Speaker to give Chambers Letter of Reprimand

Courtesy Nebraska Radio Network
Courtesy Nebraska Radio Network

Leavenworth St. has learned that Speaker of the Nebraska Unicameral, state Senator Galen Hadley, will give state Senator Ernie Chambers a “Letter of Reprimand”, based on his recent “Ernie-gram”.

The letter is not likely to have any teeth to it, or affect Chambers in any way. It is likely a simple reprimand along the lines of “boundaries of decorum were crossed.” But it is at least one of the first times in recent history that Chambers has received any sort of action pursuant to his caustic statements and writings.

Leavenworth St. will keep you updated when more information is received.


Chambers’ retort

FWIW, Chambers responded to a demand from Senator Bill Kintner that he apologize to his wife, Lauren, for what Chambers said about her in his political statement printed on state stationery.

Chambers then accused Kintner of “hiding behind his wife’s skirt.”

Of course, the coward Chambers hides behind his Senate desk for everything he says — claiming that he is discussing matters of importance to the state.

And in that way, Chambers looks to insult a woman undergoing chemotherapy, without apologizing.

A wikipediatician would call him a sociopath.


NRCC & Brad

A new ad by the NRCC questioning Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford. See it here:

Here is the text:

You remember Brad Ashford? He protected cities that ignore immigration laws.

Well, Ashford also voted to cut funding for our military.

Against funding for the men and women fighting Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He even voted to stop airstrikes against ISIS.


This election is about America’s security, and you deserve to know where Brad Ashford stands.

I’m fairly sure you can pick up one a them Brad Ashford Fat Heads at Spencer’s Fine Gifts at Westroads…



And the Cook Political Report has changed their line on the Nebraska 2nd race from “Lean Democrat” back to “Democrat Toss Up”.

This, after Ashford spending over $300,000 on new TV ads blanketing the airwaves.

As noted in past polls, those that know about both candidates, choose retired Brigadier General Don Bacon over Ashford.

And it’s not even the first full week of the political season!


Blue with envy

Go Huskers!

(And if you want to get your blood boiling, read this Michigan partisan’s hatred over incoming opposition head coach, Scott Frost. H/T @JohnBishop71)

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  1. The Grundle King says:

    Go Huskers! And shout-out to Andy Janovich, whose first carry in the NFL was a 28-yard touchdown for the reigning world champion (and eventual game-winning) Denver Broncos! He also had some nice blocks that straight-up hammered some of those pussy-cat Panthers. 🙂

    • anon says:

      Whatever he is, he, the dems, and many republicans(i.e.-Krist) vote mostly all the same, collegialists BJ, maybe ashfordites, or Galen Sadly’s fun bunch

  2. crystal says:

    Ernie is the most racist, bigoted member of the Unicameral and thanks to federal law is all but untouchable. I’d love to see the guy touched. But until federal law is colorblind, that cannot happen. Ernie is a pure profiteer of Black Misery thanks to federal law that empowers his blackness to be above anti-racism laws and make him a special protected class of citizen. He doesn’t care about high ground. For he knows Kintner is on lower ground.

    Ernie is insulting not assaulting, cartooning not cheating. He draws pictures and writes horrible doggerel, but it is Kintner who is cheating on Kintner’s own cancerous wife. Kintner lectures others on moral decency. And when Kintner cheated, he then had the hypocritical gall to act indignant when he was blackmailed for it.

    So what’s the downside here for Ernie? His constituents love seeing Ernie jerk other Senators around like the PC cowards they are. And what if the Senate gangs up on the Black guy? To what end? Impeach Ernie? The LJS and OWH will use the word “lynch” and Ernie will become more popular… not among Senators, not among Nebraskans, but among his constituents and the media. And white senators will fold because to say you are colorblind is to be branded “racist” often under federal law and regulation and always socially ostracized.

    NE State Senators cannot hold Ernie Chambers to equally colorblind State Senate standards when federal law says Black Americans have special laws and standards. That rotten crutch cripples more Blacks than it helps but its manna from heaven for shits like Ernie. Until federal law is changed to become faor (colorblind), Ernie will continue to jerk them around, no thanks to crumbs like Kintner.

    • I think it was the ‘half’ that annoyed people. I’d say more than half the Trumpkins I encounter on Twitter are ‘deplorables’, but I also understand it’s a non-statistical sampling. Not sure how many alt-right are in the Trump base, but if I had to guess, I’d put it well under a half.

      • Sparkles says:

        I agree.
        I’m certain half of Republicans and/or Americans can not be lumped into the alt-right.
        But HRC’s ‘half’ wasn’t limited to a count of only racists and white nationalists. Those were only one component in a ‘basket’ of ‘ists’ and ‘obes’.

        HRC’s ‘basket’, as she clearly presented, is an amalgam of the alt-right in addition to misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes and islamophobes.

        Trump is attractive to a total of what.. 30% of all Americans?
        Of those 30%, half have qualities that aren’t terribly admirable. Therefore 15% of Americans are a somewhat f*^&ed up and angry group. Is that somehow unbelievable? Would that really come as a surprise to.. anyone?
        To their credit, much of their anger is righteous. Tens of Millions still struggle with the aftermath of the soul rending beating meted out by the Great Recession. A wave of suffering that wiped from existence the hard earned slice of the American millions had struggled to accumulate.
        Not everyone had pensions that were made whole, courtesy of John Q.
        Not everyone went back to a job with the same salary, benefits and seniority that allowed them to hold on to the little bit of security they had worked hard to carve out for themselves and their families.
        Not everyone went back to a job.
        There’s a reason we are right now witnessing an unprecedented spike in the suicide rate of middle aged males.

        But someone needs to get through to these people that a seasoned grifter and reality TV star – an incurious man who swaps out policies, principles and core beliefs like cheap ties; who knows nothing about how government functions and knows nothing about complex global relations or fragile world affairs – simply isn’t the answer they seek.

      • Please remember you’re conversing with some one who includes misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes among the ‘deplorables’. Islamophobes…well, all religions are noxious, but Islam seems to be particularly so. So I guess I’m an islamophobe.

  3. Electoral Vote Bloat says:

    Washington Democrats wasted $400K trying to beat Don Bacon in the GOP Primary and now another $300K, three quarters of a million. And Bacon already has momentum on Brad. What a waste of cash.

    This is the fault of a bizarre one-legged legislature allowing Nebraska to continue to have a bizarre Split EV. The effect is to dangle a bait that DC donkeys cannot ignore; thanks to Obama’s one win in NE 2D back in 2008.

    In 2008, Omaha voters rejected the dwarfish McCain (whose claim to fame was him being victimized by our enemy) in hopes that an inexperienced smiling Howdy Doody-ish character from Chicago might magically know how to lead without having ever supervised as much as a tire change. After one term of Obama, Omahans wised up and were willing to pick even the inhuman Romney over inept Obama. However, being Jackasses, DC Democrats are obstinate. They today have a Brad Ashford who like Obama is a known quantity. And Brad is up against a newbie with all the leadership experience and skillset of a military general because Bacon actually is a General. No matter. The Split EV has DC Donkey’s mesmerized. They cannot stop caring about 2D. Its like donkey catnip.

    Perhaps it is a good thing to have a Split EV in NE. Everyone knows Nebraska is politically retarded. DC types see 2D as a politically “slow” kid being heir to a small political fortune ripe for the picking.

  4. Mizzou Matt says:

    Why does Don’s team and SS keep saying that those that know both candidates choose Bacon? It’s just a tactful way of saying “Hey – we’re down in the polls. But maybe if people know us we can win.”

    Its just bad strategy to say your down in the polls.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Today Hillary killed her campaign. It died of brain damage atop a lifetime of crookedness and stupidity that ended with her now shooting her self with her own big mouth.

    Yet her being the focus of her demise does not eclipse what Trump is doing. It is much greater. For Trump’s success kills more than a few careers among the party and media elite. Entire dynasties are being snuffed out in both parties. But so too is Mitt and Brad, and perhaps some Megan types in media. Will Sasse and Ryan go? Probably not if they can tap dance. But their Un-Brave Orwellian World is about to become a bit more difficult for oily pricks like that to sail through. If they adapt and survive, good. With survival comes strength and sometimes more sense.

    If anyone trumps Orwell, its Darwin.

    The Donald is ushering in a spurt of evolution starting with heavy doses of laxative to both the Elephant and now the Donkey too. Party establishment is going to be aching after this. They will be lucky if they have any bones left… (Thanks to Prof Farnsworth.)

    • Sparkles says:

      wtf people.
      Make up your minds, I thought you celebrated all things non-PC?

      “basket of deplorables”
      Hillary Clinton simply embraced non-PC, speaking the truth: a big chunk of Trump supporters are haters.
      Alt-right racists, nationalists, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.., people angry at the social and demographic changes in the country that most Americans see as progress.

  6. Ricky says:

    Oh Please; Ernie is a sociopath? What then do you call a guy who posts from Boston or wherever and claims to know Omaha and Nebraska politics?
    Like I said before; it was Pete Ricketts who first brought up the fact that Ms Kitner is such a fine person by the way. So as to give Kitner some political cover.
    And therefore made Ms Kitner fair game in the political arena.
    SS calling Chambers names is just about SS being jealous that Ernie the great is a force in Nebraska and SS is a absentee pundit who really doesn’t have much of a clue what goes on here in Nebraska.
    If you think Ernie is clever now wait till January. This will be good.
    So much for Ricketts tax cuts for the rich; won’t have time for that will be taking care of Mr Kitner.


    PS Kitner is going to need that hot line to God

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Ricky, Ernie is not the Sweeper’s cup of tea, doubt envy is involved. Both the Sweeper and Ernie stay well within the bounds of free speech. Mrs Kintner is a public officer, and for public officials and public persons the whole notion of fair comment as a requirement of lawful discourse is a dead letter. As a practical matter families outhouse in politics are fair game. I do not like it, but I think that is the law. Anyway civility has never earned high marks in American politics.

    • bynd says:

      Only a subhuman such as Ricky though would make up an excuse to attack a woman who has not spoken in public about her husband or, committed any offense against Ricky or his family. If she is fair game, it is only for those who make Trump look like a civil man. You make this state and country a much worse place to live. You are, as they say, a waste of good air. Or for that fact, bad air. The biggest embarrassment to this state is you. You are the epitome of what a rube and classless person represent.

      I would also point out that by attacking her, you put your family out for such attacks.

  7. So Trump seems to be extraordinarily lucky. After planting the seeds about Hillary’s health last week, I’ve no doubt he was feeling vindicated after she now basically collapsed this morning, and her campaign admits she was fighting pneumonia. He was even smart enough not to say anything today (because it would be perceived as piling on a sick old woman).

    If I were the Dems, I’d be warming up relief pitchers in the bullpen.

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