Joe Ricketts changes to support Trump

Joe and Pete Ricketts
Joe and Pete Ricketts

In an major turnaround, Joe Ricketts, billionaire father of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, has decided to SUPPORT Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign — to the tune of $1 million — after spending over $6 million over the past year year trashing the GOP nominee.

A Ricketts spokesman said,

The Ricketts decided they could not sit back and watch Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States,” said Brian Baker, a longtime political strategist for Mr. Ricketts. “Even though the Ricketts supported other candidates during the primary, they believe it is time to unite behind the nominees … This is all about helping Republicans win in the fall.

Ricketts support comes alongside Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s (who is assisted by Nebraskan Andy Abboud on government affairs efforts) decision to also back the Trump campaign monetarily.

Governor Pete Ricketts came around to the Trump side not long after the other candidates dropped out.


“Hillary who?”

The OWH has a story today on the 2nd Congressional District candidates following their respective party’s Presidential candidate.

Robynn Tysver says of Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford…

“Asked about the presidential race, Ashford said he is focused on his own campaign and he does not have time to either help or track Clinton’s campaign in the district.”

Which is funny.
A) Ashford is Hillary’s CAMPAIGN CO-CHAIR in Nebraska!
B) Ashford Chief of Staff Jeremy Nordquist noted the “close cooperation between the Ashford campaign and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,in the OWH back in July.

And once again, Brad Ashford looks to play both sides of the fence as long as possible before anyone can figure out which side he is really on.

Just remember Hillary fans, she is known for keeping actual LISTS on this kind of stuff…


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    • Anonymous says:

      Money talks and bullshit walks. If you want to call the President, or have the President return your call, that takes big money and Ricketts has it.

      In the previous discussion somebody mentioned that Daub knows how the game is played. Yep. Ricketts knows how to play the game, at level of play far above the rest of us.

      • Sparkles says:

        Camp Ricketts has dumped what.. $15, $20 million into failed Presidential candidates since 2012?
        We know they spent heavily in the 2012 cycle trying to defeat Obama. The most notable failure splashed across the pages of the New York Times, in their reporting of the proposed $10M smear campaign against Obama featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
        And we know they dumped more than $5 million in the premature evacuation of Scotty Walker in this current cycle. That failure followed by their failure of the #nevetrump effort, of which they were primary sponsors reportedly have dumped $6 million into the effort.

        Hasn’t bought them a single phone call with a President.

        You’re welcome to imagine their efforts to be ‘playing at a level far above the rest of us’ if you choose.
        I’ll continue to believe it’s really rich people out of touch with America, lacking in vision and demonstrating really poor judgement of the character and qualities in others.

        The people who ‘know how to play the game’, are those whose investment of $25 million buys real influence and portends the potential of a real return on their investment.
        The Ricketts’ are so far batting zero.

        To top it off, the Governorship they bought to keep Pete occupied has so far proven to be a Reign of Error.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, you’re mostly right Sparkles. Having and spending money doesn’t necessarily mean those who can acquire millions have the common sense of a can of spinach. In any ecosystem there’s a predator to match. Bernie Madoff anyone?

      • Sparkles says:

        Almost forgot..
        A tip o’ the hat for one recent Ricketts success.

        Joe Rickett’s “Ending Spending” group just last spring poured more than $1 million into a Kansas Congressional primary race, money that helped lead to the defeat of Freedom Caucus GOP obstructionist Tim Huelskamp.
        It was Ricketts and U.S Chamber of Commerce money in a cage match against Koch money, which was supporting Huelskamp.

        So a win, and a good one, for team Ricketts.

    • Cash Counts says:

      Pete’s daddy doesn’t just invest in federal elections. Right now he’s trying to buy enough seats in the legislature to get those tax cuts for the mega rich passed. If he succeeds, WATCH OUT! The ag sector is about to drown because of property taxes. The prison system is just about where the BSDC was a few years ago. Revenue projections for the state are pathetic. the DHHS is failing. If Joe manages to buy Pete a few more state senators you can bet that the tax cuts for the corporate class will sail through, but the rest of the problems will go unresolved.

      • anon says:

        Ricketts has problems, no doubt, but there is a wide majority in the legislature and they have not made much movement in the prison problem now and before him as many senators ran on that and taxes, they are half the problem and take no responsibility as a whole or individually. You have some valid points, you don’t have to make stuff up

      • Cash Counts says:

        Make stuff up?

        The prison system is under the supervision of the Governors office. Scott Frakes is the guy Ricketts brought in to solve all the problems. Most of the legislature may have been ignoring the situation, but the Governor’s toadies have been directing it. The legislature should get some of the blame, but not “half,” the largest part of the problems belong to the governor.

      • Sparkles says:

        Scott Frakes is yet another dumbfounding hire by Ricketts.

        Feb 3, 2011 – CBS News:
        “MONTESANO, Wash. (AP) – Two other women were assaulted in the past six months at the Washington state prison where a female guard was strangled (to death), adding to questions about the safety of prison workers..
        ..Prison Superintendent Scott Frakes told The Daily Herald of Everett that he has to wait for the criminal investigation before he can change how Washington’s largest prison is run.”

        From Dec 23, 2015 Lincoln Journal Star –
        “A story in Tuesday’s Seattle Times provided an accounting of how 3,200 inmates in Washington’s prison system had been released early by mistake since 2002. Frakes was deputy director there before coming to Nebraska.
        For three years, according to the Times, Washington’s Department of Corrections knew a software coding error was miscalculating prison sentences..”.

        And, you’re absolutely right Cash.
        It is Gov’s Heineman and Ricketts along with NE’s GOP legislators who bear the lion’s share of the blame for our ongoing prison debacle.
        Democratic legislators have been demanding action, for years, only to be rebuffed by their GOP counterparts.

      • anon says:

        Made up as in buying senators, people are already holding receipts on them, Krist’s is held by the democratic party

  1. Mizzou Matt says:

    SS your such a hack.

    You left out the part where Bacon totally distanced himself from Trump.

    Bacon is fried if he thinks he can win this thing without the grassroots supporters that have propelled Mr. Trump to the nomination.

    It’s turncoats like Bacon and Sasse that will cause us to lose the whitehouse to Clinton.

    I am ashamed that Bacon is running for this seat againist such a beatable opponent, like Assford and losing.

    • Defending Bacon says:

      Mizzou Matt:

      You are way off base. Bacon has always said he would support the winner and has said he would vote for Trump. Moreover, he has several Trump delegates who either work or volunteer for him regularly.

      Try being honest when you toss out an accusation.

  2. bynd says:

    There is a story in the Bible where the pharisees give their ten percent with a big show. The poor woman gave 2 coins, who gave the most?

    25 million is chump change to the owners of the Chicago cubs. Heck they paid about 900 million for the team and it seems to be becoming a winner.

    On the other hand, Bernie Sanders made a lot of money off the little folks. So, who do you think took the bigger hit when their candidate didn’t pan out. And Bernie was screwed from the get go. Think of all the poor suckers that the Dems played to get HRC the nomination.

    Laugh at the big spenders all you want. When it costs billions to win a Presidency, I’m sure the rich could care less what the minions are doing. So who are the fools? Who gets hurt the most?

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Our job as pundits is to try to understand undercurrents the rest don’t see. And so this epistle…

    All on the same day; a) mainstream Press reports Hillary’s political “obituary”, b) the Bush family announces they are voting for Hillary, and, c) Joe Ricketts dumps #NeverTrumpers for Trump himself. Why? Because non-pol Joe wants Pete to have a political future. Plus, Joe started out with Walker not Jeb, so some iconoclasm was already there. In any case, the Ricketts are not a political dynasty.

    The Kennebunkport dynasty just killed itself. One dynasty down, one left to go.

    You cannot invent comedy like this. Old George blames voters for the defeat of Jeb “please applaud me” Bush, while DNC bosses who stopped Bernie for Hillary now blame Bill for hiding Hillary’s illness. Stunned Never Trumpers are left groping. Unless you are any of them, it’s delightfully funny. But funny or painful, it doesn’t help if we don’t understand why this is happening.

    I submit we are witnessing the last gasp of Post-Reagan Establishment-Dynastic Politics, which began to die in 2000 when the SCOTUS made Bush’s son president with fewer popular votes, to become the second dynastic son after John Q. Americans hate royalty, fought a revolution to get rid of it. But being kinky, Americans have wet dreams about royal nepotistic Camelot. Yet occasionally a few US family dynasties arise to remind us why Charles I was lopped and George III was dropped. Family businesses are fine in business, but not fine when “It’s my wife’s/son’s/brother’s turn” to be President.

    Between 2000 and 2008 voters came to realize both parties had become inbred. Voters chose Obama with no experience over the DNC’s dynastic Hillary and continued to reject establishment types McCain and Romney. In 2015, dynastic-establishment shoe-ins Jeb and Hillary raised mountains of money but couldn’t gain traction with voters. As 2016 dawned, Democrats had a pyrrhic choice between a spastic dynastic Hillary and a Sanders who isn’t a Democrat; while GOP voters faced a huge field of governors and senators with dynastic Jeb at its head. Despite Bernie’s headway, Hillary was propped up like a corpse. GOP establishment candidates weren’t that lucky. They all lost with dynastic Jeb going down early. The only Republicans to gain traction were a surgeon and a businessman, neither of whom had run for office before. While we all recognize it takes skill to win an election, outsiders like Trump are swimming with, not against, this anti-establishment anti-dynastic electoral wave. And he saw that long before he was running for President.

    America is finished with dynasties for the foreseeable future and both major parties are better for it. The RNC and DNC were already suffering from cognitive incest. The Bush and Clinton family dynasties simply made it easier to see that party rot. The result is a wave of anti-establishment voting. Obama surfed it. Trump seems to be heaping it into a tsunami.

    • Ego Much? says:

      Do you know the difference between a pundit and an average run-of-the-mill wind bag?

      Pundits get their views spread by the media. Wind bags go on blogs and spread bull shit.

  4. Sparkles says:

    It’s always a slightly surreal journey Lil Mac, kind of like following Alice down the rabbit hole and I thank you for that.

    I agree that our politics and parties have reached a turning point. Demographics have pointed to this moment for quite some time. We are a center left nation. Our politics and our courts will continue to change to reflect that fact.

    A much better analogy of Trump’s pyrrhic momentary movement and the evolution of our political landscape is presented by TV’s most gifted orator. Simply google – Donald Trump Nativist Speech Follows Dark US Pattern

    If you can’t watch a Youtube video, a really good, concise synopsis can be found in print –
    Trump: a throwback to the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s

    “History, with all her volumes vast, hath but one page”
    – Lord Byron

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