Debate Hot Take & the Trump weekend

EltonKikiGoing into the debate Sunday night, after the Trump- Billy Bush video weekend, there did not seem to be a scenario where Trump would come out the winner.

And yet he did.

He was more calm than Hillary, more prepared than he was for the last debate and on offense throughout. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but even his “political-ish” responses on the energy question and the Supreme Court nominees beat out Wonder Wonk — and that’s saying something.

Once again he had to contend with the moderators who showed that they were specifically willing to argue with the Republican candidate and not the Democrat.

In the end, he…unbelievably…made you forget, for a few minutes anyway, about the Billy Bush interview.


That was some weekend

So about that.

“Locker room talk” vs “Sexual assault”.

Many won’t like this, but here is the reality. There ARE guys who talk like Donald Trump did, and there ARE guys who giggle along, and egg him on, like Billy Bush did. NOT ALL guys do this. Though they are few and far between who when confronted with a a guy talking like Trump did, who would admonish him while he was going on.

But, a Nebraska comedian put it best, while referring to what many are losing their shit about — the “grab her p**sy” line:

“When 2 guys see a hot girl and one guy says “I’d eat her turds” trust me, he really doesn’t mean that literally.”

When Trump said that 11 years ago, he was being crude.  But when you actually hear it, he’s making a joke, along the lines of something that would be so WAY over the top — a’la shooting someone on 5th Avenue.

But whether you think that was a harmless joke in private or a awful monster statement, Trump has problems. There are people who don’t necessarily believe he wouldn’t try some horrible move on a woman. And he doesn’t seem to be joking about hitting on a married woman. For many people, that is enough to say he can’t be President.

(And there are plenty of people who, on that line of thinking, find Hillary’s defense of her husband’s sexual adventures and alleged assaults to further THEIR political careers, to also be disqualifying.)

But let’s at least note this: everyone knew what they were getting with Donald Trump. He’s thrice married. Back in the 1980s and 90s and oughts, talking with the media he was almost intentionally crass. He has been on Howard Stern numerous times where being crass is the show. So we knew, to a certain extent, what we were getting with Trump. Which is why the GOP has been so split on the guy.

So while he is a master communicator, and these days can seemingly escape any situation…there is almost no way the Democrats have finished with their oppo-dump.

The biggie that has spilled, partly anyway, is the claim that there is video evidence of him using the n-word on The Apprentice. The fact that it leaked, without the evidence, should make one a little bit skeptical. It’s conceivable that he used the word, but in the context of quoting someone else, etc. And again, Trump problem is that he has lost that benefit of the doubt at this point. Don’t be surprised that even if video never surfaces, the whole story will be repeated as a fact.

But even if there is no Apprentice video, it would be surprising to get to Election Day without the Dems springing at least one more horrible surprise about Trump.

The guess is that after his solid showing on Sunday night, they will wait until after the final debate to show whatever they have, so that Trump doesn’t have the debate stage to push it back.

The other guess is that they will make it late enough that a “Dump-Trump” concept will be pretty much off the table.

One would think that if there IS a horrible n-word video, that Trump could actually see the writing on the wall and pack it in. While he has said he’d never quit, it is certainly possible.

If that were to happen, the Republican party would vote among their 168 members on a new candidate. Could be Mike Pence. Could be someone like a Mitt Romney. And it is certainly within the realm of possibility that the Republican could win where a damaged Trump could not.

The Dems know that. So they won’t likely show their hand until the latest point when Trump wouldn’t or couldn’t get out.

Then again, other events can happen between now and Election Day.

It’s a crazy time.



Hey more on the debate itself, the questions and answers and the commentary. Then more on the issues of the various candidates and elected officials in Nebraska and the Dump Trump Truck, and what it means, and what it meant.

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  1. How any sentient human being could have thought Trump won the debate is a mystery.

    No, he wasn’t making a joke on the tape. His repulsive brag mirrors exactly the reports of some women who’ve worked with him. Does any sane person really think Trump doesn’t do this kind of thing? And get away with it?

    And it wasn’t an oppo dump. Access Hollywood had the recordings, and started looking through them once Trump indiscretions surfaced.

    And their reason the GOP is split on Trump is because far to many of you think its just fine that he sexually assaults women, defames all sorts of honorable people and doesn’t pay federal income tax. All it is is ‘intentional crassness’.

    My wife put it best ‘We are so screwed”.

    • A Deplorable Taxpayer says:

      Trump won this debate handily by exposing in front of the entire world who his opponent really is…BTW,he won BIG points with Sanders supporters last night.

      Those RINO’s who bailed on Trump will all be primaried out at the next opportunity. AND we should all send Don Bacon a message at the polls in November..,we can vote out Ashford in two more years.

      The Trump Revolution is alive and well.

      • So how do you feel about sexual assault, Deplorable Taxpayer?

        And can’t you see the unfortunate irony for someone who calls himself ‘Taxpayer’ to support Donald Trump?

      • One of us actually goes to the gym. A gym also attended by hundreds of UNL students. And I’ve never heard anyone brag in the lockerroom about sexual assault.

        Give my condolences to your wife and daughters, in the unlikely event you have any. And any female friends you might have, though I doubt there are any.

      • Sparkles says:

        ‘locker-room banter’.. may ass.

        This can only the opinion of some who’s never spent any time in a locker room.
        And, it also doesn’t apply to any other male dominated atmosphere/work environment.
        I worked my way through college bartending/bouncing at the most notorious meat market in Lincoln. Drunken, largely stupid young men, all looking to score. Never once did I share in or overhear a conversation that included grabbing a woman by the pussy.
        Drunken, horny, stupid young men don’t share in such vile banter – but it’s perfectly acceptable that a sober, 60 year old Donald Trump does?

        Sharing with other men the desire to assault random women who you happen to find attractive is NOT a form or male bonding.
        It is the machination of a demented mind.

        I’d also like to note that it is impossible to compare the clearly jocular line of “I’d eat her turds”, to the criminal act of walking up and grabbing a woman by the pussy.

  2. Truth Hurts says:

    So, let me get this straight. If Trump uses the “N” word in any context, he is dead among black and white voters because despite all the PC taboos he has smashed in the last year, we voters all STILL think that Being Black is a form of civic, mental and human retardation? Jesus Christ!

    I am in a mixed marriage. I am racially mixed. My kids are mostly not white. And we have to eat this? Coming from big hearted Leftist Democrats who hate colorblindness and from small hearted GOP assholes who agree with the Democrats?

    Sweeper, your description of the debate is accurate. It was a tribunal whose inquisitors are the same political elite who most profit from America being divided by race, color, sex. They will continue to embrace Political Correctness as handy for themselves though it be a national cancer. For If you can be Black and with impunity call for the destruction of police and downfall of America, call yourself and friends “Nigger” with total impunity, and in some cases just vent as a like a violent asshole, and yet still be told you have “every right” (as Ashford so eloquently states the elite’s position) then this country isn’t free or fair, isn’t just or wise.

    The above is for all you cracker-ass party elites who flinch from words while real sticks and stones are coming our way.

    • Sparkles says:

      “despite all the PC taboos he has smashed”

      Sorry, Forrest Trump hasn’t smashed any PC taboos.
      Sure, he’s paraded across the country waving his tiny hands (and one would infer tiny…) inspiring legions of racists, xenophobes and misogynists to rise up from the darkened corners in which they were sequestered. Incited them to step into the light and revel in their shared hatreds, traffic in the conspiracies and mal-information that fuels their alternate reality and shriek in unison cries of ‘lock her up, lock her up’.

      But.. you’re mistaken if you imagine those well reasoned taboos aren’t still firmly in place.
      And Trump’s arousal of our nation’s not-so-exceptional qualities will serve as a valuable learning tool for a new generation of Americans. It will provide them first hand experience why these intolerable beliefs have been forced into darkness. It will provide them, hopefully, the diligence to insure these beliefs remain relegated to America’s past and not it’s future.

  3. Seriously?!? says:

    No mention of Fischer now having the EXACT SAME POSITION as Sasse on Trump? Come on, Jerry. THAT is the biggest political news coming out in Nebraska over the weekend.

    My guess is that you just can’t figure out how to take that first bite of humble pie.

  4. Johathan Doe says:

    Whatever mental gymnastics Hillary does to convince her to help her husband abuse women, and whatever urges compel Trump to speak about woman as if they are fun to have sex with, that all fades before the great love Harbison exudes for Sasse. Aware that this love shines on his breast like the roseate flush of an enamored lover and so eclipses a previously dispassionate voice of reason, great effort is made to turn that pure and painful blinding passion into an appearance of anger at Sasses’ political investments. An anger driven by love. To be sure, a platonic love, as the socratic realization of such may result in hemlock. But love no less.

    And we thought it was just a shitload of Gerald’s money given to the bucktooth Senate curmudgeon. Not so. As Hollywood has long known, some find the overbite extremely attractive.

    Me? I get off on Trump’s hair. It reminds me of grandma’s cat.

  5. Way to go Pete says:

    Nice of you to fall flat-faced in front of the media yet again (see the Politico article Sweeper tweeted out this morning).

  6. Johathan Doe says:

    Gerard Harbison, you get very excited reading your own name in print. What an easy fish to catch!

    Had dispassion governed instead of your blinding PC, you might not have risen to this bait that appears random rudeness, with a sop thrown to gayness to add motive trigger. You might have noticed that I spelled my own pseudonym’s first name incorrectly as well as yours. Yet you came roaring back at 9:46 saying “My name’s Gerard, dumbass. Go learn to read.”

    Go learn to read, indeed.

    Stop trying to like politicians. It’s like trying to like plumbing. The money is good but it’s a shit job. We are picking a temporary chief executive to run the national plumbing shop. That’s all. No saviors, no paragons of civility which is but a veneer on reality. Competence.

    You are perplexed that millions stick with Trump while the political elite have hit him with everything they have to keep their rice bowls intact. Today they hit him with yet another rise of PC indignation, as you rose just moments ago, against gaseous rude words in the face of decades of concrete wrongs and criminal misdoings by the Clintons.

    You say you try to fathom what millions of Trump voters grasp and you miss. You aren’t trying hard enough. You have become a political alchemist enamored with the lead bars that promise to be gold. It’s a shit job we are trying to fill. Clinton will have your toilet flushing out your kitchen tap.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      So when will Sam Fischer be calling a meeting of the Nebraska GOP to admonish his aunt Deb Fischer? I’d like to be there for that one.

    • PC. That’s very funny.

      I’m just pointing out that calling me gay isn’t having the intended effect.

      I wouldn’t say I’m perplexed at the millions of Trumpkins. I’m shocked and a little appalled. Who knew that if you got all the Nazis, white supremacists, conspiracy theories and just plain ignorant rednecks together, they’d make up 40% of the electorate?

      Yeah, you hate elites. That’s probably because most of them have all their own teeth.

  7. Oracle says:

    SS, you and most of these posters are living in an echo chamber while the real world passes you by. How can so many “intelligent” people be so out of touch?

  8. Sparkles says:

    Come on Gerard, Trumpkins don’t give a rat’s a** about the Pants On Fire lies that incessantly stream the Orange Vulgarian, nor his trusty sidekick Mendacious Mike.

    Trumpkins have a quarter century invested into their hatred of Hillary.
    They’ve got two decades of ingesting the distortions and bile that is the hate-for-profit right wing media – the a War on Christmas; Femi-Nazi’s; govt. Jack Booted thugs confiscating your guns; Tax cuts for the wealthy Trickling Down on all; De-Regulation benefiting everyone; Gays lurking in bathrooms and praying on children; disease carrying Mexicans sucking up your Medicare; Patriots rounded up and sent to abandoned Wal-Marts converted to FEMA camps; a military 10x the size of every other force on the planet is STILL not big enough – we STILL must spend much much more.

    They and their collective delusion have become inseparable. The bubble is so hardened as to be impenetrable, even to light.

    “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

  9. HTH says:

    As predicted, Trump has imploded. The only people who support him now are the lemmings he bragged would support him even if he shot someone (or threatened to imprison his political opponents).

    Time for the GOP to exorcise Trump’s racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, base and start thinking about its long-term viability in the United States.

    After all, this will be the sixth GOP presidential loss (popular vote) in the last seven elections.


  10. Yeah, the MSM meanies made Donald Trump deny that he had ever tweeted about a sex tape.

    They made him lie about the deletion of her emails (it was freeware, not a ‘very expensive process’).

    They made him lie about Hillary’s defense of a rape suspect.

    They made him lie that Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager had admitted on TV the Clinton Campaign initiated birtherism.

    They made him claim the San Bernadino shooters had bombs all over their apartment.

    They made him lie about the trade deficit.

    They made him lie about the Billy Bush tape.

    They made him avoid answering a direct question by Anderson Cooper, whether he had done the things he had bragged about in the Billy Bush tape.

    They made him pay Kathy Shelton $2,500 to change her story about her rape.

    They made him lie that hundreds of thousands of people are coming in from Syria

    They made him lie (for the umpteenth time) that he was always against the war in Iraq.

    They made him falsely say drug seizures are at a record level.

    Had enough?

  11. The Grundle King says:

    “They made him lie about Hillary’s defense of a rape suspect.”

    I’m actually curious as to what he said on that matter…because I honestly didn’t catch that one.

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