Nebraskans lead Trump team

Trump Ag Chair, Charles W. Herbster & former Governor Dave Heineman

Charles W. Herbster of Falls City, Nebraska continues to lead GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s Ag team, and is continuing that effort before groups across the country.

Yesterday, Herbster lead the Washington (D.C.) Ag Roundtable before a packed luncheon of representatives of major agriculture organizations and Embassy staffs from Japan, Australia and the UK.

Some key issues discussed were out of control regulations, immigration and trade. Herbster also discussed his personal relationship with Trump and what Trump believes the federal government should look like.

To get an idea of how Trump’s Ag team is working, as well as the basic outlook of the team, see this 9 minute video featuring Herbster and Trump Ag Team Co-Chair, former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman:

Nebraskans can be proud of their fellow Nebraskans who are taking the lead on the national stage.


If all the economists in the world were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion…

The debate over the death penalty in Nebraska carries on, today with Attorney General Doug Peterson holding a presser pointing out the fallacies in economist Ernie Goss’s assessment of the death penalty cost in Nebraska.

Peterson stood before a projection of some of the arguments in Goss’s study to note that his $14M number for death penalty cost is flawed:


A visibly frustrated Peterson took questions from the press regarding various assertions by Goss and the anti-death penalty group.

But Peterson’s frustration seems almost matched by Goss’s frustration at taking on the study in the first place. Goss noted to the OWH that he wishes he had never done it, and also had frustration pouring over into his media avails as well.

And then there are other economists who also dismiss and/or disagree with Goss’s findings, per the OWH.

Of course as with anything in the field of economics, one should always look at this spot-on analysis from…Bloom County:

Bloom County


Ashford = Most Vulnerable in USA

The Hill now notes that Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford, “is arguably the most vulnerable incumbent House Democrat running for reelection in November.

They note this in an article about how the House Freshman…in the minority party…is proposing that Congressional salaries should be…REDUCED.

Which is funny (for oh so many reasons), because House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), who came to Omaha to campaign for Ashford just a few months ago, has suggested RAISING Member’s salaries.

Gee, how will the Freshman’s proposal do???

But the salary lowering bit is often one of the last gasps of the candidate. If it is any indication — along with the analyses of The Hill, the Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato — Ashford’s race with retired Brigadier General Don Bacon is very, very tight.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The assertion that the NE-02 race is tight is a bunch of all natural fertilizer.

    The fact is that Bacon is up by, say it with me in your best Ed Rooney voice, niiine points.

  2. Millennial voter says:

    I think this fact was conveniently left off the end of the death penalty bit:

    “It’s been 19 years since the death penalty was carried out in Nebraska.”

      • Millennial voter says:

        I agree with you it sucks we have a Bill of Rights affording those people due process, attorneys to represent them in front of a jury of their peers, and the right not to be punished cruelly or unusually. If only we could circumvent all those things, Michael Ryan wouldn’t have had to waste away with cancer.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Boy Howdy!
    That 6 week old clip of Charles W and his trusty sidekick D-D-Dave, aka The Falls City Fugacious, sure was important and enlightening!
    Just as was the knowledge that this soon to be dysphoric duo headed up a hoedown sponsored by a K Street lobbying firm yesterday.

    I’m so grateful to have learned their number one goal, imperativo numero uno, is protecting the wealth of those whose estates surpass $5.45 million in value.
    And numero dos on their list of priorities for the peoples – insuring the toxic byproducts of Big Ag – fertilizers, fuels, pesticides and animal waste – remain able to reach our aquifers and oceans unabated.

    How can a Nebraska Republican not simply beam with pride at such lofty ambitions, such illustrious leadership!
    Sí, se puede!

    • bynd says:

      Just think, if HRC didn’t have, a well documented, penchant for secrecy, those whole hearings could have been done in a month, tops. Political gamesmanship on both sides.

      Heck back then she could have lied and admitted all she was accused of and by now, no one would have remembered or cared.

  4. The Eye Ball says:

    Both sides of the death penalty can be technically correct when it comes Nebraska. Here is why. Nebraska has strong reservations about the use of the death penalty for some time. It is why there has not been an execution in nearly 20 years and there is likely to be no execution for at least another 10.

    State Attorney Doug Patterson is short-sighted in his comments and defense of the death penalty. He wants claim the death penalty saves money by forcing plea bargains but such such pleas may result in excessive expenditures in sending people to prison for life. At the same time, he mentions the death penalty cases representing about 1 of cases last year. Why were there any cases at all?

    In addition, I think many supporters of the death penalty are not interested in cost and would say we are not spending enough money on the death penalty because there has been no executions.

    The most absurd part is both sides of the debate sincerely think they are going to make a difference on the issue. The death penalty issue has always been a debate among lawyers and judges and will continue to be so. As technology progresses, even the most harden of death penalty advocates want some restrictions applied to the death penalty. Yet, in spite of all of this, voters will decide whether or not to keep a zombie status death penalty.

  5. Ricky says:

    One would have to be totally brain-dead to actually watch a video featuring Herbster and Heineman.
    What a grand coalition Trump has put together in Nebraska; Herbster, Herbsters employees and Herbsters wife and dogs.
    What a joke. By the way is Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert a supporter of Trump or not?
    Mean Jean is not going to take many votes from Mello in South O with her endorsement of the bigot Trump. Maybe that is why you don’t see a TRUMP sign in Stothert’s yard? (Not that I have been there. A gated community in Millard is the LAST place I would ever travel; after that Sarpy baseball park. )
    Maybe instead of the OWH giving ten minutes of video over to the Mayor they could actually ASK her if she supports Trump and his assholeness.
    Just a thought.

  6. Feel this says:

    Bluejay says: If Trump wins, a Husker again as Ag Secretary. – That is likely true.

    Gerard Harbison says: Do I feel pride Herbster and Heineman are on the Trump team? No, not at all, it’s shameful for Nebraska. But not for me, since I left for the LP. – That seems emotionally infantile.

    What does hiring a national chief executive have to do with pride or shame? Politics is about pulling together for survival and individually competing for limited pie slices. And we all have different opinions on the proper mix, so we vote. It is irrational to think pride or shame in tugging or competing matters, or that everyone needs to share our emotional mindset.

    To bring up emotion in politics is to scam ourselves. We get that from the politically correct on the right who sell patriotism, and on the left who sell altruism, so they can get around having to face facts they don’t like. In the end, a lot of people who think they are rational point out what they don’t like about so and so and such and such and then call you poopy face if you don’t agree with them; and then pat themselves on the back for being rational orators. Well, even the empowered are that childish. Hagel went sour because he felt Cheney dissed him. Megan Kelly because Trump deftly chivvied the bitchy dunce into defending Rosy as not-disgusting. People get insulted. Jesus, what babies. What Blue Jay said is correct. And It is valuable because its factual truth without a layer of emotional horse manure.

    • Oh darn, a Trumpkin thinks me infantile. Now I have to go shoot myself. And he says he’s ‘rational’, whereas I’m emotional. More shame!

      And Trump’s misogyny is calculated. Good to know.

    • Sparkles says:

      It’s not pride or shame – it’s COMPETENCE!

      I’ve got a deal, a barter, for all you who imagine Donald Trump is qualified to be Commander-In-Chief.

      In exchange for Trump being elected President, each person who pulls that lever for Trump will be assigned a new family family physician. And since we don’t want to impinge too greatly on your freedoms, we’ll even give you a choice – you can choose either the owner of your local Papa John’s Pizza franchise, or the Manager of your favorite Jiffy Lube.
      In addition, each of you will be welcoming a new family dentist – your choice being either the local High School Football Coach, or your favorite Checker at the grocery store.
      And choose that Checker wisely, because your new Proctologist will be that handicapable person the store graciously employs to bag your groceries and round up the carts.

      Because it’s astonishingly apparent in Trumpster World – qualifications don’t mean shit.

      • The Grundle King says:

        “In exchange for Trump being elected President, each person who pulls that lever for Trump will be assigned a new family family physician.”


        “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…”

        Seems like the kind of thing you’re discussing played out once already…but instead of it affecting only Obama voters, it affected everyone.

  7. Vladimir Poutine says:

    Me glad Comrade Trump have very smart team meet to talk about farm issue and bad U.S.A. government. Me happy to hear that courageous Comrade Trump seek to eliminate bad regulation that keep too many lazy Americans skinny.

    Me want all Americans to be fat like pig Hero Trump is and maybe look as good as he with apple in their mouths.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of competence – great article (quick read) just posted at Vox –
    “Imagine if Mitt Romney were president amid this economic news”
    Romney would be hailed as the second coming of Ronald Reagan — or maybe even better!

  9. Gene Poole says:

    You heard it here folks! Everyone associated with Never Trump will commit suicide if Trump is elected.

    Don’t forget, a promise is a promise.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that, truly. You used to have wit and perspective and calm. Then you apparently dumped so much money into some GOP loser, now you sulk and abscond. I might too but for having sworn an oath to preserve and defend, an obligation which doesn’t allow me to retire to my overseas shack and bemoan a loss of innocence that never existed.

    You atheists sometimes get fanatically religious in your silly belief that your vote counts. You know damn wall what percentage your piddling cast ballot has on the overall outcome. You have a better chance of finding that pot of gold at the bottom of a pint. We should be analyzing this election not wallowing in it. It a loo.

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