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Have you seen the sample Nebraska ballot on the “Retain/Repeal the Death Penalty” question? Here it is:


Heck it’s right there in front of me and I STILL get confused.

Read through it…”Retain”…OK…”Repeal”…wait, what’s that “Purpose”?…and…fill an oval…wait which one was which?

It’s a little late now, but there is an argument that they should have put the ovals right next to the explanation.

Because you can go through both of those, but then read the next explanation of the bill and it’s STILL confusing.

Maybe this is more of a Y2K type problem (i.e. lots of talk, then not much) but it seems like there had to have been a better way to do this.


753fde_6c2fe4ed47c746acb5e3314cf42a84d9-mv2_d_1441_2440_s_2Early Halloween gift…

The Don Bacon campaign is taking a Democrat Brad Ashford’s positions just a step further, by putting up the “Flip-Flop Brad Ashford” web page.

The page features Ashford’s flips and flops on…Gitmo, ObamaCare, Abortion, the Death Penalty, and of course, his own party affiliation:

FLIP FLOP ALERT:  Brad’s Timeline of party hopping 

  • Republican Brad Ashford: 1971 – 1983

  • Democrat Brad Ashford: 1984 – 1988

  • Republican Brad Ashford: 1988 – 2011 

  • Independent Brad Ashford: 2011 – 2013

  • Democrat Brad Ashford: 2013 – Present

But credit to where credit is due at the Bacon camp: There is also a link to BUY the Brad Ashford Flip-Flop costume.

No doubt the Bacon campaign office will issue you an Ashford mask if you need it.



I will be Live-Tweeting the Vice Presidential debate tonight, between these two guys:


Ha ha!

No seriously, it’s between THESE two guys.


Well, in any case, there are sure to be some sort of theatrics involved. Hopefully someone will claim that the other isn’t Jack Kennedy or Jack Kevorkian or Jack Kerouac…hey! That ‘minds me!

YOU should take the Leavenworth St. (Vice) Presidential Debate Quiz! Sure it’s the same quiz (if you haven’t already taken it) but with lots of tasty Veep goodness involved!

Click here and try your darndest!


The. Best. Way.

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  1. bynd says:

    Confusing seems to be the point of the day. As ex Pres Clinton states, the ACA is a crazy system hurting those who bust their butt 60 hours a week. The apologist, and we will see this soon on this site, tell us it is the Republicans fault. However, as the apologists have pointed out, the Republicans have voted over 60 times to end the ACA and have not made a dent in it. And not one of them supported it to begin with. Knowing it would fail and take a lot of good people with it.

    In fact, Obama has made over 50 pen and ink changes in the ACA to save it. (Fed government vernacular.)

    So the next straw man is SCOTUS. They ruled against Medicaid and made a fee a tax. Wow, imagine that, politicians can not tell the difference between a tax and a fee. And since they started off paying 100% of the new Medicaid expenses, why didn’t they just change the law to make new Medicaid always the Feds responsibility? Because is isn’t about insuring the uninsured, it was forcing the states to take part in a Fed. program.

    Which brings up the point, those states who expanded Medicaid seem to be doing better than those who didn’t. Doesn’t mean it is sustainable, just doing a little better than failure. In fact, a Minnesota Dem called it unsustainable.

    The public option seems to be the choice dejour to fix the ACA. Does that mean just adding folks to the FEHBP? Vary little cost and insurance companies, along with unions, are already on board. But that wouldn’t allow Dems to take control which is their real aim.

    So the ACA is the greatest thing since sliced bread, the liberals say, but disavow it’s failures. How disingenuous. They wrote it, but refuse responsibility for it and are now finding out, you should probably read and understand a law prior to passing it.

    And as a side note, CNN, the bible network for the libs, has once again been caught editing videos to make things look worse than they were. Like editing out the words, gun, gun put down the gun. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could/would sued them for all the damage caused by their biased reporting.

    And the Marine who asked Trump about PTSD stated the news outlets are spinning their take on the conversation the wrong way. Who would have thunk (sp intentional) it. The unbiased news would purposely miss state something Trump said to help HRC?

    And on it goes for the Dems and HRC. As hard as Trump is trying to loose, the Dems are trying just as hard to not win either. Yes Bill, things are crazy.

    Can’t wait to see the spin answers on these.

    • Oracle says:

      No big government program comes out of the chute fully developed. Just look at Social Security and Medicare. Now the only solution proposed by Republicans is to kill it, not fix it. That’s insane and not what I would call “working together for the good of the country”. So put the blame where it belongs, your beloved Republican party.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Right. The GOP didn’t want it, didn’t support it, and didn’t vote for it.

        The Democrats, over the objections of the GOP, and after providing the GOP with no meaningful opportunity for input, passed it all by themselves.

        The Democrat President changes the law with a stroke of a pen.

        But blame for the law’s dismal failure, in the eyes of a Democrat, can all be laid at the feet of Republicans.

        What a farce.

      • Sparkles says:

        providing the GOP with no meaningful opportunity for input

        One had to have been living on another planet to imagine that to be true.

      • bynd says:

        Oracle is blinded by the light:

        I’ll bet you blame such as Toyota for the fall of the American auto industry.

        Gave up the Repubs over 20 years ago.

        The ACA was unsustainable from the get go. It has insured 20 million maybe, low hanging fruit, and left 29 million still uninsured. Yes it needs to be killed like a wounded and dying animal. And no it is not insane.

        There are better and less expensive solutions. So accept the blame where it belongs, your beloved but incompetent Keystone cops masquerading as a political party called Democrats. Sorry if that truth hurts you feelings.

        And as I have said all along, they both screw you, just in different ways. But evidently you enjoy the Democrat way.

      • Sparkles says:

        There are better and less expensive solutions.

        Why is it then that the GOP has been incapable of presenting a single viable solution in the last seven years?

        Or maybe bynd has a ‘secret’ solution he’s waiting to reveal to the world?
        Kind of like Trump’s secret plan for defeating ISIS.

  2. Electoral collagen says:

    So you haven’t stopped beating your wife? — Questions can be loaded and twisted inside ballots as easily as in barroom humor. And to good effect if your aim is to subvert democracy.

    Referendum 426 is purposeful. It was the wordsmith’s job to wedge the outcome. We expect voters will think they are voting to retain the DP yet will inadvertently continue to repeal it against their own intention to keep it, thanks to voters being ignorant (not stupid). That’s 90%. They are ignorant by choice for there is no value in becoming politically expert as a voter. It’s like getting a medical degree so you can be better informed as a patient. Unless you are seeking electoral power for yourself, politics is an absorbing hobby, like genealogy, compiling fascinating info that should mean something to you, but there isn’t a jackpot inheritance to enhance your own existence. Its vague like mythology. You want it to mean more than it means. And for most voters, one notable side effect of not caring to know, is inattention. Hence 426’s wording.

    For most citizens voting is a social not a political act. That makes sense. The remaining 10% who have political principles are so fixated that even while they know their vote is 1 of 60 million they still want to think it makes a difference. When they try to persuade the rest, they are a bit more effective. But that too is delivered as snake oil for the 90% won’t waste their time absorbing complexities of government and policy when it makes sense to invest your time in more impactful everyday things like buying shoes, for shoes can pinch your feet while those you vote for don’t know you are alive.

    This is all driven by hosed human nature. For example, even when voters don’t know who they want to vote for, they all instantly pull a name out of thin air and tell the pollster. Because to not have an answer is to appear ignorant, lazy and unpatriotic. And also because no one is ever punished for lying to a pollster. Indeed, pollsters use multiple choice questions because otherwise voters will say they are voting for a senate candidate for governor, or a name they heard running for parliament. Voting allows the unprincipled and ignorant to feel noble and wise.

    When democracy gives way to data mining to determine what We the People really want, based on our Tweets, that Brave Nude World will probably be run by the person who wrote 426.

  3. Owl says:

    Sleep apnea keeping you awake? Some CPAPs come with an “elephant trump” that straps to your nose like a character in “Dune”. — That fixes your sleep like political dynasties fix government. — Your jaw drops open and the air rushes out, waking you up. And when you get up to relieve yourself, unstrapping and re-donning the rig ensures you become wide awake. — The Democrat version has the “trunk” go up the donkey’s ass. The #NeverTrump version has it go up your own. The Trump fix is to dump the $500 machine, use a 25 cent nasal strip and sleep on your side. Ah peace at last. But, oh my goodness, what a tragedy for unemployed CPAP machine makers… screw ‘em.

    • DUH! says:

      Also, losing 25 – 75 pounds (depends on how fat you are to start) oftentimes improves or cures sleep apnea. Eat little to no sweets, no chips or fried food, and more greens…AND get off your giant duff and move around a little (exercise).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wondering, Philip Converse back in the 1960’s measured and pegged voters correctly. 90% are ignorant because they want to be, its easier that way. Lazy yet try to appear wise. Like you.

    EC wrote of real impacts by real voters. Your snark contributes nothing of value and indeed proves that not all who frequent political blogs are in the 10% with political principles and have the drive to actually do anything of use. You are a prick. That is of little consequence to anyone here but it likely makes you a living hell for those closest to you. If you think your snark is real humor, try stand up comedy. Make money from it and you won’t be a snarky lazy prick of a sod. Or continue to be a useless lump. For while you are a tumor for some, we aren’t them.

  5. bynd says:

    Sparkles, one sentence solution even an arrogant ass with a simple mind like you should understand.

    Put the uninsured in the Federal Employees Health Benefit plan with over 200 options and already 75% subsidized, infrastructure in place, insurance companies in place, unions already involved.

    No secret. Just status quo, unimaginative folks like you are to blind to see past your Bozo the clown red nose and see what is on the other side. Duh!

      • bynd says:

        Because you have no intelligent response to give. Fact is, you didn’t refute it nor are you capable. That’s response enough to know you have no clue.

  6. Sparkles says:

    Josh Jordan of the impaired Forbes and the wayward National Review Online, should have know better than to tweet the following bit of snark (which SS retweeted):
    So I assume Vox will be running a cute graphic about the number of times the Democratic VP candidate interrupted a female moderator tonight?

    Here ya go Josh – the headline from Vox:
    Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence 72 times at the debate. It wasn’t a good look.

    Right wing media consistently makes the mistake of imagining mainstream, viable media outlets are required to share their same antipathy to reality.
    It is only in the fact free, alternate reality of the right wing media that crafting a “news” story requires rigid blinders and a fulsome embrace of mendacity.

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