The Nebraska fallout

img_9187After the Billy Bush video, Nebraska’s top elected Republicans ditched Donald Trump.

Governor Pete Ricketts said he won’t give any more money to Trump, and it was reported Monday morning that Ricketts cancelled a planned fund raiser with Mike Pence scheduled for Tuesday.

Senator Deb Fischer took it a step further and said Trump should step down and let Mike Pence be the candidate on the GOP ticket.

Of course both of those are significant because they were Trump supporters and both were post-primary converts from other candidates.

There is no reason to believe that for both, their motivation for dumping Trump was based upon their view that the video makes him unsuitable for office.

But both are also likely to have information at their disposal that indicated Trump’s numbers are irredeemable, and that further support could jeopardize their offices as well as the GOP-held Congress. Today’s polling (post-video / pre-debate) have Clinton in a landslide.

Many pollsters view Trump’s loss of suburban women to be the death-knell for the campaign. It is certainly a strong argument.

And others such as Senator Ben Sasse are also on the bandwagon of dumping Trump. Sasse’s spokesman says that Nebraska’s junior Senator plans on writing-in Mike Pence’s name on his ballot.

Some have suggested that Sasse, whose stance of supporting some third-party candidate was condemned at the Nebraska GOP convention, has now been redeemed. Some delegates may see it that way.

But Sasse’s problem at the time was that he had just written his Facebook manifesto where he was specifically calling for a third-party candidate to opposed Trump and Clinton. The resolution at the convention condemned any proposal for a third-party candidate by an elected Republican.

Fischer, and others have called for Trump to step down and be replaced by another Republican — on the Republican ticket. This was similar to those who wanted to make something like this happen at the GOP Convention in Cleveland — pursuant to the rules.

While Sasse will likely get props from many #NeverTrumpers for being…NeverTrump, he still never followed up on the main points from his original Facebook manifesto: Go big, support a candidate who ALL Americans could agree on, legislate on the items ALL Americans agree on.

You know, the easy stuff.

This was after Sasse never supported a candidate in the Primary. And never offered an alternative to Trump. And now Sasse is, like many others, simply a Mike Pence guy.

Oh well.



And a few follow-up notes from the debate.

It is clear that the main-stream-media does not want Trump to win, is actively supporting Hillary and probably sees it as their proud duty to help her get elected.

But if we don’t keep calling them out, there is no reason to think they won’t just keep it up, while the rest of the public ignores them.

For instance, NBC claims that they’re “fact checking” and point out that when Trump said Hillary had “acid washed” her emails, well she did not actually use acid.

Or from the slightly less comically edged, Trump said to Hillary…

“You were there as Secretary of State with the so-called ‘line in the sand.’”

No, I wasn’t, I was gone,” Clinton replied.

Now it you want to read the full background on the info, go to Politifact and see that she was SoS when the “red line” was drawn. But she was no longer in the office — though re-endorsed the position — when the “red line” of using chemical weapons was crossed.

Politifact notes that that there is some wiggle room, but that her argument that she “wasn’t there” is mostly false.

But the website POLITICO? Oh, they say Hillary was telling the truth and Trump was wrong. Again, this is your impartial media, who has now simply thrown caution to the wind and declared, “We want Hillary!”

Or there is Trump declaring that by supporting Hillary, Bernie Sanders “signed up with the devil.

So, ignoring the colloquialism used when one gives up their principles — a “deal with the devil“, the media has declared, “Trump just called Hillary the devil!

(Always reminds me of Lisa Simpson giving in to the other 3rd grade girls that, oh yes, she wants to marry her sandwich — “Did you hear that?! She admitted that she wants to MARRY her sandwich!!!“)

And that’s where the press is today.

At this point, if Trump loses, it will be difficult to say that anyone other than Trump “lost it” for him.

But if we keep letting these things go by, then we are just in for more of it the next time around. It happened with Trump. It happened with Romney. It happened with McCain.

And it WILL happen with the next GOP nominee, if we stop calling the media on it.



And by the way, how many “citizens” were on that stage? Thirty or so? And the questions they picked out to ask the candidates included:

What’s a positive about the other person?


Do you think you can be a devoted president for all people?

THOSE were the best ones up there???
What were the rest?
“Can you share your favorite color, and/or cloud shape?”
(Hillary: “Thank you very much for that excellent question…“)

Oh, and there was this one to Hillary from Anderson Cooper:

Secretary Clinton, does Mr. Trump have the discipline to be a good leader?

Whew! It’s a good thing there were TWO moderators to handle these tough questions for her.

And by the way, someone give the Vegas odds that there won’t BE a third debate…



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  1. Randall says:

    Watching Leavenworth Street bend over backwards to blame anyone but GOP voters for the disastrous cycle they’ve had this year has been really entertaining.

  2. HTH says:

    Sweeper: The mainstream media is biased!!!*

    * According to Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart, talk radio, The Blaze, etc. etc.

    Common sense is a sort of bias, I suppose.


    • The Grundle King says:

      I don’t think there’s much debate as to the MSM’s bias. When the vast, VAST majority of media writers, reporters, etc. are known contributors to the Democratic party, there’s really no arguing against it. BUT, to claim that Trump is losing because of a biased media…PFFFT!!!! He’s only made it this far BECAUSE of the media.

      • Oracle says:

        GK, who manages and owns the MSM? Definitely not Democrats. Always noticed in my business career that decisions were made by the managers and owners, not the worker bees.

      • The Grundle King says:

        Oracle, unless your career is in the media, then I’m not sure you’re qualified to comment on who’s making decisions.

        The ‘worker bees’ are the ones writing the columns, and approving them for publication. If there’s some giant, mysterious, conservative hand at play in delivering the news…it must be severely broken.

      • Bluejay says:

        The fate of the Republic is in the balance. If Hillary wins, we are fundamentally transformed. Bacon, Sasse and Deb are handing the race to Hillary.

        Hillary has been bribed. The Foundation is a RICO enterprise. She will sell all of us out. And she can’t be convicted upon impeachment.

        At this point, it all hinges upon Assange.

      • Sparkles says:

        Hillary has been bribed. The Foundation is a RICO enterprise.. all hinges upon Assange.

        Chock full o’ Nuts.

      • The Grundle King says:


        Bacon, Sasse, and Fischer are not handing the race to Hillary. TRUMP is handing the race to Hillary. He’s such an ecomaniacal imbecile that he can’t, and won’t, get out of his own way. Were it not for is nearly unmatchable arrogance, he could simply admit the when he’s wrong. Contrition alone would give him a leg up on Clinton, as she doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word.

        Though, I suppose it’s a bit unfair to blame it all on Trump…seeing as his legion of supporters are the ones that foisted him upon us. Were it not for their lack of common sense, we might have had a candidate that (a) is worth supporting, and (b) could actually win.

  3. countrybanker says:

    To Deb Fischer:

    Donald Trump campaign will be remembered in history for breaking up the duopoly of the two biggest parties and the end of thirty years of control by the establishment; he is a historic figure. You on the other hand are a boorish figure unknown to the citizens of every state but Nebraska. Suggest all read this article by David Stockman, former budget director for Ronald Reagan, another historic figure.

    The 2016 Election’s Over—-The Battle For A Grand Realignment Begins
    By David Stockman. Posted On Monday, October 10th, 2016
    Despite Donald Trump’s game display of counter-punching last night, the 2016 election campaign is over. The establishment media has destroyed his candidacy—–not by refuting a single issue in his indictment of the status quo but by destroying the entirety of his already flawed character.
    But now comes the grand battle for political realignment. Hopefully it will start with a massive shift of voters to the third party candidates. That is, anti-government types should vote for Gary Johnson; left-wingers and environmentalists for Jill Stein; and the war-weary for either.
    There is no reason why that shouldn’t happen. There is no longer anything at stake for the millions of hold-your-nose voters in both the Trump and Clinton camps.
    They can all now vote their principles and take a stand for what they believe. Left-wingers no longer need to feel guilty about enabling Trump. And the legions of anti-government Hillary haters are now stuck with her for the next four years, regardless.
    Thank you for your service, Donald!
    Indeed, Trump’s demise has a Huugge silver lining. The next four years are destined to become a time of epic financial, economic and political failure. So full political ownership of the impending calamity will now fall exactly where it belongs.
    To wit, the blame will fall directly on President (nearly-elect) Hillary Clinton and our current ruling elites. For thirty years they have mired the nation in war, debt, rampant financial inflation, economic failure and the suffocating rule of the Imperial City. Now comes the day of reckoning, and their responsibility for its heavy hurt will be unmistakable to the American people in the traumatic years ahead.
    So there are two things that can be done before November 8th. The truly disgusted should stay home. There could be no better way to indict the ruling elites than to deny them any claim that the voters have endorsed the current drift toward fiscal bankruptcy, war with Russia and a thundering collapse of the Fed’s giant financial bubble.
    For those who think voting is still worthwhile, the point should be to relentlessly maximize the vote for Johnson and Stein. That would insure that Hillary arrives in the Oval office as a politically-crippled, mandate-less <45% "winner".
    Likewise, a 38% +/- vote for the remnant of the GOP ticket—with or without Trump—would guarantee that the Republican party expires in a fit of political fratricide. It couldn't happen soon enough.
    Maybe this is America's version of St. Petersburg, October 1917. But rather than a totalitarian state arising from the ashes of war, however, the chance is at hand for the ashes of economic and political failure to burn America's own Leviathan down to size.
    Indeed, from the grand political realignment now possible there could emerge a new party of peace, prosperity and liberty. Just imagine that—-a fresh start party stripped of the neocon war-mongers, the social-con morality police and the legions of beltway bandits and racketeers that populate both parties.
    But first the ominous gravity of what occurred over the weekend must be clearly understood. The establishment media has flat-out assassinated a major party candidate for President.
    The Washington Post has become the Black Hand of the Imperial City. It took-out Donald Trump not because of his potty mouth and sophomoric locker room braggadocio, but because he dared challenge the War Party neocons who rule on the say of the poobahs who inhabit the Post's editorial suites.
    After all, Donald Trump was not running for national Sunday School teacher. Governor Mike Huckabee has run on that particular platform several times and has gotten nowhere.
    So, yes, the hot mic escapade from 11-years ago wasn't edifying. But after a 40-year sojourn on the public stage who didn't know that Donald Trump is a boorish lecher?
    This wasn't new news in the slightest nor did it reduce the contest to a binary choice about "character". Hillary Clinton's 40-year sojourn on the public stage has exhibited "character" even worse than the Donald's. To wit, a saga of chronic lying, political corruption, abuse of subordinates and the enablement of America's all-time #1 misogynist.
    But none of that even entered the picture. Instead, Billy Bush's tape (yes, George's cousin!) touched off a sanctimonious feeding frenzy among the liberal media that was not just appalling, but downright frightening in its naked hypocrisy.
    Did any of scolds who polluted the airways all weekend on CNN or NBC ever rebuke Bill Clinton or even demand that Hillary denounce his serial history of sexual predation—a matter of overt acts, not just lewd talk?
    Indeed, the chastising and harrumphing about the "role model" aspect of the Trump tapes was too rich for words. It might be expected that something less than boy scout talk would have been recorded by the "hot mic" in Billy Bush's Hollywood studio trailer. But what cannot be denied is that Monica Lewinski gave the 42nd president of the United States a BJ while on her knees under his desk in the Oval Office.
    Apparently, "fitness" for office is purely a matter of situational politics. Still, the fact that is has come to that speaks volumes about what truly ails America in 2016.
    The establishment scolds who have declared the GOP nominee unequivocally "unfit" are actually enablers of far more than the rank hypocrisy of this weekend's eruption of Trump-shaming. Their real offense is their relentless promotion of the cult of the Imperial Presidency.
    I am not speaking simply of the fact that too much power has drifted from Capitol Hill to the White House end of Pennsylvania Avenues. In fact, the cult of the Imperial Presidency is part and parcel of the fact that the American state—-both its welfare state and warfare state branches—-has accumulated way too much power, period.
    All of the endless blather about "fitness" for the office, therefore, is really about the desperate need of the Wall Street/Washington elites to insure that the Oval Office is occupied by a reliable advocate of Big Government and one with the political skills and inclination to preside over its perpetuation.
    In a word, Donald J. Trump didn't make the cut. But he did survive the elite media's weekend ambush.
    And therein lies the key to what come next. To wit, the Republican ticket has not only not been purged of this campaign's unwelcome insurrectionist, but having shot to kill, the liberal media failed and, instead, left the GOP candidate on the playing field as the wounded, raging bull who paced and pawed on the Washington U stage last night.
    So doing, of course, they have insured that during the next 30 days this Presidential campaign will descend deeper into the gutter than ever before in American history.
    In fact, the Donald's contribution to the future of the Republic may well be to leave Hillary so bruised, battered, bloodied and delegitimized that a Clinton Administration will be utterly incapable of governing when the crisis comes next year.
    That is, there is soon going to be a recession and a violent collapse of our massively inflated financial markets. But an Imperial City paralyzed by a Republican Party in a fratricidal collapse and a politically-crippled White H0use occupied by a widely despised political hag will be in no position to bailout Wall Street or kick the can one more time.
    This time the day of reckoning will produce the mother of all reckonings. Therefore, get out of the markets while you can; and prepare to join an uprising against the bipartisan status quo and for a fresh start campaign in behalf of peace, prosperity and liberty, if you are inclined.

    • Sparkles says:

      Trumpocalypse is nigh!!
      Bring out cha dead! Bring out cha dead!

      Sorry, but you must be new to ‘Country Banking’.
      David Stockman has been cranking out these ‘end of the world’ screeds, daily, for a long time.
      It was 2013 when economists and the main stream media universally relegated he and his screeds to the the nutball fringes of the internet.
      Where does one even find a Stockman article anymore? preppersRus.orc?
      Even Glenn Beck – a site where tripe such this and other gold bug grifting is typically peddled – has gone on the record in support of Hillary (Beck: Electing Hillary ‘Is a Moral, Ethical Choice’)
      It was 2013, in Stockman’s last article to be found in a mainstream publication, that he lit his hair on fire and screamed that the end is in fact here – right now. He insisted anyone unwilling to convert all assets to cash and shove that cash in a pillow case would end up living in a dumpster and fighting the neighboring dumpster clans for food scraps.

      The market has returned an impressive 37% since the month Stockman’s article was published.
      And, as any countrybanker should know, the return on cash has been/is insufficient to keep up with inflation.

  4. bynd says:

    Watching debates has never been high on my list for anything. Watched as much of the first debate that I could stand. However, I did watch the whole thing last night.

    To me, a pivotal answer by Clinton was what kind of Supreme Court justice would she appoint?
    Answer; Thank you. Well, you’re right. This is one of the most important issues in this election. I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works, who have real-life experience, who have not just been in a big law firm and maybe clerked for a judge and then gotten on the bench, but, you know, maybe they tried some more cases, they actually understand what people are up against.

    Notice not a word about the Constitution. Which shows, as Kagan et al have shown, life experiences seem to be a more important criteria than the law. Correcting what they believe is wrong and stretching the law to support their actions.

    And people actually argue who is the best candidate. Neither.

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, you do not know enough about the Constitution or American law to attack Kagan. Always embarrassed by your efforts to play legal scholar. I read every book in the Omaha Public Library by the time I was 16, and kept going at it for 59 years. What are your qualification? Madison, who emphasize the importance of the continuing experience of the American people in reading the Constitution, would not be shocked by talk of experience.Recall your invoking you experience of classified documents on the site, my turn.

      • bynd says:

        RL: I see Sweeper has been very busy lately. First he appoints a science czar with the powers to decide what is scientific and what is not and now we have a qualification czar. Congratulations on your selection. What I do or do not know of the Constitution/Kagan was mainly taught by the public school system, including college, and in spite OPS, being able to read. So you are probably right, my formal education of the Constitution is not only outdated but probably not very accurate.

        But I would also say, reading many books is a good thing. What were your qualifications to read those books? Did you do it according to M. Adler? His qualifications about how to read a book are unsurpassed.

        But I digress. You continually ask me that question. So please write down the answer so you can use it for future reference and stop wasting the time and space to ask it again. No qualifications needed to write an opinion.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bind, The Constitution is at the heart of a ongoing debate, you have answers, others have disagreed. Fine to say you like certain results, doubtful you can certified right answer.Labor contract are a horrible example. The whole tradition of arbitration is close to the Living Constitution model, in fact one of the greatest labor law scholars, Wellington of Yale, but a theory of Constitutional interpretation on the labor contract model. While I was never a VP of a union, I was an arbiter, lawyer for both management and labor and thought the course a number of times. Might ask why there is so much arbitration if there are only right answers under labor contract? If you do not like the result SCOTUS reaches you call it legislating, a strange way of saying that you disagree with the result

    • repenting lawyer says:

      Bynd, more politely, the Founders themselves disagreed, for example Madison and Hamilton on the Bank of US. Experience made Madison change his mind. Many so called Originalists reject Marshall’s views on federalism and necessary and proper clause, but Marshall was contemporary with the Founders and drew on his experience under the Articles of Confederation. These Originalists are closer to Taney who belonged to a latter generation.

      • bynd says:


        But in the end, they produced our Constitution as the law of the land.

        In my union days there was saying. If you don’t know the answer, don’t ask the question. I always preferred, if you don’t like the answer, work to change. But oddly enough, even being a vice president of a national union, I could never just change the contract to my liking. Nor could I go to the other 10 national officer and get their consent and change the contract.

        My limited education has taught me that the SCOTUS has no Constitutional power to legislate from the bench. (Don’t you just love those catch phrases?) So, if the ruling is based on experiences, like being a Latina with a hard knocks upbringing which is preferable to other experiences, and not the Constitution, then let’s change it, but the proper way.

        Alas, the die is cast and the world don’t work that way. So we become not a country of law but a country of experiences of those in charge. Which by the way, I have said many, many times. Man makes the law, man changes the law, just depends on who is in charge.

        So in reality, what any of the founders thought is now relevant, for as it has been pointed out, they could not have envisioned what today would be like and write a law that is relevant for today. So, what good is knowledge of the past?

  5. Yeah, the MSM meanies made Donald Trump deny that he had ever tweeted about a sex tape.

    They made him deny there’s any economic growth (we’re up 10% since the pre-crisis peak)

    They made him lie that ISIS controls Libyan oil output.

    They made him lie about the deletion of her emails (it was freeware, not a ‘very expensive process’).

    They made him lie about Hillary’s defense of a rape suspect.

    They made him lie that Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager had admitted on TV the Clinton Campaign initiated birtherism.

    They made him claim the San Bernadino shooters had bombs all over their apartment.

    They made him lie about the trade deficit.

    They made him lie about the Billy Bush tape.

    They made him avoid answering a direct question by Anderson Cooper, whether he had done the things he had bragged about in the Billy Bush tape.

    They made him pay Kathy Shelton $2,500 to change her story about her rape.

    They made him lie that hundreds of thousands of people are coming in from Syria

    They made him lie (for the umpteenth time) that he was always against the war in Iraq.

    They made him falsely say drug seizures are at a record level.

    Had enough?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is curious that so many people in here ascribe absolutely no blame of Trump’s problems to Trump, himself! Absolutely ALL of his problems are blamed on the media, the Establishment, the stars, sun and moon, the change of the season or whatever.

    The only thing in the world that is responsible for Trump’s problems, is TRUMP.

  7. Pat McPherson (and proud to speak out) says:

    Ben Sasse can try to play word games but a write-in vote for Pence is no different than a vote for Hillary Clinton. Sasse continues his righteous indignation against Trump and Clinton because they aren’t to be trusted with the Constitution but did he listen to Hillary last night and her belief that Supreme Court Justices should reflect modern thinking while Trump said they should believe in the Constitution? Sasse’s selfish beliefs aren’t centered around what damage Clinton will do to the country and the Constitution is she appoints the next 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices, but solely on his unrealistic Bob Kerry/Chuck Hagel goal of becoming the next president. Right now, Nebraskans wouldn’t elect him dog catcher…..

    • Republican Donor says:

      I think it’s safe to say Sasse will get primaried at the first opportunity (should he even TRY to retain his seat in 2020)

    • Anonymous says:

      Pat, good to see you could join the conversation. I assume you are hanging out in a booth at the Red Robin at 144th and Maple?

    • One more time: if you vote for a third party candidate, why is it a vote for Clinton, and not for Trump?

      Since we’re talking about non-re-election, when is the Board of Education seat up again?

      • bynd says:

        See GH, you answered your own question. Why people don’t use their real name? Because then some self important asshole comes along and, trying to show how intelligent they are, makes a personal snarky remark saying hey look at me and how clever I can be. And why open one’s self to such an uncivil jerk who actually displays a lack of intelligence by trying to prove how intelligent they are.

        I hope that doesn’t look snarky:)

      • bynd says:

        GH: There you go again. Nothing of value, just trying to show how intelligent you are.

        As much as you try, your mouth doesn’t hurt my butt at all.

        And if you don’t want the answer or can’t handle it, don’t ask the question. Pretty simple concept.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, since you regularly mention your experience, particularly in the military or as a union leader, does that not put you in the asshole group. or do you have an exemption for your own claims of expertise?

    • The Eye Ball says:

      Not true. The Secretary of State many still count such write ins for Trump because Pence is on the ballot as a ticket. Get your facts straight.

  8. Republican Donor says:

    Perhaps the most amusing bit of this Presidential race is the importance these bit players within the GOP seem to place upon their endorsements (or lack thereof) of the various Presidential contenders, both pre and post primary.

    We don’t care who Ricketts endorses. We don’t care who Sasse endorses. And we don’t care who Fisher endorses. These people, relatively speaking, are utter Unknowns on the national stage. They have no apparent charisma, critical thinking skills that have manifested into great new legislation, or a perspective that has in any discernible way shone a positive light on our state. Endorsements? Nobody cares.

    Trump has my vote (and he never lost it).

    • The Grundle King says:

      Right. To summarize Trumpkins:

      “We don’t care what it is that Sasse/Fisher/Ricketts/etc. have to say…but we hate them all for saying it.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    The debates that were not and never will be.

    Explain to me how 30 of my fellow citizens got to ask the Presidential candidates a whole 4 questions in 90 minutes?

    Of course if a proper debate were held the candidates would not participate. The candidates must be in control at all times.

    What utter bullshit and a complete waste of time.

  10. Sparkles says:

    In speaking of Fischer and Ricketts, Sweeper posits:
    “There is no reason to believe that for both, their motivation for dumping Trump was based upon their view that the video makes him unsuitable for office.

    But both are also likely to have information at their disposal that indicated Trump’s numbers are irredeemable..”

    So.. it matters not that Trump has indeed proven correct the opinion of his vast legions of detractors – detractors including nearly every major news organization on the planet.
    It’s matters not that Donald Trump has in fact proven to be the most spectacularly unfit candidate ever to run for POTUS. Proven a man who indeed poses a very real threat to the security and welfare of our nation.

    None of that matters.
    It matters only that the personal political brands of the principles-free Fischer and Ricketts (and Fortenberry) may now be imperiled by aligning themselves with Odious Orange.

    To be clear, Ben Sasse is the only NEGOP elected official with a shred of morality or principles.
    The hierarchy of all other NEGOP elected officials, is:
    1) Personal Political Interest (switching now to save my ass)
    2) Party Interest (“No matter the horror, I support my party’s nominee”)
    3) What is in the best interest of our nation, our children and grandchildren

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      I hate to admit that Sparkles is right. But this post is spot on!! Sasse is the only one who has stood on principles from day one. Kratochvil and the other do nothings have tried to tear him down from the beginning too. When the fire is put out and we go through the rubble that is the GOP, those of us who were #nevertrump from the beginning won’t forget who stood by us and who stayed silent.

      • bynd says:

        I’m no Republican but the best thing that can happen to that party after this crash is that neither the Trumpkins or #nevertrump folks come out on top. A fresh start does not include the old guard or the crash was for naught.

      • Anonymous says:

        ICYMI-Their isn’t enough of your ilk to win for 20 years, why the hell do you think Trump won, so next is Ryan, Sasse. With that I agree with the dems, you guys suck

  11. Warren Buffett just released information on his 2015 taxes. He took $5.5 m in deductions on $11.6 m income. That means he likely paid about $2 m is federal income tax. He also says he has all of his tax-returns back to 1944, which actually doesn’t surprise me. And he says he has never used a carryover, as Trump seems to have done for 18 year to avoid paying any tax at all.

    The Trump sycophants here, those of you who actually pay federal income tax, don’t you realize Trump probably gets far more benefits than you, from police protection, infrastructure, and cosy insider deals. And yet he thinks you should pay tax to fund all this, but he shouldn’t. I’m fully in favor of cutting government spending and reducing the tax rate, but I despise freeloaders.

    He’s playing you for suckers, guys.

    More bad news; NBC/WSJ poll over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) has Clinton up by 14 points in a 4-way. We’re pushing up to Mondale/lose 49 states land.

    • bynd says:


      So you have realized that you really are not a libertarian? Not legally paying taxes gets in your craw? And to think, you could care less about who wrote the laws.

      You’re so angry you have forgotten what you are. Or this is the true you? Trump sure got under your skin.

      I suppose you wouldn’t like that I get to deduct $3000 a year for the next twenty years for a business loss. Just playing by the rules. So I’m pretty sure I will owe no taxes with the help of that deduction. But keep working, I can use your taxes to pay for my pension and SS and health care.

      • bynd says:

        GH: 1971 at the height of the Vietnam war and the draft, I enlist in the USAF while you sit somewhere and diddle yourself in front of your porn. 1981, controllers strike and they are fired, I get hired to go direct to an ATC facility to help the ATC system recover. You’re probably still sitting somewhere diddling yourself with your porn. 9/11, I go to work and sit down on a radar scope with AF1, 10 miles south getting to land at OFF. I imagine you are still happily diddling yourself with your porn.

        You can’t earn SS when in the military or as Fed employee when I was employed as one. So while I was serving my country, I found the time to work second jobs to get my 40 quarters. Health care comes with a Federal retirement. So I earned it all.

        Meanwhile, here is GH who ran from his birth country to come over and live off the teat of Nebraska taxpayers by being part of our public education system. The freeloader around here would be you.

        And the question has to be, how can you vote against Trump in Florida being a resident of Lincoln?

        Crawl back in your hole. The only one you are special to is you. And what this country has done for you far exceeds anything you think you have done for this country. Because you are the definition of what a freeloader is. Never serving the country, only taking from it.

        PS: You are right I am not libertarian. Although at one time I was poised to run as a Senate candidate for the libertarian party in Nebraska. But we had falling out. Silly me, I had the belief that if you lived in this country and it was attacked, you should help defend it. But it appears the libertarian cowards such as you don’t have that belief. Not to mention, pure libertarian is nothing more than anarchy. Don’t believe in that either.

      • One more time, you are not qualified to tell me what a libertarian does or does not think. And, BTW, I was 13 in 1971. I’d say that’s too young to be shipped off to the South East Asian jungles. I am one of the rare American adult males who isn’t even registered for the draft. I came of age between when Ford abolished draft registration and Carter reinstated it.

        You military service in no way excuses your supporting a creature like Trump. In fact, given so much of the military holds honor sacred, it’s rather disgraceful.

      • And for the record, I’m a legal resident of Florida. I own property there. Florida approved my registration. They extend it to any part-time resident who intends at some later time to make Florida their home.

        So I vote in a swing state, and your vote doesn’t matter. Get over it, and stay over it.

    • Sid says:

      If Trump played by the rules, as someone who pays over $100k annually in personal income tax I personally have no issues other than I hope he will work to close these loopholes that were created and/or fostered by Hillary Clinton and the rest of her ilk.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Sid, the tax treatment of real estate investments long predate HRC, they were already around 46 years ago when I was with a firm that represented real estate developers. The ilk of loophole creation come from both parties and are supported by the armies of K St.

  12. repenting lawyer says:

    Bynd, since Trump says he is being audited and uses that as a reason for not releasing his returns. Since the audit is not complete and we have seen almost no returns how do you know what he did was legal. He also says he had a fiduciary duty to minimize taxes, since we are talking about personal taxes that makes no sense, fiduciary duty to whom? I claim no expertise in taxation, just a humble seeker of answers.

    • bynd says:

      RL; Common sense, a loss can be carried over. And it is the concept of carryover loss we are discussing. They are legal.

      And it is government rules that force one to carry the loss out for years. Whether you have a profit to cover or not.

      • repenting lawyer says:

        Bynd, I understand carryover loss but without the other returns no way to know if it was properly applied. IRC allows carryover but does not require you to take it. Loss was on one return does not show later years are ok.

      • 90% of taxpayers don’t get to carry over losses. The only ones that do are owners of so called S-corps. And government rules certainly don’t force you to carry over. Warren Buffett doesn’t.

      • bynd says:

        RL: A loss on a business, depending on the amount and size of business, can not be taken at one time. For example, lose $60,000, you get to deduct $3000.00 a year for twenty years. Even if you need the $60,000 to off set $60,000 in profit. That’s the rule unless you are calling my account incompetent. She use to teach at Creighton.

    • bynd says:

      GTH: you have no freaking idea what you are talking about. LLCs do it also.

      Prove your 90%.
      And the reason most don’t have the deduction is because they don’t have the initiative to start their own business. The take cushy public education jobs.

      • The beauty of Trump is all the closeted a-holes are coming out.

        I have my own (small) business. I know full well about business deductions.

        Only 11.8% of people in the age-range 18-65 own a small business. You can look it up.

  13. bynd says:

    RL: Never argued one way or the other whether any individual applied it legally, that isn’t the point. The point is, it is legal. To accuse one of not paying taxes because they used the law is the opinion of a jackass. Whether or not anyone did it legally is not part of the issue I am discussing.

    Besides don’t you think that showing a loss like that wouldn’t trigger numerous audits?

    • RL: ….but (followed by coherent argument)

      bynd: you’re a jackass

      Persuasive as heck.

      We libertarians believe that not all that is legal is moral, and that because something is immoral, it shouldn’t necessarily be illegal. You conservatives abandoned all principles to go swoon after your Orange Messiah.

      • bynd says:

        Ironic answer. Libertarians want just that, individual liberty to live as they please. e.g no government legal tender. If you want to accept a chicken as payment, then that works. So there can be no legal/illegal or moral/immoral when each individual determines for themselves what is and what isn’t. So I do believe that is the answer, each decides for themselves.

        As for swooning after anyone, I do believe you mention Trump much more than I. In fact, your actions seem to be an obsession.

        And I see your tin foil hat has once again misguided you in your stereotyping. Not exactly a sign of one who believes in live and let live and is supposedly educated enough to not participate in such low class musings.

        bynd: your a jackass. LOL That’s the best you get out of all that education? Sounds like something a rube or hick would come up with. Could be you are just devolving with all that taxpayer milk you’ve sucking from the Nebraska teat.

  14. Oh, Sweeper. This post is tortured and convulated--even for you says:

    So let’s recap:

    Sweeper hates Sasse so much that he had to figure out a way to note Fischer now holds the EXACT SAME POSITION now that Sasse has held for months–while simultaneously hitting Sasse for holding that position.

    Like Sasse is somehow responsible for the fact that a third party never materialized and destroyed these two?

    Sweeper was the one shouting from the rooftops that it would never happen.

    Sweeper was the one praising Heinemann for saying it was fantasy.

    Sweeper has been the one lecturing anti-Trump people that this election was simply a binary choice–but now he’s fine with Fischer picking a third option but wants you to know, HE IS STILL MAD at Sasse?

    Weak. Really, really weak.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You just don’t get it. Street Sweeper is mad because Sasse didn’t like Trump and wanted another candidate. But now Fischer says she doesn’t want Trump but she wants another candidate on the Republican ticket line. It’s COMPLETELY different. Or something. (snark)

      I’m really not sure what Jerry’s trying to say here. It’s actually quite funny to watch him twist and contort himself to not acknowledge that Sasse was right from the beginning. It bothers SS so much to be proven completely and totally wrong.

  15. Anonymous says:

    According to CNN “Glenn Beck: Hillary Clinton is a ‘moral, ethical choice’ for Republicans.”

    This is political proof of the “multiverse” theory of cosmology, which posits that everything can can happen has already happened in some or the other universe.

    • Sparkles says:


      There should be a drinking game – anytime someone can figure how to cogently include ‘multiverse’ (or omniverse or infiniverse) in a post – everyone reading that post has do a shot.

      “The cosmos is also within us, we’re made of star stuff,”

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