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This morning I was a guest on 1110AM KFAB’s Scott Voorhees show. You can hear the entire interview here:

An American to an eagle.
An American icon…next to an eagle.

Scott and I discussed state Senator Ernie Chambers’ recent “Ernie-gram” where he endeavors to make fun of state Senator Bill Kintner’s wife, Lauren, who has Stage 4 cancer.

I also noted other times Chambers has made disparaging remarks towards women — such as when he said of associate Attorney General, “She will have to get her ecstasy some other way, maybe with a vibrator. I doubt she can get a man.”

You’ll note some of the reasoning the OWH Editorial page gave for Kintner resigning:

“He has anointed himself the Legislature’s conscience, lectures colleagues who disagree with him on social measures and said fellow senators act like “monkeys” and “prostitutes” — hardly the mark of a mature adult or an effective lawmaker.”

You’ll turn Smurf-blue if you hold your breath waiting for the OWH to make the same judgment about Chambers’ “maturity”.

This is a remote recording that I made of the show. If KFAB puts up the show on their podcast page, I will replace this with their version.

You can also direct download the entire podcast here.


…Sittin’ here on Capitol Hill

Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford has a couple of new TV ads out. Here is the most recent:

This ad is (of course) deceiving, because he lists two different bills: one he Sponsored, and another he Co-Sponsored — i.e. just signed on.

The one he sponsored, i.e. wrote, had exactly FIVE Co-Sponsors (that’s out of 435, kids).
And it went no where.
Which is what happens as a Freshman, in the Minority Party, with no influence.

The bill that he co-sponsored did have 36 other co-sponsors — and just like the song goes, is still just only a bill. A big fat zero.

So huzzah to THAT spot!


Nook-You-Ler Technician

And the next? ISIS! See it here:

Here, Ashford claims that he is personally fighting him some ISIS.

And here is some info gleaned from the NRCC:

CLAIM: Ashford is “working to destroy ISIS”

TRUTH: Ashford voted to cut funding to the fight against ISIS.

Ashford voted for an amendment that would prohibit funds from being used to combat ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. If this legislative language Ashford supported had become law, it would have eliminated the funding our military uses to fight ISIS.

Ashford also voted on separate language to cut off funding for Operation Inherent Resolve, which is the operation to eliminate ISIS.

CLAIM: Ashford was “against closing GITMO”

TRUTH: Ashford has voted repeatedly to shut down GITMO.

Ashford voted THREE TIMES (here, here, here) to close GITMO. His suggestion otherwise is simply and absolutely false.

OK, we got all that factual stuff worked out?

Now…did you hear how Ashford said, “nuclear” (which should be pronounced “NOO-klee-er).?


Yes, it’s the same way George W. Bush used to say it. Which was goofy.
And it’s how Homer Simpson says it.
And Peter Griffin.
And there’s a whole Wikipedia page devoted to it.

Here, let me help:

Uh, so there you go, 2nd District voters…
(You may need to hit the little “audio” icon on the Vine to make it stop…)



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  1. Solution to Kintner Situation says:

    The obvious solution to all of this is for Kintner to resign. The Governor, the leadership of both the NEGOP (and of course the Nebraska Democratic Party), every newspaper in the state, and everyone else is calling for his resignation.

    Oh yeah, except God, who is telling Kintner to stay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kintner BELIEVES God is telling him to stay. I believe that a) God has not spoken on this matter to anyone and b) Kintner is actually hearing from and listening to Satan, the great tempter. It would explain a lot.

    • Hmmm... says:

      I believe God would like Chambers to step down from his bully pulpit and begin behaving in an honest and respectful fashion. But then, God is God, and Chambers is Chambers. I don’t think anyone will be getting anything they want for the next couple years.

      BTW, since you brought up the NEDP, has its new Supreme Leaderette called for and end to the bashing of a respected State Employee and and Cancer patient, not to mention that she is a woman too?

    • Anonymous says:

      Chambers will find away to serve in the Unicameral after he passes away (note, no ill will expressed or intended here, to Chambers or Kintner. Or GH). We’ll never be rid of Chambers as long as his constituents keep returning him office.

  2. bynd says:

    To justify going after Kintner’s wife because he “brought” her into it, is as classless as folks are accusing Kintner of being. Or as the saying goes, you have gone to his level.

    But then, that is what passes for civility today. And being a classless rube seems to be another Nebraska value. No wonder we are fly over country. A bunch of freaking hicks chewing tobacco while sitting on the couch on the front porch with their hands down their pants while salivating over the whole situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does Lee even know if he co-sponsored bills when he was in Congress? Did he know that he could have or should have done that? Or written is own bill and asked for co-sponsors. His legislative history fits on a cocktail napkin.

      • Sparkles says:

        Lee Terry’s most high profile gig in his 16 years as NE2 Congressional Representative was playing the role of bitch to a foreign oil concern determined to put at risk Nebraska’s – nay, one of the world’s – most precious resources, the vast shallow water treasure known as the Ogallala Aquifer.

        TransCanada’s obedient little tool from Nebraska’s NE2 introduced at least two bills on behalf the world’s largest trafficker of toxic sludge.
        In 2011 Terry sponsored (was handed by corp. lobbyists) and introduced H.R.3548, the North American Energy Access Act. A bill specifically crafted to sidestep the U.S. State Department, which has authority over the pipeline project because the pipeline crosses an international border. Instead, Terry’s bill would’ve allowed TransCanada to apply for a Keystone XL permit via the far more ‘pliable’ independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – and would’ve given the friendly folks of FERC just 30 days to act on the application.

        In 2013 Terry donned his Canadian colors again and sponsored (in another reach-around by corp lobbyists -a reach-around of such grand scale to include Dave Heineman’s office) and introduced H.R.2 – American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act.
        A bill whose key language reads thusly:
        “Declares that a presidential permit shall not be required for the pipeline described in the application filed on May 4, 2012, by TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P. to the Department of State for the Keystone XL pipeline, including the Nebraska reroute evaluated in the Final Evaluation Report issued by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in January 2013 and approved by the Nebraska governor”.

        So.. on behalf of a private, foreign corporation intent on putting in peril Nebraska’s most valuable treasure, Lee Terry (pockets stuffed with Canadian coin) attempted to the supercede the authority of both the United States Department of State and the President of the United States.
        But of course, to Lee’s credit, Nebraska was expected to gain somewhere in the neighborhood of 4, maybe 5 permanent jobs due to the pipeline. So I suppose one has to weigh the risks.


      • Sparkles says:

        Oh, by the way, Terry’s H.R.2 – American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act.

        Not only was it expected to bring a whopping 4 or 5 permanent jobs to the state of Nebraska, it’s completion was expected to lead to an immediate increase in gas prices, by as much as 20 to 30 cents per gallon, for 10’s of millions of midwesterns. The pipeline would have relieved a fuel glut in the major transport hub in Cushing, Oklahoma.

        Lee Terry’s bills, were they passed, would have cost midwestern families and businesses countless billions of dollars, with an economic ripple effect leaving no one unscathed.
        WTF could the Werners have been thinking, or Crete Carrier in Lincoln? Why would they support Terry?


      • Sparkles says:

        Ashford is a spineless pander-monkey.
        But he’s better than Don Bacon.

        Don Bacon denies there is such a thing as anthropogenic climate change.
        (thank goodness there are no major waterways in NE2 prone to flooding, and thank goodness NE2 isn’t reliant on a strong Ag economy)
        Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon has remained silent on right wing efforts to privatize the VA health system.
        (thank goodness there are no major VA healthcare facilities in NE2)

        Don Bacon believes “current policy is allowing Iran to be the dominant power in Iraq. We are barely containing ISIS”.

        1) It was GW’s Appledumpling Gang that made Iran the dominant power in the mideast when they invaded Iraq, toppled Hussein and disbanded the Iraqi army – 13 years ago. Irrefutable.
        How does a lifetime member of the military not know this?
        2) And on ISIS he is demonstrably false. ISIS has been systematically decimated, all of its top leaders methodically killed, significant weapons caches seized, its funding mechanisms destroyed and nearly all of its former territory reclaimed. Lone wolves and sundry lunatics will continue their random strikes around the globe, welcome to the 21st century.
        It is in fact people like Donald Trump, Tom Cotton, Louie Gohmert – and GOP candidates seeking political gain – that perpetuate ISIS’s strategy of making people fearful and serve their cause by echoing their dogma of a clash of civilizations and a war of religions.

        There are 1000 people I’d prefer over Brad Ashford as Congressman, Don Bacon is not among those 1000.

  3. Andrew_Sullivan says:

    The whole problem with Sen. Chambers attack on Kintner is he simply has no moral high ground or issue to defend so why is Chambers able to get away with it?

    The reason Chambers gets away with it has to do with the legislative IT director under the legislative clerk. The Legislative IT director did very little effective IT administration. Why were MacBooks purchased? Why do they have cameras if the state has no means to track how such cameras are used? Such problems are bullet pointed in the NADC report on the Kintner matter when investigators met with the legislative IT director.

    The State Auditor apparently has not grasped the size of the problem. Sen Watermeier, chair of the Legislative Performance Audit Committee, also appears not to grasp the problem. In part, they do not understand IT administration. Going after the IT director means taking issue with the Legislative Clerk and the State Senators are afraid to do so. This just allows Chambers to poetically put out another Kintner-gram.

    Part of the reason for my complaint is the state has no policy for Senators using social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Chambers takes no responsibility as to who sees his Kintner-grams and that is precisely the problem when he has no moral high ground to defend. People will see his writings as harassing, vulgar abuse. That is just not what a State Senator should be doing.

    • Sparkles says:

      Alas, Kintner’s defenders couldn’t get the meme to stick; ‘but poor Bill was just the innocent victim of an extortion attempt’. (because of course, it’s ridiculous)
      So, time to roll out Plan B.

      Plan B being –
      Poor Bill, he’s just the innocent victim of those super-techie, Star Trekkie nerd types in the IT dept.
      After all, it is they who forced on him one of those super advanced sci-fi machines called a notebook. And not just any notebook, but a ‘MacBook’ nonetheless, with a space age miniaturized ‘digital’ camera built in.
      It was those devilish techies who armed poor Bill will all the futuristic tools necessary to fall victim to the allure of virtual lady-parts and sexy cybertalk (albeit in broken english).
      We all know men are simple creatures, driven by God given impulses and carnal desires. Under such circumstances how could poor Bill, or any man, be expected to resist the temptation to fire up the webcam and drop his pants to film his date with Palmela Handerson?

      Why, by golly, it may as well been the IT dept themselves who literally dropped poor Bill’s drawers.

      Ya, that’s the ticket.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Drew: A long time ago when we were Libertarians together in Omaha we suffered the same bad poetry from Chambers; he has not changed. But apparently you have. What moral high ground did Nebraska Libertarians defend when those disabled children and some homeless children were denied their constitutionally-guaranteed public education there? At the time, Nebraska Libertarians claimed to be “constitutionalists” and by-golly it says right there in the Nebraska Constitution that “all persons” between the ages of five and twenty-one get a public education and that the unicam “shall provide for” such public education.

      So I’de like to know, what moral high ground do you defend? And what is the point of your criticism about IT administration and a lack of policy for state senators using social media? Even if you write rules and regs. and pass legislation and establish constitutional provisions, Chambers and the whole damn lot of them might still behave dishonorably, and/or illegally. How many days of outrage can you and Street Sweeper and Chambers sustain about an incident of so little consequence? If you really care about a moral high ground how about focusing on the very unjust tax policies established there which you and Doug have been taking in stride? More than half of your entire Nebraska tax base has, -poof- been granted away… Oh, and, be well.

  4. Hmmm... says:

    Ooh, just getting caught up. Little Miss Janie Pants has been busy. I guess she can’t defend her most prominent sitting State Senator so she’s going after an old foe that hasn’t been in office for almost 2 yrs. Haha!

    BTW, you might ask Janie Pants if she is enjoying being Ernie Chambers’ bitch, because if she doesn’t demand he step down, she must be enjoy the stability of that desk…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Douglas County politics is so boring they have to bring up the ghost of Lee Terry past. Then there’s state politics with Ernie being Ernie like the kid in the candy aisle again throwing another tantrum. Wish that media let him go the way of Newt’s once social security plan of letting it wither on the vine.

    At least Kintner gave folks something to be yapping about with their nose held high in their own moral backyard. So what? Give the guy a break. Check out the rest of his legislative brothers and sisters who keep screwing the public over with their behaviors. If this legislature worked as hard at cutting taxes and holding spending as they do in strutting their moral outrage, then maybe they’d have room to talk. Granted, Kintner has his flaws and weaknesses with the word sex attached, but take a look at some of the other departments of government in how morally impotent (yes I used the “I” word) they are in doing their job. Call any government representative, agency or worker on a Friday afternoon and chances are you are put through voice mail hell, because the majority are “in a meeting” or gone somewhere….fore! Oh Wow! Misuse of government equipment? Try all the misuse of time and energy focusing on this matter while failing to cut one dime of fat of government waste like people in meetings to nowhere.

    Focusing on some third grade level poet who sticks his thumb in their eye is tiresome. Let him flail until he can flail no more. Find someone to run against him, because he is surely beatable by low voter turnout with a well organized candidate ready to win. Until such time, stop giving him the candy of attention. Work behind the scenes to recruit his replacement. Give him free broadcast plugs more than Ernie gets. There’s plenty of fresh talent out there who could actually do something more than gain attention by being a self centered obstructionist. Ernie is the monster we create. Wither him.

    Kintner needs to return to doing his job instead of talking of his “sin.” Shame on anyone who mocks any person who is already at a low point of fighting cancer and needs all the positive energy, empathy and encouragement possible. Who cares who raised the issue of a person’s health and when they did. We each have the right to privacy. Mrs. Kintner has enough pain she never asked for.

    Maybe this all says more about us than it does about Bill Kintner. It takes guts to stay the course rather than to duck and hide. Maybe that is what Kintner is demonstrating to those so pious as to miss that point while beating their breasts in feigned disgust without a glance in the mirror.

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