Sasse on Trump…and Hillary

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse sent an email to supporters yesterday attempting to clarify his position on the Presidential race.

After Hillary Clinton used one of Sasse’s many anti-Donald Trump statements in a TV ad, Sasse sought to set the record straight:

Ben never agreed to have his face in any ad for the Clinton campaign and he never would.

Ben’s statements were made months before we had a Republican nominee, and they had nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton or her campaign.

Ben has made clear that he will NEVER support Hillary Clinton, because she is one of the most dishonest candidates in American history.

He goes on to state…

She is dishonest, and her election would be a tragedy for America.

The problem Senator Sasse has is that he has made an equivalence between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as evidenced by his interview yesterday on WNAX:

Neither of these people are exemplars of what we want out kids to understand about what America means…

You have to have somebody who you support who you believe understands why we have separation of powers, why we have limited government…

And both of these candidates have said at different times in different ways that they think Barack Obama has paved a new way as far as Executive Unilateralism, and they think that would be a model to get a lot done…

So while he emailed to his supporters that Hillary’s election would be a tragedy…he has also stated…

That he’d rather watch dumpster fires than attend the GOP Convention in Cleveland — attended by Senator Fischer, Governor Ricketts and row after row of Nebraska delegates. That he feels Republicans should draft “an adult”.

And as Sasse wrote on The Facebook back in May:

“This is America. If both choices stink, we reject them and go bigger.”

But like it or not, Sasse is not invited on the talk shows and interviews to share how much he dislikes Hillary. It’s all about Trump.

In the mean time, Sasse has not presented some scenario where people will go into the voting booth in November and “go bigger”. He has rejected Trump, Hillary and Gary Johnson — and presumably Jill Stein. To date he has not presented a write-in alternative, even just for effect.

So while it is understandable where, in Sasse’s mind, he is critical of ALL of the candidates…we are often reminded that the Harvard and Yale grad is intelligent enough. He should have been capable of understanding how his anti-Trump statements would get used.

And he should understand that his email to supporters won’t get to the millions in the swing states who see his face looking like a Hillary supporter.

But according to Sasse, it doesn’t really matter whether Trump or Hillary takes the Oval Office. For him, the “stink” will be the same.


Mrs. Roboto

Speaking of Hillary, if you haven’t seen her latest video, it is worth a look. It seems to have been made for supporters in Nevada — and while hopped up on…something.

You be the judge on the normality of this delivery.


Hilltop Dialogue

And on the other side of supporters, Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer, along with a number of other female lawmakers in Washington, met with Trump’s daughter Ivanka to discuss issues particularly important to women.

The nearly hourlong meeting covered topics ranging from equal pay and workplace flexibility to increased take home pay, sources in the meeting said.

Ivanka Trump took detailed notes as lawmakers shared their own ideas with the campaign, sources said.

Senator Fischer Tweeted out a photo from the meeting:


And Ivanka Trump tweeted back her thanks to Fischer:


Networking Socially

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Is it just me or does this blog now only focus on Trump. What about all the other state political news? Like the Department of Corrections budget? Senator Campbell endorsing a Democrat? Lincoln Mayor suing the city council?

    • bynd says:

      The reality is, Campbell was a Republican in name only. But what is interesting is that the LJS brings up partisanship when they keep hollering about the Legislature being non partisan. Maybe the LJS hacks should work harder to walk the talk.

    • Sparkles says:

      The reasons you rarely see the state’s business discussed on this blog –
      It’s not just the Dept. of Corrections that’s fubar, Nebraska government in it’s entirely is a slow motion train wreck preceding a looming budget crisis. A crisis Pete is desperate to magnify through even more tax cut for NE’s wealthiest families. That’s why he’s personally travelling the state trying to defeat the handful of thoughtful members among his own party, in order to stack the chamber with toady’s and empty vessels.
      Everything Pete touches turns to $%^&.
      Because, like his dad with political candidates, Pete has a knack for unearthing and importing the most inept policy administrators on the planet.
      Heckuva a job.. Petey.

      Sen Campbell endorsed Jim Gordon because he is by far the superior candidate the race.
      Jim Gordon was born in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln High and UNL Law. He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran who fought in over 30 combat missions, as a result, walks only with the aid of a cane. Mr. Gordon is a respected lawyer who has been actively engaged in community efforts for decades.
      His opponent, Suzanne Geist (a name associated with $$$) has a degree in Broadcast Journalism (and now over to Roger, for Weather on the Nines..). On her LinkedIn page she describes herself as a ‘Style Consultant’, who helps successful men and women express their personal style with confidence!
      Like the Presidential race, it’s a laughable contest, but no doubt one that will be close, because.. Freedom!

      And the Mayor’s lawsuit in Lincoln is open and shut. Republicans will lose.

      None of the above makes for ‘happy chat’ if you’re running a right wing blog.

      • anon says:

        Why do you submit to the blog, all know what you have to say just reading your name, so sweeper should move to your position and likes, do you think you are GH.

      • Pat Borchers says:

        I’ve met Suzanne several times and I think you are vastly underestimating her intellect and seriousness. I know Jim too, and think well of him. I think voters in this race should cast their ballots for the candidate who most closely aligns with their views.

      • The Grundle King says:

        What’s funny is that Sparkles, while expounding Mr. Gordon’s military service and denigrating Ms. Geist’s inexperience, pretty much makes the argument of why people should have voted McCain over Obama.

        But I’m gonna take a wild guess that Sparkles didn’t vote that way.

      • Sparkles says:

        I didn’t call into question Suzanne’s intellect or seriousness about the role.

        I compared the differences in the education and lifetime of experience between the two candidates.
        The very experience and education that prepares someone for the role of lawmaker.

        I’m certain ‘Brownie’ was serious about and confident of his qualifications for the role as head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But alas, reality stepped in. It seems having the right political connections combined with a failed stint as Commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association, does not qualify one to run a sprawling federal organization like FEMA. Whoda thunkit?

        No doubt former Texas Governor Rick Perry was quite serious and highly confident when he made a run at Dancing With The Stars. But, dammit, here comes cruel reality, two-stepping onto the stage. Darn. (which brings us to our governance neophyte Pete)
        Don’t get my wrong. I’m all in favor of a self confidence and a healthy self-esteem.. good for you.
        But not when it comes to the very lives and welfare of Nebraska’s working poor, the safety of its children and the squandered opportunities to lay a foundation for the success of future generations of Nebraskans.
        Nebraska’s Republican dominated government – its disdain for the less fortunate, its embrace of failed policy prescriptives and its allegiance to wealth and special interests – has in fact imperiled each of these populations.

      • Sparkles says:


        I’ve always honored John McCain’s service to our nation, unlike many on the right.
        (and Bob Kerrey and Chuck Hagel and John Kerry and..)

        Sept 25th, 2008 .
        Impossible to imagine anyone – anyone paying attention and capable of critical thought – could have checked the box next John McCain/Sarah Palin after that date.

        An account of that day is summed up in –
        “When Mr. McCain Came to Washington”
        A WSJ editorial published Feb 6, 2010, penned by Hank Paulson Jr.

        By the way, I’m grateful lots of Americans were indeed paying attention –
        Obama/Biden 365
        McCain/Palin 173

      • Blah, blah, blah.... says:

        Campbell endorsed Gordon because they are both extreme liberals. It probably helps Geist, but good try Sparkles on personally attacking a person because they are conservative. At least you are a consistent troll.

  2. Pete says:

    Anyone hear Sasse on the Good Morning Show on 1110 KFAB two days ago?
    Sadlemyer: What are you looking for in that debate, by the way? The loose cannon Donald or the discipline Donald?
    Sasse: You’re talking about something about six days away, and I’m pretty obsessed with something four days away. We need to get to 7-0 and we need to get #4 on our belts. I’m not gonna think about the… We’re going to Chicago this weekend, taking my kids to the game in Evanston, so I haven’t thought much about the debate. Maybe after Saturday night.

    For a guy who campaigned on “the stuff that matters” who swore he wouldn’t waste time naming post offices, he sure does have a funny take on the election of our next President. For those of us who remember how very vocal Mr. Sasse was about this election earlier this year, this is peculiar.

    What a world class douchebag. But hey, how bout those Huskers?

  3. Bluejay says:

    For Ben’s sake I hope he can use his Ivy League education and figure his way out of this mess. I suggest the Flight 93 analogy.

  4. Patrick McPherson says:

    Sasse can continue to pontificate but the bottom line is while continues his Stan e on not voting for Trump he is supporting Hilary. And while he falls back on his belief in the Constitution for his decision. He assumes ownership for the damage Hillary’s appointments to the Supreme Court will irrevocably due to the future of this country snd to his children. Sasse is a delusional, zelf-serving fool. I’m sorry I ever voted for him and will never make that mistake again.

  5. bynd says:

    I see our in resident liberal once again rants on about minor and inaccurate actions of state officials. Meanwhile, Putin’s lap dog, Obama, has once again said nothing while Putin and his ally Syria bomb a UN relief column and kill 20 people. Even though all were advised of what the convoy was for and where it was going. Meanwhile, Kerry does his best impersonation of a chihuahua worrying about his agreement with the Russians and ignoring the atrocities and war crimes they are committing if not personally, by allowing the Syrians to do it for them. Even though it has already been stated by our allies that the Kerry-Russian deal is the only one in town because Obama continues to block other common sense answers, Such as US defended safe zones for civilians or action to ground the Syrian air force. College kids in the US get their safe zones though. They are such an oppressed group of whiners. It also appears that the Pres. enjoys a good TV show. It’s called burn baby burn, A Tale of American Cities. Why hasn’t he come out in support of law and order? What becomes of black America when they abort themselves into oblivion? (thanks to the Washington Post for pointing out what is important. Certainly not “Petey” running around the state for any reason.)

    Shows how superficial our liberals in this state are and why they are so impotent.

  6. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, just curious whom are you influencing with you essays on military strategy? Are you being read at the Command and General Staff School? Let us admitted folks like use who write on this blog erupt in the land of extinct volcanos.
    Not impressed by you military expertise, your knowledge of law and order must have been at the old farts academy.

    • bynd says:

      RL: No fool like an old fool? And just where does your military expertise come from to write a critique of such nonsense?

      Whether or not you are impressed has no relevance to anyone here. And your condescending attitude exposes only your own inability to read and comprehend. I did credit my source. And since you missed it the first time, I see no reason to repeat it.

      But I am sure the source has many more knowledgeable readers than you on such things and they are impressed by the source. I was also. Much more impressed by them than by you. Maybe you should stick to subjects you have some knowledge of.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, puncturing your pomposity is not condescending, it is realistic. Searching the web for criticism of POTUS is not learned, you simply cheery pick folks you agree with and then retail them here. You might web search ego inflation.

  7. Scoop says:


    If you haven’t figured out who Ben Sasse is going to vote for for President, I can give you the answer. Sasse will be writing in “Ben Sasse.” The only guy he thinks is smart enough to do the job.

  8. The Eye Ball says:

    Trump Republicans are a disaster. They want to blame Sasse but all the fault belongs to Trump.
    The nominee is supposed to unite the party behind him and Trump never planned on doing that.

    From day one, Trump avoided conservative organizations such as CPAC and persistently alienated conservatives. National Review, Club for Growth and would have none of it. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio knew Trump was up to no good.
    If Trump was not attacking conservatives, he was attacking conservative ideas and seldom attacking Clinton.

    Now the Trump Republicans expect conservatives to come bowing back to Trump and vote for a guy of which 60 percent of Americans will hate the day after election. That means no honeymoon. No political capital. President Trump will be pushed to the left. President Hillary Clinton will be pushed to the right. And both will get clobbered by a public that despises both of them. There is no upshot in voting for either one.

    The Republican Party keeps hanging itself because it just does not care what happens after election day. They can’t figure that part out. As soon as the election is over, they move on to the next election and don’t give crap how horrible the person is they brought to office. The Republican Party, like the Democrat Party, operates more like a fraternity instead of political party.

    The Republican Party is going to have to walk over broken glass to get conservatives back.

  9. Heritage Foundation says:

    Now that the Donald has included the leader of Sasse (Mike Lee) to the potential SCOTUS nominees, the Sasser will be ALL TRUMP.

  10. Sasse for President says:

    Sasse WANTS Hillary Clinton to win so that he can run against her in 2020. That is why he is too afraid to comment on the race because he doesn’t want his words used against him. This has nothing to do with his love of the constitution and everything to do with his love of himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      #NeverSasse – he’s as presidential as bellybutton lint and just as accomplished. We’d be better off with anybody’s cat in the White House.

      • The Grundle King says:

        This comment truly epitomizes the level of ignorance displayed by Trumpkins. So he dared to criticize your demigod…so what? He’s far more qualified than any of the current candidates.

  11. Sparkles says:

    Speaking of local politics not covered, here’s a couple hot-off-the-presses items.

    First, a big victory for Brad Ashford and Omaha’s veterans –
    “The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs advanced the legislation introduced by Rep. Brad Ashford, D-NE… legislation aimed at paving the way for a new veterans ambulatory care center in Omaha”

    And a big failure for a Ralston Republican Mayor and administration –
    “Ralston Arena’s dramatic debt downgrade might cost taxpayers… we view the city’s management as weak,” the firm (S&P) said.”

  12. Coffee Drinker says:

    I sure hope Ian Swanson doesn’t quit his career at the coffee shop and go off and become a state senator. He makes the best Caramel Mochas of anyone I’ve ever seen.

    • Sparkles says:

      Oh, but Coffee Drinker, you’re selling this young Republican nominee short. Ian has skills far beyond a frothy frappe’.
      Why, according to his very own site, the 23 year old lists qualifications such as; “Ian is a talented musician and informative teacher of a variety of subjects, including: “Worship Drumming 101”, “How Christians Should Interact with Their Government”..

      And with us being founded as a ‘Christian nation’ and all…

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m all for Christians in government, along with every other sect, none at all, and “declines to state.”

        Christians, in matters of this world, should be gentle as doves and crafty as serpents. Ian strikes me as a dove at best, not a serpent. He has no idea what he’s trying to do or how to do it beyond showing up.

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