How well do you know Nebraska’s relation to the Presidential debates?

While waiting for tonight’s debate between Trump and Hillary, test your knowledge of Nebraska’s relation to the Presidential debates!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clinton has had Trump’s testicles in the nutcracker for an hour plus. Trump hasn’t landed a near miss on Clinton, who appears unflappable. Clinton 1, Trump 0. Next debate, please.

  2. bynd says:

    How anyone could watch all of that is not fathomable. Starting with Lester Holt and his intro. Wages are way up? The economy is booming or some such rubbish.

    Simple answers such as. HRC, you paid no taxes. Trump, I followed the rules you and the other politicians wrote.

    Trump, I know how to bring jobs back because I know by experience why they leave.

    Trump, you made a lot of mistakes. HRC your greatest wisdom is gained from mistakes.

    Trump, Obama did wrong with TPP. HRC, yes he did. (throw him under the bus. Who cares at this point and time.)

    Watched the first segment and they said nothing, nothing of value. Neither demonstrated in any positive manner why they are qualified to be President.

    Most of all, when talking about jobs, experts now agree that the greatest threat to jobs is automation. 10,000 or whatever green jobs? I believe automation is used to make most of the materials used. And afterwords, just like KXL, residue jobs, about 5 per project. But nobody shot the other one down buy saying their jobs projection can not be met.

    And these are the people the two major parties chose to run for president. It can almost make one believe we did come from the apes.

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