Thirity-six days until Election Day, voters!
Do you know where your candidate is?

Do you know WHO your candidate is?

Let’s start things out on this Monday morning post with a new ad up from the NRCC on #NE02 Democrat Brad Ashford. See it here:

The NRCC hitting Ashford again on Gitmo prisoners.

If this is effective, look to see more negative ads from Ashford. In the mean time, don’t expect the national ads to let up.



ICYMI, the OWH followed up with a review of Republican #NE02 candidate, Don Bacon. The focus is on Bacon’s military background, and his experience as a leader.

It provides an interesting contrast to his Democrat opponent, a freshman in the Minority party. The story notes that Bacon would have almost immediate influence among his fellow Congressman, potentially being the senior-most retired military member.



After reporting that the Democrats were taking a voter registration advantage in Douglas County, the OWH now reports that the Republicans still have the advantage District-wide. The GOP comes in over 6,000 registered voters over the Dems.

The major difference comes from voters in the Sarpy County balance of the District.



ICYMI as well, the crowd spontaneously sings the National Anthem as the sun rises over the Ryder Cup.

Very cool.



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  1. Sparkles says:

    Also very cool, from Sunday’s Lincoln Journal Star –
    “..Rose-Ivey received a warm reception before and after the game. It certainly meant a lot to his father and mother.
    Michael A. Rose tweeted that his wife was in tears when she heard the warm response. He also tweeted: Thank you #HuskerNation for the warm response when announcing my son. We love you!!!! BEST FANS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! #GBR”

  2. The Grundle King says:

    I honestly hope the police track down and arrest those who made threatening statements.

    I don’t like the kneeling protests…but NOBODY deserves threats to their lives as a result of their lawful exercise of free speech. IMO, the anthem is the one time…and really the only time…when Americans from all walks of life can stand together, united. It’s a moment where we say that, despite our differences, and despite any injustices that exist, we are Americans, and we NEED to be in this whole thing together.

  3. Dale Gribble says:

    glad to hear the University is FINALLY for free speech. Because when Coach Brown spoke against the gay mafia Cancellor Perlman was OFFENDED that Coach Brown listed Memorial Stadium as his address.

    • Sparkles says:

      “gay mafia”

      And now, for a reality check –
      Ron Brown’s employer, a public university that receives 42 percent of its funding from the federal government and state appropriations, has an official policy of non-discrimination that reads thusly:
      “It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not to discriminate based upon age, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender, sex, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran’s status, marital status, religion or political affiliation.”

      And Chancellor Perlman’s exact statement:
      “Unless and until I have evidence that Coach Brown has engaged in conduct beyond speech that many of us find offensive, I do not intend to do more than seek to assure that he speaks only for himself and to disassociate myself and this university from his position.”

      So, while Ron Brown was embarrassing our state and our university and being mocked by the national media, he was being paid $254,880 and was provided free of charge a 2011 GMC Terrain for a personal vehicle.
      On top of his impressive earnings Harvey Perlman allowed Ron Brown to remain as offensive as he pleased. Brown was permitted to continue to call gays and lesbians “sinners,” and still report to work the next morning.
      He simply wasn’t allowed to list his official residence as Tom Osborne field nor was he allowed to offend others as a representative of anyone other than himself and his Jesus.

      The obvious question seems: How did Ron Brown’s view effect the young men he was tasked with coaching, mentoring and guiding?
      A May 19, 2016 Gallup Poll found that 83% of people ages 18 -29 support gay marriage.

      Thankfully, it’s no longer an embarrassment NU has to worry about.
      Brown lasted for a 3 months with Pelini at Youngstown State (where he told reporters “each day, he wept”). He is now at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, where he joined Turner Gill’s (55 – 71) staff.

      By the way – Youngstown State didn’t treat Brown nearly as well as Nebraska had.
      Weeks after his arrival, Youngstown State’s student newspaper, published an editorial calling Brown’s views on homosexuality “neolithic.” The school’s LGBT advisory committee would then publicly request that Brown, Pelini and university President Jim Tressel attend sensitivity training.

      There ya go, glad to have been able to add some context to your ridiculous claim of a “gay mafia”.

      • Bynd says:

        OMG, he called them sinners! The inhumanity of it all. If you don’t believe, who would care? Especially coming from Sparkles, the name calling king of Leavenworth Street. LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can bet our local media will NOT follow up with MRI to see if he has reported said threats to the police and to find out what progress said investigation would take. It seems odd that he would say he received such threats without noting that they have been turned over to the police, which they should. Coaching staff should also be alarmed by serious threats to players and ask for an investigation as well.

  5. Hillary's Leaked Statement says:

    That tape where Hillary Clinton is talking about Bernie Sanders supporters living in their parent’s homes and working as a barrista, it sounds more like she’s talking about Ian Swanson.

  6. “A May 19, 2016 Gallup Poll found that 83% of people ages 18 -29 support gay marriage.”

    As a trans-millennial (who has decided he’s had enough of being trapped in a late middle age body, and is adopting the identity of a 25 year old) I salute my cis-millennial comrades!

    Here’s an idea. Maybe we should all support the party which has been in favor of gay marriage since 1972. Rather, say, than supporting it only when the polls looked good.

    • Sparkles says:

      Libertarians bring some value to table.
      Socially liberal = good.
      Non-interventionist foreign policy = good
      Generally copacetic disposition toward personal freedoms = good.
      And everybody appreciates a fiscally conservative approach when it comes to minding the store (including democrats). But the whole laissez-faire, ‘invisible hand’ thing has always struck me as a bit reckless. And naive.
      A good case can made it was the ‘invisible hand’ that gave the world the sound spanking that was the Great Recession. Deregulation and all.
      Self-interest seems, to me, highly incompatible with the greater good. (of course, if the greater good is not a goal..)
      Also I’m inclined to believe a case can be made (by people far smarter than I) that Keynes is looking pretty virile about now.

      This could have been a year when the Libertarian party made some real inroads.
      It’s truly unfortunate that your man is.. Gary Johnson. Had they offered a charismatic, well informed candidate, who knows.
      Sure Johnson is better than Trump, but so is the plant sitting on my desk.

  7. “A good case can made it was the ‘invisible hand’ that gave the world the sound spanking that was the Great Recession. Deregulation and all.”

    A good case can be made that 1929 was just a big downswing of the business cycle, and government action was what turned it into the great depression.

    See, for example, Hayek.

    Check out Austin Petersen. He was my candidate, and he has charisma out the wazoo.

    Most fundamentally, I’m not a utilitarian, and therefore don’t think much of the greater good. Libertarians, and even before them, anarchists, have always pinned their hopes on ‘enlightened self-interest’.

    And finally, I view libertarianism as a direction, not a destination. Ayn Rand libertarianism imposed right now on the US population would be a disaster.

    • Sparkles says:

      “don’t think much of the greater good.”
      Cards on the table, I’m not a big fan of my fellow man.

      ” I view libertarianism as a direction, not a destination.”
      Lot’s of merit.

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