Now that Scott’s business is BK what are the Hastings Kleebs doing for money? How much is Jane collecting from OPEC and Soros?

    Jane Kleeb must release HER tax returns.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the article, it doesn’t appear to have actually been written by the LJS. Looks like it was an article in Bloomberg that was re-printed in the LJS, which is a different story altogether

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kinter’s applying classic tactics here. Admit nothing, defend nothing, act as if nothing is wrong, pretend that nothing happened, because nothing happened.

    If forced to respond to a competent authority, say as little as possible. Spin the facts into the tiniest tale of your own telling. A crime? Nay a mistake. Mistake, nay, a digression – a burp, no belch and certainly no fart.

    Kintner’s strategy is no different from Clinton’s. And no different from the HFC. Clinton denies everything and everything, while the HFC governs from the minority and makes others respond to them as if they actually governed.

    Kinter is raising his middle fingers to the Universe, and F**k You Too for good measure. And all we talk about is Dem Huskers. Well Nebraska, witness your values at work. Is anyone cheering yet?

      • Anonymous says:

        Kintner appears to blame his accusers for this event. Nobody (God forbid) put a gun to Kintner’s head and forced him to do anything, did they? No, this was Mr. Kintner’s CHOICE. WHY? Is this why we elect people? Why is it difficult to understand that cameras and genitals don’t mix well? “Paying off extortionists” is your line, Eight Ball. You clearly have no problem with any of this, do you?

      • bynd says:

        Seems to me Kintner’s answer, as publically published, was, he was responsible, no one else and he accepted all the blame. WOWtv was one who carried the statement.

        And by the way, I think it is Kintner who leads the push for open voting records for chairmanships in the legislature. Big deal? Probably not but what are his “peers” hiding that they don’t want to vote publically?

        Everybody has their cybersex equivalent. And how can one not be fine with the system when appropriate discipline was applied to a specific offense. The system set up by the infallible legislature. It all fits in with Nebraska values of one of the highest binge drinking rates in the country, highest single county STD rate in the country, highest young black male homicide rate and illiteracy rate in the country. Both of which are in Ernie Falwell’s district.

        And as Yule said, et cetera, et ectera, et cetra.

  5. Ricky says:

    I ran into Sen Davis and Sen Howard at Clancy’s last night and could not help but wonder why Howard and her mom and firefighters union guy had a fund raiser for Al Davis?
    500 miles from home and Davis is anti-choice and a member of the GOP and has ethical issues?
    What is up with that? Howard is for not letting politicians get between a woman and a doctor right? As it should be?
    Don’t get this one. Maybe Davis charmed Sara mightily in the Unicam. Or maybe they both have issues in common; Howard failed to declare Husker tix donation and paid Qwen thousands of dollars for “consulting”.
    Birds of a favor flock together I guess.

    Ricky From Omaha

    • anon says:

      Ernie’s “little sister” has a very good act with these older senators, was she talking in her little girl voice. She only does things to make peoples lives better, especially hers

    • The Grundle King says:

      Ricky…birds of a feather don’t always flock together. I mean, the dodo’s are all extinct, and yet, by some miracle…you survived.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oracle. May we assume your Spouse-Elect just whored around while engaged to you? You cannot have it both ways. Well, I suppose if you are hermaphroditic you can.

    NT. When Trump wins and you off yourself, do it so you fall into a compost heap. Stay green.

  7. Sparkles says:

    The only thing that surprises me about Kintner’s ‘courtesy’ letter, refusing to resign, is that his signature isn’t a cartoonishly large ‘X’, scribbled across the page.

    Oooo dogggy!… you Tea Partiers and Trumspters were right! I’m loving this new freedom from those silly restraints of politically correctness!
    I mean, screw basic human decency and common respect for you fellow man. Am I right!!

    It’s hard to imagine that it was only the last election cycle that a speech by the GOP nominee for POTUS included these words:
    The torch America carries is one of decency and hope. It is not America’s torch alone. But it is America’s duty – and honor – to hold it high enough that all the world can see its light.
    Oct 8, 2012
    Mitt Romney in a foreign policy speech at Virginia Military Institute.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, who would you quote, Nixon or Spiro Agnew, winning is not everything, and a lot of fine men have lost elections. As defense of the pathetic Kintner it borders on the weird. His letter is nearly as embarrassing as his folly. To treat it like St. Augustine’s Confessions is silly.
        Knitter is an example of Kintner nothing more,not an example of Republicans or of the Tea Party..

      • Anonymous says:

        Kintner has a long, long, long way to go before being remotely comparable to St. Augustine’s pet dog, much less Augustine himself.

        Kintner can start by stopping being a dumbshit and thinking everyone else too.

      • bynd says:

        RL: From the standards above, it could be either. Both who ended up “losers” despite any good they may or may not have accomplished.

        But the point is, in today’s OWH is a story about a white and black church reconciling after the 9 blacks were killed in their church by the white supremacist. One bad vs hundreds of good. It talks about what the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian church in America and the Episcopal church are doing to right the wrongs of their history and address today’s “racism”. (my quotes.)

        But then, that would not fulfill the political agenda of the zealot Trolls on here. Truth sacrificed for one’s own good feelings about them and their circle of fellow miscreants.

        But at least a few on here continue to try and point the few bad apples and them broad brush it onto all religious folks. For every one bad one, they dismiss thousands of others through their bigotry and ignorance. They sacrifice a lot good folks to sooth their ego and make themselves feel superior even though they are just as bad or worse.

        So once again you miss my point. Hopefully, you understand it now.

        But then I have Troll days also.

        In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into …

    • Anonymous says:

      Natural gas is cheap, clean, abundant & safe. Nothing Hillary can take credit for, just capitalism. Adapt – getting mad won’t save your job, finding a scapegoat won’t either. This is America, not France. Miners are tough – show it. Nobody is taking care of you but you.

      • Maybe Not says:

        They’re attributing that earthquake to the fracking waste water injection wells. Natural gas may not be as safe and cheap as you think.

      • anon says:

        Natural gas, the answer to energy, unlimited. Then the gas cartels will need to get more profit and pull a OPEC, like the 70’s. It will start with the =we are going to run out, like they did oil, then the price hikes, then the conservation push, more price hikes, a couple of nations or more with conflicts that we will stick are noses and troops in.

      • Anonymous says:

        Boo hoo. You sound like a bunch of Commies, not Republicans – or have you suddenly gone soft? Or worse yet, grown a conscience along with environmental awareness and concern for displaced workers in a dying industry? Whatever you are please explain it, I can’t figure it out.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wall Street wonk David Woo – a purchaser of Clinton influence – says Wall Street trading predicts a gigantic landslide presidential victory for Hillary. His reason? Woo says Ronald Reagan had the largest landslide victory margin ever. The 1980 market predicted Reagan’s landslide. But what’s that have to do with Hillary Clinton?

    Reagan was a Democrat turned Republican like Trump, an outsider hated by party bosses as is Trump, and Reagan ran against a Democrat President seen as weak willed. So sure, maybe a landslide. But it is insane to transfer that to Hillary.

    Political Correctness unmoors one from stable ground, sets them adrift in an Orwellian sea of unreason. There is no limit to how far people, loosed from reality, will drift down nutcake river because PC convinces them they are on solid ground.

    Hillary telling FBI she is too brain damaged to know what she did with Top Secrets is driving her PC supporter over the edge.

  9. Anonymous says:

    10:28. Millions of people who voted for Trump think you are wrong about Trump. Opinions differ. But everyone thinks you are a jerk for calling Hillary’s brain damage “stupidity”.

    Shame on you. God forbid but you have a family member fall, as she did in 2012, and have a large brain hematoma that left her with PCS or worse, which under stress brings on tics, facial contortions, coughing fits and eye rolling; not to mention forgetfulness and disorientation. Its like a stroke. Would you say they were “stupid”? These behaviors are brought on by overstimulation of aural and visual centers of the brain, hearing too many voices at once, or bright and flashing lights, which is all central to political life. And also her just being under stress, which is central to being President. This is not some behavioral quirk or personality aspect.

    Your insensitivity, however, is profoundly less than that of the donors-for-influence who feel they have invested in buying chunks of her and Bill and would have her on the campaign trail no matter what. They demand her influence in the oval office, they already bought it, when she should instead be under care.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, its mere stupidity – rather like yours for practicing medicine without a license. Your direct knowledge of Mrs. Clinton’s medical history and current condition comes from a current physical examination, conducted by you, is that correct? As well as ordering both proper medical tests, receiving the results and interpreting according to your years of medical education, board certification in what, internal medicine? Followed by years of attentive practice and, for good measure, a release from HIPAA by Clinton herself?

      Unless you are Clinton’s personal physician or merely Dr. Drew Pinksky (who, by the way, is awesome, I recommend his “Cracked: Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic” for a great introduction to addition & associated comorbidities for lay people) I recommend you stop talking about things you know nothing about.

    • Anonymous says:

      The “Clinton must be sick” meme is BS. Just as it would be if there were a “Trump must be sick” meme. Both are questionable at best, the products of a thoroughly broken vetting process, without speculating about some stranger’s health.

      We can hardly find decent people to run for public office and who would want to, given that they’ll be run through a meat grinder to no effect. Add the subjective, amateur, public evaluation of every conceivable physical & mental ill a candidate might have or ever have had to the mix and you’ll get a big “no thanks.”

      There is no perfectly healthy candidate because there are no perfectly healthy human beings. If Clinton & Trump assert they are healthy I have to take them at their word and make my decisions accordingly. This is why the Vice Presidency exists, correct? Because you don’t know and can’t know what comes next, so you need (as the Brits say) “an heir and a spare.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    6:44, you are WRONG. Hillary herself in her FBI interview said she couldn’t remember things after her skull was full of brain clot that left her wearing neurologic glasses, disoriented and forgetful. That came from her, not me.

    And by the way, I worked in surgery on neuro cases. I’m not a physician but I may have some better idea of such things than do you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe, but you should know better than to speculate about the health & medical condition of someone you yourself have not personally examined. Trump, Clinton, me, anybody. Reasonable?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Forget it. Its just that same Sassehole surrogate cowing out another big “Moo” against Trump for Trump beating the cow’s favorite GOP steer. Kicking over a milk stool doesn’t make it Seabiscuit. But the cow doesn’t know that.

  12. Sparkles says:

    It should be apparent to all by now, but arguing with Trumpsters is futile.

    You’re arguing with the insane.
    Reason has finally lost its precarious foothold among more than half of the GOP. The Republican party has become the new home of the WGF – The World Grifting Federation.
    Its stars are –
    Donald ‘The Birther King’ Trump
    Steve ‘The Grifter Overlord’ Bannon
    Roger ‘The Mongrel of the Media’ Ailes
    And and their newest addition as Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager, a person even George HW Bush called “the lowest form of life”, the pioneer of Clinton Derangement Syndrome – David ‘The Sultan of Sleaze’ Bossie.

    And let you forget, off in the wings, awaiting their triumphant return, are Corey ‘The Clewless’ Lewandowski, Paul ‘The Kremlin Puppet’ Manafort and long time Trump henchman Roger ‘The Coprolite’ Stone.
    And no doubt serving as the maniacally animated RingMaster could only be Alex ‘The FreakShow’ Jones.

    And in case anyone is curious, the common thread that runs throughout each toxic patch of this foul new quilt – Robert Mercer.
    Billionaire hedge fund king, uber kook and noted funder of the most extreme variety of crazy.

    This new amalgam that is the WGF has Rube Nation by the its ankles. suspended upside down and is violently shaking loose every coin possible.

    The GOP has taken a leap far beyond their decades old, shopworn practice of regurgitating the thoroughly debunked and repeatedly failed policies of the 1980’s.
    It is now a party thoroughly animated and fueled by xenophobia, a vile strain of nationalism, nutball conspiracy theories and a fevered desire to drown government in the bathtub.

    • Anonymous says:

      “a fevered desire to drown government in the bathtub.”

      Stated positively, I see nothing wrong with government. Specifically, a Federal government that does what the Constitution permits it to do. And does with with a modern version of the “inner cabinet” – State, Defense, Treasury and the AJ.

      Let the states and the people do the rest. Let me live my life, keep my money, take responsibility for lifting up my fellows and leave us the hell alone.

  13. Sparkles says:

    By golly you’re right Anonymous!
    The federal government should be limited to only the Depts of:
    and “the AJ” (Attorney Jeneral?, Apache Junction?, Arte Johnson?… very interesting)

    Because heaven knows our incredibly competent Gov’s like Pete ‘Penny Pinch a Prison’ Rickett’s, Paul ‘Wack-a-Doo’ LePage, Sam ‘Supply Side’ Brownback, Rick ‘Lead Poison Good’ Snyder, Robert ‘Sexy Talk’ Bentley and Chris ‘Credit Downgrade’ Christie would do such a bang up f*%&ing job in replacing the vital functions of our federal Depts of Education, IRS, HHS (Soc Security & Medicare), EPA, Transportation, Veterans Affairs, Energy, Homeland Security and more.

    Yep, sheer brilliance.
    How about we let you be the one accountable for telling 75 million Americans over the age of 60 that we’re now going to let the Governor Corp H. Andout ‘experiment’ with their SS and Medicare dollars.
    Oh yea – and when you basement fills with human waste because the 110 year sewer pipes that carry the poo from your home collapse, make sure your checkbook is readily available, because we’ll be knockin’, expecting you and your “individual liberty” to “take responsibility”. Of course that assumes the heavy equipment needed to tear apart your yard can traverse the royal gorge of a pothole that exists in the street directly in front of your home. A pothole awaiting your personal check for $67,000 to repair because repaving to city standards is mandatory.
    Or, if you can convince the neighbors, you can do like Mayor Stothert did in Omaha, simply grind your street back into a dirt path. Of course, you’d have to pay for that also – “individual liberty” and all.

    Exactly what America needs is more Kansas-style experiments crafted by the likes of Brownback, Grover Norquist, ALEC and the Koch Brothers.

    As stated previously.. insane.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its almost as if we never built a country without an overbearing, overweening Federal Government. How on earth did THAT happen? Is there some necessary relationship between the number of Federal departments and increased personal liberty?

      GWU’s Center for Regulator Studies has a nice chart that shows there were 71,224 pages of regs in ’75 and a mere 178,287 pages at the end of calendar 2015. Are you telling me that every page makes me a better – as in more moral, more productive, more health, more free, more prosperous – individual these last 40 years? Not one page – not the smallest part of one page – can be cut without the fall of the Republic? Asking those questions doesn’t make me a bonehead like Brownback. They are just questions.

      Better questions are:

      – Does government grant me rights or does it merely recognize what’s mine that it can never take away?

      – Is the State a means to an end – and end that I and my fellow citizens determine – or an end in itself?

      You may notice that it is possible to write clearly using fewer works too – ;^()

      • Sparkles says:

        Anyone can quote meaningless dribble and ask nonsensical questions in concise manner.

        This is always so easy. You people are always so stupefyingly ill-informed and naive.

        The GWU Center for Regulatory Studies was founded in 2009, by Susan E. Dudley – a winger nutball – who served as Administrator of the Office of Management and Budget for GW Bush. She’s such a whackjob Bush couldn’t get her confirmed by either the House or Senate, so he took the extra-constitutional route of installing her via recess appointment.
        And it is actually the infamous Mercatus Center at GWU where Dudley’s Stink Tank resides.
        A Mercatus Center funded entirely by special interests, it’s two biggest contributors being Koch Enterprises and ExxonMobil – the two most egregious polluters on the planet.

        Here’s a headline from The Hill, dated April 6th, 2007 –
        Dudley’s Nomination Is Appalling
        “Since her original nomination, Dudley has been met with a firestorm of criticism due to her record of anti-regulatory extremism. She has opposed some of our nation’s most basic environmental, safety and public health protections, including ground-level ozone limits, workplace ergonomic standards, and airbag requirements for passenger vehicles.”

        Susan Dudley famously argued against EPA efforts to reduce air pollution ‘because smog-free skies would lead to more skin cancers and cataracts’.
        Ya see, toxic pollution is GOOD for you and for the young ones, cause it helps block out the deadly rays of that nasty sun.

        You’ve failed once again in your duty to be an informed citizen.
        You’ve proven why the ‘personal freedom’ you and yours so desperately long for is a threat to the welfare our nation.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can do better, Sparkles. You focus on a nutball and fail to address my questions. Nutball doesn’t mean “can’t count” anymore than Sparkles means “can’t think clearly under the slightest stress.”

        Are more pages of more regulation necessarily indicative of greater & higher quality “general welfare and common defense?” The answer of course is “No,” even in a more technologically complex society, economy and culture. The law, in the widest sense, cannot and does not make women and men in any wise good. Flint, MI is a perfect example is this, wouldn’t you agree? We have laws out the ass but, um, no clean water where it’s most needed. I mean, look at Ricky. You wouldn’t want he and his ilk responsible for you daily ablutions, would you? Government doesn’t respond to anything like a market incentive, but I digress.

        My dogs got you by your tiny, little testicles, Sparkles. More regulation = more freedom? No and you know it.

      • Sparkles says:

        The nutball is the person who you chose! The source you put forth to substantiate you whole argument.
        An argument that is gibberish. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

        The Stink Tank you rely on to substantiate your argument of over-regulation is nothing more than paid propaganda in support of corporate greed.

        It’s more than a bit remarkable that after your original source is laid to waste, you would now turn to Flint, MI to substantiate your argument.
        A city where a supply-side GOP Governor went to the extra-constitutional measure to hand select and appoint a ‘City Manager’ for Flint – nullifying the voice of the people and their duly elected representatives – a City Manager tasked with employing draconian and dangerous cost saving measures.
        A Republican City Manager hand-selected by a Republican state Governor both of whom ignored all regulations and chose to pump toxic river water directly to the homes of Flint residents -all an effort to save money.
        Water they were told in advance was toxic. A warning to chose not to heed.
        Water so polluted with lead to have done irreversible brain damage to countless Flint residents, most of them children.

        And your argument is exactly what, again?
        That these regulations protecting the citizens of Flint should never have been in place to begin with? Because in a “freedom loving” America, clean water is simply too much to expect.
        Too much to expect because all those nasty regulations required. Cause if those regulations were never on the books, it would have spared those poor Republican politicians from the culpability of poisoning their constituents. Poisoning them to save a few dollars, dollars they need if they’re to provide ever more generous tax breaks for the 0.01%.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Only a bit dog hollers, Sprinkles. Keep goin’ you’re doin fine. You still haven’t directly answered the question: is there a NECESSARY relationship between regulation and both personal liberty & effective government. I am beginning to think you are incapable of answering direct questions. You appear capable. What exactly is the problem here?

    I bring up Flint, not because I take any joy in people being poisoned, but because no amount of regulations could help those people. Why? Why did elected officials of both parties, at the local and state level, in and out of season, fail to follow those regulations? Were they too hard to follow? Too expensive to implement? What was the reason? How about this for starters:


    Laws are good. Regulations are good. Government is good. Good, good. good. Look at all the goodness floating around, filling us all with the goodness of goodness.

    Face it, Sparkles. Your love of government doesn’t make us good. It brings us goodiness in addition to truthiness. And with Clinton we’ll have even more goodiness to goad us to greatness. Not that Trump is a great alternative. With Trump we’ll probably have rabid dogs tearing my radioactive bones from a shallow grave. I suppose goodiness is a little better than that, but only just a little.

    More. We’ll enjoy many 10s of thousands of more rules and regulations if Clinton has here way, until all of us are guiding our lives by the Holy Writ that is the CFR, unto ages of ages, Amen. And the Government shall bestow gifts of goodiness on us until I have all the goodiness I have ever wanted. All shall have prizes!

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