BREAKING: Fischer & Fortenberry say they’ll vote Trump-Pence

deb-fischerAppearing on Coby Mach‘s Drive Time Lincoln on KLIN radio, both Senator Deb Fischer and 1st District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry say they will vote for the Donald Trump-Mike Pence ticket in November.

Calling in from an overseas (couldn’t say where) trip addressing terrorism, Fischer said that while she did call for Trump to step down and Mike Pence take over the ticket, she is no longer calling for that. Noting that Nebraska GOP Committeeman J.L. Spray called it a “binary choice” in November — either Trump or Hillary Clinton win — Fischer said that “if you want your vote to count you have to vote for one of them.”

She went on to say, “I am voting for the Trump-Pence ticket.”

Prior to Fischer’s appearance, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry also appeared on Mach’s show, in studio. He said that, noting Trump’s statement on the Billy Bush video, that he suggested to the Trump campaign that Trump should make the non-objectification of women a focal point of his campaign and his administration.

He then went on to say that he would tell voters that he is voting for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and that they should too.

You can hear each of the short interviews in their entirety when they are put up as podcasts on later Tuesday evening.


  1. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anyone that still supports that fetid pile of excrement that Donald Trump is will rightfully carry the stench for the remainder of their days.

  2. Where is Stothert? says:

    Stothert will wee how badly Trump loses in the City of Omaha and she will deny voting for Trump after the election. Just watch.

    • Ricky says:

      Good question. On her facebook page she said she is still undecided on Trump.
      Also where is Aimee Melton and Hal Daub?
      Both attended the GOP national convention and supported Trump there.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    What a bunch of spineless cowards. TWO Days ago she called for him to step down. WTF?!!! They are so weak in their convictions that they change they can’t even stand behind what trey said two days ago. What a joke. At least Sasse stands for something whether you agree with him or not.

  4. Posters says:

    Go ahead and vote for Hillary, nobody will know, all you old established do not need to get on here and justify your position on a sure status quo while feigning righteousness. The chicks will still dig you, in your mind, and you can keep your Cornhusker tickets and Berky stock, live forever, and not offend democrats

  5. Fischer's flip flops says:

    Deb Fischer enthusiastically endorsed Trump after the Primary.

    She attacked others for NOT endorsing Trump, saying that to do anything else would be to elect Hillary.

    Saturday she threw Trump under the bus, saying he should step aside, and called him “disgusting.” (Was she trying to elect Hillary when she did that or was she just expressing her conscience? Welcome to #NeverTrump, Deb! Now you see how the rest of us felt!)

    Tuesday, just 48 hours later, she RE-endorsed Trump, and claimed that she had never told anyone else she WASN’T endorsing Trump.

    This woman is a human weather vane. She will say literally anything.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fischer smelled the moral bait laid out by Democrats and eagerly bit a barbless hook and then shook it off. That took only 2 days.

    The thing about baiting opponents is, your bait must be tasty enough to cause dispassionate people to emotionally gobble the goody; but also that it be placed on a hook barbed with truth.

    For example, the fact that sovereignty requires borders is true. And Rosy really is fat and disgusting. But when Fischer stepped back and considered that Trump talking about sex with women isn’t worse than Hillary actively abetting and pimping for her female-abusing husband, the core of that bait proved false. The hook had little barb so Fischer shook it off.

    Fischer and others like her are is now less likely to bite any more baits. If you are going to use barbless hooks you can’t leave fish playing on them. This wasn’t late enough in the tourney and now fish slipping this one are twice shy.

  7. Sparkles says:

    On Fischer’s flop, she fell back on the party before country line of:
    “I support the Republican ticket and it’s a Trump-Pence ticket,”

  8. Sparkles says:

    To Deb Fischer and Jeff Fortenberry –
    Here’s your response to JL Spray, here’s what leadership looks like;

    “Alaska’s two senators have resigned from leadership posts in their state’s Republican Party after denouncing Donald Trump, according to a new report.
    Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan voluntarily stepped down over the weekend as honorary members of their party’s state central committee, The Associated Press said Wednesday.
    The AP said it confirmed the pair’s decision Tuesday with Murkowski campaign spokesman Robert Dillon. Party officers are expected to back party candidates.”

  9. Denise Arnold says:

    It’s about time these two fools woke up Donald J Trump is the only vote to save America. Stop being treasonous and vote Donald J Trump today or suffer the consequences under evil crooked Hillary dictatorship communist country. Wake the hell up people you finally get a bone thrown at you and you’re still blind. Get a clue

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