The press loses its head over Trump

trumppresspassToday Donald Trump made a five sentence statement about Obama “birtherism”, agreeing with (much of) what has been written about it.

And the national — and Nebraska — press corps lost their collective sheet about it.


One, because they can’t believe they have to agree with something Trump is saying. And two, because Trump is becoming a serious challenge to Hillary, and for them that-just-can’t-happen.

Since this is a Nebraska blog, let us look at some of the local press angles first:

Joe Morton, the OWH’s Washington guy, retweeted:

Of course, Hillary’s staff threatens reporters about covering her health fits just days before she collapses into the arms of her staff — well that’s just normal stuff!

But you’re more likely to see stuff like this, from LJS reporter Zach Pluhacek:

Because Zach makes it clearer where he and much of the press is: If Hillary were blowing away Trump, it would be laughter and dancing. Instead it’s the steely eyes of a broken private about to blow away his Sergeant.

But the local guys and gals can sometimes be more subtle.

It’s the national types who are off the deep end.

There’s Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post who re-tweeted this under “This. Always and forever”:

Because of course it’s a “dumpster fire”!
Because Trump is gaining.

And Cillizza spent the balance of the morning tweeting and retweeting how Hillary’s camp did NOT start the birther movement.

Well, except that one of her closest confidants, Sidney Blumenthal, did.


Yet the press is bending over backwards on this narrative.

What will happen next?
Many of them soon will see themselves as Edward R. Murrows going after Joe McCarthy.
It will be, “We have a DUTY to tell you how awful Hitler…er…Donald Trump is!”

It will be fun to watch the vast, vast majority of liberal Democrats who make up the media going this route.

But it will be a fun one to watch because they don’t hold the vise grip on the American public’s news and opinion gathering any more.

Crystal Bawling

On this topic, National Review’s Jim Geraghty has a good column (in his Morning Jolt) where he discusses…

What would happen if Trump beat Hillary Clinton?

His 5 thoughts:

1. It would be a political earthquake.
2. It would be the most awkward presidential transition in American history.
3. The Obama legacy would suddenly shift overnight.
4. Hillary Clinton would become one of the most hated Democrats of all time.
5. The Left might just learn a needed lesson.

And of course, he fleshes out each point.
Worthwhile Friday afternoon read.

Gitmo coverage!

In the extremely competitive #NE02 Congressional race, Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford says that the NRCC has it all wrong on his votes to close Gitmo.

See the previous three times Ashford voted against keeping open the terrorist detention facility, he says he totally did that because those votes just went to far.

But this latest vote — where he realized that he was running for re-election and needed to vote with Republicans — was different.

Not so, says NRCC spokesman Zach Hunter:

“…yesterday’s measure that Ashford supported is one of the broadest measures brought up for a vote and far more comprehensive than the previous bills he opposed. (Ashford’s) explanation is simply false.”

It is certainly interesting that Ashford is going the “national security” line when contesting a retired Brigadier General, in Don Bacon.

Of course his, “I voted against it before I voted for it!” line of defense hasn’t always been a terribly successful campaign gambit.

Nike U.

It’s always a little surprising when the Huskers are favored over a team ranked higher than them. (The #30 Huskers start as 2 point favorites over #22 Oregon.) I won’t be surprised to see that move to even by game time.

But, just ICYMI from the Husker fanatics on your Facebook feed…


(It comes right after all of the pro and anti-Hillary and pro and anti-Trump memes…)

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And Go Huskers!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Two different troops of the same animals throwing ofal at each other. Nothing strange about that at all, its the state of nature. Next subject please.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Hillary’s camp – in fact – did not start the birther movement.

    “On August 10, 2004, just two weeks after Obama had given his much-heralded keynote speech at the DNC in Boston, a perennial Republican Senate candidate and self-described “independent contrarian columnist” named Andy Martin issued a press release. In it, he announced a press conference in which he would expose Obama for having “lied to the American people” and “misrepresent[ed] his own heritage.”
    Chris Hayes writing for The Nation – Oct. 25, 2007

    And it was just last month (Aug 10) that an NBC/Survey Monkey poll of 1700 registered voters found that 72 percent of registered Republican voters hold doubts about the Obama’s citizenship.

    Seems like something that should concern all Americans and something the press should never have stopped writing about and should concern all Americans.
    Nearly 3/4ths of Republicans have only a tangential relationship with reality.

    • Bluejay says:

      Please go away. Jane Kleeb cleaned your clock on KXL. What made you think your statute could override the Nebraska Constitution? You, sir, are an idiot.

    • Jon who says:

      Based on what? Enough dirt on him to fill hours of ads. Would be worse if he went after a well-liked incumbent R. Plus, Bruning completely disappeared after getting tossed in 14. Is he even still in Nebraska?

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Media reports 20% of Americans still think Obama was born overseas. Seems a lot of people believing in something so irrelevant during a term-limited president’s last few months. And yet plenty of Americans also believe in ghosts. 18% believe the sun rotates around the earth.

    When Scripps polled Democrats, they found 23% believed it “Very Likely” that Pres. Bush helped plan the terrorist attack on NYC and DC, presumably to boost his popularity and power. When Scripps included those Democrats who thought it “Likely” it rose to 51%.

    Trump will focus on Obama to whatever degree that can help hamstring Hillary. That may include birther stuff. For it drives Democrats crazy. Democrats are invested in Obama. It causes them to rise to that bait only to find the hook fits Hillary just as well. Her political career boils down to her hating Obama’s guts in 2008 — Hillary called Obama SEXIST and Obama called Hillary RACIST while Trump was still doing TV — and then she worked for Obama crafting his most hated policies. While many like Obama’s personality, they hate him leaving Ambassador Stevens to be killed, him emptying Iraq to birth ISIS, and him giving Iran money and nuke tech. But since those were all Dept. of State deals, they are as much hers as his.

    The wailing will get louder. Trump’s PC bait drove dour GOP bean counters to howling pain. Imagine what happens when excitable heart-not-head hippies get a mouthful. Birther stuff attracts the left. Democrats are invested in Obama. The floater votes who decide Hillary’s fate in Nov aren’t.

    • Sparkles says:

      Oct 20, 2015 – Donald Trump, The Birther King, on the 9/11 attacks:
      “..they did know it was coming and George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming,” Trump said on CNN’s New Day. “So they did have advanced notice and they didn’t really work on it.”

  4. This is the most pathetic claim of victimhood I’ve ever seen. Calling the election a dumpster fire or that it depresses you is completely non-partisan. It takes real talent to make it into a slam against Trump

    Continuing to be #nevertrump #neverhilliar

  5. Millennial voter says:

    This is a great argument: The media was mad they had to agree with Donald Trump that Obama is in fact an American in every sense of the word, not that he issued a baldfaced lie with years and years of proof to the contrary, issued two sentences about it and then took cameras on a tour of his new hotel. Good job, Jerry. A+. You’ll get Walton’s job yet when Trump wins and bans the liberal media!

  6. Bon Voyage says:

    9:16. You better do your homework before you call others uninformed. For you apparently missed where Gerard recently said he renewed his Irish passport. The implication being an intent to leave the USA because he doesn’t like the two choices US voters gave him. And that’s okay. Maybe he can find a country where everyone gets to pick their own king every time. But the passport and Ireland thing was his idea.

    Gerard can violate his oath to the USA. For it is his oath. Even when our borders work they never keep people in. Keeping them in is tyranny. Keeping them out is sovereignty. We are all free to go. Just leave the silverware.

    • Anonymous says:

      Americans can be dual citizens. Did you miss that part? Does dual citizenship necessarily imply or actually demonstrate disloyalty to either country? Or did you miss that part?

      So, pinhead, back under your teeny tiny rock you go.

  7. As the other commenter said, I have dual citizenship. In fact, since I have birthright citizenship in the UK, I could have three passports if I wanted. If that causes you butthurt, there’s always Preparation H.

    I at no time said I would violate my naturalization oath. And if you’d care to stop by my office sometime, coward, we can sort that out like gentlemen. 18th century gentlemen.

    But let me save you some time. Cluck cluck cluck.

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