No letter, instead private conversation with Hadley & Chambers

chambers-trump-sign**NOTE: This post has been updated to represent that the “Ernie Chambers” Facebook page is not operated by Chambers himself. But the balance of the info is correct.***

While Leavenworth St. sources said Speaker Galen Hadley would deliver a “Letter of Reprimand” to Chambers over his recent “Ernie-gram” which crudely referenced Senator Bill Kintner’s wife, Lauren, it looks like Hadley addressed the situation in an alternate way.

Elle Hansen posted a response she received from Speaker Hadley regarding the situation with Chambers:


In the email correspondence from Speaker Hadley, addressing a “Letter of Reprimand” Hadley writes:

I had a private conversation with Senator Chambers. No letter was given.
-Galen Hadley

As noted here yesterday:

Leavenworth St.’s sources in the Capitol say there certainly was a letter, and that it is possible someone backed off, or became skittish when the news went public.

The point made here went on to say…

Though a private, spoken reprimand would have the potential to have more effect, since a public criticism of Chambers would likely only embolden him.

So it looks like the private meeting may have had its effect on Chambers, as many noted that his next Ernie-gram was devoid of the crass statements that he made about Lauren Kintner in the previous document.

Of course, that being said, and Chambers apparently being privately rebuked, the people of Nebraska still have no real evidence that anyone will stand up to Chambers in public. Backroom is the best they’ll get for now…



“Morning Consult” does a ranking of U.S Senators’ approval and disapproval from time to time, and the latest results are in:


That puts Fischer as 45th out of 100 in the Approve ranks.

Sasse comes in at 81st.

Those numbers are about the same — down 2% for Fischer from Morning Consult in 2015.
But they are down 10% for Sasse since last year:


The methodology of the polling states:

More than 71,900 registered voters across America have evaluated the job performance of key elected officials on Morning Consult’s weekly online national polling from early May 2016 through early September 2016 to determine the latest Senator Approval Rankings.

Essentially a summertime “snapshot” as it were.



It is difficult to swing a dead, piano-playing, cat across the internets these past few days without seeing a discussion of Hillary’s health breakdown.

And since her campaign seems intent on hiding the truth about her conditions, using a little addition, it may be getting clearer:

One problem of her’s at the 9/11 ceremony, apparently, was “dehydration”. Numerous stories say the staff struggles to get her to drink any fluids, because of her resistance. And for the past year she has been wearing weird, gigantic clothing.

So a likely answer?

Now there are likely lots of other issues — pneumonia being one. But if she has a problem holding it in, and thus won’t stay hydrated, that could cause other problems as well.

Again, I’m not one of those TV doctors on that Cigna commercial, but I have read several Sherlock Holmes novels…

FWIW, if this is the case, it sort of helps the Hillary camp explain away problems associated with, “is she too sick to be Commander in Chief?” But it wouldn’t be a super-good revelation either…


Good faith abortion?

A bizarre full-page ad in the OWH yesterday:

This was on the back page of the A section:


You don’t see a lot of “Catholics for Abortion” ads, now do you? Funny that.

And their choice of a spokesman?

A dude, wearing a pink shirt, sitting in a stadium (?) with just a little TMP in his hair (that’s “too much product”), making a face.

Who was this ad persuading again?

Of course this George Soros funded endeavor is more likely aimed at the Ashford and Hillary voters who want to talk themselves around the Democrats’ pro-abortion stances.

Well, there’s a gelled-up dude, really early for the game, to help you out.


Creature Feature

Hey speaking of swell pics, Politico came out with its “Politico’s 50” piece, where they pick 50 movers-and-shakers in the the political world.

Coming in at #49…Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse!

You can guess all of the reasons they give, mostly Trump related.

But the strange focus is on the images they used.

First there was this scary recast image:

(forgot to shave...)
(forgot to shave…)

Then on the piece itself, they used this image:

"Good Eeeeeeeevening!"
“Good Eeeeeeeevening!”

As the OWH’s Joe Morton noted:

Was more wondering about the Halloween-themed lighting.

So if the Senate thing doesn’t work out for Sasse, at least he has a career as a Haunted-House greeter to fall back on…


Rep. Asheferd

Speaking of the Facebook, Sasse and interesting photos, there was this on Brad Ashford’s Facebook page:


That would be Mayor “Stothert” and Senator “Sasse”.

(The little microphone thing on your iPhone doesn’t always print whatcha want…)

Wait, is that Democrat Brad Ashford trying to show that he runs into Republicans some times! Why, I never!

Have to ask him if he puts Mayor Stothard into the “Basket of Deplorables”…


…or be square

Hey speaking of Mayor Stothert, she is going to formally announce her re-election campaign soon.

Follow this “EventBrite” for the info on the rally at Scott Conference Center (6450 Pine Street) on September 29th at 5:30pm.


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  1. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Sweeps, I think you are right about the Catholics for Choice ad being more about the election than about procuring funding for abortions. Catholics for Choice, linked to Soros funding and conveniently taking out full page ads in 20 markets before a Presidential Election? I’m checking into those “markets” to see what other targeted Congressional Districts and Senate races might be going on. We also have that coveted NE2 Electoral Vote thing going on. Astroturf groups like this seem to have an endless supply of bucks to throw down on things like full page ads that really advocate nothing. What does a full page ad in the OWH cost these days? What’s next? Soros paid pro-choice pickets outside Don Bacon’s events?

  2. repenting lawyer says:

    Sweeper,Since ads are in favor of public funding, which would require real of the Hyde Amendment, this first group is clearly about politics. So what? The picture of the ad on their ad on their webb site has a lady in a green sweater, so the picture must vary with the locus. They have been around since 1973, nice you discovered them.

  3. Bluejay says:

    Sasse might get a primary opponent and I think Jean Stohert would be a good one.

    His behavior regarding Trump has been deplorable.

    • The Grundle King says:

      What behavior would that be…open disrespect for a man who repeatedly expressed open disrespect for dozens of conservatives who didn’t habitually change their party registration?

      Trump is deplorable.

  4. Union Coal Miner says:

    “Deplorable… totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable!” Quoth Bernie Sanders, January 16, 2016, referring to Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton during Democratic Party debate.

    Hillary was inches from Sanders face, exaggeratedly nodding in agreement with a huge grin, listening to Bernie tell a reporter how he’d never insult Hillary and then slipped in a snark, “of course” her husband is “deplorable” and thrice-totally disgraceful and unacceptable in his behavior. Ouch.

    Ah ha. So that is where she got that word “deplorable”. It imprinted on her malfunctioning neurons where it awaited an opportunity to burst forth upon millions of Americans who find her as electorally repulsive as Sanders found her politically repulsive as her husband finds her sexually repulsive. That was, after all, a major point of that impeachment, right?

    Out of all the bright able blacks in America, we get Fairy Barry. Out of all the bright able women in America, we get Bilious Hillary. And out of all the successful Emmy winning, primary crushing, media lassoing, brash billionaire builder businessmen, we get Trump who is all that. The all have flaws and egos. But only Hillary is so repulsive she can’t get laid.

    • Can you say Hypocrites? says:

      Union Coal Miner just wrote a much worse comment about Bill Clinton’s wife than the one Ernie Chambers wrote about Bill Kintner’s wife. But we’re all used to that attack. Even Wankin’ Willie has made those kinds of attacks on Hillary Clinton.

      We probably won’t see Street Sweeper pull that comment or any warning that further attacks of that nature will be cause for being banned.

      It all boils down to who’s doing the attacking and who’s getting attacked.

  5. Ricky says:

    We went to the Husker game last Saturday and it was fun. Street Sweeper is a Husker fan and maybe he read about the game or somebody told him about the game. So does that make SS more knowledgeable about last Saturday’s Husker game then I, who attended the game? Obviously not.
    But SS claims to know about Nebraska politics, even though he lives in Boston or wherever. I live in Omaha and obviously know more about local politics than the guy from Boston.
    Recent example SS wrote about some letter from Speaker Hadley to Mr Chambers. Wow what a surprise no letter.
    SS knows a LOT less than he thinks he knows, and he can keep his asshole trap shut about the great Senator Ernie Chambers.
    Another example of SS not knowing much about Nebraska politics; he thinks Jean Stothert is doing a good job as Omaha mayor when she is quite awful and ineffective.
    I read L Street but people should realize it’s not very factual.

    ricky from omaha

      • Ricky says:

        What has Stothert done that is great? Omaha’s bond rating is lower than when she was elected. Omaha set a homicide record in 2015. Omaha lost Con Agra.
        The roads are terrible and recently Stothert wanted to give 50,000 dollars to a company in Ohio to study why Omaha can’t plow streets properly.
        Okay what has she accomplished?

    • bynd says:


      It is SS’s site. He pays for it and maintains it. If you don’t like it go some where else. What an ungrateful rube you are.

      Only a moron like you would keep going to a site that he doesn’t like.

      How much more ignorant can one get than Ricky.

      • Ricky says:

        You are welcome. I read a lot.
        But you should agree I know more about Omaha politics than you do SS.
        Omaha is my home town. And Stothert is one terrible Mayor.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Ricky, you don’t know more about anything than anyone…except perhaps mail delivery, which I understand requires the skill of recognizing numbers and letters.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How much more ignorant can one get than Ricky? Hmm. You have us in a bynd there.

    Perhaps Ricky too can’t get laid. Something unrequited is going on there.

    • Ricky says:

      How am I ignorant? I know plenty. A lot more than Street Sweeper that’s for sure.
      He lives in Boston I live in Omaha it’s my home town.

  7. One major problem with this site is that when politics conflicts with policy, politics usually wins.

    As all the #nevertrump crowd predicted, Trump is now going to tilt liberal. His latest proposal, to allow 6 weeks paid maternity leave bankrolled by the federal government, with no way specified for the government to pay for it, is textbook Democrat policy.

    So those of you who supported Trump’s nomination now own his policy proposals. And after that, it’s going to be pretty hilarious when you insist you’re conservative.

    • Sparkles says:

      with no way specified for the government to pay for it, is textbook Democrat policy.

      Super disingenuous.
      Sure, it used to be textbook Democrat, but GW Bush and the wayward 6 year reign of the GOP House and Senate fully absconded with this practice.
      Trillions of dollars for not one, but two wars and the Medicare Prescription Drug Modernization Act – the largest expansion of Medicare since it’s passing in 1965.
      All of it – unfunded.
      According to the GAO, the the prescription drug program alone created $8.4 trillion in unfunded obligations in present value terms, a larger fiscal challenge than Social Security.

      Barack Obama and Democrats have a stellar record of accountability when compared with the mindless profligacy of GW and the GOP.
      HRC has put forth detailed proposals, and how she’ll pay for them, available for all to examine.

      • You’re delusional, darling. GWB never proposed paid maternity leave. He did propose Medicare type D, which I opposed.

        Barack’s accountable for the defeat of the sequester, and for proposing budgets he knows full well will be unacceptable to the GOP. The fiscal discipline, what there is of it, comes from the use of continuing resolutions.

  8. Sparkles says:

    “Daddy, Donald Trump hates women,”

    Especially when juxtaposed against this story, from March 13, 2013 –
    “Here’s How a GOP Congressman Opposed the Violence Against Women Act — Then Pretended He Was for It”

  9. Anonymous says:

    There was probably already Hell to pay for Hadley when it was leaked publically that he was issuing a letter of reprimand to Ernie. Ernie can’t stand to be admonished in public. So Hadley would have to go to Ernie, humbly, and ask for his forgiveness.

    • Can you say Hypocrites? says:

      I assume Hadley’s letter said it would be best if Ernie didn’t say anything about Wankin’ Willie’s wife that was comparable to the things Willie says about Bill Clinton’s wife. It’s the kind of thing that just puts conservatives on edge.

    • bynd says:


      I see where Texas is having a major funding scandal for the impaired down there. Have you spent to much time and attention up here?

      • TexasAnnie says:

        NOPE! That 8.5% statistic is taking on alarm-warnings and it’s about time. But bynd, my daughter took one year of public school as a toddler and one year of public school as an adult, in Texas. All the intervening years were in Nebraska. And she didn’t learn to read, the NCLB of Bush withstanding…

  10. bynd says:

    It is nice to know that the money cap is not affecting any children down there. And low and behold, the Ne. Gov takes 12 million from the feds for kids with serious emotional disorders and their families.

    Another stereotype shot in the butt?

    PS. the majority of high school grads in the country haven’t learned to read past the elementary level. So I’m not sure if your child was that much more worse off.

    • TexasAnnie says:

      Nope again. It’s not a “money cap.” It’s a recommended enrollment cap. You clearly don’t understand much about special education administration. And I thought you said you have a grandchild in SPED…
      You better get up to speed because what Texas is doing now is not as ‘deplorable’ as what Gov. Nelson and the Nebraska Legislature did! And based on the the SPED budget last time, I’m thinking the current Gov. and unicam is trying to cheat children with disability up there again. But don’t fret; I’ll be checking the SPED appropriation for Nebraska, again (and every appropriation indefinitely) for you next year!!!

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