The campaigns begin!

Ah, the Tuesday after Labor Day.

The official first day of the political season. (Look it up! It’s also a Facebook notification!)

And with that, the first post Labor Day ad from 2nd District Congressional candidate, Republican retired Brigadier General Don Bacon.

See it here:

Really, another intro ad from General Bacon. Polling right now shows that among those who know both candidates for the 2nd, likely voters choose Bacon on Election Day.

This spot looks to those who already tire of the career politicians. This will definitely be one of many themes for the Bacon camp.


Summer Luvin’

The Nebraska AP’s Grant Schulte and Margery Beck had a write-up of Senator Ben Sasse‘s summer-of-#NeverTrump, and the licks he has taken for his position.

Sasse recognized the opposition he has been feeling from Nebraskans, saying he “acknowledged he’s been lambasted by his party’s most engaged voters and other politicians in his overwhelmingly conservative state.

And it is interesting that Schulte and Beck put it that way, as this is the focus Sasse has tried to present: those who are involved and watch politics on a daily basis aren’t happy with Sasse’s position (at least some). And Sasse notes that these people are not the norm.

But strangely enough, Sasse said the same thing to supporters of his when he spoke recently in Colorado. He told those who came to his speech — where he spoke about his daughter’s time on a ranch, among other things — that they are not the norm; that most people don’t watch FOXNews and CNN and the Sunday morning shows. Most people, Sasse says, are concerned about church and little league and Rotary Club.

And his point started to get lost a bit, because this is the same thing he has been saying to the groups that oppose him. But at that Colorado speech, he then suggested to those in the audience that the others needed to get more involved in politics/government.

In any case, nice summary from the AP, getting the usual supportive quote from Mark Fahleson, and then a summarizing quote from David Kramer making the point continually made here on Leavenworth St.: This is a political strategy by Sasse.

Ah, but aren’t they all…


Summer Nights

Senator Bill Kintner’s offically semi-official decision not to resign in the face of the Executive Board’s Double-Secret Probation threat was met with BBQing, football and parades over the weekend.

Gotta love that Friday afternoon news dump.

Though it is still unclear why the Exec Board waited so long to have their meetings — then double meetings — then a week — then a letter — all the while hoping that Kintner would quit before September 1st so that someone else could collect signatures to run for his seat?

And now the Board is apparently trying to work up some sort of extra-legislative meeting — not a Special Session, mind you! — at which they would…kick Kintner out?

In this whole mess, you can bet that there won’t be lots of clean hands dealing with all the questions and rumors and evidence over the past 13 months.

Who knew what, when, where and how, and with whom did they discuss it and how and what did they say?

All of that will not be pretty.

At this point it may be surprising if it doesn’t get kicked down the road…to January.


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  1. Bluejay says:

    Who would challenge Sasse? Jean Stothert seems like the logical choice. The thing is that after Trump wins Sasse will be vulnerable if he doesn’t back President Trump. And what exactly has Ben done for Nebraska? Deb got Judge Bob Rossiter confirmed under trying circumstances.

    • Ricky says:

      Please for goodness sakes Stothert run for Senate and leave Omaha. Enough already Omaha needs to have a Mayor of the Democratic Party.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, we need a mayor who is a good steward of public money who can accomplish some hard tasks, who can make mistakes, learn from them, work all the harder. If there is a Democratic Stothert who can step up let them do so. Party affiliation alone is worthless.

  2. Pat McPherson says:

    Sasse is a fool. He doesn’t want to support his party’s nominee and often cites the fact that Trump isn’t a guy who will be true to the Constitution, but Sasse ignores the damage that Hillary Clinton will do to the Constitution by her appointment of three or four Supreme Court justices.

    He can talk all he wants about his daughter’s time on a ranch (which is getting pretty old as a subject to avoid talking about his stand on Trump) but Nebraskans are tired of his failure to support the nominee of their choice.

    Wonder what he thinks those Nebraskans will due in 2020 when he wants ‘his party’ and ‘his party leadership’ to blindly support him for re-election or for his frivolous daydream of becoming president? After inferring that we’re all stupid for supporting Trump, he’ll be asking for the same allegiance as he tells us that we were the fools and he was the guy that got it right. Won’t work for me and many Republicans I know who have a long memory…….

    • But Pat says:

      Who acts more conservative, Sasse or Trump? Who has actually voted for conservative ideas and hasn’t flipped flopped on those ideals? Has Sasse donated money to the Clintons? Has Sasse been more conservative on a consistent basis? I didn’t realize that we all had to line up behind a guy who just came to the party, is crass at every turn and changes his message weekly. But whatever.

      • Anonymous says:

        But Pat: Who gives a rat’s who acts more conservative? Pat’s point is all the posturing is for naught once Hillary gets her hands on the Supreme Court. And that’s one thing that Sasse refuses to talk about. What happens if our kids and grandkids are down the tubes for the next generation?

      • Sparkles says:

        What you fail to understand is that your kids and grandkids are embarrassed by your support of Donald Trump.

        And during the holidays, when you hear your relatives huddled around the dessert table, snickering under their breath about ‘Crazy Uncle Liberty’… yep.. you guessed it.

        Also – you’ve apparently failed to notice – the conservative era of the Supreme Court is already over. An era that lasted 45 years, launched by Nixon’s appt and Senate confirmation on Dec 10, 1971 of William Rehnquist.
        A conservative reign imperiled by the passing of Scalia.
        It’s fate was sealed on July 21, 2016 when Forrest Trump took to the stage to accept the GOP nomination for POTUS.

        And you folks brought it on yourself, many of you eagerly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ben Sasse is about Ben Sasse. He had a deep insider resume from DC to begin and now is positioning his next big race to the White House. What is troubling is if you trip every third shopper at a mall somewhere near you few could list a thing he has done for Nebraskans let alone who he is. He cleverly hung his star on opposing Trump knowing the press would eat it up hook, line and sinker. He’s very smart that way, but once you thumb your nose at voters….it’s difficult to be a rising star on your own. Besides his name still rhymes with pass, gas and….

    • The Grundle King says:

      Trump won Nebraska’s Republican primary with 60% of the vote…in a primary where he was the only remaining candidate.

      Nebraska’s choice? Not even close.

      And your memory can’t be that long…seeing as Trump was registered as a Democrat the last time a Republican was POTUS.

      • Sparkles says:

        The Washington Post chronicles the schizophrenia of Donald Trump in reporting his change of party affiliation seven times between 1999 and 2012.

        July 13, 2016 – a feature story titled: The man he’s been waiting for

        Donald Trump is mentally unstable. He demonstrates it daily.
        No one in history has been so ill-prepared for the office.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Part of Sasse’s opposition to Trump – whether he will admit it or not – is that Trump is a brash, loud and obnoxious New Yorker. Ben, on the other hand, is an even-tempered guy from Fremont (think Dr. Tom) who is an intellectual and was educated at Harvard and Yale. While I was educated at the better school (Creighton) by Repenting Lawyer, I had that same personality-cultural problem that Ben might have with Trump. I got over myself for the good of the country.

    Read on the Net a piece that this is “The Flight 93” election. Are we, the voters, going to put up a fight and try to recapture the cockpit? The premise was that if Hillary wins then the US crashes and burns. We can’t take Hillary after 8 years of Obama.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amen Bluejay. Many have a problem with Trump’s personality except for those who are used to loud, New York style brashness. As you articulated, you got beyond that “for the good of the country.” Sasse seems to fancy himself the only person who can save the country but unfortunately, for him, his timing sucks. This is not the election where you ask the electorate to ruminate over other possibilities that are four years in the future. If this doesn’t reveal that for Sasse, it really is all about him, nothing does.

    • It’s not brashness, it’s obnoxiousness. And there’s also that he can’t keep a single political position constant between the beginning of a sentence and the end. And there’s also that he lies brazenly and constantly.

      What have I forgotten?

      Supporting Trump is an IQ test that you failed. Note that his biggest problem is with the college educated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like bacon. Whether Gen. Bacon is as good as his namesake remains to be seen, but I’d rather see him do nothing in the House than Brad Ashford.

    We do like our do-nothings – Sasse, Ashford, Terry. Perhaps they take the advice that “He who governs best governs least” just a tad too literally.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just can’t wait for election night, when Bacon beats Ashford by 8%. It’s going to happen, and Ricky is going to cry himself to sleep in a gender neutral bathroom.

  7. Ricky says:

    I would never click on a political ad on purpose, so I don’t know why SS keeps posting them. But I can guess what Bacon’ ad says; ISIS ISIS ISIS.
    ISIS is coming to America to shoot your dog. Islamic terrorism; ISIS ISIS ISIS.
    Syria immigrants are coming to create terror.
    Bacon will run on scaring people and making people think America is in decay and is in danger from Islamic terror. When it’s just not so. ISIS is not a threat to us.
    But the GOP wants to scare us into more military spending or whatever.
    Not that I believe Bacon will win; He will get some Sarpy County votes, but Brad is the incumbent with a huge money advantage. Isn’t that who almost always wins elections?
    And Ashford is doing a great job of polling and paying campaign consultants to tell him how to put his finger in the air and decide which stance to take to carry this district.
    Not that either candidate will do anything if elected.


    • Anonymous says:

      ISIS sure delights in torturing innocents, including the innocent citizens of our allies. Must be a comfort to you to ignore those people, Ricky. We fight for our allies & friends as well as ourselves. Would that we did so fearlessly, following WW2 doctrine and not the mincing, winsome manner of the last 70 years. ISIS hates you, Ricky, and your values and would happily see you dead. I would fight to protect you, even if it cost me my life. What a pity you won’t do the same for others.

  8. Sparkles says:

    I’m guessing that ad was directed by, Rod Serling?
    It’s puzzling that its focus is a new code of conduct; “we will not lie, cheat or steal”.
    Wow, how remarkably grand of you. What lofty aspirations.
    Then again, this is the party of Trump, so I suppose it’s all relative.

    It’s also puzzling that the party and district who sent Achievement-Free Lee to Congress, for 16 inert years, now imagines that Term Limits are a key to victory?

    You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

    • Alex says:

      Perhaps Bacon and Terry are different people with different ideas. Just maybe Bacon is a candidate who will put what is right for his country before himself.

      Those are my opinions of him

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sparkles says “What you fail to understand is that your kids and grandkids are embarrassed by your support of Donald Trump.”

    A perfect description of Progressive thinking. Don’t care about lessons you as an adult learned the hard way in life, rather take your political advice from grandchildren in diapers and children smoking dope thinking wealth can be shared when they haven’t earned a dime. Listen to the idiots like the sparkly ass glitter who lives on government largess, your tax dollars.

      • Sparkles says:

        Wow, you’re 27.

        And your attraction to Trump is based on “lessons you as an adult learned the hard way in life”.


        Oh, and my apologies for having slighted you young Trumpsters. Clearly your families wouldn’t be huddled around the dessert table during the holidays, snickering about “Crazy Uncle Liberty”.

        Crazy Cousin Liberty.
        That’s yer ticket.

  10. Bucktooth Benny says:

    I am sorry for being such a Sasse-whole to Nebraska voters, but there will soon be one of two lucrative openings in Washington DC.

    If Trump wins, I will take Chuck’s old job as Senate Republicrank. If Hillary wins, she won’t be hiring Monica so there’s an Aide opening. Big bucks. They know how to reward loyal support.

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