Ashford poll / Bacon ad

Nebraska’s 2nd District campaign continues to heat up with both campaigns coming out with news today.

First, the Don Bacon campaign has a new TV spot out. See it here:

Another intro ad as the voters in the 2nd continue to focus on this race and, frankly, learn about the candidates.

The Bacon camp has admitted that voters did not know Bacon’s name when he started the race — at 6% back in January.

But we’re told those voters that do learn about him, pick him 2-1 over Brad Ashford.

Which leads to the latest poll…from Ashford.



The OWH reports that an Ashford poll has Ashford up 10 points on Bacon, with 402 likely voters. (No cross tabs available, mind you.)

But note that this poll, which Ashford is waving around, has a 4.9% margin of error. Doing the math, the ordinary citizen can see that makes it a statistical TIE — each at 45%.

Then there’s that pesky 10% of voters who are “Undecided”.

And this is WITH Brad Ashford being the incumbent.
And already WITH Brad Ashford’s TV ad onslaught.
And WITH Brad’s chosen Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, making visits, and staffing up and overpowering the airwaves as well.

There are 50 (some) days to go til the Election.
The Bacon supporters should feel that they are in a good spot, where the only direction they’ll go is up.


Fish & Chip Papers

Leavenworth St. noted early yesterday that former #NeverTrumper, billionaire Joe Ricketts, father of Governor Pete Ricketts, went from giving over $6 million to defeat Donald Trump, to changing his tune to SUPPORT Trump — also by a million bucks.

(“That’s walking around money!”, as the great Thurston Howell, III used to say.)

A primarily online reader would not give much thought, then, to the OWH’s online follow-up on the same subject, quoting the same WSJ story that Leavenworth St. did.

Then an alert reader sent Leavenworth St. an image of the fishwrap version of the front page of the morning OWH. Here is what will greet you, rolled up in your driveway:


So here’s a question:
Did the OWH just farm out this front page to the Hillary campaign, or did Warren Buffett come down to the Herald’s print shop and draw it up himself?

Because it was one or the other, right?
Nearly full page, above the fold, quotes, and photos…for a local citizen’s endorsement???
(“Earthquake rocks west coast – California falls into Pacific. Page 3.“)

Forget about the relatively innocuous story that is connected to it. It’s right up there with Bernie Sanders saying he now supports Hillary.

“But don’t forget Joe Ricketts’ damning quotes Omahans! Don’t forget them! Here they are! We’ve printed them in bold, 45 point type for you! Go Hillary! Donald Trump wears a coat made of collie puppies!”

Ah, your independent media…


Requiescat in Pace

We say our goodbyes to former Speaker of the Legislature and Third District Congressman Bill Barrett, who passed away yesterday.

Barrett was already well known in the Legislature when he ran for Congress in 1990. But he was hoping at the time to fill the gigantic shoes of retiring Virginia Smith.

Back in the day I was campaigning across the third district on Hal Daub’s campaign, and we crossed paths at events with Barrett often. At that point, having survived the primary, his campaign was in a pretty good spot. But he made a point at every stop to commend all of his primary opponents and note the clean primary that they had conducted

Barrett stepped up in Washington and did an outstanding job representing the 3rd. He made his constituents proud.

Rest in peace.


No cheating!

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  1. Pete says:

    Not surprised that idiot sparkles completely missed the message of the Bacon ad. Sad really. Total loser, can’t keep up mentally. Sparkles won’t have so many jokes when Bacon wins by a wide margin. Believe me, folks. Sparkles will eat crow.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “But note that this poll, which Ashford is waving around, has a 4.9% margin of error. Doing the math, the ordinary citizen can see that makes it a statistical TIE — each at 45%.”

    Sorry, but that’s not how math works in polls.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Hi, my name is Angie Bacon and you may think that pitcher on the table is filled with a refreshing summer beverage.
    But consider this –
    It’s currently 96 degrees in the shade of this umbrella, and of course we live in Nebraska, so the humidity makes it feel more like 112.
    It’s literally a sauna out here and my husband is wearing a pair of heavy denim jeans and pushing an inoperable mower around our freshly mowed lawn.
    Just listen… don’t hear it do you… do you!!
    The mower is NOT running and if I’m being honest here.. that pitcher is pushing at least 110 proof!

    PLEASE, somebody send my husband to Washington!! NOW!!!

  4. Left Hook says:

    I am sure that is a photo-shopped fake OWH front page. They cannot do that for real, And not for any Fourth Estate or Press protection arguments.

    This is Joe we are talking about. Have you seen the size of his fists?

    Sure, Buffett says he’s not in charge of the OWH opinion people who he owns like livestock. On the other hand, does Joe care? We all saw how he made one wrong impulsive misjudgment after another. He came grudgingly to Trump. So there is a fair possibility Joe Ricketts will punch Buffett so hard that his eyes will register dollar signs. Most of the OWH staff would pay to see that.

    • Pete says:

      Stop by a gas station, or better yet the bottom of my neighbor’s bird cage, and you will see that this was in fact the front page of the OWH this morning.

  5. Stan says:

    You know that the margin of error could be off in the opposite direction, right? Assuming the swing goes 100% Ashford’s way is a nice way to spin it. Unskew the polling at your own peril.

  6. Math for dummies says:

    A 10 point lead with a 4.9 percent margin of error is not a statistical tie. That’s among the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

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