Ashford: Pelosi got me elected, so I’ll vote for her

Pelosi comes to Omaha for Brad

In a somewhat stunning fit of honesty, Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford told the OWH that no matter what Nancy Pelosi stands for, he’ll vote for her for Speaker because she “helped me get elected.”

He went on to say…

“I don’t have to agree with Nancy Pelosi on anything, really, in order to vote for her for speaker.”

He said it folks.

If you help get Brad elected, it doesn’t matter WHAT you stand for. He doesn’t have to agree with you on “ANYTHING” — he will still vote for you.

Brad Ashford has shown time after time that he has no real principles. He won’t tell you what party he is from. He won’t tell you who he supports for President.

Now he says, blatantly, that he is simply voting for the Speaker of the House of Representatives — not on his or her positions, votes, or basic outlook on government — but on whether or not they helped get him elected.

Looks like Nancy Pelosi bought a vote in 2014.
Wonder if she’ll be able to buy another this year.



On Friday afternoon, Texas Senator Ted Cruz stunned many political observers by changing his mind about endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Many viewed Cruz’s move as a strategic one — Trump is doing much better nationally, and certainly in Texas. And there has been more talk of a primary challenge for him in 2018 as well.

But Nebraska’s junior Senator Ben Sasse — a leader of the #NeverTrump movement — was having none of it.

Sasse took to the Twitters and delivered a not-so-subtle response to those who believe he may be next:

That would be Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down“.

(Whatever Sasse’s feelings, it is regrettable that he chose a horrible song from Petty’s 3-chord solo career for this Tweet. What song choice to use instead? Maybe just go with “Refugee” and let people read into it whatever they want. “Honey, it don’t make no difference to me baby. Everybody has to fight to be free, you see.“)

Unlike Cruz, there is not a real benefit for Sasse to soften his stance at this point. There are certainly arguments that he could be more specific on how voters should “go bigger” in the voting booth. And the questions of how he goes forward in the party. But he isn’t up for re-election until 2020.

With this Tweet, almost ANY moderation by Sasse on Trump will be seen as capitulation.



And because there have been very few polls in Nebraska, one of the few to even look at is 538’s “Election Forecast”.

Now keep in mind for the 2nd District, it is based solely on, “After calculating each candidate’s projected vote share, the polls-only forecast simulates the election 10,000 times to get each candidate’s chance of winning:




So how about the 1st and 3rd, and statewide?





Of course there is pretty much zero discussion of Hillary winning anything other than the 2nd. But the Hillary camp (and Warren) are pretty much all-in for her in the 2nd.

As noted above, these numbers on 538 move around constantly, so enjoy for “info” sake.



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  1. Ian Swanson's Buddy says:

    Hey Ian, are you parents out of town tonight? Can we come over and play Fallout 4? I have a killer new vape you gotta check out.!

  2. Ian Swanson for Barrista of the Year 2016 says:

    Ian Swanson (who works at a coffee shop)kind of reminds me of Louie Anderson’s character from “Coming to America”

    “Hi! You know, I started on clean-up just like you guys. But now? See, I’m making lattes. Soon I’ll be on pastries; then the brownies. In January I’ll be a State Senator, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in.”

    • Pat Borchers says:

      Well you’re going to be calling him Sen. Swanson pretty soon. He’s smart, well-informed, and has the hardest-working campaign going. LD 31 voters (in which Republicans own a 2-1 advantage) have had enough of Sen. K’s act as the most liberal member of the unicameral.

      • Sparkles says:

        Mr. Borchers,

        The interview on KFAB this morning was a bit.. disturbing.
        Comparing Michael Rose-Ivey’s solemn and thoughtful protest with that of a white sorority K-State student who donned blackface and snapchatted the n-word?

        It’s not just the comparison that seemed shocking, it was the way you presented the incident.
        You stated she was expelled from K-State for ‘exercising her free speech’. K-State Admin would beg to differ.
        You also intimated she was expelled without due process. Umm.. nope.
        In fact, when people were demanding immediate action on the part of K-State admin, the VP of Communication’s exact response was; “we do have to follow due process”.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sparkles, Pat saw the players as protected by the 1st Amendment, that is because he is a fine lawyer, that he thinks there is a retreat from robust protection of free speech on campuses is debatable, but it is a position many academics on both sides of the political fence accept, and free speech does not have to meet standards of seriousness. He is getting plenty of criticism from the nut cases on his own side, does not need yours.

      • Sparkles says:


        It was an ill-considered comparison, on many levels.
        Mr. Borcher’s stature and his choice for comparison served only to lend unwarranted credence to “the nut cases on his own side.”

      • (Non-Senator) Pat Borchers LOL says:


        Maybe it’s because you think a college age barrista is more qualified to create laws than a former principal with a record of enormous success is part of the reason why nobody will ever be calling you Senator Borchers.

      • 50 years ago the KSU student would be considered a harmless prankster, and the anthem protestor an anti-American commie. It’s amusing how things change.

        I happen to think both are protected speech, and I like neither of them. But there’s too much faux-outrage out there already; no point in staging a battle over what’s more outrageous.

      • Fact-check: the student was obviously wearing a facial mask, not blackface; she claimed she meant nothing derogatory by using the n word; and most importantly, was not expelled, because neither she nor her facial-masking pal were ever enrolled for Fall 2016.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sparkles, parody and burlesque are always at risk of bad taste and even at their best are often hurtful. They have not always faired well in free speech cases both in copywriter, Jack Benny and Gaslight, and under the doctrine of fair comment, the famous Cheery Sisters Case, However we have decided that bad manners are neither fighting words or provocation of violence that merit governmental action. From that perspective I think Pat’s example was not inappropriate in discussing governmental institutions of higher education. In public space mental distress, however justified and painful is not protected against.

  3. Pat McPherson (and proud to speak out) says:

    Sasse has already cooked his goose. He’s just a phony and an egotist. His stance on Trump will continue to follow him as he proceeds in his delusional effort to run for president in 2020. When that fails, he’ll beg Nebraskans to re-elect him to the senate. He’ll be challenged by a competent Republican and he will have absolutely no record to run on. He’s another delusional Bob Kerry or Chuck Hagel. He’d be wise to consider that Chuckie and Ben Nelson (who did the unforgiveable) were smart enough not to run for re-election. If by some chance Trump gets elected, you can bet that Sasse is one Republican who will be persona non grata at the Whitehouse and rightfully so.

    • At least Sen Sasse says:

      At least Sen. Sasse is a real conservative by, you know, actually believing and voting what he preaches and, more to the point, keeping his word as opposed to Trump who has changed his position about a billion times on about everything.

      So, Pat, does this mean you are now more liberal because you are supporting Trump? Will you be giving to Hillary’s campaign just like your hero Trump? Are you also for universal healthcare until you were against it like your good friend Trump?

      Just wondering.

    • #NeverMcPherson says:

      I’m sure Pat McPherson hated Sasse well before Trump came along, since Sasse ran spanish-speaking commercials and tried to expand the NEGOP to latinos. McPherson is an unapologetic racist, the difference between Sasse and McPherson is the entire NEGOP hasn’t called on Sasse to resign.

      • Smell My Finger says:

        Folks who live in America should speak English…not Spanish, not Ebonics…ENGLISH. You left-wing pantie-wastes with your safe spaces and micro-aggression-triggers make most of us normal tax-paying folks simultaneously laugh AND fear for our nation’s future.

        Once he become President, I hope Trump allocates a few billion bucks to set-up reeducation camps for these left-wing nut jobs.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Hey…didn’t we defeat England? Why should we speak their native tongue? Do you declare ‘bollocks’ over things that displease you? Refer to annoying people as ‘wankers’? Do you commonly refer to a filet of fish with fries on the side as ‘fish and chips’?

        By God, this is America…where we speak American! (Never mind that “America” collectively refers to North America, Central America, and South America…or that the name ‘America’ is Italian in origin).

        I, too, would prefer it if everyone who came to this country was capable of reading and speaking English…but then my Swedish and Germans-from-Russia ancestors probably would have been denied entry under such rules. Yes, they learned English…but they didn’t do it overnight. Neither did you.

        BTW, it’s “panty-waists”, and “becomes” President. I’m also trying to figure out how spending a few billion dollars on an idiotic program fits in with being a fiscal conservative.

      • The REAL Red Robin says:

        You can attack Pat for a lot of things: his blog, just plain being stupid…but Pat was proven innocent of that.

  4. Sparkles says:

    The headline from ESPN –
    “Nebraska’s Michael Rose-Ivey receives racial backlash for anthem protest”

    The headline from Sports Illustrated –
    “Nebraska’s Michael Rose-Ivey threatened after national anthem protest”

    Nice job.
    I’m so f*^&ing proud to call myself a Nebraskan.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Sparkles, the absence of truly nasty people has never been a part of the “good life”, but I am surprised you had not noticed. You should’ve been around when Tailgunner Joe had a lot of local friends.

    • Nebraskan says:

      I may not agree with his actions, but I support his right to do it. I too am ashamed right now of the actions of a few who claim to represent Nebraskans.

      • bynd says:

        Nebraskans, Really?

        And you know they are Nebraskans how? Maybe we should all just be ashamed of being humans. But to bear the shame for jerks and as- holes seems to be the ultimate in an unnecessary PC action. Because all groups have such members. Let them stand by themselves.

        Remember, as government has shown us, or was it business, we are Nebraska Nice!

      • The Grundle King says:

        Well bynd…who outside of Nebraska both knew about the players’ protest, and also cared enough to address it?

        I’m not a fan of this form of protest, but the backlash they’ve received…including racial epithets and threats of violence…it’s absolutely unacceptable. Those who sent threats should be prosecuted.

    • anon says:

      actions have consequences, ESPN is a shithole many leaving, dismissed or should have been dismissed. He can blame the country and you can blame the state

    • bynd says:


      Being that you are older, you are probably not all that familiar with mass media. Many times such postings are from out of state Trolls. Which may or may not be the case here. But since you don’t know, to automatically jump to the conclusion it is Nebraskans doing this is rather lame.

      In any case, it is very obvious that you always seem to be of the mind set you f*^&ing hate to be a Nebraskan. It is rather funny though, you hang around and keep taking the embarrassment beating for people thinking you are one. And to think, you post and post and post on here to what, influence a bunch of f*^&ing Nebraskans. And you can’t even get that done. Does that make you the best example of a f*^&ing Nebraskan?

  5. bynd says:

    It would seem more accurate to say Lee Terry got Ashford elected. Just as would have been case for almost anyone who ran against Terry.

    So Brad needs to cross the aisle and vote for the Republican.

  6. bynd says:

    Well, crow taste bad no doubt. After listening to MRI video no doubt Nebraskans are part of the hate group. But I stand by the rest. Every group has it’s haters. It is better to show how the haters are not representative of you and your group, than accept you are one of them by association.

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