County GOP BBQ takes swipe at Sasse

Johnson Co. American Legion
Johnson Co. American Legion

The Hill writes today about relationships that have been torn asunder within the Republican party because of the split over supporting GOP Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

The angle The Hill takes, however, is where GOP politicos are supporting Trump and find that their colleagues just can’t fathom that, and have cut them off. One notable is former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer who wrote, “There’s a lot about Donald Trump that I don’t like, but I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary any day.

In response, old friends have blackballed him.

But back in Nebraska, things have gone the opposite way. Unlike Beltway types who can’t understand the outsider Trump taking the party by storm, Nebraska party-liners have, for the most part, accepted the will of the voters and their party’s nominee.

There are exceptions of course — the main one being junior U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, who many credit with starting the #NeverTrump movement back in the primaries.

And it is therefore Sasse who is now receiving the wrath of his party.

Case in point:

Yesterday (Sunday) was the bi-annual Five County GOP Barbecue for Otoe, Nemaha, Johnson, Richardson and Pawnee counties, which took place at the American Legion hall in Johnson, Nebraska (about 30 minutes southwest of Nebraska City).

After the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and invocation, the co-chair of the event, and master of ceremonies, took the mic…and delivered a harsh rebuke of Senator Sasse to the 175 or so in attendance.

First specifying that these were his personal feelings, he noted Sasse’s continued criticism of Donald Trump. He noted that Sasse is now featured criticizing Trump in a Hillary Clinton TV ad. And he emphasized that the GOP could not accept a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

And then he noted that he could not welcome Senator Sasse at any future 5 County BBQs (the next in 2018) unless Sasse apologized for his anti-Trump position.

And as he finished up…he was roundly applauded. Not everyone, but those there estimate 85% of so putting their hands together for this rebuke.

Now this type of event usually brings the party stalwarts out — much like the 2016 Nebraska GOP convention of course did. And Senator Sasse has opined that these types aren’t very representative of ALL Nebraskans. And he is probably correct. These are usually only the people who feel the desire and duty to be involved in their communities and at a high level — while most others are watching the NFL.

But, just as the Trump supporters will apparently need to work to mend ties with their anti-Trump Beltway-brethren, Sasse will likely need to do the same.

And depending on the outcome of the election — and the ensuing Presidential term — that effort will be an interesting one to watch.



The OWH’s Robynn Tysver typed a Friday afternoon article asking…again…whether former Governor Dave Heineman is going to run for Governor in 2018.

As in, “Why did she write this?”

She quoted former GOP Chair David Kramer noting that it was generally unlikely. But that people like to talk about it.

And she quoted former Chair J.L. Spray, who also said it was unlikely.

And there was no quote from Heineman at all.

But otherwise that sure is a…space-filler?


RIP Duane Acklie

When I got my footing in Nebraska politics back in the late 80s and early 90s, Duane Acklie was an established titan in the party. There was not a major political gathering or VIP event without his attendance, or at least influence.

The OWH had a nice summary of comments from elected officials yesterday, including Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse, Governor Ricketts and former Governor Heineman.

Here is one more from (arguably) the current dean of the Nebraska GOP, Hal Daub:

Duane Acklie was a giant of a man.

Although short in physical statute, he carried himself humbly in his highly successful walk through life, distinguishing himself in family, business and public service.

I know him best as a mentor to me in Republican Party politics. He understood the importance of being involved, and always was there for advice, encouragement and help with the heavy lifting. He was a man of high principle and conviction, especially with respect to his beloved America. He was a true American patriot, and represents the best of what participation in all things positive should mean to all of us.

His life-long companion Phyllis, always at his side, demonstrated the best of marriage and this couple served as a model to all who knew them.

He will leave a great void in my heart.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “current dean of the Nebraska GOP, Hal Daub” – mediocre. Barely a supervisor. Not a manager and certainly not a leader. Aspires to management and leadership roles and tasks, maybe.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Anonymous at 1:15, Hal Daub probably knows more about the City of Omaha than anyone I have ever meet and as a mayor was quite good. Mediocre seems most unfair particularly because his style of partisanship shaped modern city politics.Both parties now play the game his way

    • Anonymous says:

      Daub was a disappointment during his first political campaign, of unhappy memory, and proved it repeatedly throughout his political career. House member, mayor, regent – ridiculous. A replaceable commodity.

      Who is in charge at NU, its “Foundation” or the regents? The Foundation of course. Our land grant university reduced to the role of educational auxiliary to the sports-entertainment-business complex. No challenge, no oversight, only dull acquiescence from Hal.

      Its as if the man forget whatever he might have learned as an Army captain. Minimum props for that, mostly lost in a lackluster career. Send him back to boot to get switched on again.

  2. Emcee Kramer says:

    Sounds like David Kramer was also the Emcee at the 5 county BBQ.

    Seriously though, Kramer has been quoted in the press more than Fischer, Sasse and Ricketts combined lately. And now he’s talking about how people want to see Heineman primary Ricketts… what do good ol’ David and his buddy Sam Fischer have up their sleeves?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sasse was at the five county bbq in 2014 ( I know because I was there and had a convo with him ) but couldn’t be bothered to attend this year. I wonder why! Could it be that he doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about the constituency but really cares about votes?

    Sasse is a phony, with no interest in our state or our people. Sasse’s only interest is Ben Sasse. Some of us have been saying this for years.

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    “These are usually only the people who feel the desire and duty to be involved in their communities and at a high level” LOLOL!!!

    I’m from one of the reddest and most conservative counties in the 3rd district. I know the people who are active in our communities and the leaders of most every project. I discuss politics with these people on a regular basis and they are rock solid conservatives. But I have no idea, nor have I ever known who are the leaders in the local county GOP. the only people who attend these things are the kiss ass butt sniffers, like the proprietor of this website. They’re normally the people who are too cowardly or radical to ever be elected to any local boards.

    It shows how out of touch with most Nebraskans that Street Sweeper is. He gets all his reports phoned to him in Missouri or Kansas or wherever the hell he lives. He gets his “info” from elite party power players and thinks that it represents the views of normal everyday Nebraskans. He’s as clueless as Hannity or Rush or any of the other idiots who no longer represent conservatism.

  5. This is such tiresome, repetitive shite I may just quit this website out of boredom, rather than in protest.

    Nobody who is #nevertrump has renounced the Orange Yam Head because he’s an outsider. We’ve renounced him because he has a history of liberalism; because he lies reflexively; because he can’t coherently express a policy idea; because in fact has sometimes expressed two diametrically opposite ideas in the same sentence or paragraph; because he’s a sleazy con artist, a multiply failed businessman, and a charlatan.

    Got all that, Sweeps? Because I’m getting somewhat concerned about what all this shilling is doing for your mental health.

  6. Ed Stevens says:


    While I’m certainly no great fan of Trump, I would point out that if you changed the pronoun in your paragraph above then six of your seven characterizations of Trump would fit Hilary like they were custom-built for her. Consider –

    “… She has a history of liberalism; because She lies reflexively; because She can’t coherently express a policy idea; because in fact has sometimes expressed two diametrically opposite ideas in the same sentence or paragraph; because She’s a sleazy con artist, …, and a charlatan”.

    … and the only reason we can’t describe her as a “multiply failed businessman/woman” is because she has never possessed the sand or the smarts to go into any sort of business (unless of course you count her pas de deux through the old Rose law firm as “business experience”.

    Said it before, I’ll say it again – Trump will just embarrass us; Hilary will destroy the republic. Sadly, those are the ONLY two alternatives available to us at this point. You can come back from humiliation, but its damnably difficult to rise from the grave.

    • Ed:

      I’m convinced she’s no better than him. That does not make me want to vote for him; it makes me want to vote for neither.

      60% of Americans don’t like the choice. If that’s so, does government really have the consent of the governed?

      (I heard that phrase once, and liked it. Now where was that…?)

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        Ed, you must not have much faith in America if you believe another Clinton in office for four years will destroy the country. We survived Carter, and that was with Dems in control of both houses of Congress. My only focus right now is keeping the House and Senate. Either presidential nominee can be kept in check by a GOP congress.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Hillary will certainly embarrass us; Trump may destroy the world.” It works that way too ‘Sweeper. Its not the North Koreans that worry me. Any more shenanigans from Kim, like launching a crude nuclear weapon on a crude missile and North Korea will cease to exist as an organized society – China will not tolerate a failed, nuclear state on its southern border. Nor will it tolerate a nuclear armed Japan or South Korea.

      No, what Trump may bring us is the shadow of authoritarianism in the name of safety. His paleo-protectionism will bring on a recession. His shoot from the lip & hip attitude will disassemble NATO at just the time the Atlantic alliance is needed to keep terrorists out of Europe. Frosting our relations with Mexico, Central and South America will make those countries, if not the whole region, rather soft on terrorism – they’ll just send those who hate us to El Norte, wall be damned. As for Russia, Putin doesn’t need to inundate the United States with nuclear weapons. Two or three EMP optimized weapons will do all the damage necessary. Its not necessary to send America back to the 18th century to ruin it. Something between Chicago and Baghdad with 4 hours of power a day and no other utilities will do just fine. Something to keep in mind if The Donald tells Putin to f*ck off once too often.

      This election is not a choice between two parties. Its a choice between the so called two party “system” and a guy completely outside that system who wants to destroy it. That may be the least he does.

      • Sparkles says:

        It’s a farcical position –
        Trump will just embarrass us; Hilary will destroy the republic.

        Today’s Lincoln Journal Star features a commentary from uber conservative columnist Trudy Rubin adding to your list of horrors inherent in a Trump Presidency.
        “Trudy Rubin: Facing up to dangers of a Trump presidency”

  7. Sparkles says:

    “After the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and invocation,”

    What.. no color guard, no raising of the flag, no 21 gun salute, no short films featuring George C Scott, John Wayne (Marion Robert Morrison), Wayne LaPierre and Ronald Reagan?

    All this superficial patriotism as the NEGOP’s “highest levels” howl their support for a draft dodger, grifter, a man who trashed a true American Hero and a Gold Star family?
    A person who for more than 5 years served as the comically demented Birther King, disrespecting our President and attempting to cast doubt on the legitimacy of America’s first black President. The first Presidential candidate in nearly 50 years to be openly embraced by White Supremacists. A Birther King whose true progeny is the entirely new organization of white separatists, the alt-right movement.
    A pathological liar who serially changes both principle and policy within a single, Palinesque sentence.
    A man deemed not fit to serve by the leading Republican military minds on the planet. A list including universally admired leaders such as Robert Gates, Colin Powell, Condi Rice (both former living Republican Presidents, their entire families, and the former GOP nominee for POTUS, Mitt Romney), the esteemed Brent Scowcroft, Richard Armitage (Asst Sec Def under Reagan and Dept Secr State under GW) , Micheal Chertoff (GW’s Secr of Homeland Security), Michael Hayden (retired 4 star General, former Director of the CIA and NSA under GW and Obama), the equally esteemed John Negroponte (former Director of National Intelligence, Ambassador to Iraq and U.S. Ambassador), Tom Ridge (former PA Gov. and first-ever Secr of Homeland Security), George P. Schultz (Reagan’s Secr of State), Paul Wolfowitz (GW’s Dept Sect Def and uber necon) and many, many more.

    One would think a group (NEGOP community leaders) who hold ceremonial acts of patriotism in such reverence (pledge and anthem), would make a greater effort to fulfill their civic duty, starting by pushing back their collective blinders.

    One would also think that in such a gathering of NEGOP local luminaries, at least one person would have the forethought to ask;
    Can a who’s who of America’s finest, most seasoned and respected military leaders all be wrong?

    “Light and liberty go together.”
    – Thomas Jefferson to Tench Coxe, 1795.

      • Sparkles says:

        A draft deferment for ‘heel spurs’.
        Heel spurs for which the Don can’t remember which heel was effected, or how the heel spurs were an impairment at the time.

        Speaking of abuse – there is of course the record of a particularly noxious strain of abuse.
        The abusive and fraudulent business practices by the criminal enterprise that is Trump, Inc. targeting small businesses Practices commonly employed against the Mom & Pop businesses Trump, Inc. engaged on his many projects. Small businesses, each struggling for just a small slice of the American dream, extending their limited capital and resources to supply products and/or services to Trump, Inc, only to later find out payment for said services could be attained only via a long and costly lawsuit.

        June 2, 2016 – USA Today
        “Exclusive: Trump’s 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee”

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, Most of the best GOs of CSA were also veterans of the American Army so Civil War does not count.

      • Vladimir Poutine says:

        The Union did have fine general officers. The problem was that most of the Union and CSA generals were well-acquainted with one another, respected friends in many cases, fellow graduates of West Point/etc. Lincoln’s first choices just didn’t have the fighting moxie to take it to the Confederacy’s nuts in the early years of the conflict.

        Grant had no such qualms.

      • anon says:

        It isn’t all of them, you poll the guys on the ground carrying the water, not playing politics. Where are all you big talkers on the VA mess that carries on and on. How about the plague of rapes of these volunteer women

      • repenting lawyer says:

        ProfGH, Grant andSherman were successful in the West, there was more to theCivil War than Northern Virginia.

      • RL: but Grant started the war as a mere Brigadier-General, and initially Washington didn’t put much importance on the western campaign. And Sherman was his underling, a Colonel. It took a full two years for the competent generals to work their way to the top.

    • fighting soldiers says:

      Big talk of you fighting soldiers, not everyone belongs in the military, and many used various efforts to avoid it while blacks filled ranks, that’s why it’s volunteer, or have you forgotten

  8. Ed Stevens says:

    Bob Loblaw:

    With all due respect, apples and oranges; Carter was not evil – he was just dense, and politically naive (especially in the early years of his term). Hilary, conversely, is evil incarnate – she has repeatedly said exactly what she intends to do as POTUS, and almost none of it fits comfortably into the usual characterizations of constitutional governance.

    Further, the notion that Congress will protect us either from Trump or Hilary) is laughable. Thanks to nearly 100 years of pervasive and pernicious galloping Wilsonian progressivism, Congress has largely abdicated its traditional legislative role, giving rise to what is now essentially an “administrative” state. We are governed by faceless, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and apparatchiks, nearly all of which operate out of the executive branch of the federal government. Google John Marini’s article on “The Growth of the Administrative State” for an excellent read on this subject.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Ed Stevens, you might add Hamburger to your list of authorities, his book is the go to book for those who doubt the constitutionality of the administrative state.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Well looky here – decorated WWII Fighter Pilot, former Chairman of the RNC, Director of the CIA, Ambassador to the United Nations.. and other stuff – George H.W., hearts HRC.

    Meanwhile, Jabba the Hutt Adelson coughs up $45M for the GOP, including $5M for Forrest Trump, as Ol’ Joe ‘The Flipper’ Ricketts spins a dervish to contribute ‘at least’ $1M to a PAC supporting Donald J.

    • Bomber pilot. Torpedo bombers. But point well taken.

      I just wish the Dems had not treated GHWB’s service with such derision in 1992. Lauding his military career now seems a little insincere.

      I can’t say I blame him for choosing Hillary over Trump, but I’m still supporting Gary Johnson.

      • Sparkles says:

        Point taken, although I disagree, on the margins.
        H.W. was subjected to almost none of the depravity heaped on his successors.
        During H.W.’s tenure the comity of our political process, and our nation, hadn’t yet been mugged and sodomized by the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Tom Delay, Rush Limbaugh and Fox ‘News’.
        Heritage was still a legitimate think tank, cranking out thoughtful policy position papers and crafting what we today call ObamaCare. H.W. himself was still comfortable calling himself a lifelong member of the NRA. He wouldn’t be forced to publicly renounce the organization and resign his membership until 3 years after leaving office.

        By modern standards H.W. was well respected throughout his tenure, by a plurality of Americans. His avg approval rating throughout his 4 year term was 60%. Based on his handling of the Iraq War his approval approached almost 90%, (R & D) on two separate occasions.
        My recollection is that his most intense vilification was by those among his own party, for breaking his “read my lips” pledge.

        And for a few decades now, both H.W. and Barbara have been warmly embraced by nearly all (R & D) Americans.

  10. repenting lawyer says:

    Ed Stevens, Though it was recently abolished, the first administrative agency was the Board of Tea Tasters established during the Washington administration and the ICC, the model of other agencies, was established in the late 19th century. Most of the administrative state is a response to problems that have arisen from the increased complexity of the national economy. Lack of Congressional oversize would never occur to any one who had worked in federal government, FPC in my case, now called FERC

  11. bynd says:

    I find it laughable, that when politicians play by the rules that the electorate set, the electorate gets all unnerved by what they are doing. Neither side is breaking the rules. Bending maybe but not breaking. And that is the American way.

    But every time you criticize the other side, you do no more than show how you help build the system to make it the way it is today.

    It’s like a bunch of mini me Trumps and Clintons running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

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