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RutgersA new post will be coming here ’round 3pm.

In the mean time, here are a few links to tide you over…

She came to America seeking asylum and ended up in what felt like prison

Interesting story by Erin Grace of the OWH about a woman from El Salvador who tried to run across the US -Mexico border, and is VERY upset that the U.S. Government didn’t…immediately release her on her own recognizance? Instead they put her up in a motel with “soccer fields, playgrounds, classrooms, even Disney movies.”

Oh, and the justice system isn’t working fast enough for her.

For some reason I’m not outraged. What am I missing here?


Ricketts opposes another GOP legislative incumbent

Sen. Jerry Johnson of Wahoo.

Telegraphed at his GOP convention speech.


Big Ten Alternate Football Jerseys Based On Band Uniform (H/T @JackMitchellLNK)

Personal favorites: Iowa, Northwestern, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Maryland.


15 famous Husker fans

Included only to note that I once saw Justice Clarence Thomas at the National Air & Space Museum – Udvar-Hazy Center (out by Dulles Airport), just walking around, hidden only by a bright red Husker baseball cap. No one noticing him…


Tales From The Checkout Line

This blog from a guy who just started as a Target cashier is pretty funny. Just one-liner after another about people walking through…

Ya’ll come back now (at 3pm) ya hear!


  1. Bluejay says:

    Erin Grace:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for illegal aliens who come here? Like the drunk illegal alien who killed summa cum laude graduate Sarah Root?

      • Bluejay says:


        Trump’s Angel Moms put a human face on the real and personal cost of open borders. It was a brilliant piece of persuasion.

      • Bluejay says:

        With Hillary’s email, the Clinton Foundation, open borders, the Iran deal and the Executive Order on the Clean Power Plan and Dreamers, the Democrat party has become lawless.

        If Hillary wins she will be immune from conviction on impeachment. Dem Senators would never vote to convict even if there was video of bribe taking.

        Above is why I left the Dems along with the high tech lynching of Ginni Lamp’s husband..

  2. Sparkles says:

    Imagine that.. another of Pete’s Paid Peeps makes the paper.

    Dick Clark, attorney, uber conservative. gun lover extraordinaire, former policy advisor to Dave Heineman, Research Director for the Pete’s Platte Institute and District 27 candidate for State Legislature –
    “ticketed on suspicion of DUI, failing to signal the turn, and refusing chemical and breath tests”

    Of course, just ‘ticketed’ mind you, innocent until.. and all that. After all, maybe he’s just another victim of an evil extortion plot!

    Been a tough little stretch for Nebraska’s self-avowed God fearing, family values, gun loving GOP.

    • The Grundle King says:

      No excuse for Clark’s behavior. If he’s guilty and he knows it, he should drop out of the race.

      But lest we forget, Danielle Nantkes/Conrad actually hit another vehicle…it’s only by the grace of God, or pure dumb luck, that it wasn’t another passenger vehicle like a car or a van. I don’t recall your consternation over her lawlessness.

  3. bynd says:

    Just imagine, if the Dems could actually get a Dem who does something elected in this state, well may the Repubs could write nasty irrelevant things about them also.

    But, being the party of the flaccid hanging parts, they can only attack others with what amounts to sour grapes and envy.

    What an impotent and irrelevant group they are. Adding nothing of value to, anything.

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